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									 Trading binary options is a very flexible platform for
  trading, as compared to the conventional forms of
     trading. It is also called digital options trading.
  Traders can trade many financial instruments such
 as currencies, stocks and commodities through this
    form of trading. Traders often gain 60% to 80%
  profits within a short span of time. Sometimes, this
time span is as short as an hour. Traders can realize
 profits at every point of price change. Thus, they do
 not have to wait for the price to touch a certain level
           in order to profit from their trades.

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Trading binary options has numerous other advantages as well This form of
trading is simpler, compared Top Binary Brokers to conventional trading In
addition, the profits and loss are fixed in advance
 Thus, the trader can choose his options depending on how much he is willing
to risk Thus, the risk is limited and the trader merely needs to be aware of the
direction of the price Binary options are available to the traders throughout the
 Traders can choose time frames as it suits them Trading digital options thus,
involves much less risk as compared to other trading forms such as foreign
exchange This is also because there are no 'stop loss' conditions or leverage
involved in digital options trading
 In addition, the possible risk is specific to each trade individually Thus,
traders can trade even in volatile markets, as the risk incurred is relatively
small Margin calls are never a cause of worry for binary options traders
 In addition, the minimum account balance required is much less than that
required in other markets, such as commodities, stocks and foreign exchange
Additionally, since there are various instruments available for trade, this market
issues options on most popular instruments, such as oil, gold, stocks and
currencies Thus, this is a very lucrative form of trading, since traders can
trade many diverse instruments
 In addition to the above advantages of binary options trading, options trading
are not conducted on secondary markets Secondly, these options expire on
an hourly as well as daily basis Finally, the trader can easily diversify his
trading in this market, as it is very flexible
 Traders must, however, choose their brokers carefully, as they are very
important to realize profits Different brokers offer different advantages, and it
is important to compare their features before selecting a good broker
Generally, the best brokers will offer up to 15% when one of the trader's
options expires out of money
 The simplicity and lack of stress of somekeyword trading makes it a very
attractive market in the investment world
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