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If you've never before filed your own taxes, you may not know which forms you need
before you even get started. Picking these forms up in person means you're forced to
make a decision on the spot regarding what's right for your financial situation. Even if
you do come prepared with a list, you'll need to sift through stacks of similarly named
forms, hoping you wrote down the correct alphanumeric combination. Don't forget that
you must make sure these forms are picked up during "regular business hours", which is
most likely while you're working!

You're able to find the forms when your schedule allows for it. Instead of driving to the
post office which is 20 minutes from home, you'll spend less than one minute typing in a
web address. Filing your taxes is stressful enough without having to also worry about
how you're going to find the time to track down your forms. You may not realize there's a
hassle-free option available at your fingertips. Accessing your printable tax forms on the
Internet is an option that benefits you in so many ways.

If you aren't certain which forms are right for you, don't worry! Each form is described in
detail, making it easy for you to choose what's right. If you know the name of your form,
but don't see it listed at first glance, you can search the database, which will pull up your
form right away,

Before you begin searching for your forms right away, make sure you take the time to
look at everything the website offers you. At, you will
find hundreds of printable tax forms. They offer services well beyond printable tax forms.
This website can also serve as your guide for filing your taxes, as well as helping you
find the forms you need to get started.

One of the most popular forms you may be searching for is the 1040-EZ; named because
it's the easiest of the tax forms to follow and complete. Not everyone filing their taxes can
use this form, as you must meet the guidelines for filing status and income. These
guidelines are provided for you if you're uncertain about your qualifications. If you're not
able to file the 1040-EZ, chances are you'll need to find the printable version of the 1040
(standard or "long") tax form. This version is one that anyone can file, although those
with simple financial situations may use the 1040A.

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