Apple Claiming $2.525 Billion from Samsung by CalifaBerks


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									Apple Claiming $2.525 billion from Samsung
Apple may have garnered $8.8 billion profit last quarter, but this good news has come along
with another challenge for Apple against its tough Competitor (Samsung). Apple which to claim
a $2.525 billion of damages in its battle against South Korea’s Tech Giant Samsung Electronics
Co. Over patent infringement for technology used in the iPhone and iPad.

The estimated $2.525 billion was revealed in the federal court in San Jose, California by U.S.
district (Pre-siding Judge, Judge Lucy Koh), filed six days before the world’s largest electronics
producing company are scheduled on a trial to begin on July 30.

Samsung is facing copy infringement as Apple strongly says Samsung’s Tablet and Smartphone
were based on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. In its lawsuit, Apple also said Samsung owes them
“substantial monetary damages” for it illegally copied Apple products and then enters the tech
market and then compete.

Apple said, Samsung has been unjustly enriched – by depriving Apple of $500 million of profit
and $25 million of reasonable royalty damages and an undisclosed amount of estimated $2
billion, a whopping total of $2.525 billion. Apple plans for permanent injunction to stop future
violations. Of which weeks ago, Apple filed ownership to some of their intellectual properties for
it not to be infringed like One Patent in particular -- No. 8,223,134: "Portable electronic device,
method, and graphical user interface for displaying electronic lists and documents".

"Granted, the latest addition to the Cupertino-based tech giant's stable of intellectual property
could be the mother of all Smartphone software patents," writes Phandroid's Kevin Krause.
"The effects could be swift and lethal."

Last March 3, 2012, A German court has dismissed patent lawsuits filed by the South Korean
Tech Company and also filed patent lawsuits by the Cupertino, California-based company. It has
been many years since these 2 Giants has been battling it out to become the World’s most
supreme Smartphone and Tablet producer in the computer market.

Now Apple and Samsung is up it again.

After Apple filing lawsuit against Samsung in a Federal Court, Samsung Counter-filed a lawsuit
Accusing Apple but this time not about copy infringement, Samsung accused Apple of Stifling
legitimate competition and limiting choices for consumers to maintain or gain more profit by
eliminating their competitors.
In its filing, Apple claiming more than $31 unit to reasonable royalty rates. Inclusion of $24 for
use of Apple’s trade dress rights and design patents,” $2.02 for bounce feature, $2.02 for “tap to
zoom” feature, and $3.10 for Scrolling feature (Patent) plus Apple stating remedy of Which
entitled over its “declared-essential patents” should only limit to one-half of one cent per unit of
those patents infringed by Samsung.

It is expected, If iPhone 5 will be released, Samsung will come up with a similar functioning
smartphone. It might give fans the option to throw away their smartphone or sell your cell
phone at online refurbishing websites and then either buy Apple or Samsung Smartphones.

Last week in a court-supervised mediation, participated by Samsung Executives and Apple CE
Tim Cook tried to resolve the case with a resolution but both did not end up with an agreement.
Would this result to another dismissal like what happened in Germany and then appeal again its
lawsuit with a Higher Court.

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