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PILLOW ... Oh, how this brings, that I still have a cushion that could help as well as keep
me company to create a dream at night! Every night arrived, I mengebas bantalku, put it
in a good position for disproving my head to rest, to explore all possibilities in the
pilgrimage of the world of dreams.

During the day, maybe I had to deal with disappointment, a million-seller's failure.
Maybe I had to deal with the experience that made me as if unable to stand up and move
forward. Maybe I had to deal with a person who looks at me with cold eyes beam.

Probably due to wrong, I had to accept an unfair assessment according to my first
consideration. Maybe the whole day I was surrounded by the bustle of a million I dunno
why and for what I was so busy, until the whole tired awaits liang lahat badanku. Maybe
I left alone when a heavy load comes somewhat.
However, The ... Praise The Lord!!! At least I still have a cushion to cuddle.

Bantalku. ... He keeps all the secrets to the world my dream future. He was loyal and
stoic when it comes mendampingiku's chaos gripped. He was willing to hold all the
grains of tears rolling down ever. It is as if the hands of Veronika's loving, drain the
remaining tears down my cheeks. She is so quiet without a Word, he was loyal to
menerimaku what adaku quiet and comfortable giving all of yourself to rest at night.

Thank you bantalku!!! Despite all the hostile hospital whose job was to come in today,
but if it is still there you accompany me creating dreams for tomorrow, then I believe that
tomorrow is a new day that is colored by a million promises.

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