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									  somekeyword News & Notes: Thursday night marks
the official start of the NFL preseason with five games
 on the slate including a possible Super Bowl preview
when Baltimore takes on the Eagles in Philadelphia. It
 remains to be seen how much more time the starters
   may see in this first round of games given all the
preparation time that was lost this offseason due to the
                prolonged player lockout.

NFL Previews
 None the less, this weekend will provide the first glance of all 32
teams in action which may provide at least some insight into how far
along (or behind) each team is after the long layoff You would have
to expect to see a good deal of sloppy play during the first few weeks
of the preseason, especially on offense where timing is such a
crucial issue Undoubtedly, there will be some teams that will look
like they are already in regular season form and there will be a few
that will look like they wished that the lockout was still in place
 Whatever the case, the four-week preseason will continue to drive
the moneyline on each team's projected win total either up or down
The initial win total is set by Las Vegas and has little variance from
one major book to another Any fluctuations from this point on to the
-win line' and the vig (or cost) on the -over' and the -under' is driven
purely by the money coming in on both sides
 For example, WagerWeb com's win total for the Washington
Redskins is currently at six and the current moneyline is -110 for the
-over' and -130 for the -under' The betting public must have been
hammering the -under' as earlier in the week the line was 6
5 with a +150 moneyline on the -over' and a -200 line on the -under
If you enjoy wagering on win totals, now is the time to pay close
attention to all of these line movements as there is value to be found
all over the board Some of the other interesting movements have
the Falcons trending down a bit on their 10
5 win total with the moneyline on the NFL Previews -over' currently
at +105 and the line on the -under' is -145 Kevin Kolb must be
looking sharp in his drills at Arizona's training camp as the Cardinals
are trending up on their 6 5 win total at -145 on the -over' and +105
on the -under'
 If you like the -over' on this one, it may be time to act as it could
jump to seven wins if he looks good in a couple of preseason games
  There seems to be some skepticism on Green Bay's ability to win
12 games this season as the moneyline on the 11
5 win total is even money for the -over', but -140 for the -under'
Peyton Manning's neck is causing some serious concern about
Indianapolis as the -over' on 10 wins is at +110 but a play on the
-under' will cost you 150
 Just as a note, the Colts have only failed to win at least 10 games
once since 1999 and that was back in 2001 The betting public
appears to believe that Kansas City's 10-win season in 2010 was a
fluke as the -over' on a modest win total of eight is +110, but the
-under' is -150
 This could be the biggest value on the board with the Chiefs playing
in the relatively weak AFC West and showing no visible signs of
going in the opposite direction this year If you're looking For Great
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