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Angels With Good News ever Discouraged


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               Angels With Good News
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                ever Discouraged!* .
                                                               OF THE TIMES

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Angels With Good News                                                                Never Discouraged!                                                    23
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Such a Delightful Day!                                                   16          Children: Threat or Promise?                                          29
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                                                      were broken (verse 32), but people do not
LETTERS                                               die merely from the breaking of leg bones.
                                                      That this look place very near sunset is
                                                      evidenced from Matthew 27:57, "when
                                                                                                             rather than by the clothes hanging on the
                                                                                                             line. As the article continues, the visitor did
                                                                                                             learn a valuable lesson about judging that
DID THEY DIE?                                         even was come." This would make it highly
   In answer to a letter [Sept. 1977] you refer       improbable that the repentant thief died
                                                      before sundown. Add to this the evidence               BE BRAVE!
to the placement of the comma in Luke
23:43 as being after "today" making the text          that Jesus Himself did not ascend to                      Regarding the article, "The Truth About
read "1 say to you today, you shallbe with            Paradise, or heaven (Revelation 2:7; 22:2),            God's Trash Heap" [Oct. 1977]. I think that
me in paradise." The only support you cite            that day. See /ofm 20:17.—Ed.                          article was very misleading. Are you brave
... is that the thief did not die on Friday.                                                                 enough to face all of God's Word and its
According to John 19:31-33 both thieves as                                                                   implication? Yes, God is Love, but He is
                                                      JUDGE NOT                                              also just and will not tolerate those who
well as Jesus died the same day. The
purpose of breaking their legs was to hasten            We want to know why the story, "Tom's                reject His love. The author does not
death. John gives the clear impression that           Gift," in the September [1977] issue was               distinguish between physical death and
all three bodies were removed before the              printed. The story would have been great               spiritual death which is alienation from
Sabbath in compliance with the request of             had it not given people the idea that people           God. Unbelievers face wrath to come, not
the Jews. I trust you will make this informa­         who hang up their clothes on a line                    annihilation.
tion available to your readers.                       outdoors do not respect their neighbors....                                      Donald V. Noren
                                 W. H. Ta'tum         Why didn't the writer bring out the message                                  Redlands, California
                       Terrace, B.C., Canada          that the visiting speaker from Chicago had
                                                      judged by a poor man's surroundings?                  In view of Bible truth found in Psalms 6:5;
Jesus was still alive at the ninth hour (3                                    Alice M. Summers              146:4; 115:17; Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, etc., we
p.m.). See Matthew 27:46. Later on, the                                     Birch Tree, Missouri            can confidently say that both the evil and
soldiers came and found Jesus dead (John                                                                    the good who die remain in an unconscious
19:33), so to ensure His death they gave the          We think the visiting speaker wrongly                 state until their resurrection on the last day.
spear thrust. As for the thieves, their legs          judged the man fay the "junk" in the yard             See John 11:11-14, 24, 25.—Ed.

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1978, by the Pacific Press Publishing Association.

                                                                         COVER: LEO RANZOLIN

                     GOD WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN
   "But the stars are forever," sighed       with God's declaration, "I am the Lord,           People are not playthings of the
one weary pilgrim after what seemed          I change not." Malachi 3:6. And since         Deity. Not at all. We are beneficiaries
like an endless search for meaning and       Jesus Christ is "Emmanuel, . . . God          of a glorious destiny, "that in the ages
stability. But are the stars really for­     with us" (Matthew 1:23), the words of         to come he might shew the exceeding
ever? Although time and space have a         Hebrews 13:8 are fitting, "Jesus Christ       riches of his grace in his kindness
way of obscuring or diminishing              the same yesterday, and to day, and for       toward us through Christ Jesus."
change, stars do change nevertheless.        ever."                                        Ephesians 2:7. What is that? you ask. Is
Sirius, for instance, one of the                 The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem did       this what the universe is all about—
brightest stars in the heavens, does         not mark a change in God's plan,              God pouring out His grace upon unde­
vary. In fact, if you should examine it      neither did it change Jesus Christ.           serving human beings?
at close range, you would find that          Rather, it was an unfolding, a de­                Yes, this is what it is all about—
Sirius is a binary, a double star in         velopment of God's eternal plan of            God's fulfillment of His promises to us.
which two heavenly bodies circle in a         salvation. The Incarnation thus was          But how dependable are the promises
small orbit. This means that you are         not an addendum tacked onto the               of God? Any promise is only as de­
not even looking at the same star from       creation and the fall of Adam and his         pendable as the continued ability of
 one year to another.                         race, but it was and is a principle that      the benefactor to deliver. You can
   Here on earth we do not have to look       resides eternally in the heart of God.        count on the dependability and the
very far to find instability. The an­         "For unto us a child is born, unto us a       continuation of the unchanging I AM
cients looked to the mountains for            son is given:. .. and his name shall be      to deliver the goods.
strength. But mountains can tumble,           called . . . The mighty God, The                 Gibraltar and the mountains may
 as is evidenced in the little village of     everlasting Father, The Prince of             dissolve, and the stars may disappear,
 Frank in Southern Alberta. Some years        Peace." Isaiah 9:6.                           but you can count on God to see you
 ago Turtle Mountain broke loose and             As soon as His disciples were able to      through. His pledge? The Gift of Jesus
 splashed itself across the valley, en­       bear the news, Jesus unfolded to them         Christ who has bound Himself to us
 gulfing the little mining town.              His sacrificial mission to earth. "From       with bonds never to be broken.
   More often, change moves imper­            that time forth began Jesus to shew              Get yourself a piece of the rock of
 ceptibly and slowly. The path that you       unto his disciples, how that he must go       eternity. Give your system a treat. Your
 walk on today is slightly more eroded        unto Jerusalem, and suffer many               associates, your work, your health,
 than it was yesterday, and given             things . . . , and be raised again the        your attitude toward people and
 enough time it will change to a deep         third day." Matthew 16:21.                    things—all will be seen in the light of
 gully. The human body sheds cells at a          To us the death of Jesus at Calvary        eternity, and not merely as isolated
 rate that calls for a complete replace­      might seem to be an emergency, the            segments of a chaotic maze.
 ment every seven years, it is said. In a     result of a chain of events that occurred         Best of all, you will find a constant
 sense, you are not the person you were        in the short ministry of our Lord. Yet to    fulfilling of God's promises. Having
 yesterday. No wonder the hymn writer          the universe Jesus is revealed as "the       espoused the Giver, you find that all
 noted, "Change and decay in all               Lamb slain from the foundation of the         promises are fulfilled in Him. "Of him
 around I see. O Thou who changest             world." Revelation 13:8. God's eternal        are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is
 not, abide with me."                          plan became visible at Calvary, but in a      made unto us wisdom, and righteous­
    It is not fashionable today to deal in     much larger sense, God's eternally            ness, and sanctification, and redemp­
 absolutes, but we must come to grips          sacrificial nature defined itself there.      tion." 1 Corinthians 1:30.         I. C.
                                                                                             Signs of the Times—February 1978           3
                                                           Hope. The word rolls off our tongues
                                                        without making the slightest impres­
                                                        sion on our minds. We hope our
                                                       friends are fine. We hope the strangers
                                                       we meet will have a good day. We hope
                           Marjorie Lewis Lloyd         it will rain—or won't rain. We hope
                                                        so-and-so doesn't get elected. We hope

               Thank God
                                                        departing vacationers will have a safe
                                                       trip. We hope the dog won't bother the
                                                       neighbors. That's the verb. And we
                                                       hardly know we've said it.
                                                           As for the noun, it's an old-fashioned
                                                       word. Nothing contemporary about it.

                                                       It seems to belong to past generations
                                                       —and funerals—and people about to
                                                           We don't take it seriously until we
                                                       learn that the days of someone we love
                                                       are numbered. We say to the physi­
                                                       cian, "Doctor, isn't there any hope—

                                                       any hope at all?" And then we know
                                                       we've said it!
                                                           The truth is that we can't live a day
                                                       without hope—without some feeling
                                                       that life is worth the effort. Why wash


               In a world of despair God holds out the promise of hope.
your face—or dress—or eat breakfast—          drawer of his desk or nightstand and            It's perfectly safe to let imagination
if all incentive is lost?                     take out a black-bound Book. And            push out the ceilings—when hope is
    There are people in mental hospitals      there on the very first page he can read,   the engineer, Hope, when it is born of a
who are there because hope is gone.           "In the beginning God created the           personal relationship with Jesus, will
They refuse to make any effort what­          heaven and the earth."                      be constantly asking Him for the
ever. They eat and dress and bathe               Those words can answer a whole           seemingly impossible. And hope will
only because they are forced to. If they      library of scientific questions—if we       not be disappointed!
are put into a chair, they will sit           want them answered. No one needs to             Hope will soon give way to a sense of
motionless for hours. They have               remain uncertain!                           wonder, as you watch your Lord work.
reached the end of their hope.                   We can't believe that God created        Haven't we been told, in Romans 8:28,
    Hope is something more than pray­         our world—and us—without finding a          that "all things work together for good
ing that you will go to heaven                measure of hope. We can't believe that      to them that love God"? And they will.
someday. Without hope you can't get           Jesus of Nazareth really did die for the    You'll marvel at God's skill in putting
your breath. Hope is what gets you            sins of men—without knowing that            jigsaw pieces together!
through the night!                            there is hope for sinners like us. We           It's true that Satan will try to
    Seemingly at a safe distance from         can't believe that Jesus walked out of a    interfere. But as someone has said, the
these extremes, there are millions of         tomb and left it empty — without            busier the devil gets, the sooner he will
people who are floating like corks on a       knowing for sure that there is hope if      play into God's hands.
sea of uncertainty. They know nothing         we want it!                                     Hope is not something that has to
better to do. They lack incentive. So             But there's another side of the coin.   wait for heaven. It can happen here. It
they just bob around with the crowd,          A man who believes he is here as the        can happen today. With you!
trying to find some reason for being on       result of accident and chance feels no          Tell me. When does a vacation
this planet, some reason for living.          moral responsibility. But he can't          begin? When you reach your destina­
 And when they can't, they despair.           believe that he was made in the image        tion? No. It begins when you pull out
 Despair has become so popular in             of God, he can't believe that Jesus died     of your driveway. And that's the way
 some circles that it is almost a religion.   in his place and that He lives today—        heaven is. Heaven begins when you
    And then there are others, not so         without knowing that he is respon-          begin to go there!
 numerous, who like bobbing around.           sibile, that he is accountable to God for       I'm not going to tell you that as a
They like being uncertain. They               how he lives, that, like it or not, he       Christian you won't have any prob­
 thoroughly enjoy the mystery of not          must make moral decisions.                   lems. Because you will. But let me tell
 knowing why we are here or where we              And so uncertainty, like its cousin      you this. There will be nights when
 are going. It gives them a chance to         unbelief, is sometimes a form of             you can't sleep because you're so
 speculate. And so they waste their           running away. And running away may           excited about the next day!
 brilliant minds in spinning tall tales        seem pleasant for a time. But the               If you keep close to your Lord, He
 about our origins, fashioning their           problem is this. You can't run away         will soon be doing things for you that
 fables, weaving their scientific myths.      from responsibility without scuttling        will keep you on the edge of your seat.
 And they have a great time living,           your hope too!                               And as you learn to trust Him, your
 speculating, dreaming.                           Hope, of course, will be a cold and      faith, more and more, will be walking
    They have a great time, that is, while    lifeless thing if it is founded on noth­      on tiptoe, in an attitude of wonder!
 the sun shines, while they have health,       ing more than an intellectual assent to         There are some things, of course,
 while they can expect decades more in        the truthfulness of God's Word. The          that have to wait for heaven—some
 which to play their scientific games.         devils believe. The devils know. But         circumstances that, for reasons we
 But when they have no more years in          they have no hope!                           may or may not understand, will never
 the bank, when they seem about to                Hope comes alive only when there         be straightened out in this life. But
  slip under, suddenly speculating isn't       has been a personal surrender to the        hope can wait. Because hope is sure!
  so much fun. Suddenly they wish they         Lord Jesus Christ. It comes alive when          And then one day, in God's own
  knew something for sure. And they            we know Jesus—and know Him so                time, as David Redding says, "All of
 reach frantically for something to hold       well that we enjoy His company. Says         the pieces from broken hearts, every
  onto. But did you ever try to hold onto      David Redding, ''Unless we enjoy             fragment of man's lost and forgotten
  a floating cork—or a handful of water?       God's company, our entire life and           dreams, will be swept up and restored
     Yes, rich men, poor men, brilliant        thought will be spent pulling in the         in the splendor of an even holier night,
  men all flounder together—when hope          horns of a faith that will seem to us to     emerging from the shadow of hard
  is gone!                                     have been terribly exaggerated. The ini­     times in the old life we led."—God Is
     Hope has to rest on something more        tiated, on the contrary, will be busy        Up to Something, p. 161.
  substantial thana sea of bobbing corks.      raising ceilings."—God Is Up to Some­           Don't you like that picture? God out
  Hope needs to know something for             thing, p. 105.                               sweeping up the pieces of our broken
  sure. And it can. A solid basis for hope        Yes, "No eye has seen, no ear has         hearts, the fragments of our shattered
  is available to every man—and with a         heard, no mind has conceived what            dreams, so that nothing is lost! Could
  minimum of effort. Even a weary              God has prepared for those who love          we ask for more?
  traveler in his hotel room can open the       him." 1 Corinthians 2:9, N.I.V.                And why hope for less?              O
                                                                                          Signs of the Times—February 1978        5
                                            Can God Be Trusted?—2

                     Angels With
                     Good News
                                           A. Graham Maxwell

           Their exciting message must go to the ends of the earth!
                   More than nineteen hundred years       widest possible circulation, as far as
                have passed since Jesus asked His fol­    "the end of the earth" (Acts 1:8,
                lowers to take the gospel to the world.   R.S.V.), to "all nations" (Matthew
                When that has been done, He said, the     28:19), "to the whole creation" (Mark
                end will come. Matthew 24:14.             16:15, R.S.V.). As far as Satan's lies had
                   The truth which the Son of God         gone, so far must go the truth.
                came to reveal was not to be guarded as      The small band of Christian believ­
                a secret known only by a privileged       ers set out confidently to fulfill this
                few. Some of the most popular reli­       immense assignment. They expected
                gions in Jesus' day, known as the Mys­    to complete it in a very short time. Had
                teries, were built around sacred infor­   not Jesus told them that He would be
                mation disclosed only to those who        coming back soon? Had He not warned
                had passed through special initiation     them to be constantly on the watch lest
                rites.                                    they be unprepared for His return and
                   But "gospel" means "good news,"        He catch them by surprise? Some be­
                and it was to be publicly made known.     lievers in Thessalonica stopped work­
                Jesus directed that it be given the       ing, in the mistaken belief that the end
6 Signs of the Times—February 1978                                      *U»N COU.INS, A.R.C.H.. *.B,B,5.. SCULPTOR
had already come. Paul had to inform          finite grace, and the believer will him­    and remaining loyal to Jesus." Revela­
them that there were still some impor­        self be more willing to wait.               tion 14:12, N.E.B.
tant events to take place before Christ          Moreover, John's book of Revelation          As the contest moves on toward its
would return. See 2 Thessalonians             speaks of Satan's anger with those who      climax, God's loyal people are not just
2:1-12; 3:6-13.                               dare to thwart his efforts to deceive the   passively waiting for their Lord's
   But a whole generation passed, and         world. As he seeks to turn men against      promised return. They refuse to allow
still the Lord had not returned. Now          God, he is infuriated to hear the con­      the enemy to win by default! Instead,
only John was left of the original 12         tinuing testimony of those who still        they redouble their efforts to complete
apostles, and he was imprisoned on            choose to "obey God's commandments          their original commission to spread
the lonely Isle of Patmos. Had some­          and are faithful to the truth revealed by   the truth to every corner of the earth.
thing gone wrong? The good news had           Jesus." Revelation 12:17, T.E.V. This           Again in the symbolic language of
been well received by many. But it had        should help believers understand why        the book of Revelation, John writes of
also provoked serious and sometimes           their efforts to teach the truth about      seeing this last great effort to spread
violent opposition. Many Christians           God have stirred up such fierce resist­     the gospel as represented by angels
had been killed by the very people they       ance.                                       bringing urgent messages from
were trying to help.                              Then, looking into the future, Reve­    heaven. In chapter 14 he particularly
   Much more seriously, some believ­          lation 13 foretells Satan's last, su­       mentions three of those angels.
ers were beginning to doubt the truth­        preme attempt by means of deception,            The first of them John saw "flying
fulness of the good news they had been        miracle, and force to silence the truth     high in the air, with an eternal message
trying to spread. Some were even de­          and establish himself as God. So severe     of Good News to announce to the
nying that the Son of God had really          will be the struggle that John inter­       peoples of the earth, to every race,
come in human form. See 2 John 7.             rupts his description to say, "This calls   tribe, language, and nation. . . . [The
   At this critical moment God chose to       for endurance and faith on the part of      angel] said in a loud voice, 'Honor God
send another message of encourage­            God's people." Revelation 13:10,            and praise his greatness! For the time
ment and explanation. To the elderly          T.E.V.                                      has come for him to judge mankind.
prisoner on the Isle of Patmos He sent            In chapter 14 the apostle goes on to    Worship him who made heaven, earth,
the information recorded in the last          describe this company of God's people       sea, and the springs of water!' " Reve­
book of the New Testament. John de­           as still resisting Satan's lies right up    lation 14:6, 7, T.E.V.
scribed it as "the revelation of Jesus        until the end. It is particularly men­           "A second angel followed the first
Christ, which God gave him to show to         tioned of them that "in their mouth no       one, saying 'She has fallen! Great
his servants what must soon take              lie was found." Revelation 14:5, R.S.V.      Babylon has fallen!' " Revelation 14:8,
place." Revelation 1:1, R.S.V.                Even at the risk of their own lives they     T.E.V. God's opposition has collapsed,
   This message advised Christians to         refuse to join the world in turning from     in both corruption and defeat!
take a larger view of life than the dif­      the God of truth to worship the one              A third angel followed the first two.
ficulties of the moment might suggest.         whom Christ called "the father of           In most vivid language he warned of
The individual believer must under­            lies." John 8:44, R.S.V. Instead they       the terrible consequences of believing
stand that he had become actively in­         persist in "keeping God's commands           Satan's lies and joining him in rebel­
volved in the great controversy be­                                                        lion against God. Again there is a call
tween Christ and Satan, a conflict that                                                    "for endurance on the part of God's
involves the whole universe.                                                               people, those who obey God's com­
   For the first time in the Bible, men­                                                   mandments and are faithful to Jesus."
tion is made of the war long ago fought                                                    Revelation 14:12, T.E.V.
 in heaven and the extent of Satan's in­                                                       These three messages, in the setting
fluence among the angels. See Revela­                                                      in which they are given, seem to sum
tion 12. The Christian must learn to                                                       up God's last message of invitation and
 view his special mission in the light of                                                  warning to our world. Yet the message
 this great struggle. Then when it may                                                     is not new. The good news of the first
 seem that the work of spreading the                                                       angel is described as eternal, everlast­
 gospel is doomed to failure and the                                                       ing. It has always been the truth.
 second coming of Christ is indefinitely                                                       It was the truth back in eternity, be­
 delayed, he will remember the great                                                       fore Lucifer began to circulate his lies.
 controversy and all that God has ac­                                                       It is the same truth that has held God's
 complished so far.                               This article is a chapter from Dr.
                                                                                            loyal children throughout the uni­
    He will remember how through the              Graham Maxwell's latest book, Can         verse. And it will remain the truth
 ages God has worked so patiently to              God Be Trusted? You will enjoy read-      through the endless ages of eternity,
                                                  ing the entire volume. Available for
 reveal the truth about Himself—and               just $1.95, postpaid. Send your order     the truth that is the basis for our freely
 that He is still working just as patiently       to ABC Mailing Service, P. O. Box         given trust in God.
 now to win the human race. Then dis­             374B5, Omaha, ME 68137. Please                But what precisely is this truth, this
                                                  include check or money order.
 couragement over delay will turn to                                                        everlasting gospel and good news? O
 gratitude and admiration for God's in­                                                                 (To be continued.)
                                                                                          Signs of the Times—February 1978          7
                                                         Steps to Christ
                                                                for Judy
                                                                                        year-old Jena a philosophy of life
                                                                                        which she couldn't give them. They
                                                                                        loved it. Scott, especially, soaked up
                                                                                        the religious instruction. "Listen to
                                                                                        this," he proudly told her one evening
                                                                                        and began quoting a Bible verse he had
                                                                                        learned that day. "For God so loved the
                                                                                        world, that he gave his only begotten
                                                                                        Son, that whosoever believeth in him
                                                                                        should not perish, but have everlasting
                                                                                        life." John 3:16.
                                                                                           Over and over again he repeated the
                                                                                        verse, not just that day, but for many
                                                                                        days. It stirred something in her, and
                                                                                        she decided to read the Bible. A friend
                                                                                        gave her one, but it didn't make sense.
                                                                                        Another dead end.
                                                                                           But the teachings she had learned as
                                                                                        a girl going to church with her grand­
                                                                                        mother hadn't left her. This was evi­
                                                                                        dent that evening when her boyfriend,
                                                                                        Frank, overheard her prayer with the
                                                                                        children as she tucked them into bed.
                                                                                        "Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the
                                                                                        cross for us," she prayed. When she
                                                                                        stepped into the living room, Frank
                                                                                        stared at her before exploding, "You
                                                                                        don't believe that, do you?"
                                                                                           "Don't believe what?" she asked.
                                                                                           "What do you mean?" he de­
                                                                                        manded, jabbing his finger at her.
                                                                                        "Jesus didn't die on the cross for us."
                                                                                           "Oh, yes, He did," she countered,
                                                                                        stepping forward and looking him in
                                                                                        the eye. "I'm sure of it."
                                                                                           The room grew silent as the two
                                                                                        faced each other, drifting apart men­
                                                                                        tally; and Judy chalked up another
                                                                                        dead-end experience.
   Judy threw herself across the bed       worked, she watched people try to               As the weeks slid into one another,
and sobbed out her frustration at the      drink away their problems; and in the        Judy's confusion deepened; but she
fragments of her life that refused to      real estate office where she was pres­       still felt sure of that one thing—Jesus
make sense.                                ently employed, people took out their        died on the cross. That verse of Scott's
  Three marriages ruined, two chil­        frustrations on others in crooked and        said so, and she believed it, though she
dren to raise by herself, happiness that   dishonest deals.                             didn't know why; and the knowledge
eluded her though she sought it through      There must be a better life, she had       didn't change her life any.
money and friends—life seemed filled       reasoned, at least for her children; so         Now she grabbed the pillow to
with dead-end streets. And no one un­      she had enrolled them in a Christian         smother the futile cry that erupted
derstood or cared. Everybody she met       day school. This not only gave her           within her. Her shoulders shook as she
had his or her own set of problems. In     more time for selling real estate, it pro­   gasped out her frustration, and the pil­
the Los Angeles bar where she had          vided eight-year-old Scott and six-          low grew damp with her tears. She
8   Signs of the Times—February 1978
Patricia Maxwell

Judy found that God's promises were for her.

wiped her eyes with it and cried some       tiques. Carefully she opened the book.     from her swollen face to the stained
more. "What should I do? What should        A yellowed newspaper clipping lay          carpet and chewed furniture, he said,
I do?" she sobbed.                          between the cover and the frontispiece     "You know, Mrs. Villanti, I think I'll
   Into her mind stole a picture of         —a message for her! A sign, she thought.   buy something a little closer to the
Grandmother Rose. She was gone now,         This book had some significance for        beach."
but if she were here, she would know        her! As she turned the brittle pages,         "Please, Mr. Goodyear! I'll clean this
what to do. Grandma, the hard­              she decided it looked easy to read and     place up. You won't even recognize it.
working backbone of the whole family,       understand. Finding the title page she     Please!"
the saint who never missed church and       read three simple words which said            He looked at Judy. "Are you the
who prayed about everything—she             Steps to Christ.                           same lady?"
would know what to do.                         "Maybe this is what I need," she           "Yes, yes, let me explain—"
   That's it! That's what Grandma           mused, "steps leading me to God. And          He continued staring into her red
would do! She would pray! And with          it costs only a quarter!" Quickly pay­     eyes. Then he put his hand on her
the thought, Judy slipped to her knees      ing for her books, she hurried home to     shoulder and said, "I hope someone
beside her bed and prayed, "Lord,           read the smallest one. The others          saves you tonight." He turned and
show me the right answers for me, for       didn't seem important now, so she set      walked away.
my children. And show me the right          them aside and spent the evening read­        "Wait a minute! What do you
church. Please, God!"                       ing Steps to Christ.                       mean?" she called after him, but he
   She fell asleep with peace stealing         "God loves you," it told her. "He        was gone,
into her heart, unaware that God had        accepts you the way you are." As she
prepared an answer for her life the         read, the tensions and frustrations that   Light in the Doorway
same year Grandma was born—1899.            had nagged her for so long melted            Turning to her son, Judy cried,
                                            away.                                      "Come on, Scott! Let's get out of here! I
Answer in a Bookstore                          "The lady that wrote this book is       can't handle this yet. Let's take a
   The very next day Judy started toward    right!" she thought. "I don't know who     walk!"
that answer, and always after she would     she is, but she's got it!"                   Out in the street in the twilight, Judy
trace the beginning of her new life to         She carried the little book with her    doubted, hoped, and doubted again
a secondhand bookstore. She had been        everywhere and asked people, "Have         that she had found any steps leading to
in this little shop many times before,      you heard of this book? Or of this lady    God. He seemed distant, unapproach­
but this day she browsed among the          who wrote it? I want to know if she's      able, and uninterested in her life. Scott
worn volumes for information on             written anything else."                    interrupted her despair by grabbing
witchcraft. Weeks before, Frank had            No one had heard of the book or the     her arm and pointing down the road.
told her that there were black witches      author, but Judy continued searching       "There's a light, Mom. Let's go see
from the devil and white ones from          because she knew she no longer             what it is!"
God, and she had decided to become a        walked a dead-end street. Steps to            They walked toward it until they
white witch so she could control her        Christ was leading her to the right        stood in front of a small church where
life.                                       answers for her and her children.          light shone through the open front
    After studying the titles along the        Finding new purpose for life, Judy      door. Climbing the steps, they saw
spines of several books, she picked out     longed for a new environment as well;      three ladies silhouetted in the door­
seven on witchcraft and then walked         so she and Scott drove to Oregon to        way putting on their coats.
 down the aisle to the religious section.    look for property, leaving Jena in           "Excuse me, ma'am," Judy began.
 She reached up to the shelf and closed      California with relatives. When they      "Could one of you ladies answer me
her eyes, hoping to get some kind of         returned three weeks later and opened     something about the Bible?"
 "vibration" as she ran her fingers over     the door to their duplex, they saw that      "Sure, honey, what do you want to
the ridges of large and small books.        the neighbor who had promised to care      know?" the oldest matron said as she
 Her hand stopped at a thin one              for the dog and five puppies hadn't       bustled out of her coat and draped it
 squeezed between its thicker compan­        done so. Weary from traveling and         over the back of a wooden pew. "Here,
 ions. She drew it from the shelf and        overwhelmed with the mess in her          just sit down. What do you want to
 opened her eyes. The dark cover, its        home, Judy burst into tears just as the    know?" she repeated.
 edges bare with age, caught her atten­      man who planned to buy her place             "I thought maybe God could help
 tion. She was always interested in an­      walked up the driveway. As he looked       me," Judy began, "but I don't know."
                                                                                       Signs of the Times—February 1978        9
She told the three ladies about her         the church flooding over her shoulders      phone book to the yellow section
search for a better life for herself and    and God's presence with her.                marked "Churches."
her children.                                  "I hope someone saves you tonight."         "Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian."
   "Honey," the self-appointed leader       Mr. Goodyear's words came back to           Her finger slid down the column.
of the trio addressed her again, "God       her as she and Scott walked home.           "Seventh-day Adventist, here it is."
loves you and cares about you and           "Jesus saved me," she answered back         She reached for the telephone and
your children."                             with thankfulness, but one perplexity       dialed the number.
   "Yes," one of the other ladies broke     marred her happiness. Why did those            A feminine voice answered, "Hello.
in. "He loves you enough to send His        three ladies disparage her book?            Seventh-day Adventist Church. May I
Son Jesus to die for you."                  Though their attitude bothered her, it      help you?"
   The three shared the good news of        only increased her desire to find out          "Yes, I want to know about your
the gospel, how Jesus came to die for       about Ellen White, the author of Steps      church," Judy began without identify­
sinners, and that any who would ac­         to Christ.                                  ing herself, "and about Ellen White,
cept Him as Saviour and Lord could be                                                   who wrote Steps to Christ."
forgiven their past sins and be given       Help at a Beer Party                           Ten minutes later, Judy replaced the
power to live a new, satisfying life. As       Months passed before Judy found          telephone receiver with many ques­
the truth that God loved and accepted       another clue about her book and took        tions answered but many more raised.
her just the way she was got through to     another step closer to God. She and         The secretary on the other end of the
Judy's mind, it seemed as if the light in   Scott moved to Oregon, still leaving        line promised that she would have the
the church grew brighter and stronger       Jena in California until they could get     pastor call on her, but Judy wondered
until she felt the warmth of God's love     settled. With a group of new friends at     if he really would.
envelope her.                               a beer party late one night, Judy entered      She stopped wondering that after­
   She bowed her head and prayed,           a discussion on religion. Opening her       noon when she answered the door and
"Lord, I love You because You loved         purse and pulling out Steps to Christ,      met Pastor Welklin from the Seventh-
me so much. And I want to come to           she said, "I don't know a whole lot         day Adventist church. He answered
You now. Please forgive my sins and         about religion, but this book here has      many of her questions from the Bible
give me a new life."                        all the answers for me." She held it up.    and offered to lend her other books
   Forgiveness, acceptance, and assur­      "Anybody see it before or know who          written by Ellen White. He came every
ance swept over her, washing away the       wrote it?"                                  week after that to study the Bible with
accumulated guilt and frustration of a        "Yeah, yeah, I know about that            her, and she felt she was taking not just
lifetime. She felt new and clean. She       book," one of the men in the group          steps, but long strides, toward a closer
had found God! Steps to Christ had not      said. Judy faced him eagerly and            relationship with God.
led along a dead-end street!                asked, "What do you know about it?"
   Thought of the book caused her to          "The lady who wrote your book,            Good News at the
reach into her coat pocket. "Here," she     Ellen White, she's important in my          Train Station
said as she held the book toward the        church." He hesitated and then went              She still had problems, many of
ladies. "Do you know this book? Or          on. "She's written lots of books."          them financial, especially since she
who wrote it?"                                Judy nearly spilled her drink as she       lost the property she had bought when
   "Let me see it," the leader of the       leaned forward and asked, "What's            she first moved to southern Oregon.
three asked as she took it and opened       your church?"                                And a new fear gripped her. Relatives
to the title page. "Steps to Christ," she     "Seventh-day Adventist. Well, it           informed her that her ex-husband and
read aloud, "by Ellen White. Oh, have       isn't now," he stammered. "It used to        his wife wanted to keep Jena, and Judy
nothing to do with this book or this        be."                                         knew she must go to California im­
author!" she commanded.                       "Seventh-day Adventist? What's            mediately and get her daughter. With
   "Why?" Judy cried. "Why? This            that? What do they believe? Tell me         money sent her by her sister, she
book's been such a help to me, and I        about it."                                  bought a train ticket. Waiting in the
want to read more of this lady's writ­        "Would if 1 had time," the fellow          station, she paced back and forth wor­
ing, if she's written anything else."       said. He got up, leaving his half-filled    rying about her daughter, when she
   "Young lady, you'd be better off to      glass of beer on the coffee table. "I've     spied a book on a bench. Good News
leave this alone."                          got to get going. Big day tomorrow."        for Modern Man it said, and she picked
   The older lady spoke with such au­         Judy wanted to grab him and ask            it up feeling she needed some good
thority that Judy retrieved her book,       him more questions, but he seemed re­       news. The ticket agent noticed her in­
poked it back into her pocket and           luctant to talk about his church, so she    terest in the book and told her to keep
stammered, "Well, thank you, ladies,        watched him go out the door, wishing         it.
for your help tonight, for leading me to    he would stay but hanging on to the              Settled in a comfortable seat on the
God. But I've got to go now."               thread of information he had given.         train, she felt hope revive as she read in
   Grabbing Scott's hand, she de­             Before she had eaten breakfast the        the book that God's plan for modern
scended the steps with the light from       next morning, she opened the tele­          men and women is that they be saved.

        Itwas just a little book, but its message put Judy's life backtogether again.
She hardly glanced up when a lady         and carrying the same book as mine!"       Judy felt that not only her family had
passed down the aisle and took a seat a   Judy laughed; then she went on to tell     been put together but her life as well.
few rows behind her. Several minutes      her experience which began with the
later, she felt a nudge against her arm   book Steps to Christ.                      Todd
and looked into the face of the same        Edna, as she introduced herself,            Only one thing puzzled her, and that
lady, smiling at her and holding          seemed like an old friend in no time.      was Todd. She had met Todd at the
another copy of the book, Good News       When they parted, she handed Judy          same time she began attending the Ad­
for Modern Man.                           her address saying, "Stop by and see       ventist church. His long hair and beard
   "Here, maybe you could give this       me if you're ever in Portland, Oregon."    framed a gentle-looking face, but
one to your son," she said.                  "Doubt if I ever get there," Judy re­   people cautioned her that his person­
   "Why, thank you," Judy exclaimed.      plied, "but thank you for the invita­      ality didn't match his looks. He had
"But where did you get a book just like   tion."                                     been friendly and helpful to her, par­
mine?"                                       The encounter on the train with         ticularly when she bought a bus with
   "I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Chris­    another Christian encouraged Judy,         the intention of fixing it into a mobile
tian and often carry religious books      and she went to her ex-husband's           home. His hands built cupboards and
with me."                                 home to reclaim her daughter. Now          beds and gradually transformed the
   "You are! I've been studying the       she had more courage than when she         vehicle into a home.
 Seventh-day Adventist religion, and to   began her journey.                            Another transformation, equally vis­
think I'd meet another one on the train      Back in Oregon with both children,      ible, took place in Judy's life. She no
                                                                                     longer depended on night life, drink­
                                                                                     ing, and parties to make her happy.
                                                                                     She had the Lord. But the change in
                                                                                     her didn't please Todd, and they ar­
                                                                                     gued about the Bible and its claims on
                                                                                     her life.
                                                                                        It mystified Judy that Todd could
                                                                                     know so much about what the Bible
                                                                                     teaches and not want to live by it.
                                                                                     Since she had met the Lord, she thrilled
                                                                                     to follow the life-style she was discov­
                                                                                     ering in God's Word and exulted in the
                                                                                     happiness she had found and the close­
                                                                                     ness between herself and God and her
                                                                                     children. She wouldn't go back again
                                                                                     to the despair and frustration she had
                                                                                     known, not for anything. Not even for
                                                                                     Todd, she finally decided.
                                                                                        She reached this decision three days
                                                                                     before the date they had set to get mar­
                                                                                     ried. Knowing his temper, she chose to
                                                                                      leave without telling him.

                                                                                      To Jesus at Last
                                                                                        But she had never driven the bus
                                                                                      before. Todd had driven it up the
                                                                                      mountain, parked it, and worked on it;
                                                                                      so as she climbed into the driver's seat,
                                                                                      holding Scott and Jena close to her, she
                                                                                      prayed, "God, You drive this bus, be­
                                                                                      cause I can't."
                                                                                        Opening her eyes, she turned the ig­
                                                                                      nition key and stepped on the gas. The
                                                                                      motor roared to life, and she inched the
                                                                                      bus onto the logging road leading
                                                                                      down the mountain. She gripped the
                                                                                      wheel until her knuckles turned white;
                                                                                      and with her foot poised over the
                                                                                      brake, she prayed she wouldn't meet a
                                                                                      logging truck on one of the hairpin
                                                                                     Signs of the Times—February 1978        II
          God's Great Promises                                                               When the road finally straightened
                                                                                          out at the bottom of the hill, Scott said,
                                                                                          "Mom, let's thank Jesus for getting us
                                Richard H. Utt                                            off that mountain."
                                                                                             "Yes, Son, let's do," she replied and
   For too many of the world's prob­          "Death is swallowed up in victory. O        reached up to ruffle his hair.
lems there seem to be no human solu­        death, where is thy sting? O grave,              They headed north toward Portland,
tions. But "the gloomier the outlook,       where is thy victory? . . . Thanks be to      where they ran out of money; but with
the brighter the uplook"; the darker        God, which giveth us the victory              Edna's address still in her purse, they
the night, the brighter God's promises      through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Co­         found help. Edna and her husband
shine. God assures us in His Word that      rinthians 15:54-57.                           took them into their home, fed them,
His "hand is not shortened, that it can­                                                  encouraged them, and suggested they
not save." Isaiah 59:1. For every             What is God planning for our fu-            go to Walla Walla, Washington, where
human need—for your every need-             ture?                                         Judy might go to a Christian college.
there is a divine promise to meet that          "I go to prepare a place for you. And     Filling her tank with gas, they sent her
need. Here are a few of the best.           if I go and prepare a place for you, I will   and the children off with a prayer.
                                            come again, and receive you unto my­             Prayer continued to sustain Judy
   How much should we worry about           self; that where I am, there ye may be        when she reached Walla Walla, where
life's daily needs?                         also." John 14:2, 3. "God shall wipe          the Lord helped her find work and
  "My God shall supply all your need        away all tears from their eyes; and           guided her to a Christian lady who
according to his riches in glory by         there shall be no more death, neither         continued to study the Bible with her.
Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19. "How       sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there          Judy told everyone she met how God
much more shall your Father which is        be any more pain: for the former things       had led her with the book Steps lo
in heaven give good things to them          are passed away.... Behold, I make all        Christ, and one day, as she showed the
that ask him?" Matthew 7:11. "They          things new. ... He that overcometh            old book to someone, she noticed the
that seek the Lord shall not want [lack]    shall inherit all things; and I will be his   printing date again but with new in­
any good thing." Psalm 34:10.               God, and he shall be my son." Revela­         sight. "1899!" she said, "that's the
                                            tion 21:4-7.                                  same year Grandma was born! Isn't it
  Will He give us wisdom and insight                                                      funny, or is it providential," she won­
in solving our problems?                      What can be the result if we receive        dered, "that the two greatest influ­
   "If any of you lack wisdom, let him      and believe God's promises?                   ences in my life, Grandma and this
ask of God, that giveth to all men liber­      "He has granted to us his precious         book, both began in the same year!"
ally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be   and very great promises, that through            As the weeks went by and Judy con­
given him." James 1:5.                      these you may escape from the corrup­         tinued studying the Bible, she decided
                                            tion that is in the world because of          she should be baptized. On a hot Sab­
  What is the divine remedy for your        passion, and become partakers of the          bath afternoon in July of 1975 she
sinfulness and heavy load of guilt?         divine nature." 2 Peter 1:4, R.S.V.           stepped into the cool water of Mill
   "I have blotted out, as a thick cloud,                                                 Creek and listened with joy as the pas­
thy transgressions, and. as a cloud, thy      How sure are God's promises?                tor said, "I now baptize you in the
sins: return unto me; for I have re­           "The Lord is not slack concerning          name of the Father, the Son, and the
deemed thee." Isaiah 44:22. "As far as      his promise, as some men count slack­         Holy Ghost."
the east is from the west, so far hath he   ness; but is longsuffering to us-ward,           As she rose from the water, her face
removed our transgressions from us."        not willing that any should perish."          wet and her hair dripping, she blinked
Psalm 103:12. "If we confess our sins,      2 Peter 3:9. "God is not a man, that he       at the bright sunlight around her and
he is faithful and just to forgive us our   should lie; neither the son of man, that      felt the warmth of God's light and love
sins, and to cleanse us from all un­        he should repent: hath he said, and           fill her. It had been a long way from the
righteousness." 1 John 1:9.                 shall he not do it? or hath he spoken,        night she had cried, "Show me the
                                            and shall he not make it good?" Num­          right answers for me and my chil­
   Can we live successful, victorious
                                            bers 23:19.                                   dren," but the Steps to Christ hadn't
lives?                                         How many promises are there in the         failed. Life might have detours, but it
   "Now thanks be unto God, which           Bible? It is safe to say there are            no longer trapped Judy in dead-end
always causeth us to triumph in             thousands. Many people have enum­             streets.                                O
Christ." 2 Corinthians 2:14. "I can do      erated them, and their counts differ
all things through Christ which             one from another. More important
strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13.        than their exact number is the fact that
He "is able to keep you from falling,                                                          If you would like a free copy of
                                            they are sure, and that they are meant             Steps to Christ, write the editor.
and to present you faultless." Jude 24.     for you personally. Open your Bible,               Offer good only in U.S.A. and
                                            and you will find promises that meet               Canada.
  Will we one day see final victory         your every need for this life and for the
over that old enemy, death itself?          life to come.

                Brief Bible Bulletins for Busy People
            Frances Bynum,
         Pattern of Good Works
                                      Jeanne Pickett

                                In Manteca, California, a bustling,     Samaritan Award from the national
                              growing community of some 18,000          Federated Police Officers Association
                              people, Frances Bynum is identified as    —the only woman so honored, the
Frances Bynum with 200        "the good neighbor," "the good-works      award usually being given only to
of the 400 dolls that "Love   lady," and by various other compli­       policemen who have distinguished
Thy Neighbor" distributed     mentary terms.                            themselves by some outstanding
one Christmas to those in       This 66-year-old widowed mother of      heroic action. Other law enforcement
need. "You can't outgive      two sons, adopted mother to three         groups such as the San Joaquin County
God," says Mrs. Bynum.        other children, and five-time grand­      Peace Officers Association found ways
                              mother, received her city's first         to honor her too.
                              Woman of the Year Award in 1973.            Also, in 1976 she was named San
                                The same year she received the Good     Joaquin County's Senior Citizen of the
                                                                       Signs of the Times—February 1978     13
Certificates and awards are merely
     a by-product of the "Love Thy
Neighbor" project. The real reward
      is found in the joy of sharing.

Year, receiving proclamations from          storage and offers of help in distribut­     tress calls to accepting calls from the
the cities of Manteca and Stockton, the     ing holiday food baskets—pour in             ministerial association, the fire de­
county, and the California senate and       from clubs and individuals. Young            partment, county health nurses, the
assembly.                                   and old alike are eager to serve. "We do     unified school district, chamber of
   Among her other awards are a cer­        not even actively seek publicity except      commerce, and many individuals.
tificate of appreciation from a group       for our bazaars," explains Mrs.              Mrs. Bynum's home, headquarters for
called Handicaps, and another from          Bynum, "but the newspaper has been           the group, is equipped with a special
the United States Marine Corps for her      so kind, and is constantly calling and       telephone "hot line" for Love Thy
work with Toys for Tots.                    saying, 'Frances, will you come down,       Neighbor. Mrs. Bynum "mans" it 24
   What makes Frances Bynum spe­            please? Some people here have a check       hours a day, year around, except for
cial? To begin with, Frances says, "I       for you, and we need your picture. 1 "      necessary errands and an occasional
always try to do what God tells me to          "I am proud to be a part of this com­    short vacation. When she must be out,
do. I believe the Bible. I read there the   munity," states Mrs. Bynum. "I have         someone else takes over or an answer­
words of Jesus in Matthew 25:35, 36:        been a part of it for about 40 years now.   ing service records the messages. She
'For I was an hungered, and ye gave me      Manteca is a city that cares, a city with   is never away for long.
meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me         a heart."                                      The records of Love Thy Neighbor
drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me        Frances, who grew up helping             show that in 1976 thousands of use­
in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was         people, has been near the center of that    ful articles, toys, and a considerable
sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison,   heart for quite a long time. Thirty-two     amount of money were distributed, fill­
and ye came unto me.' I try to follow       years ago she checked with a constable      ing the empty spaces of the needy. That
that pattern."                              "to see if he knew anyone who might         year, 2326 cards were filed on indi­
   And try she does. She is director of     need my help." Ever since she has           viduals—all information on such
the 40-member Love Thy Neighbor or­         made daily checks with the police de­       is confidential. Convalescent homes,
ganization, an interdenominational,         partment.                                   homes for juvenile detention and for
community-wide effort of love in ac­           For many years she and the late Mr.      un-wed mothers, hospitals, a school
tion. "The only requirement one must        Bynum, who died three years ago,            for the retarded, those who suffered
meet in order to be a part of Love Thy      managed mostly on their own to care         loss by fire, stranded travelers, runa­
Neighbor is a genuine concern for the       for those who were referred to them.        ways, attempted suicides found them­
welfare of others," says Mrs. Bynum.        "My husband opened our home to              selves receiving hope and tangibles
The work is supported by bazaars and        those in need," she said. "He has liter­    from Love Thy Neighbor.
bake and garage sales, with every cent      ally shared every couch in this house          Many of those tangibles, from cloth­
earned used in helping people. The          from time to time." But in 1969 five        ing to furniture, are often stored at Mrs.
group, which has the usual elected of­      others requested to share in their          Bynum's house. Holidays are special
ficers, asks no money from the com­         Thanksgiving and Christmas giving,          times. At Christmas in particular her
munity and receives no tax support.         which had become extensive. "It was         home is turned into a warehouse stuffed
Yet the community offers support in         from this small group," says Frances,       to overflowing with gaily wrapped
every way. According to Mrs. Bynum.         "and with the help of just about every­     packages. One room is set aside for
"It is a labor of love, with people help­   body in town that Love Thy Neighbor         dolls alone. Hundreds of dolls, both
ing in whatever way they want.'' Dona­      had its beginning."                         new and refurbished, wait there to
tions of money, clothing, food, and            Since then Love Thy Neighbor has         brighten the hearts of the community's
toys—in addition to free warehouse          expanded from handling police dis­          unfortunate young. Open house is held,
14 Signs of the Times—February 1978
                                                                                            Frances Bynum
                                                "One day I learned                          makes God's prom­
                                                the joy of genuine giving,
                                                of seeing the happiness                     ises come true for
                                                my gift brought to
                                                                                            the people of
                                                                                            Manteca, California.
and the public is invited to view the      Grandmother provided that. She did             Adventist, holding many church of­
gifts, whereupon many make addi­           more than anyone else, other than my           fices, including leader of the Com­
tional donations that are used to buy      husband, to encourage and inspire me           munity Services Society and church
still more presents.                       for the work I am doing now through            clerk. She has taught the English class
   Although Love Thy Neighbor serves       Love Thy Neighbor.                             to the Spanish people. And in one
mainly the areas of Manteca, Ripon,            "I can still hear Grandmother say­         period of her life she conducted as
Lathrop, and French Camp, Frances           ing," she continues, " 'Frances,              many as 65 Bible lessons a week. "You
has learned that a good neighbor is one     Christmas will soon be here. I think          may quote me," says this woman who
who shows mercy wherever it is needed.      you should plan on giving your very           is "a pattern of good works." "I was
"God uses us in other places. He has no     favorite toy to a little child who doesn't    born a Catholic, raised a Methodist,
boundaries, no districts for His work."     have anything to play with.' Only the         became a Seventh-day Adventist, and
She cites the case of a young man in a      favorite would do. At first it wasn't         have found wonderful people in every
neighboring city, who, finding life un­     easy, and I occasionally tried to substi­      church."
bearable, planned to commit suicide.        tute, but she would always insist, 'No,           In her airy, plant-filled den where
Before he carried out his plans, he         the one you love the most.' There was a        the phone rings incessantly, she has a
picked up the morning newspaper and         time or two when a doll was relin­             poster which reads, "There is no limit
read an article about Love Thy Neigh­       quished reluctantly, but then one day I        to the good a man can do if he doesn't
bor which included Mrs. Bynum's tele­       learned the genuine joy of giving, of          care who gets the credit." Frances
 phone number. In one last desperate        seeing the happiness my gift brought           Bynum gives credit to just about
 appeal for help, he dialed her number.     to another. I am thankful for her godly        everybody in the community for his
 Today he is alive and well with a          influence. Giving became a way of life         compassion and generosity, but ulti­
 fine family. There are countless such      for me and for my children, and hope­          mately she gives credit to God.
 stories of despair turning into hope,      fully will always continue to be."                "It is God's work," she says. "He is
 and that is Frances Bynum's pay for            Many years later, Frances, who was         the One who said, 'Thou shalt love thy
 the endless hours of service she gives.    now married and living in California,          neighbour as thyself,' and He is the
 She believes that God uses her to bring    became gravely ill and prayed to God           One who helps us do it. He is the suc­
 joy to others by allowing her to give      for healing. Her life was spared, and          cess of Love Thy Neighbor."
 freely of herself.                          while recuperating she became in­                Frances Bynum is special because
    She learned that lesson as a child       terested in the best way to guard her          she doesn't know she is. She is special
 living in Texas. Her Catholic mother        health. Upon visiting a health food            because God has blessed her with His
 and her twin sister died a few days         store owned by Seventh-day Advent-            abiding gifts, "faith, hope, love . . . :
 after she was born. Her father placed       ists, she asked to read a copy of Signs of    but the greatest of these is love."
 her in the care of a very sharing           the Times, which she saw there. The            1 Corinthians 13:13, R.S.V. Always
 Methodist grandmother. "We lived in         very first article that this generous         she is seeking for, and finding, ways
 a 19-room home," she recalls. "Even­        lady, who believes that "you can't out­       to share those gifts with the people she
 tually my father remarried and there        live or outgive the Lord," read was on        loves to the glory of the God she loves.
 were other children, but I can never        tithing, giving a tenth of one's posses­      Frances Bynum, "the good-works
 remember just our family in that            sions to God, who gives all. Sub­              lady," dreams that Love Thy Neighbor
  house. There were always those who         sequently she read other issues of the         will radiate across the land, and she
  for one reason or another needed a         magazine and did further studying.             works and prays for the reality of that
  helping hand, a place of refuge.           She became a very active Seventh-day           dream.                                O
                                                                                          Signs of the Times—February 1978        15
Such a
Myrtle A. Pohle
   Have you just learned about the
Bible Sabbath for the first time? Are
you wondering whether you ought to
begin keeping it holy?
   Have you heard that God promised
to make the day a day of delight to all
who keep it, and to make their lives
happy and fulfilled? See Isaiah 58:13,
 14. Do you wonder whether God will
keep His promise?
   Be assured that our heavenly Father
has made plans and provisions to fill
our lives with as many happy hours
and delightful memories as possible.
One of the great cornerstones of a life
of happiness is the Sabbath. During its
sacred hours God desires to reveal
Himself and Jesus Christ through a
close intimacy that no other day of the
week can give. The Sabbath is a golden
clasp that unites God and His people.
The Sabbath—coronation day of Crea­
tion week—lifts us above the triviali­
ties and trials of life to behold Him
who is altogether lovely.
   The sacred hours of the Sabbath may
be divided into several treasure chests
from which to draw out enduring plea­
sures. We open them one by one in
sweet admiration for the joy they con­
tain. For our present consideration we
shall divide these as follows:
   1. The Sabbath welcome, Friday
evening vespers at sunset
   2. Sabbath morning services—
Sabbath School and church
   3. The afternoon
  4. Memories to carry through life
  I would like to share with you a few
of the activities which have made the
blessed Sabbath so precious to us as a
Welcoming the Sabbath
  Before sunset Friday evening when
our children were young, each was
bathed and freshly dressed as though
       God promised to make the Sabbath the most delightful day of the week. Try keep­
       ing it the way He said we should, and you'll find out how well He keeps His promise.
'We did," says Mrs. Pohle, "and what a delightful day the Sabbath has been for all our family!"

prepared for a special guest. An aroma      pletely forgotten. The baby was gath­          The importance of being ready on
of good food permeated the house be­        ered up in arms and coaxed, "Say it         time was indelibly impressed upon us
cause Sabbath dinner had been pre­          again!" only to return to utter silence.    the evening of an earthquake. Sabbath
pared and stored. Something unusual         Sunset worship took on new spice            had just entered the home in sweet
was always planned, often as a sur­         with the hope that the baby would talk      peace. We sat in worship, baby in
prise. With Mother at the piano and         again—which, of course, she soon            arms. Suddenly the earth was in up­
our kiddies comfortably nestled close       did.                                        heaval. How thankful we were that
to Daddy and Grandma, the welcome              The Sabbath songs were followed by       that moment had not found us still in
vespers ushered in the sacred hours. It     a story hour. Frequently on Friday—         the bathtub or taking the bread out of
was a time for song and prayer.             the preparation day (see Luke 23:54)        the oven.
   Early in life our little ones learned    —objects were gathered from around              As the children grew older and
the happy Sabbath songs. One of their       the home which would suggest some           learned new accomplishments, they
favorites was "Welcome, welcome,            Bible story. These were placed in a         were displayed at worship time. The
ever welcome, blessed Sabbath day."         bag. At worship time each member of         older sister, Ellen, took over the play­
On one never-to-be-forgotten Friday         the family drew out one article and          ing of the piano. When Ernest Junior
evening Evalinda, our baby girl, gave       then told a Bible story which the item       entered an Adventist high school,
us a great surprise and an endearing        suggested. For instance, a bit of stale      none of us was aware that he had
memory. Almost eight years younger          bread might remind the one who drew          learned to harmonize or sing parts
than her older brother, Ernest Junior,      it of the time the Gibeonites craftily       until he asked for " 'Tis Midnight" as
she had refused to talk. Talking was        came to Joshua with old clothes and          his worship time selection. When we
not necessary, because her desires          stale bread, pretending they wanted to       began to sing, his voice clearly carried
were anticipated by the entire family;      learn of the true God. See Joshua 9. Or a    the tenor. What a thrill! We stopped
so her conversation consisted largely       tiny angel would help us relive the          singing so we could listen, and Daddy
 of signs and gestures. Then right in the   night an angel delivered Peter from          slipped out his handkerchief to wipe
middle of worship, as Mother began to       prison. See Acts 12:1-19. Week after         an uninvited tear. Baby sister, Evalinda,
 play "Cold water is the cup that           week Daddy read the ninety-first             soon enriched worship as well as our
 cheers," she said softly, "Cold water."    psalm. To our surprise we soon discov­       lives ever afterward with her beautiful
 For a few moments worship was com­         ered the little ones saying it with him.     voice.
                                           people who came to dine with us on            morning, God's special day has been a
Sabbath Morning Services                    Sabbaths were several who later be­          particular treasure and delight. Today
   Sabbath mornings found little            came foster children. They have en­          he is one of the superintendents in his
people up early to celebrate the "glad­     riched our lives tremendously and            Sabbath School. Ellen is wife of the
dest day of the week."                      now fill places of importance in the         director for Sabbath Schools in all the
   Our grandmother insisted that chil­      spread of the gospel.                        Adventist churches in five Western
dren three years of age could learn            Before there was a dishwasher, the        states. The three children, though
memory verses from the Bible, and she       girls sometimes groaned about the            widely scattered, are still preparing to
proved it to us. At six Ernest Junior       stupendous task of cleaning up the           celebrate Sabbaths together in the bet­
could say one for every Sabbath for         Sabbath dishes. So we decided that           ter land.
three years, one hundred forty-four.        stacking the dishes neatly and cover­          A further evidence of God's mag­
We found that little ones who knew the     ing them was preferable to spoiling the       nanimous forethought is the fact that
memory verses entered Sabbath              pleasure of Sabbath, Years later, when        during the sunset years of life there is a
School with greater anticipation and       Ellen had become the wife of a dedi­         memory loss for recent occurrences,
poise. So a final review was put on the    cated minister, she wrote home that           while that of early periods is well re­
memory work before going to Sabbath        their Sabbath table was filled with          tained. Our loving heavenly Father
School. Then the special purse or bag      guests and that "it was like home."           planned that in the harvest years pic­
containing quiet toys must not be for­        A new world opened to the entire          tures of many happy Sabbaths should
gotten. This made church services a        family when Ernest Junior asked for          still hang on memory's walls. So youth
pleasure for little ones as well as par­   help in earning a flower honor for the       sees only a portion of the meaning of
ents. This was Grandmother's inven­        Pathfinder Club our church spon­             the word "Remember." In old age it
tion as far as our family was con­         sored. Sabbath afternoons provided           carries a far greater connotation of
cerned.                                    thrills and excitement enough to fill a      happiness.
                                           book. Imagine finding a humming­                If the Sabbath can mean so much to
Sabbath Afternoon                          bird's nest swaying on a blackberry          us in the short span of years allotted on
   Everyone came home from church          stalk with two tiny eggs the size of a       this earth, think what the hereafter has
with a good Sabbath appetite. Grandma      five-grain capsule. At our next visit        to offer, where "immortal minds will
often said, "Where there are children,     two black, naked "worms with bills"          contemplate with never-failing de­
it is well, on the Sabbath, to provide     were being guarded by a darting              light the wonders of creative power,
something that will be regarded as a       mother; later two birds completely           the mysteries of redeeming love. . . .
treat, something the family does not       overflowed the nest. Finally, the            All the treasures of the universe will be
have every day." What a fond memory        empty nest became a keepsake.                opened to the study of God's re­
I treasure of the Sabbath Ernest Junior       As the children grew older, Sabbath       deemed. . . . And the years of eternity,
hurried to me after church and whis­       afternoon activities multiplied. The         as they roll, will bring richer and still
pered, "John is going to invite me to      children visited shut-ins, read to the       more glorious revelations of God and
dinner today. Please tell him I may not    sick, or gave Bible studies to those who     of Christ. As knowledge is progressive,
go. I want some of that pie you made."     might not listen to older folk. It blessed   so will love, reverence, and happiness
   Dinner guests on Sabbath enhanced       the young people as much as the              increase."—Ellen G. White, The Great
the enjoyment of the day. To be sure,      adults. However, Ellen's reading             Controversy, pp. 677, 678.
the conversation was guarded. We be­       helped bring one couple into the fam­           The Sabbath story would not be
lieved that those who discuss business     ily of God. Ernest Junior, at sixteen,       complete without mentioning that
matters or lay plans on the Sabbath are    laid a foundation by giving studies          there may come times when little feet,
regarded by God as though engaged in       that helped win a future worker in the       now grown to fill bigger shoes, wander
the actual transaction of business.        Cause of God.                                from the pathway of life eternal. Then
Also, we even tried to keep our minds         Sabbaths slipped away from us all         how precious is the family fellowship
from dwelling upon things of a             too rapidly. As the sun went down, it        of prayer. At sunset on Friday eve­
worldly character. Why talk business       would be time to bid the precious            nings parents the world over kneel to
on the Sabbath day when there are so       hours a fond adieu, by songfest and          pray for their children. So when the
many happy experiences to be related?      prayer.                                      sunset hour touches the East Coast of
   At times the children might find too                                                 our country, God's people go to their
many friends to bring home for dinner,     Sabbath Memories                             knees to pray for their loved ones and
and the food had to be stretched. That       The Sabbath has had a long-lasting         ours. As the sun moves westward, the
added new recipes to the family store.     impact upon the lives of our children.       curtain of prayer follows it. And mira­
One in particular we called "stretchy      As David said, "That our sons may be         cles happen.
potatoes," because one Sabbath there       as plants grown up in their youth; that         The Sabbath is God's sweet legacy
were more guests than potatoes. Now        our daughters may be as corner stones,       from the Garden of Eden. All who be­
when there is a family reunion and         polished after the similitude of a           come Sabbath keepers are heirs to this
happy memories are being relived, the      palace." Psalm 144:12. Ever since the        great legacy. God certainly keeps His
children often request, "Let's have        time Ernest Junior was a toddler beg­        promise and makes His day one of
stretchy potatoes." Among the young        ging for another Sabbath by Sunday           great delight.                           O
18 Signs of the Times—February 1978
                                                                               The Kitchen Corner
                                                                                                                    Marcella Lynch

                                             Old-time Soups to
   Ole man winter is in full swing with
the nippy weather he brings. I hope
you will find time to do some sitting
                                             Warm the Family
                                             Marcella Lynch lives in California near San Francisco Bay. She is very active teaching classes and con­
'round the old wood stove.                   ducting seminars to show people how to live more health/ully.
   Here to warm you from the inside
out on these chilly, crisp days are three       llz    cup    chopped celery                            1    tsp. celery seed
hearty, delicious, meatless soups.              'A     cup     chopped green pepper                     2    Tbsp. vegetable oil
Served with crackers, they are com­                1   can    tomato soup or paste                      2    tsp. salt or to taste
plete meals in themselves. Add a fresh          1 /2   tsp.   oregano                                   2    cups milk
salad, if you like.                             Va     tsp.   margarine
   To start with, why not make up a                1   tsp.   curry powder (homemade)*               1. Cook onions, potatoes, celery
batch of these whole wheat sticks to              1 packet G. Washington Brotht                    seed, oil and salt together until almost
enjoy with your meal? They are easy to            1 tsp. salt                                      done. Then add peas and parsley.
make! Be prepared to make a double                  Hickory-smoked yeast$ to taste                   2. When peas are done, turn off heat
 recipe! They will disappear fast. These            (optional)                                     and add milk. Stir. Then turn heat to
 are nice served with soup or for school                                                           low flame and heat but do not let boil.
 lunches. They may be frozen in the            1. Cook lentils, onion, carrot, cel­
 deep freezer in plastic bags.               ery, and pepper together in 4 cups                      Don't be afraid to experiment with
                                             water for 20 minutes.                                 the following recipe. You can add or
     WHOLE WHEAT STICKS                        2. Add other ingredients and sim­                   subtract anything to suit your family's
 l'/4 cups whole wheat flour                 mer until lentils are tender. Add more                fancy.
    3 Tbsp. brown sugar or date sugar        water as needed to prevent drying out,
   !/2 tsp. salt                             but leaving a thick consistency.                      OLD HOMESTEAD VEGETABLE
   J /2 cup chopped nuts or macaroon           *To make a nonirritating curry                               SOUP
        	coconut                             powder, combine 1 Tbsp. cumin; 1                            2   quarts water
 3 l/2 Tbsp. vegetable oil                   Tbsp. coriander; 1 Tbsp. turmeric; and                      4   packets G. Washington Broth
      5 Tbsp. milk or water                  1 Tbsp. garlic powder. Store in a                           6   vegetable bouillon cubes
                                             covered jar and use in any recipe                           1   large potato, cubed
   1. Combine all ingredients to make        calling for curry powder.                               2-3     carrots, diced
a stiff dough. Knead on lightly floured         tG. Washington Broth is found in                         1   large beet, grated
board two to three minutes.                  your supermarket near the bouillon                          1   large onion, chopped
   2. Roll out on lightly floured board      cubes.                                                   1 /2   cup uncooked barley, millet,
to uniform thickness of 1 U inch (an 8" x       £1 buy the hickory-smoked torula                             or brown rice
12" rectangle will do it). Cut into strips   yeast in a health food store. It adds a                    1    can garbanzos (chick-peas)
1x3 inches.                                  bacon or smoked flavor to soups,                           3    large bay leaves
   3. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet         salads, casseroles, patties, and con­                           Herbs to season: dill weed,
at 300° F. for 35 to 40 minutes.             tains protein, B vitamins, and miner­                           thyme, sweet basil, garlic,
Yield: 20-25 sticks.                         als.                                                            marjoram, rosemary (Try
                                                                                                             J /4 tsp, each.)
   Lentil soup is a favorite at our house.       As far back as we all can remember                     1    pkg. frozen green peas or beans
 The following recipe has a rich, thick       potato soup has been a staple old                         2    large tomatoes, chopped
 consistency and cooks up in an hour. If      stand-by. Try this delicious version for                       Chopped greens (cabbage,
 you have a meat grinder and want to          a new taste treat, And be sure to make                         spinach, chard, any kind)
 make quick work of it—just run the           plenty for second helpings!
 vegetables through with the medium                                                                   1. Combine first 11 ingredients.
 disc instead of chopping each one by                                                              Cook gently over low heat until almost
 hand.                                        BOSTON-STYLE POTATO SOUP                             done.
                                                   1 cup chopped green onions                         2. Add last 3 ingredients and con­
           POT O' LENTILS                          3 cups cubed raw potatoes                       tinue to simmer slowly until tender.
     2 cups uncooked lentils                       1 cup fresh or frozen green peas                   NOTE: This makes a lot of soup. It
     1 cup chopped onion                           2 cups water                                    freezes nicely for a second time
     1 cup chopped carrot                          1 Tbsp. chopped parsley                         around.

                                                                                                  Signs of the Times—February 1978                 19
                                        The Reader's Digest for September         sented two lines of evidence to support
                                      1977 published an article by Fred War-      their validity.
                                      shofsky entitled "Noah, the Flood, the         The first line of evidence was the
                                      Facts."                                     work of Sir Leonard Woolley in 192 2 at
                Harold W. Clark         Instantly I was alerted, as I have been   the site of Abraham's city of Ur. After
                                      studying the problem of geology and         excavating several levels, Woolley

                                      the Flood for the past 50 years. Here, I    came to an apparent dead end, but per­
                                      thought, would be something really          sisted in digging deeper. Then below
                                      good. A caption above the title said        eight feet of water-laid clay he came
                                      there was now "compelling . . . evi­        upon more artifacts—Stone Age tools.
                                      dence ... that once there was indeed a      This layer of clay he assumed to be a

                                      vast, universal Deluge." Then Genesis       result of the action of the Genesis
                                      7:11, 12 was quoted, telling of the 40      Flood. This was widely publicized, and
                                      days of rain.                               many people thought that the prob­
                                        After a brief review of flood legends     lem of Noah's Flood was settled.
                                      among many peoples, the author pre-           Neither Woolley nor scientists in

Your Flood Is Too Small!

                                                                                                                        FRED IRVIH

20 Signs of the Times—February 1978
general were willing to admit that the         that God had said there would be 120          ignored all the studies that have been
flood that deposited those eight feet of       years of probation before the world           made on the modern Flood theory of
clay had been more than a local calam­         would be destroyed. During all this           geology in the past 75 years?
ity. Eight feet of clay could be laid          time when Noah was constructing that
down by any heavy torrent in a few             enormous boat, he could have fled to
                                                                                             The Scientific Flood Theory
hours. Why, then, be concerned about           the hills many times over. The whole             In 1902 George McCready Price
the Genesis tale? It meant nothing to          picture given by the Digest article is        called the attention of the world to the
modern science.                                inconsistent at its very heart.               fact that the uniformitarian hypothesis
    For its second line of evidence, the          Warshofsky continues his discus­           of geology was unproved and unprov-
Digest reported that 40 years after            sion of the gradual rise of the ocean         able. 1 In 1923 he published The New
Woolley's discovery, oceanographic             levels by stating that additional water       Geology 2 in which he described
exploration in the Gulf of Mexico              was derived from ice caps in other            geological features in terms of the
brought to light evidence which War-           parts of the world. Now, literal di-          Flood. The scientific world ridiculed
shofsky interpreted as furnishing sci­         luvialists (believers in the Flood) do        him, but he continued to write, and
entific proof of the flood legend. Cores       not deny the fact that there was once a       later others joined him in developing
from the mud at the bottom of the Gulf         great deal of water stored in ice caps        the Flood theory.
contained skeletons of tiny protozoans         which have melted; they agree that a             The Creation Research Society is
called Foramini/era. Their shells indi­        rise of 300 feet in ocean level may be        made up of around 500 scientists with
cated a sudden change in the salinity          correct; but the article allows 300 years     higher degrees in natural science. Its
of the water about 11,600 years ago,           for the rise. Such a gradual rise would       journal, theC. fi. S. Quarterly, has pub­
according to popular dating methods.           offer no problem of escape whatever.          lished many articles on the scientific
This is the time when geologists claim            If the Digest explanation were to be       aspects of diluvialism. Its former pres­
 that the glacial period was closing in         taken seriously, it would not in any         ident, Henry M. Morris, in 1961 pub­
 North America. But how did this relate         way validate the Genesis record. In          lished The Genesis Flood. 3 This book
 to the eight feet of clay in Mesopotamia?      fact, it would turn it into nonsense.        has had a wide circulation and gives a
    Certain geological discussions are            If the story of Noah and the Flood is      wealth of evidence for the Flood as a
 cited in the article. It is stated that the    to be accepted at all, then the whole        universal catastrophe.
 rapid melting of the ice cap in North          record of Genesis must be taken in its          The Geoscience Research Institute,
 America caused torrents of water to            entirety and accepted in full.               affiliated with Andrews University in
 rush down the Mississippi Valley, re­                                                       Berrien Springs, Michigan, has been
 sulting in such a rise of ocean levels        The Bible's Description                       doing extensive study on many prob­
 that the inhabitants of the Mesopota-            Three significant items characterize       lems of geology as related to the
 mian Valley were forced to move to            the Genesis record: (1) A creation that       Genesis record of the Flood.
 higher elevations. In this assumption         God declared to be "very good."                  In 1968, seeing the need for a popu­
 two very questionable points are as­          Genesis 1:31. (2) Corruption of man           lar discussion of this problem, I wrote
 sumed to be valid. We don't think they        and animal life until God declared, "I        Fossils, Flood, and Fire. 4 And in Signs
 are.                                          will destroy them with the earth."            of the Times I and other authors have
    First, how could the ice cap in North      Genesis 6:13. (3) An overwhelming             for the past 50 years published many
 America melt fast enough to raise the         Flood—"the waters increased," "in­            articles supporting the Flood theory.
  ocean levels all over the world so           creased greatly," "prevailed exceed­             The Institute for Creation Research,
 rapidly that Noah needed to construct         ingly" (Genesis 7:17-19) until they cov­      with Dr. Morris at its head, is now pub­
 an ark as large as a modern oil barge to      ered "all the high hills, that were           lishing creationist literature and some
  carry him and hundreds of animals be"-       under the whole heavens" (verse 19),          very good material on geology. Some
  yond the rising waters?                      and "all in whose nostrils was the            of its members have been lecturing in'
     Second, why was it necessary to pre­      breath of life, of all that was in the dry    colleges and universities over the
  serve all kinds of animals living in the     land, died" (verse 22).                       country and have carried on debates
  vicinity of Ur? Would there not be              Compared to this great universal            with evolutionists with great success
  enough of their companions on the             Flood, the one described in the               for the Creationist viewpoint.
  hills to keep the earth's animal life        Reader's Digest is nothing, just a pud­           Why, I repeat, has Reader's Digest
  from extinction? As for Noah and his          dle in the sand.                              ignored all the information available
  family, the Bible records (Genesis 6:3)         Why has the writer of that article          on the scientific aspects of the Flood

                  In September header's Digest printed an article about something they
                  called Noah's flood. But it wasn't really Noah's flood at all. The Digest's
                  flood was much too small—as Dr. H. W. Clark explains very clearly.

                                                                                            Signs of the Times—February 1978       21
theory and published such a fantastic       were acted on by vigorous currents           event in all geological history was the
story?                                      which spread them in all directions.         extinction of this gigantic race.
    The evidence which has been                                                             "We have no conception as to what
brought out regarding the Flood theory      A Much Larger Flood                          worldwide cause occurred.... We can
is extensive, and we can mention only          Above the Pennsylvanian rocks is          only observe that the worldwide effect
a few outstanding points. Let us begin       another series known as Red Beds—           was the same; the giant reptiles both of
at the bottom of the geological column,      largely Triassic and Jurassic. The          sea and land disappeared."—P. 98.
with the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian,     Grand Canyon rocks, which are about a         All of these deposits were laid down
and Devonian strata, particularly with       mile thick, dip beneath the Red Beds to     before the Rockies came up from be­
the lowest of all, the Cambrian.             the north of them. In the vicinity of       neath the widespread sedimentation.
    The life of these rocks is very abun­    Moab, Utah, may be seen from 7,000 to       As they were pushed up, the sedi­
dant and complex. For instance, in the       10,000 feet of sediments. These may be     ments were washed away, leaving the
Burgess shale near Field, British Co­       traced northward, and if one stands on       granite cores, the present mountains.
lumbia, as many as 130 species have         the cliffs of the Colorado National         The detritus was spread far and wide,
been found in one bed only a few feet        Monument near Grand Junction, he           forming deltas for hundreds of miles.
thick. In North America more than            will see them dipping beneath the          To the east were laid down the Great
 1200 kinds of animals have been de­         White Cliffs across the valley, and be­    Plains, to the west deposits were made
scribed in Cambrian rocks. These are         yond rise another 4000 feet of more         in the basins formed between the ris­
as complex as their modern represent­       recent sediments. All in all this makes      ing mountains.
atives and include every major type         three miles of deposits. (Remember:            In these newly forming deposits
except vertebrates.                          Woolley's flood deposited eight feet of    were imbedded vast numbers of
    The striking fact about these animals   sediment!} Utah has been said to be the     mammals. Literally hundreds of ex­
 is that nowhere in the strata below the    greatest sand pile in the world! It has     tinct types are to be found there, and,
Cambrian can be found anything that         as much as a million cubic miles of         like that of the reptiles, their extermi­
might explain their evolution. The pic­      sand. Where did it all come from?          nation is a profound mystery to
ture is that of a world suddenly sup­          This area is known as the Colorado       geologists. Why this should have
 plied with an abundance of life which      Plateau and covers an area of around        taken place over most of the world at
 was subsequently suddenly destroyed.       200,000 square miles. The strata of         the same time, is unexplainable under
    Above these rocks containing marine      sandstone, shales and limestones are       any ordinary conditions. Camels,
fossils are others, the Pennsylvanian,      spread rather evenly and in most cases      llamas, horses, tapirs, mastodons,
with an abundance of plant speci­           thinly. The most remarkable is the          elephants, giant sloths, and many
mens. These, including the well-            Shinarump formation, consisting of          others were wiped out suddenly. Os­
known coal fields, show evidence of         hard sandstone with many small peb­         born states that no known natural
having been washed in place by strong       bles, which are usually of quartz, flint    causes can account for the extermina­
currents. Pennsylvanian coal occupies       and other hard material, and of various     tion of so many powerful creatures.
more than 200,000 square miles and is       colors. Delta bedding is common, and        H. H. Howorth estimates that over
estimated to contain billions of tons.      fossil wood lies in "log jams." Studies     5,000,000 mammoths met their death
The same rocks have already produced        have failed to reveal the source of these   in a great cataclysm, to say nothing of
billions of barrels of oil and prodigious   materials. They are not derived from        other animals.
quantities of gas. All this comes from      the rocks below them, but are believed         Reader's Digest, your Flood is woe­
buried plant and animal life. Not only      to have come from the southwest and         fully too small! You need to view the
is this true in North America, but Eu­      to have thinned out toward the north­       whole problem in an entirely different
rope and Australia are also rich in coal    east, where the pebbles become smaller      light, one that will make the Genesis
deposits. Pennsylvanian seems to be         and the sands finer. All this indicates     record consistent with itself and in
worldwide.                                  violent and widespread wave action          harmony with the latest scientific evi­
    In the Pennsylvanian of West Vir­       that is almost inconceivable.               dence brought out by students of-the
ginia, the beds are laid down with as          From the Morrison formation have         modern Flood theory of geology.
many as 90 cyclothems, or alternating       come all of the gigantic dinosaurs.            Why don't you try again, and pre­
layers of coal and shale. These show        Sixty-nine species, with over 150 other     sent the subject from the other side
evidences of shifting stream beds and       animals and plants, have been found         next time?                             O
other signs of violent washing. In other    in it. The dinosaurs give every indica­     REFERENCES
places, this same cyclothem arrange­        tion of having been washed into place         1. George McCready Price, Outlines of Modern
ment is significant.                        by violent currents of water. One di­       Science and Modern Christianity (Oakland,
                                                                                        Calif.: Pacific Press Publishing Company, 1902).
    The rocks of the Appalachian region     nosaur on exhibit at the museum in            2. George McCready Price, The New Geology
were produced by streams rushing            Vernal, Utah, is over 80 feet long.         (Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific Press Publishing
down from highlands. Layers of                                                          Association, 1923).
                                            Hundreds of specimens have been               3. H. M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb, The
shales, sandstones and limestones lie       taken from one bed on exhibit at the        Genesis Flood [Philadelphia: The Presbyterian
in a vast system of deltas reaching al­     Dinosaur National Monument.                 and Reformed Publishing Co.. 1961).
                                                                                          4. H. W. Clark, Fossils, Flood, and Fire
most the whole length of the region. As        Henry Fairfield Osborn in his .Age of    (Anacortes, Wash, [formerly Escondido, Calif.]:
the materials were spread out, they         Mammals says that the most dramatic         Outdoor Pictures, 1968).

22 Signs of the Times—February 1978

Never Discouraged!                                                                       Story for

   He was much too sickly ever to              The way soldiers lived in those days,
amount to anything. You could never         there was a great deal of illness among
say he was ever really well. He was         them. Disease killed far more soldiers
quite tall and well-built, with broad       than bullets did.
shoulders and big hands, but that was          The young man became so ill that he
about all you could say about his body.     had to be helped onto his horse so that
That and the fact that he didn't die—       he could lead his men. Notice that—so
which some of his brothers and sisters      sick that he had to be helped onto his
did. For he lived back in the days when     horse, but onto the horse he got, and,
America was known as the colonies,          sick or not, he led his men.
and almost every family could name a           Maybe he would amount to some­
brother or sister or a mother or father     thing yet.
who lay out in the graveyard beside the        When the Indian war was over, he
church.                                     went home. Not long after that the col­
   The boy's parents were well-to-do        onies broke away from England, and
and sent him to college, though nowa­       this sickly man became one of the
days we'd probably call it high school.     leaders in the war for independence.
He graduated at 17, and that's all the         When the war was over, he was
schooling he got.                           asked to be one of the leaders of the
   He went into surveying, which            new country, He accepted.
meant he had to do a lot of camping,           For a while after that his leg
often near swamps. The swamps bred          bothered him so much that he lay in
mosquitoes, and the young man came          bed for six weeks. Twice during those
down with malaria. He didn't blame          years he caught pneumonia and nearly
the mosquitoes, for he didn't know          died.
they carried the germs that made him           In spite of everything, he lived to be
ill. He called the terrible attacks of      67, which was quite old for those days.
shivering he endured "ague" and suf­        He outlived his children.
fered from them the rest of his life.          Finally he got a sore throat. The doc­
    When he was about 19, the young          tors bled him, believing that the body
man came down with smallpox which            would produce a serum to take the
left scars all over his face.                place of the "bad" blood and heal the
    His favorite brother, Lawrence, died.    patient. They crushed some canthar-
The young man was depressed, embar­          ides beetles and applied the juice to
rassed by the scars, but not discour­        his throat, which burned the skin and
aged. You had to notice that about this      formed a blister. The doctors hoped
young man. He was not discouraged.           this would draw the bad blood out.
    Then he got tuberculosis, which            The treatments were unsuccessful.
kept him at home most of two years. By      Born in February of 1732, the patient
the time he finally recovered, the col­     died at ten o'clock in the evening of
onies were fighting the Indians. The        December 14, 1799. For a sickly boy,
 young man volunteered.                      he hadn't done too badly. We know
    Nowadays he would be rejected as         him today as the Father of His Country,
 unfit for army service. But no one told     the first President of the United States,
 him that then, and, somehow, he             George Washington.
 didn't seem to realize it.                                 Your friend,
                                                     Why Not Ask?
                                                              Wayne Judd

                   READERS RESPOND                   question about homosexuality. The          you will be able to relate with on this
           I've had so many responses to my          letters of response split about evenly     level. The true Christian will always
         answer on hair length [July 1977], I        on this concern. Many felt that the        have a better sense of personal identity
         deem it appropriate to summarize and        church should be far more generous in      than the one who is not a Christian.
         respond.                                    the accepting of homosexuals. Others          2. Mutuality. There should be a
           Most of the letters of response have      hotly condemned homosexuality as a         balance of input by both individuals.
         been negative. All of them cite the         grotesque perversion. Letters I re­        Neither should expect more than he or
         texts that seem to support their view­      ceived from homosexuals varied too.        she is willing to give. Each should be
         point, which, in this particular case,      Some wrote of personal victory             willing to invest in the relationship in
         promotes short hair in men. I suspect,      through Christ. Others defended their      an ongoing basis. Mutual interests and
         however, that if we're going to make        homosexuality as an appropriate life­      values are immeasurably important
         hair length a biblical issue, then the      style that society should accept. I        too.
         problem should be the present day           would simply reemphasize the impor­           3. Congeniality. I know one coun­
         "shortness" of women's hair rather          tance of the Christian's commitment to     selor who believes this is the single
         than the "longness" of men's hair! The      being supportive rather than judgmen­      most important element in successful
         fact is that there is lots of hair in the   tal when dealing with other people. I      relationships.
         Bible. There are also lots of robes and     would also emphasize the danger of            4. Flexibility. Since life has its per­
         sandals and beards. To those who            making sex the focus of one's life,        petual ups and downs, flexibility—
         make a sharp distinction between            whether homosexual or heterosexual,        sometimes a sense of humor—is essen­
         "social" issues and "biblical" issues, I    The Bible condemns both abuses.            tial.
         submit that any book, including the                                                       5. Sincerity. Watch out for people
         Bible, that involves people and their
                                                            DATING GUIDELINES                   who play love games with you. Keep a
         cultures will necessarily contain "so­        I'm 19, and while I'm not ready to       close eye on motives and attitudes.
         cial" materials. Hair length—for men        get married, I'd like to know if there        6. Sensitivity. How does the indi­
         and women—along with clothing               are some guidelines I can apply in         vidual relate to other people? Can he or
         styles and other matters that are not       dating relationships.                      she show appropriate attention to you
         moral issues, need not be a stumbling         I appreciate the fact that you want to   without losing sensitivity to others?
         block for young or old. But if anyone       approach this important experience            7. Restraint. Avoid excessive physi­
         wants to make it moral/biblical, be         intelligently. Usually it's approached     cal affection. Such affection frequently
         assured that hundreds of young people       only emotionally.                          hinders growth on the spiritual, intel­
         are going to find lots of hair in the         Try these concepts:                      lectual, and social levels.
         Bible!                                        1. Spirituality. If you're a committed      A final word. Be sure the process is a
           In the same issue I also dealt with a     Christian, you'll want to date someone     pleasant one. I observe many couples

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         24 Signs of the Times—February 1978
  WHY NOT ASK? Do you have a youth            sheep Christ found had made nothing
question? Why not ask Wayne Judd to help      "right." Which suggests, finally, that         OF THE TIM
you? Write to Wayne Judd, Signs of the
Times, 1350 ViJla Street, Mountain View,
                                              restitution cannot be made for every
California 94042. Please include your         act of waywardness. And even in
name, age, and address. We are sorry we       situations where restitution can be
cannot heJp you with pen pals, school fees,   made, God does not forgive us because
or personal financial aid.                    we made restitution; rather, we can
                                              repent and make restitution because
who appear to be miserable together,          He forgave us.
but they maintain the relationship
because it provides them with a sense               I RUINED MY MARRIAGE
of security, yet robbing themselves of           I know that God has forgiven me for
real joy.                                     all my past sins, but how does a person
                                              find peace with herself when she
    HYPERACTIVE CONSCIENCE                    knows she was the main cause of her                              Certainty
                                                                                                               of God's Promises
   What advice can you give a person          marriage failure, as well as causing
with an overactive conscience? The            her husband's downfall and rejection                             Angels With Good News
individual I'm thinking of has an             of the church?                                                   Never Discouraged!
extremely imaginative conscience                 My husband and I have been sepa-
and very little peace. As soon as he has      rated for almost a year now (I'm 22),
made a "wrong" right, his conscience          and I want him back so badly, now
discovers several other wrongs to             that I know how much I love him. I
replace the one made right. Little            also want to have the chance to make
things that don't bother other people         up for all my nagging and the
drive this individual crazy. He feels         unhappiness I caused in our mar-
that until he makes all wrongs right,         riage. I know that I'm reaping the              Your friends and neighbors will like the
he can't pray or have a Christian             results of my unloving ways, but why            Signs as much as you do. Send them a gift
experience. The trouble is, he can            couldn't I have had this experience             subscription today. It's just $9.25 in the
never seem to rectify all his "mis-            with Christ when my husband and I            . United States and Canada for a full year.
takes," so he is discouraged and has           were still together? It could have           3$10.25 elsewhere.
just about given up his faith.                 made the difference in our marriage.
                                                  Do you think my experience can            Yes, please send Signs to my friends. I
   The man's problem may be more               serve as a warning to others?                enclose $9.25 or $10.25 for each subscrip­
psychological than theological. It may
not be his conscience that is troubling             I hope so. I hope our readers will
him, but a low self-estimate. He seems        review their own marriages to locate
never to be able to measure up to his         stress points that may not be important       Friend's name
expectations. He apparently attributes        enough to warrant all the discord they
questionable motives to many of the           engender. Frequently a husband or             Address ___
things he does. He insists on making          wife (or both) will inflate a trivial issue
"payment" for the guilt he accumu­            until it becomes larger than the                                             Zip
lates in this process. Is it possible that    marriage itself, which, as you discov­
he has not been treated well by other         ered, often means so very much to both
people? Does he see himself as a              of them. If only couples could avoid
failure? Can you and other members of         making the MARRIAGE the issue in
your church provide acceptance and            these petty disagreements. If only they
affirmation for this individual?              could continue to invest in the rela­
   There are theological implications         tionship, rather than attacking it! What                                        Zip
in this situation, even though I do not       a difference it would make if all
believe it is essentially a religious         married people would be as eager to
 issue. First, we should accept the for­      give in love as they are to receive.           The "Signs" is a/so available in other
                                                                                             languages. Check the language you wish
 giveness God freely provides (1 John            Is it too late for you to communicate       sent to your friends, if other than English.
 1:9) and live in this assurance. Second,     to your husband how you feel? You're
 we must be very careful to avoid the         young enough to begin again if he's at
                                                                                             D French La SentineJJe                 ($2.00)
 trap of dealing with sin ourselves,           all willing. The relationship could still
 instead of allowing Christ to deal with      be as beautiful as you want it to be. I
                                                                                             Q Ukrainian Oznake                     ($2.00)
 our sins. Third, God accepts people in        pray that it will. But if it will not, you
 whatever condition they may be, quite         must resist punishing yourself further.
                                                                                             D Spanish EJ Centinela       :         ($2.00)
 apart from any ability to "straighten         God promises both forgiveness and
 out" their lives. The lost sheep did not      peace; and whatever you have done,            Clip the coupon and mail with your
 repent; it only bleated for rescue. The       He wants you to have both.                    check or money order to Signs of the Times,
                                                                                             1350 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA
                                                                                             fFor additional names attach separate sheet
                    Your Bible Questions Answered
                                                     Ivan Crawford

         "ALL-POWERFUL"                      7:10. See also Revelation 20:12. The         are examined by the saints during the
  Since God is called "all-powerful,"        Judge in this scene is the "Ancient of       millennium. See Revelation 20:4, 12.
could we conceive of an object that is       days." Daniel 7:9. And our Advocate          Even the angels come under their
too large, or too heavy, for God to          in the scene is "one like the Son of         scrutiny. See 1 Corinthians 6:3.
hold?                       L. R. S.         man" (verse 13), actually called in             With the world cleansed from all sin
                                             First John 2:1 our "advocate." You           and sinners, "at the name of Jesus
   We are finite, and God is infinite,       have only to read Hebrews 8 and 9 to         every knee" will bow, and "every
beyond our comprehension. Bible crit­        know that in the judgment Christ, our        tongue" will "confess that Jesus Christ
ics have often gloatingly asked, "Can        Mediator, carries on a work of minis­        is Lord." Philippians 2:10, 11.
God create an object so great that He        tration in behalf of everyone who has
cannot lift it?"                             sought and received His grace. "The                  IS GOD TO BLAME?
  The answer is that God can create          Lord shall judge his people. It is a            One of the ministers here sets forth
the object, and He can lift it too. And      fearful thing to fall into the hands of      the idea that God does not kill people,
He can create a larger object, and He        the living God." Hebrews 10:30, 31.          but that people kill themselves. When
can lift that too—ad infinitum, without         Angels and the inhabitants of un-         I read such texts as First Samuel 2:6
end or limit. Such is the force of           fallen worlds will know why some will        ("The Lord killeth") and Deuteronomy
infinity.                                   be saved while some are sent to               32:39 ("I kill"), I need no Hebrew or
  Now do you understand? Of course           executive judgment, annihilation.            Greek explanations to tell me what
not. How can the finite understand the       Even Enoch and Moses and Elijah,             they mean. I am afraid that many of
Infinite?                                   long since gone to heaven, will stand         these modern preachers are making
                                            justified through Jesus Christ. Some          mockery of God's Word.          G. P.
                                            say that the 12 patriarchs must stand            It is obvious that you have read your
  Some people say that a judgment is        already justified, for their names are in     Bible correctly in the verses to which
going on now. Others say that the day       the foundations of the New Jerusalem.         you refer. But have you taken into
of judgment is the day of Christ's          See Revelation 21:12. No, Dan is not          account that whatever God permits to
appearing (at the beginning of the          there. The twelve tribes are listed in        happen is also said to be done by Him?
millennium). Others say that judg-          Revelation 7, and Dan's name is               God is sovereign, and He takes respon­
ment comes when, at the end of the          omitted. Thus, the 12 are probably            sibility for the state of the nation and
millennium, Satan and all evil con-         symbolic and do not refer to literal          the world, even while yielding to each
spirators will be thrown into the lake      men.                                          free agent the right to choose. God
of fire. What does it mean to judge?           At His appearing, Jesus will already       even takes into account the free will of
And when is the judgment? L. O.             have determined His right to resurrect        His enemies.
   You have raised a very important         the righteous and to take them, along            God "only hath immortality." 1 Tim­
question. Judgment can mean the             with the living righteous, to eternal         othy 6:16. And because Jesus was and
formation of opinion as a result of an      reward. 1 Thessalonians4:16,17. This          is God, Jesus is life. See 1 John 5:12;
examination. It can mean an examina­        means that if we are now near the             John 14:6; John 11:25; etc. It means that
tion of records for the purpose of          coming of Christ, as we believe, a            those who do not choose God do not
vindication of past action or of an         judgment, or exhibition of records, is        choose life—they are doomed to ex­
action yet to occur. It can mean an         now in process. Some might call it an         tinction, by their own choice. But
acquittal of charges against a person. It   investigative judgment. It is not only        think of the wonderful patience and
can also mean the executive phase of        investigative, but it is also exhibitive,     restraint on God's part in sustaining
judgment, the carrying out of a sen­        showing why some are saved while              even His enemies until the results of
tence, whether of reward or of punish­      others are lost. The cases of the wicked       their wrong choices can be dem­
ment. It can mean final doom, and this,                                                   onstrated to the universe.
unfortunately, is the only way some                                                          God is a God of justice, but also a
                                              BIBLE ANSWEBS. If you have a Bible
people consider it.                         question you'd like help with, send your
                                                                                          God of mercy. How can justice and
   Since God knows all things, He does      question to Ivan Crawford, Signs of the       mercy meet? They meet in Jesus Christ
not need to keep books such as the          Times. 1350 Villa Street, Mountain View,      who was "in all things . . . made like
book of life {Revelation 3:5), or the       California 94042. Please be sure to include   unto his brethren." Hebrews 2:17. In
book of remembrance (Malachl 3:16);         your name and address as not ail questions    Jesus Christ, God can be "just, and the
                                            can be answered in the limited space of
and yet these books are to be used in       these columns. We are unable to respond to    justifier of him which believeth in
the judgment. "The judgment was set,        requests for penpals, sponsorship, or other   Jesus." Romans 3:26. This brings us to
and the books were opened." Daniel          forms of financial assistance.                the mystery of the incarnation—God in.
26 Signs of the Times—February 1978
human flesh, bringing justice and           passed away at 26 and his mother who               his metabolism, will have a brand-new
mercy together. We are now living           died at 45. Will he know his father and            body and will appear young and in
when the reverberations of this great       his mother, and will they be the same              perfect health. Nobody would want
demonstration are being felt the            age as when they passed away?                      this new body to be marked by age or
most—when Satan is fighting his                                             R. M.              disability. We would want our grand­
hardest, "because he knoweth that he          Many details of the life to come                 mothers and great-grandmothers to
hath but a short time." Revelation          cannot be filled in at this point. But we          arise in the full bloom of girlhood. If
12:12.                                      can be consoled by the words of                    indeed "all things" are to be made
   Sin brings death, and therefore sin      Revelation 21:5, "Behold, I make all               "new," this is exactly what will hap­
cannot be perpetuated eternally—it          things new." I would take this to mean             pen.
must demonstrate its nature. The sun        that the person who dies at age 75 will               A person is marked more by charac­
that melts butter will harden adobe,        in the resurrection appear young and               ter than by the physical body. And we
and the love of God that melts repent­      beautiful and full of life. It means too           have the assurance that "then shall I
ant hearts will harden the impenitent                                                          know even as also I am known." 1 Co­
                                            that your husband who is 51, and is
sinner all the more in his rejection of                                                        rinthians 13:12.
                                            already experiencing a slowdown in
Christ. Does God's love then kill the
sinner? Yes, in a sense. Wherever the
gospel of love is preached, there are
those who respond to it and choose
life, and there are those who reject it
and choose death—the gospel does
both these acts, and they are both                                                           As editor of SIGNS OF THE
attributed to God Himself. In this way                                                       TIMES I heartily endorse "The
it may be said that God kills. But                                                           Voice of Prophecy" radio
actually He is "not willing that any                                                         program and urge all of you to
 should perish, but that all should come                                                     get involved in their free Bible
 to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9.                                                                study plan. It is a tremen­
                                                                                             dously interesting and helpful
     PROPHESIED PROGRESS?                                                                    way to find out what the Holy
  Are airplanes mentioned in the                                                             Scriptures say. God has a
Bible? One would think that an                                                               message there for you.
important invention such as this
would receive some treatment.
                          B. W.                  Select the one that suits you best:
   Airplanes as such could not be men­           n   FOCUS ON LIVING— All about family, peace, God. faith, the future.
tioned in the Bible by name, for "air­           Q   NEW LIFE— Covers major doctrines of the Holy Scriptures.
plane" is a word that has come into use          D   BRIGHT HORIZONS— Practical daily living guide for young marrieds.
only within the past hundred years.              D   LIGHT OF THE WORLD— Reveals Christ's life through the Bible.
However, Daniel 12:4 does mention an             Q   HIGH WAY SCENES— Contemporary Bible study guide for youth.
increase of knowledge that would no              Q   HELP FOR ALCOHOLICS— Practical steps in overcoming alcoholism.
doubt permit faster travel, and this                                       (Offer limited to U.S. and Canada.]
advance is said to take place in the
"time of the end."                               Name_______________________________________________
   Some people take Isaiah 60:8, "Who
are these that fly as a cloud, and as the
doves to their windows?" to be de­
scriptive of airplane travel. Indeed, if                   City                   State or Province                    Zip Code
this passage has to do with the gather­
 ing in of God's people from the various         Mail your application to:
 countries of earth, and fast travel as a                         SIGNS OF THE TIMES
 means of spreading the gospel, then                              VOP
 perhaps Isaiah was referring to                                  1350 Villa Street
                                                                  Mountain View, CA 94042
 airplanes. Today we find that even the
 very small countries can in many cases
 boast of a national airline.                    n Today I have followed the Scripture injunction and given my life to Jesus
           TIMELESS AGE                                                                Name____________________________
                                                     Consult your local listings and listen to 'The Voice of Prophecy" radio program each
   My husband who is now 51 is                       week.
 worried lest at the coming of Christ he
 will be older than his father who

                                                                                              Signs of the Times—February 1978 27
                                          IN THE NEWS
NEW YORK GOVERNOR VETOES                  liminary findings suggest that fetal al­    UNITE CANADA'S LUTHERANS?
      SUNDAY BILLS                        cohol syndrome has been observed              A proposal to unite Canada's
   Gov. Hugh Carey of New York has        mostly in the infants of mothers with      300,000Lutherans into one denomina­
vetoed two bills passed by the legisla­   excessive drinking of alcohol. How­        tion by 1980 advanced farther at the
ture that would have revived some         ever, these findings indicate that alco­   five-day convention of the Lutheran
bans on Sunday sales.                     hol equivalent to more than two drinks     Church in America-Canada Section.
   Both bills would have affected some    per day might have harmful effects."          Delegates from the three Canadian
segment of business and forced some         The researcher explained that fetal      synods of the U.S.-based Lutheran
stores to close on Sundays. Retail        alcohol syndrome is manifested in in­      Church in America approved in prin­
businesses have been permitted to         fants "through the clinical occurrence     ciple the draft constitution of the new
open seven days a week since the          of mental retardation, developmental       denomination but raised several struc­
Court of Appeals struck down the          delay in growth, and certain physio­       tural concerns, notably about the
state's Sunday sales laws in June 1976.   logical and anatomical abnormalities       number and size of proposed regional
   The new law passed by the Senate       associated with neurological prob­         districts. Many delegates suggested up
detailed items which could not be sold    lems."                                     to 12 would be better than the pro­
on Sundays. The Assembly endorsed a                                                  posed six.
measure listing what items could be                BIBLE CLASSES:                       The convention voted to ask its con­
sold on Sundays. Both measures were            GO AHEAD! HOLD BACK!                  gregations to study the merger docu­
designed to overcome the court's rul­        Because of a threatened suit chal­      ments , and th at a way be found to '' as­
ing that the old law had too many ex­     lenging their constitutionality, Bible     sess and record attitudes toward
ceptions and led to inconsistent en­      classes which have been conducted in       merger" for the information of dele­
forcement.                                some elementary schools for the past       gates to the 1979 convention, who will
   Among supporters of bans on Sun­       15 years have been suspended, at least     be asked to vote on it.
day sales were the New York State         for the time being, by the Haywood
Catholic Conference, the state's Coun­    County (North Carolina) Board of                $15 MILLION FOR BIBLES
cil of Retail Merchants, and many         Education.                                    The Gideons have set a goal of dis­
labor groups.                               The classes, offered as an elective on   tributing 18,500,000 Scriptures (Bibles
   Many department stores, which had      a nondenominational basis, were            and New Testaments) during the year
been enjoying increased sales with        taught by instructors provided by var­     that began June 1, 1977.
Sunday shopping, favored continua­        ious churches. The question about             They also hope to raise $15 million
tion of the unrestricted Sunday sales.    their legality was raised by the North     from all sources to finance their work.
The American Jewish Congress had          Carolina chapter of the American              Currently, Gideons are working in
appealed to Gov. Carey to veto the        Civil Liberties Union.                     46 different countries, placing Bibles
measures, arguing that Sunday bans          Taking a very different course, the      in hotels, motels, hospitals, prisons,
are "basically religious laws, designed   Marion County (Florida) School Board       jails, airplanes, colleges and schools.
to compel all persons to observe a re­    has rejected its own attorney's advice     Last year they placed 6,371,420 Bibles
ligious day of rest."                     and has voted to continue a controver­     in the United States; 576,024 in
   Gov. Carey cited constitutional        sial Bible program in its schools.         Canada; and 9,605,056 in other coun­
questions and a possibly adverse ef­        The board voted 3-2 to allow Ocala       tries.
fect on the economy in vetoing the        Bible in the Schools, Inc., a private,
proposed measures.                        non-profit group, to hold Bible study            A LOCK ON YOUR TV?
                                          classes in elementary classrooms dur­        A U.S. House subcommittee has
    TWO DRINKS A DAY MAY                  ing regular school hours.                  suggested that new TV sets be
         HARM FETUS                         An earlier agreement reached last        equipped with locking devices that
  Pregnant women who have more            spring had restricted such studies to      would allow parents to prevent their
than two drinks per day may be harm­      school libraries and lunch rooms.          children from switching to stations
ing their unborn children.                   Ocala Bible in the Schools is funded    showing violent programs. However,
  Dr. Arum K. Rawat, director of the      by churches, United Way, and indi­         the suggestion is not expected to win
Alcohol Research Center of Ohio Med­      viduals in Marion County. The Bible        congressional approval.
ical College, Toledo, told an afternoon   study program, the last of its kind in
session of the National Woman's           Florida, has been operating for 31          All news items nol otherwise credited are from
Christian Temperance Union, "Pre­         years.                                     ReJigious News Service.

28 Signs of the Times—February 1978
Threat or Promise?

                                                                                            LaVonne Neff

                                                                                            Has motherhood been
                                                                                            overrated? Why do 70
                                                                                            percent of all women
                                                                                            choose to be childless—
                                                                                            or wish they were?
                                                                                            Here's a mother who's
                                                                                            glad she is one, and
                                                                                            she's not afraid to tel I you
  Not having children has suddenly          usually either disliked or ignored by        we cannot repeal the times we live in.
become popular. A recent survey by          their children. Motherhood? Who              But it doesn't hurt to take a close look
Ann Landers showed that 70 percent          needs it? Far better the carefree life of    at popular attitudes before we blithely
of her correspondents wished they had       the career woman who gives adult par­        decide to make them our own.
never had children. Publishers are          ties, jets to Monaco on weekends, and           Four thousand years ago voluntary
rushing to press with books aimed at        decorates her twelfth-floor apartment        childlessness (which in today's par­
preventing the irrevocable mistake of       in fancy fabrics, not washable plastics!     lance is "the decision to remain
giving birth.                                  The antimotherhood attitude is a          childfree") was unthinkable. "When
   Motherhood has been overrated, to­       phenomenon of the seventies, the first       Rachel saw that she bore Jacob no chil­
day's pundits say. The 1950s billings       decade in the history of the world           dren, . . . she said to Jacob, 'Give me
were false. In reality pregnant women       when overpopulation pressures                children, or I shall die!' " Genesis 30:1,
are ugly, feel miserable, and lose their    coexisted with easy birth control and        R.S.V.
sex drive. New mothers feel cut off         ready abortions; when in the largest            Four thousand years ago, however,
from society, weep uncontrollably,          countries of the world the majority of       people didn't keep children as pets.
and no longer go places with their          women worked outside the home;               Women did not get pregnant because
husbands. Older mothers lose their in­      when divorce became a socially ac­           they were enamored of lacy white
dividuality as well as their figures, can   ceptable way out of a difficult mar­         christening dresses or the Brahms Lull­
no longer converse intelligently on         riage. No matter how we feel about           aby or Winnie the Pooh. Children were
any subject of importance, and are          motherhood (or apple pie or the flag),       valued because they helped to

                                                                                        Signs of the Times—February 1978        29
 strengthen the family, the tribe, or the
 nation. In those days before the inven­
 tion of nuclear warfare, just having
 more people on your side was a dis­
 tinct advantage. "Like arrows in the
 hand of a warrior are the sons of one's
 youth. Happy is the man who has his
 quiver full of them!" Psalm 127:4, 5,
    Children were valued because of the
 work they could contribute to the fam­
 ily enterprise. Sons were expected to
 work with their fathers in the field or at
the business in town; daughters were
trained to do housework and to watch
the younger children. If a family had
 no children, or if the children turned
 out badly, the business had to depend
 on hired help or be cut back in size. "A
 son who gathers in summer is prudent,
but a son who sleeps in harvest brings
 shame." Proverbs 10:5, R.S.V.
    Children were valued because of the
 security they could give their aged par­
 ents. Social security, retirement pro­       their desire for children? Abram was             Today the situation has reversed. It
 grams, the Keough Plan are all inven­         so powerful that local kings honored        is no longer considered socially ac­
tions of this century. It used to be that a    him, and so rich that he let a whole        ceptable for a woman to identify her­
man could eat only as long as he could         branch of his family go off on its own      self by her family. "John's wife" and
produce—unless somebody loved him              just so it could find pasture. His old      "Teddy's mother" wants to break out
enough to take him in and care for him         age was secured by his devoted ad­           of this smothering cocoon and become
after his working days were past.              ministrator Eliezer. What more could        herself, Mary Smith, a human being
"Grandchildren are the crown of the           Abram want? "But Abram said, 'O               with needs, ambitions and hurts all
aged," according to Proverbs 17:6, and         Lord God, what wilt thou give me, for I     her own.
not just because of their winning ways.        continue childless?' " Genesis 15:2,            "I don't want to be a mother," a
A man with reliable grandchildren              R.S.V.                                      young woman told her older friend. "I
knew that he and his children were               By all of today's standards Abram         don't want to spend my life being a
secure,                                        should have been fulfilled, self-           mother first, a wife second, a woman
    But what does all this have to do         actualized; but Abram wouldn't have          third, and a human being last." In
with the antimotherhood campaign of           understood today's emphasis on de­           other words, I don't want to be iden­
the seventies? In these days of dwin­         velopment of the self. For Abram the         tified by relationships.
dling natural resources and uncertain          highest value was not self but relation­       The pendulum has swung; and, as
food supplies, the most heavily popu­         ships. Without children to share them        pendulums do, it has gone from one
lated side is the one that will be first to   with, his acquisitions and accomplish­       extreme to another. If a woman never
go under. Urban families are not made         ments seemed hollow and cheap.               does what she wants, never goes where
wealthy by an abundance of children;             Once upon a time (no more than a          she will, never thinks her own thoughts,
to the contrary, each new mouth to            hundred years ago), if you asked a per­      never enjoys a moment of privacy, she
feed puts the family that much closer         son who he was, he would most likely         will certainly grow tired if not resent­
to the poverty line. And while children       tell you the name of his village or tribe,   ful. But is today's "selfism"—which
may still provide some old-age se­            his position in his family, or the           bears uncanny resemblance to what
curity, the proliferation of nursing          number of children he had. His whole         was once called selfishness—the an­
homes and frequent tales of geriatric         identity was wrapped up in relation­         swer? Are relationships now only sec­
poverty show that most grown chil­            ships. If, after the manner of some          ondary? Is "doing as one pleases" the
dren cannot or will not care for their        people today, you pressed him ("No,          highest good? Is there no cause to
aged parents.                                 I'm not interested in your family; I         think of others first, at least part of the
   If children are valuable chiefly for       want to know who you are.""Don't tell        time?
what they contribute to the physical          me about your children, tell me about           A couple of years ago a woman's
well-being of their parents, it is easy to    yourself.") he would have eventually         magazine ran an article in favor of
see why childbearing is losing popu­          shrugged his shoulders and walked            childlessness. The authors, a young
larity. But did the ancient patriarchs        away, no doubt to tell his friends about     couple, had spent a vacation with a
think only of material prosperity in          the weird person he had met.                 family—Papa, Mamma, and two kids.
30 Signs of the Times—February 1978
                                                                                         follow Satan instead of God, God has
                                                                                         got very little out of his human exper­
                                                                                         iment. "But God shows his love for us
                                                                                         in that while we were yet sinners
                                                                                         Christ died for us."Romans 5:8, R.S.V.
                                                                                             Like a human father, God loves to
                                                                                         supply our needs. "If you then, who
                                                                                         are evil, know how to give good gifts to
                                                                                         your children, how much more will
                                                                                         the heavenly Father give the Holy
                                                                                         Spirit to those who ask him?" Luke
                                                                                         11:13, R.S.V. But like an earthly par­
                                                                                         ent, God must sometimes correct us.
                                                                                         "The Lord reproves him whom he
                                                                                         loves, as a father the son in whom he
                                                                                         delights." Proverbs 3:12, R.S.V.
                                                                                             When we refuse to have anything to
                                                                                         do with God, He mourns: "How often
                                                                                         would I have gathered your children
                                                                                         together as a hen gathers her brood
                                                                                         under her wings, and you would not!"
                                                                                         Matthew 23:37, R.S.V. But like the fa­
                                                                                         ther of the prodigal son (see Luke
                                                                                          15:11-32), God sorrows while we are
The trip was a nightmare. The kids          mother to keep close tabs on her fam­        away, looks constantly for our return,
fought by day and cried by night. They      ily, but it is possible—if she considers     and rejoices extravagantly when we
threw things, broke things, com­            relationships to be just as important as     finally come home.
plained and interrupted. The childless      personal fulfillment.                            No, God's children do not add to His
couple, formerly close friends with the        We live in the seventies, and there's      power, His riches, or His security. In­
parents, found few unimpeded mo­            no way to turn back the clock. Children      stead, we take His time, refuse to re­
ments for conversation. The parents,        are no longer political or economic ad­      spect His authority, and prevent Him
they noticed, didn't have a lot to say to   vantages, and they may not be able to        from running the universe the way He
each other either. Not long after the       care for us in old age. It would be          knows it should be run. Yet because
vacation, the authors got word that the     stupid for us to take the Old Testament       God values relationships above all
parents had divorced. The conclusion        promises—such as, "Your children              else, He loves us. And He knows that in
of the article? Children destroy mar­       will be like olive shoots around your         response to His love, we will learn to
riages.                                     table" (Psalm 128:3, R.S.V.)—as com­          love Him and to care for His other chil­
   The Bible has an observation for be­     mands to have unlimited numbers of            dren. He knows that as we live in His
leaguered parents. "A child left to         children. But it would be tragic for us       light, we will become more like Him.
himself brings shame to his mother."        to be blind to the biblical valuing of        He knows that the more He invests in
Proverbs 29:15, R.S.V. It would be          relationships. Think of another prom­         us, the closer our relationship can be.
foolish to say that kids are worse today    ise: "He [the Lord] gives the barren             And God, in sending Jesus to this
than they were when we were little.         woman a home, making her the joyous           earth, has invested everything in us.
Over two thousand years ago Socrates        mother of children." Psalm 113:9,             His gift to this world is so enormous
was complaining about the youngsters        R.S.V. Where does this mother's joy           that we can never begin to understand
of Athens. But the selfish seventies        come from? Surely it isn't simply the         it. But He has given us hints. The Bible
have a unique problem: If a parent is       knowledge that in eight or ten years          tells of His love. Human relationships
mostly interested in fulfilling herself,    she will have a trained crew to empty         —friend to friend, husband to wife,
if a woman considers it quite satisfac­     the garbage, wash the dishes, and feed        parent to child—put flesh on the con­
tory to leave her child's training to the   the dog. Surely it isn't the sense of         cept of love.
baby-sitter or day-care center, she may     relief that in 50 years she won't have to         Children are indeed a threat to a per­
end up with a child she can't stand to      beg for breakfast. Her joy is in the rela­    son who puts herself first. They cost
live with.                                  tionship she has with her children. Her       time, energy, dollars, patience, and
   Note one fact that is sometimes ig­       joy is in giving to people she loves.        freedom. But children can be a prom­
nored: A mother who stays home all              To our Father in heaven, His rela­        ise to a person who is willing to give
 day can be just as selfish as one who       tionships with His children is all-          of herself to develop a relationship
 works full time, and a mother who           important. He doesn't stop to ask,           with them. And promise-children
 works full time can be just as con­         "What will I get out of having chil­         bring joy, satisfaction, and happiness
 cerned about her family as one who          dren?" For thousands of years, ever          —as well as a taste of the kind of love
 stays home. It is harder for the working    since the first human being decided to       that inspires the kingdom of God.       O
                                                                                         Signs of the Times—February 1978 31
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