The Triangle by jennyyingdi


									                                                   The Triangle
                                                                     by Amanda Wilson
New Businesses                                         wait for us to get downtown.”                           vine Shine does.
                                                          Cheryl Lofton, a third generation tailor, has            The store not only repairs heels and shoe soles
coming to Mount Vernon                                 worked in the District for decades, but she and         and repairs leather damage, it also rebuilds and re-
Triangle in 2012                                       business partner Mayes saw the clients’ shoe care       stores shoes, even shoes that customers might think
    Last year was a banner year for Mount Vernon       was not up to the same level of quality as the rest     are beyond repair. Divine Shine also offers luggage
Triangle, according to area CID director                                                                                  and handbag cleaning and repair services,
Bill McLeod. During the CID’s annual                                                                                      and it doesn’t matter if items are leather
Photos With Santa event at 5th and K                                                                                      or pleather. “If you want it to be leather,
Streets NW in December, McLeod said                                                                                       it’s leather to us,” Mayes said. Customers
the streets were busy with passersby and                                                                                  should bring their items to Divine Shine
pedestrians, more than in 2010.                                                                                           for a thorough evaluation.
    “There was a constant stream of peo-                                                                                           Cheryl Lofton and Associates
ple,” McLeod told MidCity DC. “There                                                                                      offers custom clothing designs and al-
are just so many people on the street.” If                                                                                terations, including formal wear, bridal
those are the signs of a growing neigh-                                                                                   wear, and custom shirts that have been
borhood, McLeod said he hopes that                                                                                        very popular in the District. Lofton
growth is set to continue. “Our neigh-                                                                                    also works with clients to develop ap-
borhood has changed so much in one                                                                                        parel concepts and turn those ideas into
year’s time,” McLeod said. “We made so                                                                                    reality. Her work has been featured on
much progress in one year; I hope that                                                                                    NPR, The City Paper, and MidCity
2012 is as successful as 2011.” Three                                                                                     DC. More information about the busi-
new businesses are set to open here in                                                                                    nesses can be found on their web sites
2012: a bakery, Ray’s Hell Burger, and                                                                                    at and www.adi-
a Vida gym.                                                                                                     

Divine Shine comes to                                                                                                     Historical Society of
Mount Vernon Triangle                                                                                                     Washington (HSW) to
    New businesses moving to Mount                                                                                        share Carnegie Library
Vernon Triangle in 2012 include a com-                                                                                         Historical Society of Washington
plete leather care business and profes-                                                                                   (HSW ) announced in December that it
sional tailor already well-known in the                                                                                   will share use of the Carnegie Library at
District. Cheryl A. Lofton and Associ-                                                                                    Mt. Vernon Square with Events DC and
ates, a tailoring businesses, teamed up                                                                                   has signed an 88-year lease. The orga-
with Stanley J. Mayes last year to open                                                                                   nization, which has seen organizational
Divine Shine, a complete leather care                                                                                     difficulties, announced that the new
business at 719, 721 and 723 T Street                                                                                     agreement will help reduce its operat-
NW. Now, they plan to expand in Mount                                                                                     ing costs. It also announced that it will
Vernon Triangle to offer their custom                                                                                      house the Kiplinger Washington Col-
tailoring and leather care at a second lo-                                                                                lection, a collection of more than 4,000
cation in this neighborhood.                                                                                              prints, photographs, paintings and other
    Lofton and Mayes hope to open                                                                                         items from the District’s history since
                                               The DC Convention Center. Photo: Andrew Lightman.
doors in Mount Vernon Triangle in the                                                                                     its founding in 1791. In December, the
next 50 to 90 days, Mayes told MidCity                                                                                    HSW also announced the adoption of a
DC. The combined tailor and shoe care                     of their apparel. They teamed up last year to open   turnaround strategic plan for “staffing, public rela-
business will be located close to Bus Boys and Poets a complete shoe care business that would meet a           tions, fundraising, marketing, board relations, and
near 5th and K Streets. The businesses already has a clear market need, and to complete the apparel            community engagement,” according to a press re-
significant customer base coming from the Mount picture. Divine Shine offers shoe shine, but Mayes               lease. HSW is accepting new members and dona-
Vernon Triangle area, Mayes said. “They just can’t estimates that is only about 25 percent of what Di-         tions online at ◆
                                                                                                                     ◆ 33

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