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					Times have changed.
    Have you?
      In the middle of every
    di culty lies opportunity.

about us
The City College of New York opened the doors of the          process has no age barriers and that today’s economy
Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) program in 1997,         demands continuous self-improvement. Our certi cate
and by so doing the college renewed its pledge to pro-        programs, educational and professional-development
vide quality public and community service programs.           courses and seminars can be found in our catalog every
In these di cult times, we understand that it has never       semester. We know the importance of timely informa-
been more important to strategically engage the com-          tion, so we will continue to host large-scale events on
munity to meet the challenges of the 21st century to-         employment in the green construction, health care,
gether. Therefore we are providing an array of new            and entrepreneurship opportunities.
programs and continuing to o er successful programs
                                                              What lies ahead for ACE? More ways to help YOU meet
that will help you prepare for college, change careers,
                                                              your personal and professional goals, more fruitful
or upgrade your skills. We are working closely with in-
                                                              partnerships with academic departments and with or-
dustry leaders, associations and employers to provide
                                                              ganizations throughout the city…and our unwavering
the best-quality certi cation programs and courses
                                                              commitment to o er you lifelong learning at its best!
available. At ACE, we understand that the learning

Robert Paaswell                         Oilda Martinez, M.A.                     Joan Stern
Interim President                       Director                                 Program Director
Zeev Dagan                              Leiby Adames-Boom, M.S.
Provost                                 Associate Director
                                                                                 CATALOG PRODUCTION
                                        Ninive Gomez
ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM                  Assistant Director                       Joanne Nieves
                                                                                 Marketing and
Carlo Baldi                             Israel Delgado
                                                                                 Communications Consultant
Program Director                        Coordinator, English
212-650-7596                            Language Institute                       Katinka J. de Ruiter
                                                                                 Art Direction & Graphic Design
                                        Esperanza Cruz Arias
POISED FOR SUCCESS                      Coordinator, Employer Services
                                                                                 Bill Summers
Diane Washington
                                                                                 Catalog Photography
Program Director


The City College of New York does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, color,
nationality, ethnic origin, disability, or veteran or marital status in its students, admissions, employment, access to
programs, and administration of educational policies.

212.650.7312                            WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
    table of contents
                                FINANCING YOUR EDUCATION                                        .................................................................................   5

                                CAREER MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                               ........................................................................   6

                                COMPUTER COURSES                                                                                                                                    7


                                PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                                  ...........................................................................................   8

                                GREEN CONSTRUCTION                            ...............................................................................................   10
    FACTS EVERY WOMAN           ONLINE COURSES                ...............................................................................................................   11
                                EDUCATION     ...............................................................................................................................   12
    PAGE 8

                                BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                                .........................................................................................   14
    PAGE 8                      PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                           ..........................................................................   16

    LOOKING AHEAD               ENGLISH & FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                              ....................................................................   18
                                EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                          ............................................................................   20
    PAGE 9                      HEALTH CARE        ..........................................................................................................................   22

    EDUCATION FINANCING:        DIRECTIONS TO CITY COLLEGE CAMPUS                                                         ...................................................   26
    PAGE 21                     REGISTRATION FORM                       .....................................................................................................   27

    Fri & Sat, Jan 1 & 2          —College closed
    Mon, Jan 4–Sat Jan 30         —Intensive short-term courses
    Mon, Jan 18                   —College is closed (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
    Fri, Feb 12                   —College closed (Lincoln’s birthday)
    Mon, Feb 15                   —College closed (Presidents’ Day)
    Sat, April 3                  —No classes (Easter weekend)
    Mon, May 31                   —College closed (Memorial Day).

4                                     THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                                                                       SPRING 2010
       nancing your education
GRANTS AND                                   DEPARTMENT OF                         FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
                                                                                   Many employers and unions provide
                                             We accept VA vouchers for             tuition reimbursement or funding.
INDIVIDUAL TRAINING                          certi cate training programs.         Speak to your employer or union
GRANTS ITG                                                                         representative and request infor-
                                             For more information and
                                                                                   mation regarding seeking funds for
ITG grants are accepted as pay-              requirements, please visit:
                                                                                   continuing education expenses.
ment for approved certi cate pro-  
grams. ITG students also receive job
search assistance and additional                                                   ARE YOU A STUDENT
                                             VOCATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL
job preparation resources. For more                                                WITH A DISABILITY?
                                             SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS
information please contact or visit
                                             WITH DISABILITIES VESID               If you are a registered CUNY stu-
your local Workforce 1 Center at:
                                                                                   dent with a disability, you may be           Vouchers are accepted for
                                                                                   eligible to receive tuition assis-
forcenypartners/wfnyp_index.shtm             certi cate training programs.
                                                                                   tance, free textbooks, job place-
                                             For more information and              ment assistance, career counseling
NATIONAL EMERGENCY                           requirements, please visit:           and more!
GRANTS NEG                         
                                                                                   For more information contact:
If you are an out-of-work nancial
                                                                                   Abigail Nelson
professional living in New York, New         RESIDENT CHOICE INITIATIVE
                                                                                   CUNY LEADS Counselor
Jersey, or Connecticut, you may              GRANTS FOR NYCHA RESIDENTS
                                                                                   for Continuing Education
qualify for a National Emergency
                                             New York City Housing Authority
Grant (NEG). The Federal NEG pro-                                                  Phone: 212-652-2053
                                             residents can obtain nancial as-
gram is designed to help the former                                                E-mail:
                                             sistance to attend most of our cer-
employees of 31 nancial service
                                             ti cate programs. For information
businesses who were dislocated as
                                             speak to our Program Advisor at       PAYMENT PLANS
a result of the mass layo s in 2008.
                                             212-650-7312 or e-mail: iesquilin@
Each individual displaced from his                                                 We realize these may be hard times
or her position after May 31, 2008                                                 for many. You may arrange a pay-
can qualify for a grant for up to                                                  ment plan through Tuition Manage-
$12,500 worth of career training.                                                  ment Systems. You can reach TMS
                                             PAYMENT OPTIONS
                                                                                   by using their website, http://www.
Visit the State Department of Labor
                                             Visa/MasterCard                       a For more information
                                                                                   speak with our Financial Services
reerservices/NEGERs.shtm                     Check
                                                                                   advisor 212-650-7312.
Contact your local state employ-             Money Order
ment o ce to obtain the necessary

                                                                                       10% o
                                             No Cash Please
NEG paperwork.
                                             Register via phone with Visa/MC
EDUCATIONAL INCENTIVE                        Mail registration with Visa/MC
PROGRAM SCHOLARSHIPS E.I.P.                  information or Check/Money Order           WHEN YOU REGISTER
E.I.P. is available for all the Child Care   In-person with Visa/MC/Check/            FOR ALL THE CLASSES IN
Courses listed in the catalog.               Money Order                              A CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

To access the application visit the                                                    CALL 212 650 7312 FOR
State University of New York Train-                                                     MORE INFORMATION
ing Strategies Group website at:

212.650.7312                                 WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
    career management
    Are you considering a career JOB INTERVIEWS:
    change? Or do you simply want to PREPARATION AND PRACTICE
    explore other job opportunities?
    The Career Management Center
                                        Your resume has captured their
                                        attention—but are you prepared
    can help with a career plan and the
                                        for the most important part of                   RESUMÉ WORKSHOP
    classes you need to make it happen.
                                        your job search? A job interview
    Meet with one of our professional                                                    The quality of your resumé,
                                        is a great opportunity to separate
    career counselors and create a per-                                                  quite simply, can make or break
                                        yourself from other applicants, and
    sonalized career/educational plan                                                    your job search. In this work-
                                        to put yourself in a better position
    that will put you on a path towards                                                  shop, you will learn how to
                                        to land a job. In this workshop you
    meeting your goals.                                                                  create or revise your resumé
                                        will learn how to prepare for a job
    The Career Management Center is interview and how to e ectively                      to make it a powerful tool that
    here to help you navigate your em- communicate your skills to match                  will help you land your next job.
    ployment and career options. It of- the employer’s requirements.                     You will prepare a draft of your
    fers the following services:                                                         resumé on the rst day and -
                                               1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                   FREE   nalize it on the second day.
                                               WEDNESDAY                  6:15 8:15 PM
    INDIVIDUAL                                 FEB 10                       BC509 1WE    2 CLASSES; 4 HOURS           FREE
    CAREER COUNSELING*                                                                   WEDNESDAY            6:15 8:15 PM
                                               1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                   FREE
                                                                                         JAN 20 & 27            BC507 1WE
    FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION                  WEDNESDAY                  6:15 8:15 PM
                                                                                         2 CLASSES; 4 HOURS           FREE
    In-depth consultation, coaching,           MAY 12                       BC509 2WE
                                                                                         WEDNESDAY            6:15 8:15 PM
    assessments and professional
                                               REFERRAL TO FREE SEMINARS                 APRIL 21 & 28          BC507 2WE
    ONE SESSION: $80                           Speak to an advisor today about           JOB SEARCHING:
    TWO SESSIONS: $150                         all upcoming free career services         A GUIDE TO NETWORKING
    THREE SESSIONS: $200                       workshops available at the college
    FOUR SESSIONS: $250                        and in the community.                     Networking is proven to be the
                                                                                         most e ective method to land
                                                                                         employment. This workshop
                                               NEW CAREER OPTIONS                        will give you the tools to orga-
    ADD $40 FOR EACH
                                                                                         nize your job search strategy,
                                               FINANCIAL PLANNING                        with a concentration on proven
                                               CERTIFICATE                               networking techniques. Please
                                                                                         bring an updated resume.
                                               TAX PLANNING AND
     ONE HOUR                                  ESTATE PLANNING                           1 CLASS; 2 HOURS             FREE
                                                                                         WEDNESDAY            6:15 8:15 PM
    EDUCATIONAL COUNSELING                                                               FEB 3                BC508A 1WE

    An educational advisor is available to     PROFESSIONAL                              1 CLASS; 2 HOURS             FREE
    discuss course and program options         SELLING CERTIFICATE                       WEDNESDAY            6:15 8:15 PM
    to help you meet your career goals.        PROFESSIONAL SELLING                      MAY 5                BC508A 2WE

                                               ADVANCED SELLING METHODS
                                               FOR DETAILS VISIT US ONLINE:
    This service is available for registered   WWW.CCNY.CUNY.EDU/ACE
    continuing education students.

6                                                     THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                             SPRING 2010
computer courses
WE ARE AN APPROVED                      INTENSIVE WORD 2003                       MOS MICROSOFT® OFFICE
                                                                                  SPECIALIST BOOT CAMP
SPECIALIST EXAMS IN                     KEYBOARDING OR TYPING                     AND EXCEL 2003
WORD AND EXCEL.                         EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.                     The MOS (Microsoft O ce Special-
                                        This courses covers beginning and         ist) Boot Camp program prepares
                                        intermediate level in the world’s lead-   participants to take the MOS Core
                                        ing word-processing program, Micro-       exams for certi cation through Mi-
                                        soft Word 2003. This course will cover    crosoft. This course is designed to
                                        the fundamentals of the program,          refresh your skills in core Microsoft
                                        including formatting documents,           Excel 2003 and Word 2003 con-
                                        drop-down menus, templates, edit-         cepts. Additionally, the coursework
                                        ing techniques, tabs, tables and more.    will include components on Micro-
                                        The rst session will include a review     soft’s Access, PowerPoint and Out-
MICROSOFT WORD 2003 PROFICIENCY         of basic computer functions.              look programs.
                                        This course prepares you for Access       10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS              $499
                                        2003, Excel 2003—Beginning, and           FRIDAY                          6 9 PM
                                        all Internet courses.                     JAN 8 MARCH 19               CP704 1FE
CALL 212 650 7312 OR E MAIL
ACE CCNY.CUNY.EDU TO SCHEDULE           10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS               $399   10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS              $499
AN APPOINTMENT TO TEST OUT OF           FRIDAY                           6 9 PM   FRIDAY                          6 9 PM
THESE COURSES.                          JAN 8 MARCH 19               CP102A 1FE   MARCH 26 JUNE 4              CP704 2FE

                                        10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS               $399
COMPUTER BASICS                                                                   ACCESS 2003 BEGINNER
                                        FRIDAY                           6 9 PM
AND KEYBOARDING                         MARCH 26 MAY 28              CP102A 2FE   This course is designed for the novice
This course will review Microsoft Of-                                             Microsoft Access user. Participants
  ce with you. You will learn how to    INTENSIVE EXCEL 2003                      will learn how to work in the Access
identify the parts of the computer,                                               environment and gain an under-
                                        PRE REQUISITE: COMPUTER BASICS
and understand how word process-                                                  standing of how a relational database
                                        AND KEYBOARDING OR PREVIOUS
ing, spreadsheet and database pro-                                                works. Students will study how to cre-
                                        KEYBOARDING OR TYPING EXPERIENCE
grams are used.                                                                   ate records, construct diverse queries,
                                        NECESSARY. PREFERRED: MICROSOFT
                                                                                  design forms and more. By the end of
We will cover the fundamentals of       WORD 2003.
                                                                                  the course, attendees should be able
computers and keyboarding and           The course covers beginning and
                                                                                  to create a database, and enter and
provide you with an introduction to     intermediate level and teaches
                                                                                  retrieve data, with the end result of
the Windows operating system. It        you everything you need to master
                                                                                  generating meaningful reports.
will prepare you for Word, Excel and    one of the most commonly-used
Access beginning courses.               spreadsheet programs—Microsoft            5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS              $169
                                        Excel. Learn to use to this tool to       SATURDAY                   9 AM 12 PM
5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS             $149    analyze nancial information and           FEB 20 MARCH 20             CP105 1SD
SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM    make better nancial decisions.            5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS              $169
JAN 9 FEB 6               CP100A 1SD
                                        6 CLASSES; 30 HOURS              $379     SATURDAY                   9 AM 12 PM
5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS             $149                                              APRIL 10 MAY 8              CP105 2SD
                                        SATURDAY      9 AM 2 PM 1 HOUR BREAK
SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
                                        FEB 6 MARCH 13              CP103 1SD
FEB 20 MARCH 20           CP100A 2SD
                                        6 CLASSES; 30 HOURS              $379
5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS             $149
                                        SATURDAY      9 AM 2 PM 1 HOUR BREAK
SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
                                        APRIL 10 MAY 15             CP103 2SD
APRIL 10 MAY 8            CP100A 3SD

212.650.7312                            WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
    personal development
    FREE     FUN FRIDAYS                    (wedding website and insurance,          DEFENSIVE DRIVING POINT/
                                            favors). Our experienced Certi ed        INSURANCE REDUCTION CLASS
    Two Fridays a month, you can enjoy
                                            Wedding Specialist, Tye Robertson
     lms, dance instruction, discussions                                             REQUIRED:
                                            of Especially For You Planners, LLC,
    and more—all for free.                                                           VALID NEW YORK DRIVER’S LICENSE
                                            will assist you with designing your
                                                                                     Students in this class can get an
    To receive our updated calendar,        wedding especially for you.
                                                                                     immediate 10% rate reduction on
    please send an e-mail to:
                                            4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $149     liability and collision premiums
                                            SATURDAY                  10 AM 1 PM     for three years, or have four points
                                            JAN 9 30                  AR220A 1SD     automatically deducted from their
                                                                                     record by the Department of Motor
     “Fun Fridays at City
                                            4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $149
                                            SATURDAY                  10 AM 1 PM
                                                                                     Vehicles. Plus, they will learn valu-
        College are days for the            APRIL 3 24                AR220A 2SD
                                                                                     able skills and tips that will keep
      community to come                                                              them safer on the road. No driving
                                                                                     is required.
     and enjoy art and culture,
                                            THE FINANCIAL FACTS EVERY
                                            WOMAN SHOULD KNOW                        1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                   $49
       participate in dance and                                                      SATURDAY                  9 AM 3:30 PM
      tness workshops, and join
                                            SPONSORED BY
                                                                                     JAN 23                       LS101 1SD
                                            Planning for your nancial future is
     a book club! Learn about               more important than ever. In this        1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                   $49

     each other, our community              course—developed speci cally for         SATURDAY                  9 AM 3:30 PM

         and ACE at these
                                            women—you will learn the 10 im-          APRIL 24                     LS101 2SD
                                            portant steps to becoming “ nan-
             free events!”                  cially t.” Covering topics such as in-
                                                                                     NEW! UNDERSTANDING THE
                                            vesting, budgeting and saving, this
           OILDA MARTINEZ, DIRECTOR                                                  WAY: WELLNESS CLASSES
                                            class provides the essential tools
                                            every woman needs to be in com-          THE TAO OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS
                                            mand of her nancial future.              AND LONGEVITY
    DO IT YOURSELF DIY                      1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                 FREE    This four-week course will intro-
    WEDDING PLANNING                        FRIDAY                         5 7 PM    duce students to ancient, time-
    CLASSES                                 FEB 26                     BC1116 1FE    tested Taoist techniques that will
    YOUR WEDDING DAY:                                                                allow them to improve their quality
    A SMOOTH OPERATION?                     ESTATE PLANNING                          of life. Taoism is a way of life, not a
                                                                                     religion, based on the positive and
    Saying Yes was easy. Planning your      SPONSORED BY
                                                                                     negative poles (yin and yang) of
    DIY nuptial celebration so that it      Learn about wills, trusts, tax reduc-
                                                                                     a vast electromagnetic eld that’s
    re ects your wedding vision re-         tion strategies, how to nd an es-
                                                                                     the core foundation of our universe.
    quires some level of skill. By taking   tate planning attorney and execu-
                                                                                     The interface of yin and yang cre-
    our DIY wedding workshop, you           tor—everything you need to know
                                                                                     ates vibrations, and all things in ex-
    will learn components of wedding        to ensure your a airs are in order
                                                                                     istence has their own frequency or
    contracts; preparing yourself to say    after you pass away. By the end of
    I Do (learning the elements of your     this course, you will have an action
    wedding—pre-ceremony, ceremo-           plan in place to ensure that your        4 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                $49
    ny and reception), drafting a wed-      personal a airs will be managed          TUESDAY                     6 7:30 PM
    ding timeline, seating assignments,     correctly and your loved ones will       APRIL 6 27                 HF109C 1TE
      oor plans, wedding vows); Day of      be nancially secure.
    Wedding Management (wedding             1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                 FREE
    rehearsal, vendors and venue man-       FRIDAY                         5 7 PM
    agement); and miscellaneous items       APRIL 30                  BC1116A 1FE

8                                                  THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                SPRING 2010
FREE UNITED STATES                         AQUATICS                                   ADVANCED SWIMMING
                                           SWIMSUITS AND BATHING CAPS                 This course is for swimmers who
                                           ARE REQUIRED, AS IS A TOWEL AND            have mastered the basic and inter-
For those applying for U.S. citi-          A LOCK. PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES           mediate levels, and are looking to
zenship, the interview is a critical       BEFORE CLASS. THOSE UNACCUSTOMED           take their swimming skills to the
hurdle. With this FREE multimedia          TO EXERCISE ARE ADVISED TO                 next level.
seminar, you can prepare yourself          CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE
                                                                                      10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS          $199
for this important part of the natu-       TAKING FITNESS COURSES.
                                                                                      SATURDAY                  2 2:50 PM
ralization process. Learn what to ex-
                                                                                      JAN 9 MARCH 13           HF202 1SD
pect during the US Citizenship and         CO ED SWIMMING INSTRUCTION
Immigration Services interview, as         FOR ADULTS BEGINNING                       10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS          $199
well as some of the basic United                                                      SATURDAY                  2 2:50 PM
                                           This class is for absolute beginners,
States history and civics necessary                                                   MARCH 27 MAY 29          HF202 2SD
                                           so we start with the basics. Students
to pass the question-and-answer
                                           will learn basic swimming strokes as       FOR CPR AND FIRST AID
part of the session. This seminar
                                           well as how to oat and simply en-          TRAINING PROGRAMS
combines oral instruction with visu-
                                           joy being in the water.                    GO TO PAGE 23.
al illustration to increase retention
and make learning fun.                     10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS               $199
                                           SATURDAY                     12 12:50 PM
1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                 FREE
                                           JAN 9 MARCH 13                HF102 1SD
SATURDAY                  10 AM 12 PM
JAN 23                     TPD400 1SD      10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS               $199
                                           SATURDAY                     12 12:50 PM
1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                    FREE
                                           MARCH 27 MAY 29               HF102 2SD
FRIDAY                            6 8 PM
APRIL 23                      TPD400 1FE
                                           CO ED SWIMMING INSTRUCTION
                                           FOR ADULTS INTERMEDIATE
                                           This course is a continuation of Co-
  LOOKING AHEAD                            ed Swimming for Adults—Begin-
  AND FORGING NEW                          ning, giving students more instruc-
  HORIZONS: A DAY FOR                      tion and opportunities to improve
  THE 50+ GENERATION                       their swimming skills.
  Experiencing an “empty nest”                                                           “ e City College of New
                                                                                         York is the American
                                           10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS               $199
  or simply looking for a new di-
                                                                                         Dream Machine.”
                                           SATURDAY                       1 1:50 PM
  rection? This day-long session           JAN 9 MARCH 13                HF302 1SD
  helps those over 50 consider the
  options available to them. This          10 CLASSES; 8.5 HOURS               $199               ANDREW GROVE
  event is led by experts who will         SATURDAY                       1 1:50 PM        CCNY ALUMNI AND CO FOUNDER
  help sort through the opportu-           MARCH 27 MAY 29               HF302 2SD            OF INTEL CORPORATION
  nities available to you. Plus, join
  our 50+ club and receive a 10%
  discount on all our courses!

  PLEASE CALL 212 650 7312.

212.650.7312                               WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     green construction

     GREEN TRAINING                         GREEN BUILDING                          GREEN BUILDING FOR
     ONLINE COURSES                         FOR CONTRACTORS                         TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS
                                                                                     ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS
                                             Construction is becoming more
     ALL COURSES OFFERED BY PRO                                                     AND BUILDERS
                                             and more focused on sustainability.
                                             With this 7-course curriculum you This course is for individuals who
                                             can become Green Builder–certi- are involved in the nuts and bolts
                                               ed and learn the fundamental of green building: engineers, archi-
     CALL US AT 212 650 7312.
                                             principles of green building includ- tects, builders, as well as those who
                                             ing energy e ciency, building du- would like to have a more in-depth
                                             rability, indoor air quality, resource knowledge of green building.
      Add this new Tier I credential to your e ciency and water e ciency. You
                                                                                    GTO103                          $395
     “Green” resume! This certi cation at- can even choose your own pace!
      tests to demonstrated knowledge
                                             GTO101                            $725 ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN
      and skills in understanding and
                                                                                    FOR ARCHITECTS
      supporting green design, construc-
                                             GREEN BUILDING FOR REAL
      tion and operations.                                                          This course provides architects with
                                             ESTATE SALES PROFESSIONALS
                                                                                    a rm foundation for LEED Standard
      GTO100                            $225
                                             This course is designed for those 90.2. It is a self-paced online course
                                             who market or sell residential prop- designed to help architects under-
                                             erty that is certi ed Green. Topics stand and comply with the stan-
                                             covered include: an Introduction to dard, and is approved as part of the
                                             Green Building, Environmental Qual- US Green Building Council’s Educa-
                                             ity, Resource E ciency and Sustain- tion Provider Program.
                                             able Preventative Maintenance.
                                                                                    GTO104                         $875
                                            GTO102                          $395

10                                                   THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                          SPRING 2010
online courses
EDUCATION SERVICES                     Administrative Dental Assistant       Project Management
                                       150 HOURS                    GES101   40 HOURS                        GES410

                                       Advanced Coding                       Non-pro t Management
The City College of New York, in       for a Physician O ce                  300 HOURS                       GES408
partnership with Gatlin Education      80 HOURS                     GES103
Services (GES), o ers online open-                                           Payroll Practice and Management
enrollment programs designed           Advanced Hospital                     300 HOURS                       GES409
to provide the skills necessary for    Coding and CCS Prep
many in-demand occupations.            80 HOURS                     GES104
                                                                             MEDIA AND DESIGN
GES programs are designed by a                                               Website Design
team of professionals from each        BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL
                                                                             225 HOURS                       GES508
respective eld, who work to pro-       Microsoft O ce Suite 2007             Event Management and Design
vide the most e ective web-based       WORD 2007         35 HOURS   GES815
                                                                             300 HOURS                       GES402
learning experience available today.   EXCEL 2007        35 HOURS   GES810
Instructors/Mentors are actively in-                                         Graphic Design and Multimedia
                                       Certi ed Global                       Design Certi cates
volved in your online learning expe-
                                       Business Professional
rience, responding to any questions                                          80 HOURS                        GES505
                                       400 HOURS                    GES203
or concerns as well as encouraging
and motivating you to succeed.         Six Sigma Black and Green
                                                                             HOSPITALITY AND GAMING
                                       Belt Certi cation
Each program includes a set of les-
                                       GREEN          100 HOURS     GES216   Certi ed Wedding Planner
sons and evaluations; grades are
                                       BLACK          200 HOURS     GES215   300 HOURS                       GES204
based on a combination of the in-
structor/mentor’s evaluation of stu-                                         Hospitality and Casino
dents’ work and computer-graded        IT & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT             Management
tests. We know you’ll appreciate the                                         200 HOURS                       GES606
                                       AutoCAD 2009
quality as well as the convenience                                           Travel Agent Training
                                       150 HOURS                    GES309
of anytime, anywhere learning!                                               200 HOURS                       GES218
                                       Microsoft Certi ed Application
PLEASE NOTE: ONCE THE COURSE           Specialist (MCAS)                     Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer
IS ACCESSED EITHER BY REQUESTING       120 HOURS                    GES804   240 HOURS                       GES105
                                       Microsoft Certi ed System
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. PRICES VARY                                            SKILLED TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL
                                       Administrator 2003 (MCSA)
                                       440 HOURS                    GES807
                                                                             Freight Broker/Agent Training
                                       Microsoft Certi ed System             150 HOURS                       GES703
                                       Engineer 2003 (MCSE)                  Home Inspection Certi cate
                                       700 HOURS                    GES809
                                                                             200 HOURS                       GES704

                                                                             Principles of Green Buildings
                                                                             30 HOURS                        GES711

                                                                             HVAC Technician
                                                                             320 HOURS                       GES705


212.650.7312                           WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
                                             CHILD DEVELOPMENT                        STRATEGIES FOR SUPPORTING

          10% o
                                             THROUGHOUT THE                           AND MANAGING BEHAVIOR
                                             SCHOOL YEARS
                                                                                      This is an introduction to the theo-
                                             In order to teach children e ec-         ries and skills required to manage
                                             tively, it is important to understand    the behavior of children in individ-
         GET 10% OFF WHEN YOU
                                             how they develop. This course ex-        ual or group settings. The focus of
         REGISTER TO COMPLETE                amines basic theories, principles,       this one-day class is on understand-
        THE TEACHER’S ASSISTANT              research ndings and concepts             ing the factors that a ect behavior,
         CERTIFICATE PROGRAM.                regarding learning and develop-          and on exploring low, medium and
                                             ment. You will explore all aspects       high intervention strategies as well
                 HURRY!                      of child development from prena-         as the professional’s role in guiding
           CLASSES START FEB. 6              tal to adolescence (with a focus on      children.
                                             early and middle childhood), and
                                                                                      1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                $199
                                             will examine a child’s growth from
                                                                                      SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
                                             a psychological, sociological and
                                                                                      MARCH 13                   TA102 1SD
                                             physiological perspective.
     TEACHER’S ASSISTANT                                                              1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                $199
     CERTIFICATE PROGRAM                     2 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $239
                                                                                      SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
                                             SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
     FACILITATOR: MS. ANITA FRANKLIN, MA                                              MAY 8                      TA102 2SD
                                             FEB 13 & 20                TA100 1SD
     AND ADMINISTRATION                      2 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $239     SPECIAL SITUATIONS
                                             SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
                                                                                      This one-day class covers the best
     CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:               APRIL 10 & 17              TA100 2SD
                                                                                      practices of teacher’s aides in spe-
                                                                                      cial education classrooms, or in
                                                                                      tutoring situations with students
     OF THE TEACHER’S ASSISTANT              A blend of theory and practice, this     whose rst language is not English.
     This one-day class focuses on the       course is set within the framework       At the end of this class, you will be
     skills and attitudes needed to e ec-    of the New York City Board of Educa-     better equipped to identify and
     tively support students and teachers    tion’s Language Arts and Mathemat-       handle the situations that arise in
     in diverse educational environments.    ics curricula. Students will learn how   unique learning environments.
     Students will examine their own ed-     an educational assistant can e ec-
                                                                                      1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                $199
     ucational beliefs, and compare them     tively implement these programs,
                                                                                      SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
     with school and board educational       and how they can adapt classroom
                                                                                      MARCH 20                   TA103 1SD
     philosophies. The course will also      materials to meet the learning styles
     cover professional ethics and class-    and needs of individual students.        1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                $199
     room communication.                                                              SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
                                             2 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $239
                                                                                      MAY 15                     TA103 2SD
     1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                 $199   SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
     SATURDAY                    9 AM 4 PM   FEB 27 & MARCH 6           TA101 1SD
     FEB 6                       TA104 1SD   2 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $239
     1 CLASS; 6 HOURS                 $199   SATURDAY                   9 AM 4 PM
     SATURDAY                    9 AM 4 PM   APRIL 24 & MAY 1           TA101 2SD
     MARCH 27                    TA104 2SD


12                                                  THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                              SPRING 2010
INFANT/CHILD                               CHILD ABUSE                               FAMILY/GROUP CHILD
CARDIOPULMONARY                            RECOGNITION TRAINING                      CARE PROVIDER PROGRAM
                                           This seminar meets the requirement        Through this course, you can be-
Emergency treatment of children is         mandated by the State of New York         come a licensed child care provider
di erent than it is for adults—this        in identifying and reporting child        in the State of New York. If you are
course teaches you the skills neces-       abuse. You will learn the indicators of   interested in starting a home-based
sary to care for a child (up to eight      physical abuse, child neglect (child      child care business, these courses
years old) whose pulse has stopped.        maltreatment) and sexual abuse.           satisfy the initial 15 hours of required
On completion of the course you                                                      training mandated by the New York
                                           1 CLASS; 2.5 HOURS                  $49
will receive an Infant/Child CPR li-                                                 State Department of Social Services.
                                           MONDAY                        6 8:30 PM
cense, which is valid for one year.
                                           JAN 25                       TA205 1ME
2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                  $75                                              CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:
                                           1 CLASS; 2.5 HOURS                  $49
TUESDAY                    6:15 9:15 PM
                                           MONDAY                        6 8:30 PM
JAN 19 & 26                   HF313 1TE                                              APPLICATION AND
                                           MARCH 29                     TA205 2ME
                                                                                     SCREENING SESSION
2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                  $75
                                           1 CLASS; 2.5 HOURS                  $49
TUESDAY                    6:15 9:15 PM                                              Participants will be screened to deter-
                                           WEDNESDAY                     6 8:30 PM
MAY 18 & 25                   HF313 2TE                                              mine eligibility for registration as out-
                                           MAY 26                       TA205 1WE
                                                                                     lined by New York State guidelines.
                                                                                     1 CLASS; 3 HOURS                     $20
                                           TEACHER CERTIFICATION                     FRIDAY                      6:30 9:30 PM
This course will cover intervention        LAST PREPARATION                          JAN 22                        CC310 1SD
techniques, classroom management
                                           LAST REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION:        1 CLASS; 3 HOURS                    $20
skills, regulations and policies to pro-
                                            413 256 2882 OR 800 309 5225 .           SATURDAY                     9 AM 12 PM
mote a nonviolent school environ-
                                           This course prepares you to take and      APRIL 24                      CC310 2SD
ment. Please note: if you arrive late,
                                           pass the New York State Liberal Arts
you will not be allowed in the class.
                                           and Sciences Teacher Certi cation         HEALTH AND SAFETY/
1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                    $49    Test (LAST). You will learn how the       COMPETENCIES FOR
SATURDAY                   10 AM 12 PM     test is constructed, how to allocate      BECOMING A FAMILY/GROUP
JAN 30                        TA204 1SD    your time in order to be most e ec-       CHILD CARE PROVIDER
                                           tive and the strategies to use on mul-
1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                    $49                                              This course reviews the health and
                                           tiple-choice standardized tests. You
SATURDAY                   10 AM 12 PM                                               safety regulations required by the
                                           will also learn ways to improve your
MAY 15                        TA204 2SD                                              State of New York.
                                           writing and reading comprehension.
                                                                                     5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS                 $360
                                           10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS               $299
                                                                                     FRIDAY                      6:30 9:30 PM
                                           SATURDAY                     10 AM 1 PM
                                                                                     JAN 29 MARCH 5                CC301 1SD
                                           MARCH 13 MAY 22               TP105 1SD
                                                                                     2 CLASSES; 16 HOURS                $269
                                                                                     SATURDAY                      9 AM 5 PM
      “City College has one of the best Teacher’s Assistant                          MAY 8 & 22                    CC301 2SD
           programs. Students that are referred to us are
   well trained, prepared and motivated.”                                            HOME INSPECTION AND STATE CENTRAL
                                                                                     REGISTRY CLEARANCE TO BE PROVIDED
                       MS. SHIRLEY BRAITHWAITE, DIRECTOR                             IN CLASS.
                             RENA DAY CARE CENTER

212.650.7312                               WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     business development
     AND SMALL BUSINESSES                                                            ACCOUNTING CERTIFICATE
     This six week workshop will assist
                                             COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY I                   PROGRAM
     small businesses in the develop-        Microsoft Word and Excel                PRE REQUISITE: COMPUTER BASICS AND
     ment of marketing tools such as                                                 GED/HS DIPLOMA.
     business cards, stationery, websites    7 CLASSES; 35 HOURS             $399    Whether you are looking to start
     and a ordable advertising. Mem-         SATURDAY                   9 AM 2 PM    your own business, want to extend
     bers of 1209 Enterprise, a one-stop-    JAN 30 MARCH 13            CP140 1SD    your administrative skills or want
     shop marketing organization, will       12 CLASSES; 35 HOURS            $399    to prepare for an entry-level posi-
     provide detailed information on         MONDAY & WEDNESDAY            6 9 PM    tion, this program provides basic
     ways to target your customer base       FEB 22 MARCH 31          CP140 1MWE     training in practical applications
     in a professional, cost-saving way.                                             needed to analyze and prepare
     (Includes marketing tools.)             COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY II                    nancial documents and handle
                                                                                     record-keeping functions for large
     6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS              $175   Advanced Word, and PowerPoint           and small businesses.
     WEDNESDAY                6:15 9:15 PM
     APRIL 7 MAY 12            BC181 1WE     12 CLASSES; 35 HOURS             $399
                                             MONDAY & WEDNESDAY            6 9 PM    CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:
                                             APRIL 5 MAY 12             CP141 1WE
                                             7 CLASSES; 35 HOURS             $399    INTENSIVE BOOKKEEPING
                                             SATURDAY                   9 AM 2 PM    AND ACCOUNTING
                                                                                     This course will give you a broad
                                                                                     overview of bookkeeping, including
                                                                                     accounts payable, accounts receiv-
     This program prepares you to
                                             After this class, you will be able to   able, purchasing, credit card sales,
     meet the challenges of being an
                                             prepare and edit business docu-         sales tax, inventory control and an
     Administrative Assistant in today’s
                                             ments, and to successfully commu-       introduction to payroll. By the end
     world. The dedicated profession-
                                             nicate with internal and external       of this course, you will have learned
     als teaching this class have years
                                             clients on the phone and in person.     the basics of bookkeeping and ac-
     of experience, and can give you
                                                                                     counting—from balance sheets to
     the individual attention you need       12 CLASSES; 35 HOURS             $399
                                                                                     income statements.
     to master the skills of an e ective     TUESDAY & THURSDAY             6 9 PM
     Administrative Assistant.               FEB 23 APRIL 1             BC180 1THE   10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $379
                                                                                     TUESDAY & THURSDAY       6:15 9:15 PM
                                             OFFICE MANAGEMENT                       JAN 5 FEB 4              BC102A 1THE

     “  is program exceeded                  This capstone course teaches you        10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $379

       my expectations.                      how to produce and maintain de-
                                             tailed records, schedule appoint-
                                                                                     TUESDAY & THURSDAY
                                                                                     FEB 23 MARCH 25
                                                                                                              6:15 9:15 PM
                                                                                                              BC102A 2THE
      In a short amount of time              ments, manage multiple tasks and        6 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $379
          I was able to obtain               priorities and create e ective pre-     SATURDAY                   9 AM 2 PM
        great knowledge,                     sentations.                             MARCH 27 MAY 8           BC102A 3THE

       and with the instructor’s             12 CLASSES; 35 HOURS             $399
                                             TUESDAY & THURSDAY             6 9 PM
         motivation I gained
                                             APRIL 6 MAY 13             BC182 1THE

                                             FOR INTRODUCTORY AND
              FALL 2008 STUDENT
                                             ADVANCED COMPUTER
                                             COURSES GO TO PAGE 7.

14                                                  THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                             SPRING 2010
AND ACCOUNTING                          AND KEYBOARDING OR PREVIOUS               course will give you the practice you
This course is a continuation of        KEYBOARDING OR TYPING EXPERIENCE          need to improve speech skills in your
Bookkeeping, adding to the knowl-       NECESSARY. PREFERRED: MICROSOFT           second language.
edge and skill gained in the Inten-     WORD 2003.
                                                                                  GO TO PAGE 19 FOR MORE INFORMATION
sive Bookkeeping & Accounting
class. Students will gain a better      IMPROVING YOUR
                                                                                  BUSINESS WRITING
understanding of the concepts cov-      WRITING SKILLS
ered in the previous course, and                                                  Learn techniques for writing clear,
                                        Do you feel unprepared for college-
learn to address more complex ac-                                                 concise, and e ective memos, let-
                                        level writing? Or that your job per-
counting challenges.                                                              ters, reports and other business doc-
                                        formance is a ected by your lack of
                                                                                  uments. Improve your writing skills
4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS              $179   writing skills? This course will focus
                                                                                  and enhance your job performance.
TUESDAY & THURSDAY       6:15 9:15 PM   on the types of writing used most
FEB 9 18                  BC403 1THE    often in a professional environment,      6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS             $169
4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS              $179
                                        and will cover the basic elements         SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
TUESDAY & THURSDAY       6:15 9:15 PM
                                        needed to be a con dent, e ective         FEB 13 MARCH 20            BC105 1SD
MARCH 29 APRIL 8          BC403 2THE
                                        writer: basic grammar, sentence and
                                        paragraph structure, the elements         6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS             $169
2 CLASSES; 12 HOURS              $179   of short essay writing and more.          SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
SATURDAY                 9 AM 3:30 PM                                             APRIL 10 MAY 15            BC105 2SD
MAY 8 15                   BC403 3THE   7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS               $249
                                        FRIDAY                          6 9 PM
QUICKBOOKS                              FEB 5 MARCH 26               BC129 1FE

                                        7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS               $249
                                        FRIDAY                          6 9 PM
This course teaches you Quick-
                                        APRIL 19 MAY 21              BC129 2FE
Books, an easy-to-use accounting
software package for small busi-
nesses. You will learn to e ciently     PERSUASIVE WRITING

                                                                                          10% o
set up your own accounts and man-       PRE REQUISITE:
age your business and inventory,        HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR GED
and will receive instruction on sales   The ability to write concisely and per-
tax issues, task management, classi-    suasively is a valuable skill that can
fying transactions, bank statement      serve you in many facets of life. This            GET 10% OFF WHEN
reconciliation and other important      course will cover three main elements              YOU REGISTER TO
QuickBooks skills.                      of persuasive writing: learning the ba-             COMPLETE THE
                                        sics of logical reasoning, formulating
5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS              $235                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
WEDNESDAY                     6 9 PM
                                        clear arguments and using language
                                        that will support these arguments.                 OR BOOKKEEPING/
MARCH 10 APRIL 7           BC305 1WE
5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS              $235   6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS               $239
                                                                                        CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS.
WEDNESDAY                     6 9 PM    FRIDAY                          6 9 PM
APRIL 28 MAY 26            BC305 2WE    APRIL 9 MAY 14               BC132 1FE

212.650.7312                            WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     professional development
                                             FOR SUPERVISORS                           WRITING FOR THE WORKPLACE I
                                             AND MANAGERS                              This course is specially designed for
                                                                                       those who want to strengthen their
                                             TRANSITIONING FROM                        basic writing skills. It will focus on
                                             STAFF TO SUPERVISOR                       writing good memos, e-mails and
                                                                                       letters to clients and supervisors.
                                             Are you a new supervisor? Shifting
                                             from a sta position to supervisor         3 CLASSES; 9 HOURS               $99
                                             can be a challenge, but this course       SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
                                             provides you with the tools you           FEB 6 20                  BC105A 1SD
     MANAGING PUBLIC MEETINGS                need to make a smooth transition.         3 CLASSES; 9 HOURS               $99
     This workshop is designed for pro-      You will learn valuable skills, such as   SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
     fessionals who represent their agen-    the right way to provide feedback         MARCH 20 APRIL 10         BC105A 2SD
     cies at public meetings. Participants   and how to meet the expectations
     will explore tools and techniques       of management.                            WRITING FOR THE WORKPLACE II
     for planning a presentation, main-      1 CLASS; 4 HOURS                  $99
     taining the focus of the meeting,                                                 This course continues where Part 1
                                             FRIDAY                      9 AM 1 PM     left o , providing instruction for the
     and managing troublesome situa-         MAY 14                      BC517 1FE
     tions so that the meeting becomes                                                 more experienced supervisor who
     a “win-win” encounter.                                                            must write longer memos, reports
                                             THE ART OF SUPERVISION                    and presentations.
     1 CLASS; 5 HOURS                 $99
                                             This course is for rst-time supervi-      3 CLASSES; 9 HOURS               $99
     FRIDAY                     9 AM 2 PM
                                             sors, or professionals who want to        SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
     APRIL 30                  BC104A 1FE
                                             be promoted. It covers the essential      FEB 27 MARCH 13           BC105B 1SD
                                             skills needed in order to be an e ec-
     FACILITATION SKILLS:                    tive supervisor.                          3 CLASSES; 9 HOURS               $99
     TRAIN THE TRAINER                                                                 SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
                                             1 CLASS; 4 HOURS                  $99     APRIL 24 MAY 8            BC105B 2SD
     Being a good trainer doesn’t just       FRIDAY                      9 AM 1 PM
     happen; it requires speci c skills      MAY 21                     BC517A 1FE
     and experience. This workshop is                                                  TIME MANAGEMENT
     designed to “train the trainers”—       X, Y AND BABY BOOMERS:                    The world moves faster than ever
     speci cally those who facilitate        INTERGENERATIONAL                         before, and balancing multiple
     work teams. The course covers           COMMUNICATION                             tasks and responsibilities is no lon-
     preparation for group meetings,                                                   ger a luxury—it is a necessity. This
     using problem-solving techniques        Is your boss 20 years younger than        mini-course will teach you how to
     and consensus-building processes,       you? Is the sta you supervise as old      manage your time well so that you
     managing participants and post-         as your grandparents? The o ce en-        can accomplish your goals.
     meeting follow up. Curriculum and       vironment has changed in the 21st
                                             century, and it is important to be able   1 CLASS; 5 HOURS                 $99
     presentation skills will also be cov-
                                             to communicate across di erent age        SATURDAY                   9 AM 2 PM
     ered, in addition to a range of other
                                             groups. This workshop will explore        APRIL 17 MAY 15            BC606 1SD
     valuable topics.
                                             the challenges and rewards of today’s
     1 CLASS; 5 HOURS                 $99
                                             multi-generational workplace.
     FRIDAY                     9 AM 2 PM
     MAY 7                     BC104B 1FE    1 CLASS; 4 HOURS                  $99
                                             SATURDAY                    9 AM 1 PM
                                             APRIL 17                    BC121 1SD

16                                                  THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                SPRING 2010
                                             get up to
                                                                                  FOOD SAFETY EDUCATION
  FOR                                                                             FOR EMPLOYEES

                                             10% o
                                                                                  This one-day seminar is approved by
  WORKSHOP LEADER :                                                               the NYS Department of Agriculture
  MR. BHRIGU PRASHAR, BA, DCPA, MBA.                                              and Markets (for Employees) and
  OVER 12 YRS IN BUSINESS                                                         meets Article 20-C of the NY Agri-
  CONSULTING, SUCCESS AND                    SPECIAL SAVINGS FOR                  culture and Markets law food safety
  ENTREPRENEURSHIP COACHING.                                                      education certi cation requirement
                                             ENTREPRENEURS GET
  Many experts agree that this                                                    for certain retail food stores.
  is an ideal time to become an               UP TO 10% OFF WHEN
                                             YOU REGISTER FOR ALL                 1 CLASS; 8 HOURS                $129
  entrepreneur. If your plan is to
                                                                                  ENGLISH              8:30 AM 4:30 PM
  open your own business right                 FOUR WORKSHOPS.
                                                                                  JAN 28                    FP0043 1HE
  at home, these four workshops
                                                                                  MARCH 25                  FP0043 2HE
  are perfect for you.                 RESTAURANTS AND                            MAY 20                    FP0043 3HE
                                       SUPERMARKET OWNERS
  SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATING                                                         SPANISH              8:30 AM 4:30 PM
  CHALLENGING TIMES                                                               FEB 25                    FP0043 4HE
                                       SERVSAFE® FOOD SAFETY                      APRIL 29                  FP0043 5HE
  1 CLASS; 6 HOURS         FRIDAY      MANAGER CERTIFICATION                      MAY 27                    FP0043 6HE
  MARCH 12              9 AM 3 PM      TRAINING
                       BC190A 1FE
                                       This test preparation course creat-        SMALL BUSINESS
  STARTING YOUR                        ed by the National Restaurant As-          DEVELOPMENT
  OWN BUSINESS                         sociation Educational Foundation
                                       prepares you to take the ServSafe®         NEW SATURDAY COURSES: SPRING 2010
  2 CLASSES; 8 HOURS     FRIDAY        Food Protection Manager Certi -
  MARCH 19 & 26      9 AM 12 PM        cation Exam (FPMC) and the NYC             THE ECONOMY, MONEY, JOBS
                     BCE101 1FE        Department of Health’s Food Han-           AND YOU
                                       dler’s Test. Once you complete
  SETTING UP YOUR                      this course and pass the exam you          FINANCE, INVESTMENTS, VALUE
  OWN HOME OFFICE                      will be referred to the NYC Health         AND WEALTH CREATION FOR THE
  1 CLASS; 6 HOURS         FRIDAY      Academy for a 3-hour NYC health            REST OF US.
  APRIL 3            9 AM 3:30 PM      code regulations workshop and
                        BC182 1FE      the NYC Food Safety Examination.
                                       This course meets the NYS Depart-          SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP:
                                       ment of Agriculture and Markets            SEE ENTREPRENEURIAL
  THE INTERNET AND                                                                OPPORTUNITIES IN THE
  YOUR BUSINESS                        educational certi cate require-
                                       ments for supermarkets, grocery,           SUSTAINABILITY ECONOMY!
  2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                   and meat markets.                          FOR MORE INFORMATION:
  APRIL 24 FRIDAY 5:30 8:30 PM
                                       2 DAYS; 16 HOURS                    $289   WWW.CCNY.CUNY.EDU/ACE OR
                                       ENGLISH                  8:30 AM 4:30 PM   CALL 212 650 7312
                     CPB100 1SD
                                       JAN 28 & 29                  COO63 1HFE
  $89 PER WORKSHOP                     MARCH 25 & 26                COO63 2HFE
   MATERIALS INCLUDED                  MAY 20 & 21                  COO63 3HFE
                                       SPANISH                  8:30 AM 4:30 PM
                                       FEB 25 & 26                  COO63S 1HFE
                                       APRIL 29 & 30                COO63S 2HFE
                                       MAY 27 & 28                  COO63S 3HFE

212.650.7312                           WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     english and
     foreign languages

     ENGLISH AS A SECOND                                                              CHOICE #1:
                                                                                      WEEKEND IMMERSION
     This is an intensive 5-week program                                              PROGRAM
     that emphasizes practical English
                                                                                      SATURDAYS ONLY
     so you can become more success-
                                                                                      30 HOURS, 9:30 AM 3:30 PM
     ful in your career and in your work
                                                                                      ONE DAY PER WEEK, $279
     environment. What makes the City
     College Program di erent from the
                                                                                      CHOICE #2:
     rest? English language classes that
                                           ASESSMENT/TESTING DATES
      t your schedule and your needs!                                                 WEEKNIGHTS PROGRAM
                                           JAN 9                       ES101   1TST
     · You are placed at the appropriate   FEB 6                       ES101   2TST   MONDAY & WEDNESDAY EVENINGS
     level based on a test before          MARCH 6                     ES101   3TST   OR TUESDAY & THURSDAY EVENINGS
     classes begin.                        APRIL 3                     ES101   4TST   30 HOURS, 6:15 9:15 PM,
                                           MAY 1                       ES101   5TST   TWO NIGHTS PER WEEK, $279
     · Three 5-week sessions in
     the semester!
                                           CALL OUR OFFICE 212 650 7312 FOR
                                           ADDITIONAL TESTING DATES TO ASSESS
                                           YOUR ESL LEVEL.


       THIS PROGRAM MEETS THE                · Information about                        The schedule below meets the
       REQUIREMENTS FOR THE F 1 VISA!         Immigration Regulation and                F-1 student visa requirements.
       If you need an F-1 Visa and            Orientation program.
                                                                                        MONDAY THURSDAY
       want a very exible schedule
       with classes that strengthen          · Assistance with transferring             6:15 9:15 PM

       your communication skills for          from another school.                      SATURDAY
                                                                                        9:30 AM 3:30 PM
       the real world, then this is the      · You are placed at the                    JAN 11 FEB 23
       program for you!                       appropriate level based on
                                                                                        FEB 24 APRIL 7
       · English language classes that        a test before classes begin.
                                                                                        APRIL 8 MAY 20
          t your schedule and your           · Three 5-week sessions in the             MAY 22 JULY 5
         needs!                               semester! 15 weeks!
                                                                                        COST FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER:
       · We help you with your
         application process for F-1
         Visa or change your visa
         status to F-1(student visa).


18                                                THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                    SPRING 2010
WRITE A GREAT COLLEGE PAPER!               ACCENT REDUCTION                            SPANISH FOR
FOR NON NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH                                                     HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
                                           This course is intended for students
This class will help college students      with a good command of the Eng-             This course is designed to help health
who are non-native English speak-          lish language but who would like to         care professionals communicate
ers develop the reading and writ-          become more uent. This class helps          more e ectively with their patients
ing skills that are critical in higher     you identify and correct individual         using correct Spanish. Emphasis will
education. Students will learn how         pronunciation di culties. Students          be placed on grammar review and
to conduct e cient research, and           will lean to enunciate properly.            vocabulary building.
then write papers based on their re-
                                           7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS                 $199    10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $399
search. Students will learn to write
                                           FRIDAY                            6 9 PM    SATURDAY                   9 AM 12 PM
with an eye for grammatical accu-
                                           FEB 19 APRIL 9                 ES104 1FE    FEB 6 APRIL 17             LA109A 1SD
racy and proper writing technique.
                                           7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS                 $199
10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS              $299
                                           FRIDAY                            6 9 PM
SATURDAY                    10 AM 1 PM
                                           APRIL 16 MAY 28                 ES104 FE
                                                                                       INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH
FEB 20 MAY 1                ESC100 1SD
                                                                                       This introductory course is designed
                                           SPANISH FOR NEW YORKERS                     to help you converse in French,
PRESENT WITH CONFIDENCE                    LEVEL I                                     whether you are in a business or social
E ective communication skills are          This is an introductory course de-          situation. Learn about pronunciation
essential—whether in an academic,          signed to help you converse suc-            and the proper use of idiomatic phras-
professional or personal situation,        cessfully in Spanish, whether you           es to help avoid misunderstandings.
they can make a big di erence in           are in a business or social situation.      7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS              $240
your search for success. This class will   You will learn proper pronunciation         SATURDAY                   10 AM 1 PM
help students develop skills in speech     and use of idiomatic phrases, and           FEB 6 MARCH 20              LA304 1SD
production through various meth-           attention will be paid not only to
ods including dialogue, role-playing       speaking, but to listening.
                                                                                       7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS              $240
exercises, improvisations, plays, in-                                                  SATURDAY                   10 AM 1 PM
terviews, debates and individual and       8 CLASSES; 24 HOURS                  $239   MARCH 27 MAY 15             LA304 2SD
group presentations. In this hands-on      MONDAY & WEDNESDAY           6:15 9:15 PM
course, students will get the practice     JAN 25 FEB 22                LA109 1MWE     FOREIGN LANGUAGE
they need to improve speech skills in      8 CLASSES; 24 HOURS                  $239
                                                                                       READING PROGRAM
their second language.                     MONDAY & WEDNESDAY           6:15 9:15 PM
                                                                                       FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS
3 CLASSES; 9 HOURS                 $99     MARCH 29 APRIL 21            LA109 2MWE     FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION CALL
SATURDAY                    10 AM 1 PM                                                 212 650 7312.
MAY 8 22                    ESC200 1SD     SPANISH FOR NEW YORKERS                     These intensive non-credit courses
                                           LEVEL II                                    are specially designed to assist
                                           This is a continuation of Spanish for       graduate students preparing for
“   e Spanish class allowed me             New Yorkers—Level I. In this course,        the reading examination, or anyone
to better understand                       you will deepen your skills in con-         who would like to read in French,
                                                                                       Italian, or Spanish.
  the language, which                      versational Spanish, the city’s sec-
                                           ond most common language.                   SPANISH GRADUATE READING
   helps me in my personal
    and professional life.”
                                           8 CLASSES; 24 HOURS                  $239   8 CLASSES, 24 HOURS              $399
                                           MONDAY & WEDNESDAY           6:15 9:15 PM   SATURDAY                   10 AM 1 PM
                                           MARCH 1 24                   LA111 1MWE     JAN 23 MARCH 13             LA303 1SD
         SPRING 2008 STUDENT
                                           8 CLASSES; 24 HOURS                  $239   8 CLASSES, 24 HOURS              $399
                                           MONDAY & WEDNESDAY           6:15 9:15 PM   SATURDAY                   10 AM 1 PM
                                           APRIL 26 MAY 19              LA111 2MWE     MARCH 20 MAY 15             LA303 2SD

212.650.7312                               WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     educational development
     TEST PREPARATION                       CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW                   GRADUATE RECORD
                                            YORK CUNY ACT ADMIS                      EXAM GRE
                                            SIONS TEST PREPARATION
     BASIC MATH ESSENTIALS                                                           THESE COURSES ARE OFFERED YEAR
                                            If you are applying to a CUNY col-       ROUND, BUT MAY BE TAKEN ONLY ONCE
     Preparing for college placement
                                            lege, this is an excellent preparation   A MONTH. CALL 800 GRE CALL.
     or the CUNY assessment test? Or
                                            for the admissions test.
     simply need to brush up on your
                                                                                     REGISTER FOR GRE VERBAL AND MATH
     mathematical skills? This course re-   Preparation is the key to these
                                                                                     PREPARATION AND GET $20 OFF!
     views the essentials of arithmetic     tests, and passing will save you a
     and algebra, giving you a valuable     lot of time!
                                                                                     GRE VERBAL PREPARATION
     refresher on the basics.
                                                                                     AND GRE MATH PREPARATION
     4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $149   ACT WRITING SKILLS
                                                                                     These two courses prepare you to
     FRIDAY                        6 9 PM   TEST PREPARATION
                                                                                     take the new GRE Computerized
     JAN 15 FEB 5               BS100 1FE
                                            Improve your writing skills and          Adaptive Test (CAT). The Verbal
     4 CLASSES; 12 HOURS             $149   learn what it takes to pass the Writ-    course focuses on reading compre-
     FRIDAY                        6 9 PM   ing Skills portion of the CUNY en-       hension, antonyms, analogies and
     APRIL 9 30                 BS100 2FE   trance exam.                             sentence completion, while the
                                                                                     Math course covers quantitative
                                            10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $299
     PRE CALCULUS REVIEW                                                             reasoning, basic geometry, quan-
                                            SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM
     Designed for students taking math                                               titative comparison and analytical
                                            JAN 16 MARCH 20             TP106 1SD
     pro ciency tests for college, this                                              reasoning. A diagnostic test will be
     course covers the fundamental con-
                                            10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $299    given during the rst class to indi-
     cepts of algebra; algebraic equa-
                                            SATURDAY                  9 AM 12 PM     cate areas needing improvement.
                                            MARCH 27 JUNE 5             TP106 2SD
     tions and inequalities; functions                                               GRE MATH
     and graphs; polynomial functions;                                               6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS            $225
                                            ACT MATH TEST PREPARATION
     trigonometry and more.                                                          SATURDAY                 10 AM 1 PM
                                            This intensive course covers pre-        JAN 30 MARCH 6            TP302 1SD
     7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS             $199
                                            algebra, elementary and college al-
     FRIDAY                        6 9 PM                                            6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS            $225
                                            gebra and some trigonometric top-
     FEB 19 APRIL 12            BS102 1FE                                            SATURDAY                 10 AM 1 PM
                                            ics that will be covered on the ACT
                                                                                     APRIL 10 MAY 15           TP302 2SD
     7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS             $199   test. Expect hours of study at home
     FRIDAY                        6 9 PM   in addition to classwork.                GRE VERBAL
     MAY 7 JUNE 8               BS102 2FE                                            6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS            $225
                                            10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $299
                                                                                     SATURDAY                     2 5 PM
                                            SATURDAY                       1 4 PM
                                                                                     JAN 30 MARCH 6            TP301 1SD
                                            JAN 15 MARCH 20             TP108 1SD
                                                                                     6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS            $225
                                            10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS             $299
                                                                                     SATURDAY                     2 5 PM
                                            SATURDAY                       1 4 PM
                                                                                     APRIL 10 MAY 15           TP301 2SD
                                            MARCH 27 JUNE 5             TP108 2SD

20                                                 THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                              SPRING 2010
                                                                                 FREE EDUCATION FINANCING:
                                                                                 SAVING FOR EDUCATION
                                                                                 SPONSORED BY
                                                                                 The best time to start saving for
                                                                                 your child’s education? Right now.
                                                                                 The cost of higher education con-
                                                                                 tinues to go up—and developing a
                                                                                   nancial plan early can pay big divi-
                                                                                 dends when it’s time for your kids to
                                                                                 go to college. In this class, you can
                                                                                 get projections on how much your
                                                                                 child’s education may cost, as well
                                                                                 as the di erent savings plans avail-
                                                                                 able to you. You’ll also learn about
                                                                                 tax advantages, ownership rules
                                                                                 and the impact of nancial aid.
                                                                                 1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                FREE
                                                                                 FRIDAY                        5 7 PM
                                                                                 FEB 5                    BC4115A 1FE

LAST PREPARATION                       DEVELOPMENT GED                           CITIZENSHIP TEST
                                       IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH                    PREPARATION SEMINAR
413 256 2882 OR 800 309 5225           Like it is for any exam, preparation is   1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                FREE
                                       essential for the General Education       SATURDAY                 10 AM 12 PM
This course prepares you to take and   Development (GED). In addition to         JAN 2                     TPD400 1SD
pass the New York State Liberal Arts   teaching you valuable test-taking
and Sciences Teacher Certi cation      techniques, this class will prepare       1 CLASS; 2 HOURS                 FREE
Test (LAST). You will learn how the    you for all ve areas of the GED: Es-      FRIDAY                         6 8 PM
test is constructed, how to allocate   say/Writing, Social Studies, Inter-       APRIL 23                   TPD400 1FE
your time in order to be most ef-      preting Literature/Arts, Science, and
fective and the strategies to use on   Mathematics. Students will take a         GO TO PAGE 9 FOR MORE INFORMATION.
multiple-choice standardized tests.    predictor test during the rst class.
                                       A non-refundable testing fee of $29       PERSUASIVE WRITING
10 CLASSES; 30 HOURS           $299
                                       is included in the cost of this course.   PRE REQUISITE:
SATURDAY                 10 AM 1 PM
MARCH 13 MAY 22           TP105 1SD    GED                                       HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR GED
                                       10 CLASSES; 50 HOURS            $299
                                       SATURDAY 10 AM 3:30 PM 1/2 HR BREAK       GO TO PAGE 15 FOR MORE INFORMATION.
                                       FEB 6 APRIL 17             TP101 1SD
                                                                                 FOR ADDITIONAL
                                       GED ESPAÑOL                               YOUTH PROGRAMS VISIT
                                       10 CLASSES; 50 HOURS            $299      WWW.CCNY.CUNY.EDU/ACE
                                       SATURDAY 10 AM 3:30 PM 1/2 HR BREAK
                                       FEB 6 APRIL 17                TPE1S1

212.650.7312                           WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     health care
                                                                                               SKILLS DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                               FOR HEALTH CARE
                                                                                               INTERPRETERS I
                                                                                               COMING SUMMER 2010

                                                                                               MEDICAL CONCEPTS
                                                                                               AND TERMINOLOGY
                                                                                               FOR INTERPRETERS
                                                                                               COMING SUMMER 2010

                                                                                               SKILLS DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                               FOR HEALTH CARE
                                                                                               INTERPRETERS II
                                                                                               COMING SUMMER 2010

                                                                                               PHARMACY TECHNICIAN
                                                                                               CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
                                                                                               OVER 70% OF OUR STUDENTS
     NEW! CUNY HEALTH CARE                  CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:                          PASSED THE PTCB EXAM!
      ENGLISH/SPANISH                       INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH/                           PRE REQUISITE: HIGH SCHOOL
                                            ENGLISH HEALTH CARE                                DIPLOMA OR GED
                                            INTERPRETING                                       The demand for Pharmacy Techni-
                                                                                               cians will rise 29% by 2012—and this
     ENGLISH/SPANISH LINGUISTIC SKILLS.     In this course, you will acquire a                 course will help prepare students to
     MUST HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET       diverse set of skills and techniques               follow a rewarding career path in this
     AND KNOW HOW TO PERFORM BASIC          needed for consecutive interpret-                  up-and-coming industry. Topics to
     FUNCTIONS USING E MAIL.                ing. You will gain the knowledge                   be covered include Pharmacy Law,
     There is a critical shortage of        needed to excel in what will be one                Anatomy and Physiology, Medical
     trained Medical Interpreters. Na-      of the fastest-growing elds in the                 Terminology, Pharmacology and the
     tional guidelines will be requiring    coming years, as well as gaining                   basic arithmetic and pre-algebra re-
     all health care facilities to employ   insights into the culture of Ameri-                quired to prepare and dispense drugs.
     trained Medical Interpreters with      can health care and the beliefs of                 This class not only teaches students
     a minimum of 40 hours of training.     the Spanish-speaking community.                    about serving patients, maintaining
     This course conforms to the Nation-    This course incorporates materials                 medication inventory control systems
     al Standards of Practice for Inter-    developed by CultureSmart and                      and managing a pharmacy practice, it
     preters in the industry published by   prepares you for the Language Line                 also prepares them for the Pharmacy
     the National Council of Interpreting   Interpreter Skills Test.                           Technician Certi cation Board Exami-
     in Health Care and other generally                                                        nation (PTCB), a nationally recognized
                                            40 HOURS                               $750
     accepted standards.                                                                       certi cation.
                                            SATURDAY & SUNDAY                 9 AM 1 PM
                                            JAN 16 MARCH 13                  ME112A 1SD
                                                                                               25 CLASSES; 75 HOURS            $639
                                            MARCH 20 MAY 22                  ME112A 2SD
                                                                                               TUESDAY & THURSDAY            6 9 PM
                                            BOOKS $120   TESTING FEE $125   TOTAL COST: $995
                                                                                               FEB 23 MAY 18             ME106 1THE

22                                                  THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                        SPRING 2010
                                                                                  kit. Upon completion of the course
   A TRAINED WORKFORCE IS A PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE…                                 you will receive your rst aid license,
  City College’s Adult and Continuing Education o ers Corporate Edu-              which is valid for three years.
  cation and Training. We o er on- and o -site training solutions to              2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                 $79
  businesses, non-pro t organizations and speci c industries, solutions           TUESDAY                   6:15 9:15 PM
  that cut costs and improve productivity.                                        JAN 19 & 26                  HF313 1TE
   STAY COMPETITIVE…                                                              2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                 $79
                                                                                  TUESDAY                   6:15 9:15 PM
  Whether it is a matter of proper assessment, training or retrain-
                                                                                  MAY 18 & 25                  HF313 2TE
  ing, our Corporate Education and Training Unit designs custom-
  ized programs for employers and employees who value personal
  and professional growth through education. For more information                 MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE
  email or call 212-650-7541.                                ASSISTANT
                                                                                  PRE REQUISITES: A GED/HS DIPLOMA
                                                                                  AND PASSING GRADE IN TYPING AND
                                                                                  PASSING GRADES IN MICROSOFT OFFICE
PRE REQUISITE:                        The value of this course is only un-
                                                                                  APPLICATIONS WORD, EXCEL .
PROOF OF CPR CERTIFICATION            derstood when it is needed—and
                                      then, it is priceless. This course          In just two semesters, this program
Always thought of becoming a per-
                                      teaches you the skills necessary to         prepares you for entry-level positions
sonal trainer? Now is your chance.
                                      care for an adult who has stopped           in doctors’ o ces, hospitals, health
This 6-week course gives you the
                                      breathing, is choking, is having a          insurance companies and medical
tools you need to enter the excit-
                                      heart attack or whose pulse has             billing services. You will learn key
ing and rewarding eld of personal
                                      stopped. On completion of the               skills for positions such as claims
training—including 18 hours of
                                      course you receive the adult CPR li-        processor, medical biller and coder,
“hands-on” practical training that
                                      cense, valid for one year.                  while also gaining a sound founda-
prepares you to work with cli-
                                                                                  tion in anatomy, physiology, medical
ents one on one. The topics cov-
                                      2 CLASSES; 6 HOURS                    $75   terminology and health insurance.
ered in this class include anatomy,
                                      TUESDAY                      6:15 9:15 PM
exercise physiology, nutrition,
                                      FEB 17 & 23                     HF312 1TE
musculoskeletal injuries, health                                                  CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:
screening and much more. The
class is o ered in partnership with
                                      CARDIOPULMONARY                             ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY
World Instructor Training Schools.
                                      RESUSCITATION                                                             You will learn the complexities of the
                                      GO TO PAGE 12 FOR DATES AND TIMES           human body’s structure and func-
6 CLASSES; 36 HOURS            $599
                                                                                  tions, as well as acquiring a general
SATURDAY                 10 AM 5 PM
                                      FIRST AID TRAINING                          understanding of the relationship
FEB 6 MARCH 13            HF304 1SD
                                      Medical emergencies happen, and             between the organ systems.
6 CLASSES; 36 HOURS            $599
                                        rst aid training is essential in deal-    8 CLASSES; 24 HOURS              $199
SATURDAY                 10 AM 5 PM
                                      ing with them quickly and e ec-             MONDAY & WEDNESDAY       6:15 9:15 PM
APRIL 10 MAY 15           HF304 2SD
                                      tively. In this course you will learn       JAN 25 FEB 22            ME102 1MWE
                                      to recognize and deal with emer-
                                      gencies, injures and sudden illness,
                                      and will practice several rst aid
                                      techniques with a training rst aid

212.650.7312                          WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     health care
     MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY AND                  all formatting requirements. You         MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE
     BASICS OF PHARMACOLOGY                   will polish your oral communica-         ASSISTANT/BILLING AND
     This is an overview of the body and
                                              tion skills so that you can e ectively   CODING SPCECIALIST
                                              serve your clients/patients.
     its major systems. In this course, you                                            PRE REQUISITES: A GED/HS DIPLOMA
     will learn to distinguish from among     5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS             $169     AND PASSING GRADE IN TYPING AND
     the ve drug schedules of controlled      FRIDAY                        6 9 PM     COMPUTER SKILLS PROFICIENCY TESTS.
     substances, and learn to understand      JAN 29 MARCH 5             ME115 1FE      B COMPUTER SKILLS AS EVIDENCED BY
     di cult medical terms by breaking                                                 PASSING GRADES IN MICROSOFT OFFICE
     them into basic components.              OVERVIEW OF THE                          APPLICATIONS WORD, EXCEL .
                                              HEALTH CARE SYSTEM
     7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS              $179
                                                                                       CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS:
     MONDAY & WEDNESDAY       6:15 9:15 PM    This is a general background on the
                                                                                       Complete all the courses above plus
     JAN 25 FEB 22            ME113 1MWE      health care system as it relates to
                                                                                       the course below:
                                              working in a medical environment—
     MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES                including the basic identi cation of
     AND MEDICAL RECORDS                      di erent types of medical institu-       MEDICAL CODING AND BILLING
                                              tions and o ces. Students will learn     CPT 4 AND ICD9 CM
     This course will provide you with a
                                              personal, professional, medical, le-
     broad background on medical lan-                                                  Through this course you will learn
                                              gal, and bioethical standards, as well
     guage. You will learn to identify the                                             to put the clinician’s ndings into a
                                              as the importance of safeguarding
     meaning of new word elements,                                                     numeric for using the International
                                              con dentiality (HIPPA compliance).
     and use these elements to under-                                                  Classi cation of Disease Manual (ICD-
                                              In addition, they will develop an un-
     stand medical terms. You will also                                                9). You will also be introduced to the
                                              derstanding of the term HMO, and be
     learn to de ne terms that apply to                                                Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-
                                              able to interpret the information con-
     the di erent structures of the hu-                                                4). This knowledge is basic for proper
                                              tained in a patient’s insurance card.
     man body.                                                                         billing and reimbursements.
                                              7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS             $179
     7 CLASSES; 21 HOURS              $179                                             We are an Approved Testing Site with
                                              FRIDAY                        6 9 PM
     MONDAY & WEDNESDAY       6:15 9:15 PM                                             the National Healthcareer Association.
                                              MARCH 12 APRIL 30          ME116 1SD
     MARCH 22 APRIL 12        ME114 1MWE

                                              BOOKKEEPING AND
                                              ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS
     CUSTOMER SERVICE                                                                  CERTIFIED BILLING & CODING
                                              This course will teach you the nan-      SPECIALIST CBCS
     In this course, you will become famil-
                                              cial terms and procedures involved       CERTIFIED MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE
     iar with the various types of written
                                              in operating a medical o ce prac-        ASSISTANT CMAA
     correspondence in a medical o ce.
                                              tice—including Income, Expenses
     At the conclusion, you will create a                                              6 CLASSES; 18 HOURS             $239
                                              and Accounts Receivable, as well
     block-style letter that conforms to                                               TUESDAY & THURSDAY            6 9 PM
                                              as Accrual Accounting, write-o
                                                                                       JAN 12 28                  ME201 THE
                                              adjustments and medical-business
      “It is always good to know              record maintenance.
                                                                                       GO TO PAGE 7 FOR INTRODUCTO
       that we are being taught by            5 CLASSES; 15 HOURS              $169    RY AND ADVANCED COMPUTER
        a working professional in             MONDAY & WEDNESDAY       6:15 9:15 PM    COURSES.

        our chosen eld.”                      APRIL 19 MAY 3           ME118 1MWE

             SPRING 2009 STUDENT

24                                                   THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                               SPRING 2010
CREDENTIALED                              THE OVERVIEW                                  PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF
ALCOHOLISM AND                            This course will look at the e ects
                                                                                        SUBSTANCE ABUSE
SUBSTANCE ABUSE                           of substance abuse as it relates to           This course will examine the physical
COUNSELOR CERTIFICATE                     the dynamics of family and its emo-           e ects of alcohol and drugs on the
PROGRAM                                   tional cycle. We will examine the             human body. Students will learn how
                                          physical e ects of substance abuse            the human body processes drugs.
                                          on the human body, and the various            Concepts discussed include: depen-
New York State requires, by regula-
                                          treatment modalities commonly uti-            dence, withdrawal, and tolerance.
tion, that certain percentages of ad-
                                          lized to initiate the recovery process.       We will then use this foundation to
diction sta be credential addiction
                                                                                        explore each classi cation of drugs,
professionals or quali ed health          7 CLASSES; 35 HOURS                  $399
                                                                                        including alcohol and tobacco. Signs
professionals. Our CASAC program          SATURDAY                        9 AM 2 PM
                                                                                        and symptoms of use, abuse, addic-
satis es the 350 hours (11 courses)       JAN 16 FEB 27                 CASAC12 1SD
                                                                                        tion, and withdrawal will be covered
of addiction-speci c education for        7 CLASSES; 35 HOURS                  $399     with each classi cation, providing
counseling. Addiction profession-         SATURDAY                        9 AM 2 PM     you with the knowledge to perform
als are considered best quali ed          MAY 1 JUNE 19                 CASAC12 1SD     screening and assessment.
for entry-level positions once they
achieve the Trainee level of certi -      ASSESSING AND TREATING THE                    7 CLASSES; 35 HOURS              $399
cation, which requires completion         DUALLY DIAGNOSED CLIENT                       SATURDAY                   9 AM 2 PM
of the addiction-speci c education.                                                     MARCH 6 APRIL 24          CASAC2 1WE
                                          This class is essential in order to un-
                                          derstand mentally ill patients who
THE THERAPEUTIC                           are also dually diagnosed as addicts.
RELATIONSHIP IN THE                       This course will review the complex
TREATMENT OF ALCOHOLISM                   manners in which drugs/alcohol af-
AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE                       fect the dually diagnosed client. We
                                                                                          INTERESTED IN
                                          will review the most common men-
                                                                                          BECOMING A CASAC
In this course you will study the rela-                                                   COUNSELOR?
tionship between counselor and cli-       tal illnesses and discuss counseling
ent. The concepts of transference and     guidelines and goal-setting strate-             Limited Number of
counter-transference, self-disclosure,    gies. And, the processes of referral            Scholarships Available
and clinical supervision will be thor-    and consultation as they relate to              for Quali ed Students!
oughly explained and role-played.         the treatment of the dually diag-
                                                                                          Call 212-650-7312 for
Con dentiality, the Canon of Ethical      nosed will be examined to illustrate
                                                                                          more information.
Principles and state and federal laws     the integration of disciplines need-
that enter into the counseling domain     ed for successful treatment.                    Internship placement included!
will be discussed.                        12 CLASSES; 36 HOURS                   $399
12 CLASSES; 36 HOURS              $399    MONDAY                         6:15 9:15 PM
WEDNESDAY                 6:15 9:15 PM    FEB 22 MAY 10                CASAC110 1ME
FEB 24 MAY 12            CASAC10 1WE

212.650.7312                              WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
     directions to
     city college campus
     BY TRAIN                                 BY CAR
     IRT #1 or #9 local to 137th Street       From the West Side: Westside High-              From the East Side: From the FDR or
     and Broadway; walk up 138th Street       way travelling north, exit at 125th             the Triborough Bridge to Harlem
     three blocks to Convent Avenue.          Street, right to Amsterdam Avenue;              River Drive, exit at 135th Street to
                                              left to 133rd Street right one block            end, turn right on St. Nicholas Av-
     IND “A” or ”D” express, or the “B” or
                                              to Convent Avenue.                              enue, then left onto 141st Street,
     “C” local to 145th Street and St.
                                                                                              make left on Convent Avenue to
     Nicholas Avenue, walk west one           From the Westside Highway traveling
     block to 145th Street and Convent        north or south: Exit at 125th Street,
     Avenue, then south to 138th Street.      cross Broadway, one block; left onto
     IRT #4 or #5 express or #6 local to      Amsterdam Avenue; right on onto
     125th Street and Lexington Ave-          133rd Street one block; left onto
     nue, change there for the M-100 or       Convent Avenue. THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK
                                                                   160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031

     M-101 bus to Amsterdam Avenue
     and 138th Street, walk east one
     block to Convent Avenue. Metro                                                                CCNY NORTH CAMPUS
                                                                      "                            141st Street - 135th Street
     North to 125th Street and Park Av-
     enue, change there for the M-100 or                                                           ST          STEINMAN HALL
     M-101 bus to Amsterdam Avenue
                                                                                                   BH          BASKERVILLE HALL
     and 138th Street, walk east one                                       "%
                                                                                                   CG          COMPTON-GOETHALS HALL
     block to Convent Avenue.
                                                       %(                                          SH          SHEPARD HALL
     Note: City College operates shuttle                     &'                                    HR          HARRIS HALL
     buses between the campus and the                                                              A           ADMINISTRATION BUILDING
     137th Street (Broadway) and 145th                                                             MR          MARSHAK HALL
     Street (St. Nicholas) subway stations.                               !(                       NA          NORTH ACADEMIC CENTER

     BY BUS                                                                                        WG          WINGATE HALL

     M-18 to 138th Street and Convent                                                              CCNY SOUTH CAMPUS
     Avenue.                                                                                       135th Street - 130th Street

     M-4 or M-5 to Broadway and 137th
                                                                                                   Y           Y BUILDING
     Street, walk up 138th Street three                                                                        FUTURE HOME OF THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE

     blocks to Convent Avenue.                                                                     D           AARON DAVIS HALL

     M-100 or M-101 to Amsterdam Ave-                                                              S           SCHIFF HOUSE
                                                                                                               EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTER
     nue and 138th, walk east one block                                             !"#
     to Convent Avenue.                                                                            P           NEW YORK STRUCTURAL
                                                                                                               BIOLOGY CENTER
     M-101 to 135th and Amsterdam                                                                  T           THE TOWERS
                                                                                                               RESIDENCE HALL
     Avenue and walk north to 138th
     Street, then east one block to Con-
     vent Avenue.                                                                                  CAMPUS MAP:
     BX-19 to 145th and Convent Ave-                                                               HTTP://WWW1.CCNY.CUNY.EDU/
     nue, walk south on Convent Avenue                                                             PROSPECTIVE/ABOUT/UPLOAD/
     to 138th Street.                                                                              CURRENTMAP07.PDF

26                                                    THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK                                                         SPRING 2010
    registration form
                                   FAX: 212.650.6614          WWW.CCNY.CUNY.EDU/ACE               PHONE: 212.650.7312
                                                       REGISTRATION FOR SPRING 2010
     LAST NAME                                                   FIRST NAME                                                    ____FEMALE   ____MALE
     CITY                           STATE                        ZIP                           E MAIL ADDRESS
     BEST NUMBER TO REACH YOU                                    BEST TIME TO REACH YOU

                                                                 ___ GED/HS ___ 2 YR COLLEGE ___ BA/BS ___ COLLEGE+
                                                                 ENROLLED IN ONE OF OUR
     ______ YES   ______ NO                                                                    CHECK ALL THAT APPLY
                                                                 CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS?

                                                                 ______ YES   ______ NO        ____ BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN

     IF YES, WHICH CERTIFICATE PROGRAM?                                                        ____ ASIAN/PACIFIC ISLANDER

     __ ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                               ____ WHITE/CAUCASIAN

     __ BOOKKEEPING & ACCOUNTING                                                               ____ HISPANIC/LATINO

     __ TEACHER’S ASSISTANT                                                                    ____ NATIVE AMERICAN/ESKIMO
                                                                 ARE YOU CURRENTLY
     __ CHILD CARE PROVIDER                                      A COLLEGE STUDENT AT:         ____ OTHER:___________________


     __ CASAC                                                    _____ CUNY                    HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?

     __ PHARMACY TECHNICIAN                                      _____ OTHER:_________         ___ ACE WEBSITE

     __ PHLEBOTOMY/EKG                                                                         ___ RECEIVED CATALOG IN MAIL

     __ GREEN CONSTRUCTION                                       IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME       ___ FRIEND/NEIGHBOR
                                                                 TAKING COURSES WITH
     __ OTHER:___________________                                                              ___ NEWSPAPER AD
                                                                 ADULT & CONTINUING
                                                                 EDUCATION/CCNY?               ___ BROCHURE/FLYER AT CCNY

     HAVE YOU FILED A CERTIFICATE                                ______ YES   ______ NO        ___ OTHER:_________________

     ______ YES   ______ NO

     NUMBER                         COURSE TITLE                                                                               FEE

                                                                       PAYMENT METHOD
     BY CREDIT CARD:                __ VISA   __ MASTERCARD   CARD #______________________________ EXP. DATE: ______/_______

                                         OR FAX THIS REGISTRATION TO: 212 650 6614

212.650.7312                                       WWW. CCNY. CUNY. EDU / ACE
                                              Non-Pro t Org.
                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                           New York, NY 10031
                                             Permit # 4462

NEW YORK, NY 10031

                                 LOGOS ARE FPO: ALL WILL BE EITHER
                                 BLACK OR KNOCK OUT ON GREEN BAR.

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