Graphing Linear Equations

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					                      Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations

 Linear equations are basically the inseparable part of the algebra. As we all are very aware
that algebra is a collection of numbers and variables, where we need to find out the value of
the unknown variables. In the linear equations we study the behavior of the algebraic
equations in which each term is either a constant value or a single variable.

In the linear equations we simply need to find the value of the variable to satisfy the equation
true. Linear equations can contain more than one variable. In a more specific form linear
equations are the equations in the form of variable.

The need of linear equations is to find out the value of the variables. To read and know more
about these equations we must go for Graphing Linear Equations Worksheet In the common
behavior of linear equations with two variables a and b can be represents as with the constant

     b = ma + z

In the above equations m and z are the constant variables. Here ‘m’ refers to the slope value
of a straight line in the linear equations. In the same manner z refers to the point of at which
the line crosses the y axis of the graph, sometime this is known as y-intercept.
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In the general form of linear equations can be written as:

ax + by + c = 0,

In the above format a and b both values must be nonzero. When the solution of the equations
is put into the graphs then it generate the straight line, which is generated on the available

In the general term, we can say that to solving an equation refers to find out the value of
unknown variable. So to perform the task of solving linear equations we need to undo
whatever has been done to the variables. We can show you this process by the following
given example:

Example: Solve the linear equations y + 5 = - 3?

Solution: In the above equations we need to find the value of y. In this we need to always
remember that the value of unknown variable should be put on the either left side or right side
but not both side. In the above example we can see that y is the unknown variables with
number 5 on the left hand side.


 One more thing we need to remember that final value should be identical and must be related
to unknown variables.

So, in the above example we need to simplify the left hand side of linear equation. This can be
solved by subtracting 5 from both side of the equations. Lets show you below:


From the execution of the above expression result will be:

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So, we can say that the value of y = -8.

Linear equations can involve more than two variables. The linear equations with the nth
variables are:

 a1x1 + a2x2 + ………..+ anxn = b

In the above form of linear equations a1, a2, up to an are called as coefficient of the equations
and x1, x2 up to xn are consider as a variables.                                                     Page No. :- 4/4
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