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									Premium Bonds Is Not Considered Gambling by Most

Premium bonds have come under fire from various groups. This government
plan to give a saving opportunity to the common man allows people to buy
premium bonds for a chance to win a fifty to a million pound cash prize.
Unlike American lotteries, the money that you invest to buy the bonds can
be used again and again during the monthly drawings. The bonds you invest
in, the more you have a chance to win. The can buy up to thirty thousand
premium bonds in your lifetime and the cash winnings can add up nicely if
you are consistent.

Some religious groups find this is a way to gamble. Most protestant
worshippers think that lottery or any other money for chance activities
is prohibited by the Bible. What they do not know that you can't lose
money in the premium bond market, you only invest. If you win a cash
prize fine, otherwise you can take your money and cash in the bonds with
no penalty. The cash prize just adds the element of gambling to savings
with the chance that you will forfeit your original investment. The
random picking of the bond numbers is just making the activity fairer to
all investors.

In the Bible there is no direct instruction not to gamble. In the Ten
Commandments, thou shall not covet, is mentioned, but this could be
interpreted as coveting another man's wife or property. The idea that
money is coveted could be listed with the seven deadly sins of greed, but
is the hope for a brighter future a sin. Premium bonds offer the saver a
safe place for their money and a hope for money. There is nothing
malicious about it. Even some of the money used by the government who
sponsors the premium bonds goes to charitable organizations.

Even if it is not religiously oriented, there is a strong moral objection
to gambling. There are some people that go over board when they are at a
casino or playing the lottery, but premium bonds do not let you do that.
You are not going to lose money. The money you put in will be able to be
collected back anytime you want. The winnings are an interest given out
randomly with no chance of your losing the investment. It is not
gambling. It is a different way to accrue your interest in a exciting
way. Why get the meager interest rates offered by the traditional
financial savings plan? You have the chance of making thousand percents
on your original money.

If you are now swayed from your belief that premium bonds are a system of
gambling, you can purchase the bonds at your local post office and start
a savings account that could make you a rich person. Even if you don't
become another Bill Gates you might get a couple of cash prizes that will
be more than the three to four percent interest you receive in the
traditional savings programs.

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