Play It Safe When Trying to Find by rwnkrajapaksha


									First, it comes from your spam folder. How often do you encounter people offering you a job right at
your front yard? None? That's exactly the reason you should not trust job opportunities that you see in
your spam folder. Any unsolicited email that offers money-making opportunities is likely a scam. In the
real world people aren't just going to hand you job opportunities without you even trying, then they're
probably not doing it online either.

Secondly, getting rich while doing nothing. It's unfortunate how people still get tricked by this scheme
despite the obviously deceitful claims. There is no such thing as a magical place where you don't have to
do anything in order to make money. If that were the case no one would work hard for money, we
would just respond to the millions of get rich quick schemes floating through cyber space. Working in
your pajamas can be very attractive especially if you are weary of your boss, but that doesn't mean you
become desperate and bite on something that is obviously a scam.

Thirdly, earn money without learning a thing. Websites will tell you to sign up - even pay - and they will
take care of everything while you wait and see your money grow. In the real world, things do not work
out this way. You have to work your butt off in order to make money. Things just don't happen for you,
you have to put them in your own hands and make them happen. Same goes for money, it doesn't make

Last but certainly not least, if you are being asked to enter your credit information stay far away. "Start
today, if you pay this amount with your credit card" is the usual line. You know you can't trust them and
its usually just a way to steal your information. Take note though, not everything you see online is a
scam. You just have to use common sense in order to differentiate them from fraud. Along with
following these tips and using your best judgement, you should be able to find a credible online job.

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