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					Legal Needs:
Collecting and Tapping Into
Your Own Data

                              JUDITH STUBBS
                                 & Associates
Legal Needs Strategic Planning

  Evidence-based strategic

                 Jane Cipants
          Senior Research Associate
         Judith Stubbs and Associates

                 4 May 2010
Overview of Presentation

• Introduction to Legal Needs & Strategic
  Planning Project
• Overview of Toolkit
  • Your Service & ‘Met’ Need
  • Your Service & ‘Met’ and ‘Unmet’ Need
  • Your Service’s Evidence-based Strategic Plan

                                             JUDITH STUBBS
                                                & Associates
Legal Needs & Strategic Planning Project

• Aim: To develop a tool to help CLCs better
    meet legal need in their communities
•   Identified 13 key indicators/characteristics of
    legal need, also considering disadvantage
    (the LNAF)
•   Worked with 2 centres to develop evidence-
    based strategic plans
•   Created toolkit for other CLCs to do the same
•   Phase 2 roll out with 4 centres (current)
                                             JUDITH STUBBS
                                                & Associates
Toolkit designed to help CLCs …

• Understand and apply the 13 key indicators of legal
  need to your service and catchment
• Conduct a ‘gap analysis’ of unmet need for target
  groups and geographic areas:
  • Quantitative data from LNAF & CLSIS
  • Qualitative data from service interviews, analysis of other
    service locations, own values, funding & commitments

• Develop an evidence-based strategic plan
• Evaluate progress over time

• Know where to go for help if needed                  JUDITH STUBBS
                                                          & Associates
Overview of Toolkit

• Section 1: Your Service & ‘Met’ Need

• Section 2: Your Service & ‘Met’ and ‘Unmet’
  Need (Gap Analysis)

• Section 3: Your Service’s Evidence-based
  Strategic Plan

                                         JUDITH STUBBS
                                            & Associates
Your service & ‘Met’ Need

• Describe your service
  •   Geographic catchment area
  •   Current service provision across this area
  •   Current staffing arrangements
  •   Current vision, mission and objectives

• Use CLSIS to understand expressed need
  •   Service activities
  •   Client profile
  •   Geographic spread of clients
  •   Mix of problem types

• Explore alignment between current service activities
                                                   JUDITH STUBBS
  and stated objectives (Workshop 1)                  & Associates
Your service & ‘Met’ and ‘Unmet’ Need

• Apply LNAF to your catchment to understand
  ‘unmet’ need
  • Use Excel Tables 1 & 2 for LNAF, SEIFA, Calculated Legal
    Need and Need Ratio values
  • Use LNAF maps
  • Use table with matter types more likely to be experienced by
    each key indicator of legal need

• Interview key stakeholders and review other info to
  better understand met and unmet need in your
• Explore alignment between your service & ‘met’ and
  ‘unmet’ need (Workshop 2)                               JUDITH STUBBS
                                                             & Associates
Your Service’s Evidence-Based Strategic Plan

• Workshop 3: Apply lessons learned through
  ‘gap’ analysis to…
   • Clarify mission, vision and objectives

   • Reassess service delivery to your catchment

   • Finalise your evidence-based strategic plan

   • Commit to regular review

                                               JUDITH STUBBS
                                                   & Associates
Before getting started…

• Understand and commit to an evidence-based
• Allow enough time – 3 months

• Engage Board, staff and other relevant stakeholders

• Need good data – work to improve data collection &
  CLSIS inquiries
• Requires some technical skills

• Needs an open-minded approach and willingness to
  change…be BRAVE!                            JUDITH STUBBS
                                                 & Associates
JSA & 4 CLCs Working Together

• JSA to provide each centre with 4 days of
 support through the strategic planning
  • 2 days technical and data analysis support
  • 2 days strategic planning support / facilitation

• Additional support possible subject to
 negotiation w/ centres and NSWCLC
  • Legal needs mapping by suburb
  • Additional days of support
                                                 JUDITH STUBBS
                                                    & Associates

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