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									 One way to look a binary options is to think of it as
 trading made simple. While many might take one
look at the first word of binary options and seize up
with fear over a word that clearly sounds like a math
or technical / computer programming term, the truth
  is that these high return investments are far from
     being complex. The reality is that a more apt
       comparison would be that of a coin-flip.

60 Second Binary Options
How Is Trading Made Simple with Binary Options Once an investor seeking
high return investments gets past the initial phobia associated with the
technical name of the asset they quickly come to two conclusions The first
conclusion is that contracts of this kind have virtually all of the complexity
stripped out of them The second conclusion the trader comes to is that these
are indeed very high return investments with quick turnover - making them
both riskier and at the same time potentially more lucrative than your more
traditional run-of-the-mill securities
 Trading Made Simple with Easy Win-Lose Scenarios The basic concept of
trades of this kind are this: the trader decides whether a well-known stock,
commodity, or other highly liquid asset will rise or fall before the end of the day
 A small investment is then made (anywhere from $10 to $3000 for example)
whereby the investor puts a fixed dollar amount down and buys a call if he or
she thinks the asset will rise in price or buys a put if the belief is the asset will
fall in price Profits are calculated based on a pre-determined fixed yield and
paid out if the trader has guessed correctly on the direction of the price
 The trader doesn't care how much the price moves, only which direction The
investment return is not obscured by complexity such as the number of shares
or some sort of fractional computation The trader spends a fixed dollar
amount and earns a fixed yield if correct
60 Second Binary Options High Risk Assets Offer High Yields The flip side of
earning a high yield if the trade lands in the money is the high risk associated
with having the trade expire out of the money This is a substantial risk when
dealing with binary options The lure of course then is to offer yields high
enough to compensate for the elevated level of risk, in most cases this means
60-80% on most contracts
 This is high risk trading made simple for those wishing to try to earn high
returns in a short period of time
60 Second Binary Options

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