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					Some of the common factors related to failure

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 1 Most people don't have a large enough Advertising Budget to advertise
their business in National Business Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and TV
like the big players do (Most magazines charge thousands of dollars for a
small to medium sized ad) 2 They don't understand the formula used when
writing or designing a successful ad which will cause enough people to rush to
their website and get them to take immediate action to make the submission
cost effective
 The right ad written properly will get massive results, the wrong ad will simply
drain your bank account 3 Most people with little or no marketing experience
simply lack the skills, or the time it takes to learn to how to properly use and
get results with the various marketing resources available such as:
Pay-Per-Click In Major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo, Banner
Campaigns On Highly Targeted Websites, Ads In Ezines With Highly Targeted
Audiences, Highly Sought After Co-Registration Positions, Powerful Email
Marketing Campaigns To Highly Targeted Double Opt-In Lists, and the list
goes on and on 4
 The time it takes to actually get a business going costs more in personal
resources and time management than they are led to believe when entering a
business which makes people reluctant to "push on" after experiencing
minimal results with maximum expenditures that result in little or no sales If
you've been down the well-beaten track of pay-per-click advertising, as well as
some of these other routes I am sure you will agree that advertising and
marketing strategies practically require you to have a College Degree to be in
the game Unfortunately with things like pay-per-click most people with no prior
training end up investing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars and
sadly the only thing they end up with is a credit card that has reached its
maximum limit and nothing much in the way of results to show for it
  this type of blind advertising will eat you alive unless you are careful and take
the time to learn the methodology PLEASE, don't just rush in and buy every
advertising medium because someone calls you up and sells you on their
product, telling you your missing out or how important it is and that they will
have you " on the first page", (just sign here and pay me $$$), or your adviser
tells you to do it and how much money he is making You need to take the
time, analyze, look for stats and results and do your own legs work to promote
yourself on the internet and in your online business, or any business venture
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