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Benefits Of Offshore BlackBerry Application Development by indianic1


Numerous businesses across the globe are developing applications for BlackBerry. Most businesses prefer to outsource their BB development project. This PPT showcases the major benefits of outsourcing your BlackBerry application development project.

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									Benefits Of Offshore BlackBerry
   Application Development
BlackBerry is one of the most popular smartphone platforms today.
 While it used to be known as the best smartphone for
 professionals, today there are several BlackBerry devices that
 appeal to the average users. BlackBerry PlayBook has also met
 with some success in the smart mobile devices market. There are
 many benefits of BlackBerry application development. Especially,
 offshore BlackBerry development can benefit you immensely.
         Reduce Cost of BlackBerry
          Development by 50-60%
• BB developers at offshore locations charge less
• You needn't set up, manage or maintain IT
  resources of infrastructure
• Get experts with special skill sets almost instantly
• Focus on core competencies without worry about
  software development
      Quick Development Process, Quality BB

• Offshore firms have large teams of
  experienced BB developers

• They have worked on several BB
  app development projects before

• Offshore developers have
  experience of developing apps for
  different industries

• Time-zone different means that
  people are working on your project
  round the clock
     Innovative Ideas for BlackBerry
• The developers working on your project are pros
  at BlackBerry development

• Having developers several BB apps, the offshore
  developers know what works in the market

• You get more than just coding services; you get
  new insights to improve your apps

• Influx of new ideas is one of the major benefits of
  offshore BlackBerry application development
          Well-defined Processes for BlackBerry
• Reputed offshore firms work on
  several BB app development
  project annually

• They excel at gathering relevant
  information regarding your app
  development concept

• BB Business analysts understand
  market trends and study feasibility
  of proposed BB app

• These well-defined processes
  ensure quick development and
  timely completion of quality apps
       Fixed Costs & Flexible Hiring Options

• You can hire a BB developer or a team of BB
  developers at a fixed rates

• Established offshore companies allow you to avail
  flexible hiring options

• You can hire BB developers on an hourly, part-
  time or full-time basis

• Different hiring options are tailored to meet the
  needs of different types of projects
                High Level of Control Over BB App
                      Development Process
• Direct communication with BB developers is
  the a major benefit of offshore BlackBerry
  application development

• You get full say in the hiring process: interview
  several candidates and choose the most

• You can assign tasks directly to the hired BB

• Any changes in the concept can be quickly
  implemented at development stage
              Long-term Support
• Most offshore BB app development companies
  offer post-development support for 2-6 months
• Most of the bugs in the app are removed at the
  testing stage
• Any bugs that are still present in the app are
  removed during this time for free
• You can also hire developers on a temporary
  basis at any time to add new features to the app
                     ABOUT COMPANY

IndiaNIC is one of the best offshore
 mobile development companies in
 India. Over the last 5 years, it has
 developed almost 2000 applications
 for different mobile platforms. The
 company offers quality BlackBerry
 application development services at
 affordable rates. If you access to all
 the benefits of offshore BlackBerry
 application development, you should
 take a look at the flexible hiring
 models offered by IndiaNIC.

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