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					 Binary Options are an investment that you
 can make yourself, or you could choose to
   take on a broker to do the work for you.
 There are a great many brokers available
  for use and it can be confusing to decide
  which one to use. Clearly the broker you
 use should be working for you, not against
 you. So, what do you need to look for in a
        good Binary options Broker?

Binary Options
Most Binary Options trading is carried out over the internet, hence
the alternative name of Digital Options Therefore a good broker
should have a good, easy to use web interface You should be able
to understand the site and be able to navigate around it easily
without becoming confused
 Binary Options Everything on it should be written in easy to
understand language You should also be able to access trading
records and your own open records A good broker will have a
section on his website to tell you everything you need to know about
Binary Options Trading, including charts to track the progress of
particular stocks and commodities
 One of the key features in a broker is the level of support they
provide It's no good having a broker who can't answer your
questions or one who makes things so difficult to understand that
you end up losing money rather than making it They should be
professional and have a high level of expertise and should also be
quick and efficient at handling your withdrawal requests
 A request for withdrawal of your money should be completed within
two to four business days Another feature you should look for is
commission Online brokers do not charge any commission as they
make their money when your trade loses
 However, they do have a minimum initial deposit and trade amounts
 Also look at their rebate amounts There are some brokers that will
guarantee you a 15% rebate if your trade loses, further minimising
your losses
 However, be aware that some brokers have lower than standard
pay-out yields and no loss rebate The standard pay-out is between
75% and 90% Probably the most important feature when looking for
a broker is to look at what they offer in the way of security and
 These days it is a risky business to deal in money over the internet,
therefore your broker's site should be protected with the most up to
date firewalls They should also have the best security measures in
place to stop hackers and identity thieves from accessing your
details and accounts Any broker that does not use the most up to
date measures and keep them updated should be avoided at all
costs; at the end of the day your money is in their hands and should
be protected
 These are the most important things to look for in a Binary Options
broker One of the best ways to find a good one is personal
recommendation but this isn't always possible
 Therefore you should use the above checklist as a starting point to
find the right broker for you
Binary Options

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