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        October issue:                                   August & September 2012
 Thursday 20th September 2012                email:

Sincere apologies to everyone but we have taken the decision to
cancel this year’s show. We reckon that gardeners would really
struggle to put together entries in this non-summer we are
experiencing. There are possibly some things thriving in the damp but
most veggies and flowers are struggling. Pollination has not been
good and fruit blossom was damaged by hail early on so there are
fewer apples and plums etc.
We have had a great time running the Produce Show but most of the committee have
served a long time - up to 17 years and we would like to pass it on to a new group.
The Produce Show belongs to the village and needs new blood and enthusiasm. If
you think you can assemble a group or assist in any way please do come forward and
contact any of the people below. We have time on our side and there can be plenty of
advice and expertise if wanted so please don’t hold back - the show must go on…
There is always an urgent need to finance charities involved in supporting those
suffering from cancer. As a group we still wish to raise funds for cancer charities and
intend to repeat the Christmas Bazaar & may think of other ways in the future.
Contact details of the organising committee members are as follows:-
    ALISON BARRETT                 Manor Farm, Little Clanfield (810543)
    MARY BUCKINGHAM                71 Mill Lane, Clanfield (810419)
    CAROLINE CRISP                 The Grange, Bourton Rd (810452)
    LIZ GAERTNER                   8 High House Close (810465)
    SUE HORGAN                     4 High House Close (810184)
    JANE MACPHERSON                Culfre Barn, Bampton Road (810125)
    JUDY SCOTCHER                  Chestnut Grove, Bampton Road (810455)

Clanfield Festival Art Exhibition 2012
The fourth Clanfield Summer Exhibition took place in the Carter Institute over the
weekends of 23/4th June and 30th June/1st July as part of the Midsummer
Celebrations. It was a most enjoyable event. We had a good number of visitors over
the two weekends and the comments we received during the exhibition were all very
encouraging. Visitors were delighted to see such talent in the village. Whilst we did
not have as many Artists taking part this year we still had a very good exhibition with a
variety of styles and mediums on display. The children from the Primary School took
part with work on the theme of the Olympics. It was lovely to see the way the children
had interpreted the theme in very imaginative and colourful ways. The Primary School
enjoyed visiting the show on the middle Thursday. We hope that it gave them
inspiration and encouragement and who knows perhaps will take part sometime in the
This year we raised after expenses a total of £47.43 for village projects. Always a
popular part of the event is the opportunity to vote for your favourite work of art. The
votes have now been counted and the results are as follows:-
For the Adult prize, Melvyn Cole’s lovely painting of Lyme Regis was voted the
favourite by the visitors.
For the Children’s prize, Harriet Gross’s picture of the Equestrian Olympics was the
children’s Favourite.
Well done to both of them.
                                                                            Peter Farley
                                                           Clanfield Festival Committee

    Clanfield Litter-Pick
                                                   Help in Extreme
The Parish Council are organising a
litter pick throughout the village on         I am told that the flood boards being
Saturday 15th September starting @            installed by WODC are quite heavy and
9.30am. High viz vests and litter pickers     that some residents may have trouble in
will be provided. If you think you might      installing them if there is a real threat of
be able to help with this then please         being flooded. If this is the case, please
contact Angela Peel on 810798 so I can        contact with me on 810455 or Lynda
get a rough idea of numbers and put           Scott, Clerk to the PC, on 810606 with
teams together. We would be grateful for      your name and address and you will be
any help we can get, grownups and kids        added to the list of those already known
alike to keep this village looking            to require additional help.
beautiful. Many thanks in advance to all                             Cllr Chris Scotcher
those who attend.

St. Stephen’s Church Flower Festival
I would like to congratulate all the Church Flower Ladies for the magnificent displays
which depicted the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Such dedication to detail and love of
the art deserves to be recognised. The Church looked really superb and the variety
of events etc. connected with the Royal Family were extremely well presented. I feel
sure all visitors appreciated the tremendous effort involved. The village is so lucky to
have this beautiful Church and such a dedicated group of people to look after it.
Thank you.
Yvonne Cox (nee Farmer) Flower Festival – “Sixty Glorious Years”
The flower festival this year was visited by lots of people who appreciated beautiful
flowers. There were some lovely remarks in the visitors’ book and also by people as
they looked round the church. Many thanks to Barbara Brooks, Mary Buckingham,
Pauline Burbidge, Julie Horne, Sherry Hudson, Carol James, Marilyn Kipps, Fiona
Massie, Kate O’Donnell, Barbara Peacey, Ruby Riches, Liz Stevens, and Elaine
Grateful thanks to ancie Greatrex for organising the refreshments, to everyone who
made delicious cakes, to those who helped in the kitchen, and to John Greatrex who
helped welcome our visitors.
Also this year many thanks to Maggie Fitzpatrick for the backdrop of Buckingham
Palace and to Peter Farley for the backdrop of the Tower of London – they are
beautiful. Special thanks to all the pupils of Clanfield C of E Primary School and
helpers, for the lovely handmade bunting, which was much admired. If you came and
supported us in any way, thank you.
                                                                            Sue Morris

Bell Restoration
Appeal                                           HARVEST FESTIVAL
A leaflet giving full details of the work       ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH
required will be circulated in every           SUNDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER
household in the Clanfield. It is hoped
that everyone who is able to contribute                 10.30am
to this appeal will do so. No major work
has been done on the bells for 100                Come and celebrate
years, and it would be great to keep
them in good and safe working order. A
                                              Harvest Festival with us as
bone china mug has been made to help          the Reverend David Lloyds
with the fund raising. These are
available in the church at a price of £6.        leads the village in a
Please put in the marked envelopes.
Thank you.                                     Service of Thankfulness.
                              Liz Stevens
St. Stephen’s Church
The Flower Festival saw our mediaeval church bedecked most royally in a wonderful
series of arrangements depicting key events or constituents of the reign of Queen
Elizabeth II. These included Jubilee Beacons, Maundy Thursday, the Jubilee River
Pageant, a Royal Garden Party and many, many more. Thank you so much to the expert
and creative ladies who devote so much time to our annual Flower Festival and
especially to Sue Morris who co-ordinates and oversees the whole event. Well done!
Overall, the Feast Weekend saw £943 donated to St. Stephen’s, which is very much
appreciated. However, the church is increasingly incurring more expenses to maintain
our beautiful building and grounds, and we would encourage as much generosity as
Sunday 15th July saw the annual Service in the School. A good number of people came
together this year to sing enthusiastically, and we all enjoyed the lovely performance by
the children of the tale of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse – a salutary lesson for
us all! Thank you very much to Jane Lloyd and the staff and children of Clanfield Primary
School, and to the Rev. David Lloyd, for planning and preparing the service.
We bid a fond farewell to Jane Lloyd who has been headmistress at Clanfield Primary
School for 15 years and is now taking retirement. There was a lovely surprise good-bye
party for her on Friday 13th July – one of the few sunny dry evenings this summer –
which was very well attended and a clear testament to the high regard in which Jane is
held by colleagues, pupils, parents and the wider village community. The school has
grown and has gone from strength to strength under her leadership and she will be much
missed. Both our vicar, David Lloyd, and various Foundation governors over the years
have enjoyed working with her. We wish her a long and enjoyable retirement.
Looking forward to September – hopefully we will have had a proper summer by then –
Sunday 16th September is the date of our Harvest Festival service. This is another
opportunity to see the church looking at its festive best and to give thanks for what the
year has brought us thus far – do come along!
Please note, there will be no Monday lunches during August. They start again on
Monday 10th September, 12noon – 1.30pm in the Carter Institute. All welcome.

Services in August and September
Sunday 5th August:           10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 12th August:         9.15am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. Tessa
Sunday 15th August:         10.30am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David
Sunday 26th August:          10.30am Morning Worship, led by Dennis Piper.
Sunday 2nd September:       10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 9th September:       9.15am Holy Communion Service, led by Rev. David
Sunday 16th September:      10.30am Harvest Thanksgiving Service, led by Rev.
                            David Lloyd.
Sunday 23rd September:      10.30am Family Service, TBC.
Sunday 30th September:      10.30am United Parish Eucharist at Lew Church, led by
                            Rev. David Lloyd. Please note: there will be no service in
                            St. Stephen’s this Sunday.
                                                                          Judith Hillier

                           PATRICK STRAINGE
                               QUALITY MEAT
                           FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
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     Nick Rowland
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    Charles                                           NO CALL OUT
                                                     CHARGE WITHIN
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          (Clanfield) 01367 810457 or Mobile 07760 170625

 Clanfield W.I.
 No cakes, jam or Jerusalem at Clanfield WI’s July meeting but a
 stimulating and very informative presentation on Fusion Energy given
 Robin Stafford Allen from Culham Science Centre. With increasing
 energy demands, concerns over climate change and limited supplies
 of fossil fuels mean that the world needs to find new, cleaner ways of
 powering itself. Nuclear fusion – the process that provides the sun’s energy – can
 play a big part in our sustainable energy future. At Culham and around the world,
 scientists and engineers are working together to make clean energy from fusion.
 Culham is where the UK’s national fusion programme co-exists with JET, the world’s
 largest fusion device, which is operated for scientists from around Europe under the
 European Fusion Development Agreement. For further details go to www.fusion- Just one of the many facts presented is that the amount of lithium
 contained in a laptop battery, combined with less than half a bathtub of water, can
 provide enough fusion fuel to supply the average European person’s total energy
 needs for 30 years!
 July also saw a Saturday outing to Cotswold Lavender at Hill Barn Farm, Snowshill,
 Worcestershire. A number of us went and greatly enjoyed seeing the fields of
 lavender and hearing how Charlie Byrd had transformed his farm with the
 introduction of the lavender business. The farm is well equipped for visitors: with a
 gift shop and a tea room serving delicious refreshments. It was particular lovely as
 Charlie’s wife, Claire, used to live and ring bells in Clanfield, and we enjoyed seeing
 her and their new baby daughter, Alice, again.
 French cooking and eating will be the subject of the August meeting to be held on
 Tuesday 14 August at 7.30 pm at the Carter Institute when our speaker is Marie-
 Noelle Witty. In September, Eleanor Greene will be coming to speak about the work
 of the Air Ambulance. Visitors are welcome – or ring Raena
 on 01367 810604.
                                                                           Liz Stevens

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry
monthly payments scheme
boiler servicing                                            Brize Norton                                       01993 851122

Clanfield looks lovely; do you ever wonder how that happens?
The maintenance of open spaces in this village is a very costly business for the
Parish Council and, but for the commitment and ongoing hard work of a few residents,
cost pressures would likely result in increases in local Council Tax.
Did you know that a few men in our village are saving us thousands of pounds every
year? From as early as March, through to November they cut grass on:
•   The Playground area on the Recreation Ground
•   Both Village Greens
•   The Bowling Green at the Carter Institute
•   All grass on the non road side of the Brook from the Tavern to the Institute
•   The road side grass both sides of Main Street from the Tavern to the Post Office
•   The roadside grass from the Football Club to High house (except Windmill Barn,
    who cut their own frontage)
Weather permitting, they do this on a weekly basis and, given recent weather
conditions this must have been quite a challenge!!
So, who are these Unsung Heroes to whom we are indebted?
                                Glyn James - co-ordinator
                 Peter Farley                               Clive Clark
                 Giles Haughton                             Craig Godfrey
                 Phil Smith                                 Andrew Bradley
…and there is someone else we must not forget…
Patrick Edwards, who keeps the Recreation Ground grass cut regularly to make it a
pleasant place to play and to walk.
On your behalf and particularly on behalf of the Parish Council we need to say a huge
thank you to these wonderful people.

Should any of you be prepared to give 2 or 3 hours per week on a rota basis (about 5
times a year) to help with this enormous task, Glyn would be happy to hear from you;
full operator training is given before any new volunteer uses the mower.
                                       Thank you
                                                                           Lynda Scott
                                                      Clerk to Clanfield Parish Council

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Dog theft rumours
Over the past few weeks I have had a number of anxious dog owners call me about
stories they have heard about puppies and small dogs being stolen in this area. I
contacted Thames Valley Police who confirmed the following.
    There have been no incidents at all in Clanfield
    There is no evidence of any increase at all in the area
    There was an incident of 2 dogs stolen from a kennel in Faringdon in May
    There was one attempt to steal a dog in Bampton in 2010
    In general, there has been a small increase in the theft of trained working dogs
    over Oxfordshire as a whole but not in West Oxfordshire.
I have also spoken to Colin Davis, the PCSO for Clanfield and he has asked that we
remain vigilant and contact him should we have any concerns, particularly regarding
suspicious vans parked in and around the village.
You may wish to sign up to the Thames Valley Community messaging service where
you will receive regular accurate information from the police regarding this sort of
Community Police contact details for Clanfield residents:
                            PCSO Colin Davies 6584,
           Bampton Area, Carterton Police Station, Extension 7633950

Clanfield Football Club
I have been working to try and put as many as possible of Clanfield's league results
since they joined the Hellenic League into a spreadsheet. So far I have managed to
get all of the results from 1979/80 to 2011/12 inclusive, as well as those for 1973/74,
1975/76 and 1977/78.
I have 23 of the 30 results for 1976/77 and 11 of the 32 results for 1974/75, although
in the latter season I have a good idea of some of the missing results. However as
things stand I have nothing for 1978/79 or 1967/68 to 1972/73, although if anyone has
any records which I am missing I would appreciate hearing from them.
I have also looked at our overall league record against certain teams, and have done
so for all the other clubs who will be in Division 1 West next season as well as other
regular opponents.
From the information I have compiled I have observed the following.
1)   Our two best league victories over the period were 9-1 against Hazells (Home
     1973/74) and Letcombe (away 1996/97). It is possible that in our first six
     seasons of Hellenic League football that we might have emulated this, but I do
     not have records for these years.
2)   Our two heaviest defeats over this period were 9-0 against Thame (away in
     1994/95) and Wantage (away in 1991/92). We also conceded 9 goals in games
     against Bicester, Sharpness and Cheltenham Saracens, but on these occasions
     we managed to score. I doubt whether we had any defeats of this magnitude
     during the missing years.
                                                                       Malcolm Clarke

      Parish Council:
New Code of Conduct                                     MALC NEWMAN
I am required to advise you that the new       FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
Code of Conduct adopted by West                           TRACKS ETC
Oxfordshire District Council has been           VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                                                  BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
adopted for members and co-opted
                                                        TEL: 01367 810558
members of Clanfield Parish Council                     MOB: 07984 602093
with effect from 1 July 2012. This                  E-MAIL
replaces the previous code of conduct.             OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                                                 (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )
                            Lynda Scott
                            Parish Clerk

Wise Memories - Commerce in Clanfield
When, in 1940, I came to live near Clanfield there were four shops in the village; the
bakery run by Mr and Mrs Skuse and what good bread they sold as well as a few
groceries. Then there was an excellent grocer's shop run by Mr and Mrs Eeles and
later by their nephew Mr Jimmy Eeles. Next to the Tavern, then called the Mason's
Arms there was a shop selling newspapers, cigarettes and a little drapery run by Mr
and Mrs 'Pip' Horne. The fourth shop was on the Bampton Road run by a Mr Ford and
at that time it was both a grocery and the Post Office.
The main employer in the village was Knapp's Works, their buildings still stand out
because they are built with red brick. I believe they employed about 40 men; you
would see them streaming out on the dot of twelve, some on bikes, when the hooter
went signalling the dinner hour. The hooter went again at one o'clock to call them
back to work. I think, but I am open to correction, the iron foundry there made rails,
tram rails? I do know that they became famous for their agricultural seed drills,
Knapp's Seed Drills, they were popular and sold well.
 At that time my husband, who was a farmer, and I used to take a holiday, weather
permitting, in Cornwall, down on the Lizard peninsular. We hired a little cottage
situated at the bottom of a very narrow lane. If you met another car coming the other
way, you had to back into the nearest
gateway. One day we came face to face            Planning a Party, or maybe you
with a horse pulling an agricultural            would just like to have friends or
implement behind it, we backed and                family to stay and are short of
backed until there was room for them -           space; why not book a room at
driver, horse etc. to pass us. As they did              your local B & B?
so my husband exclaimed, "My
goodness, look at that, a Knapp's Seed              WHEELGATE HOUSE
If I remember rightly the Knapp family            BED AND BREAKFAST
lived in Clanfield for over 300 years.
Quoting from Ernest Pocock's book ‘A
History of Clanfield in Oxfordshire’ -
"The Knapp family now became
important in the village....the first
mention of a Knapp or Napp was               Elizabeth Gooddy, Wheelgate House,
George Napp who died in 1696 at Friars             Market Square, Bampton,
Court. Of this family part became shop              Oxfordshire, OX18 2JH
owners and pub owners”
                                              Tel: 01993 851151 / 07747 466151
                           Dorothy Wise        email:

The Players returned to Pre-Season Training on Tuesday, June 26th 2012. The first
session consisted of a lengthy road run in the vicinity of Clanfield followed by some
fitness work back at the ground. The remaining sessions have been at Bampton
Recreation Ground. It is always difficult at this stage of the Season to assess the
strength or otherwise of the squad because the tendency nowadays is for players to
move around to see what is on offer at each Club. This severely restricts Clubs who
do not offer any payment as is the case with Clanfield 85 Football Club. A number of
last Season’s regulars have re-signed for the Club and there will no doubt be a
number of new arrivals prior to the start of the League Season.
By the time that you read this the Club will have played a number of Pre-Season
Friendlies. The first was on Saturday, July 21st 2012 at Pewsey Vale Football Club,
followed by a visit to Kidlington on Tuesday, July 24th 2012 and a visit to Tucker Park,
Faringdon to meet our regular pre-Season rivals Faringdon Town Football Club on
Friday, July 27th 2012. Additionally the Quarter-Finals of the Club’s popular Jim
Newman Memorial Cup will have taken place at Radcot Road. The Semi-Finals were
due to take place on July 31st 2012 and August 1st 2012 and the Final on Sunday,
August 5th 2012, kick-off 4 p.m. All of the games are played at Clanfield.
The Club appointed new Reserve Team Managers but unfortunately within a few days
of taking up their posts the proposed incumbents informed the Club that work
commitments would prevent them from fulfilling the task of Reserve Team
Management. At the present time the position of Reserve Team Manager has not
been filled and in the light of the attendance at training so far of Reserve Team
potential players then sadly the future of the Reserve Team is in doubt.
The Club were not admitted to the FA Cup for this Season. This was on ground
grading criteria and the position that the Club finished in the League the Season
before. Only the top six are considered and we finished eighth. We would also have
failed on ground grading criteria but during the close season steps have been taken to
carry out the necessary improvements to the ground in order for us to achieve the
necessary ground grading.
The Club have been drawn away to Thame United in the FA Challenge Vase. This
match will be played on Saturday, September 1st 2012, kick-off 3 p.m.
In the League Floodlit Cup the Club have been given a bye in the First Round and will
be away to the winners of the tie between Maidenhead United and Binfield in the
Second Round. The League Challenge Cup sees the Club drawn at home to Purton
who play in the same League as us with the winners away to Rayners Lane. The
Reserve Team have been drawn at home to Burnham in the First Round of the
Chairman’s Reserve Challenge Cup with the winners at home to the winners of the tie
between Shrivenham Town Reserves and Cheltenham Saracens Reserves. We have
also been given a home draw in the Faringdon Thursday Memorial Cup. We play
Letcombe, who also play in the same League as us, on Tuesday, August 7th 2012 with

the winners to entertain the winners between Shrivenham Town Reserves and South
Marston on Monday, August 13th 2012.
The League Season proper gets under way on Saturday, August 11th 2012, although
some Clubs who are in the FA Cup have been given games in the week commencing
Monday, August 6th 2012 just to give them a competitive fixture before embarking on
the road to Wembley. We do not have a game on the first real day of the Season but
open with a home match on Tuesday, August 14th 2012 against Old Woodstock Town
followed by New College Swindon (home) on August 18th, Wootton Bassett Town
(away) on August 21st, Carterton (away) on August 25th and Fairford Town (home) on
August 27th (Bank Holiday). The Saturday matches will kick-off at 3 p.m. and that
includes the Bank Holiday fixture. The mid-week matches kick-off at 7.45 p.m.
In addition to the installation of extra seating and hard standing around the perimeter
of the playing area the Club have appointed a Sub-Committee to deal with alterations
to the dressing-room accommodation. A meeting has taken place with an Architect
and he is in the process of drawing up initial plans. All of this will cost us money and
we are embarking on a funding raising crusade. Firstly there is a Prediction
Competition. Participants are invited to give their predictions for certain happenings
in the Football Season 2012/13, for example predicting the Premier League Winners
and Runners-up and the three Clubs to be relegated, the Championship Winners and
Championship Play-Off Winners, League One Winners, League Two Winners, FA Cup
Winners, League Cup Winners, Champions League Winners and Europa League
Winners. The entry fee is £5 and the prize money will be exactly 50% of the takings.
If therefore we can get 200 people involved the prize would be £500! Details can be
obtained from any Club Committee Member or at the Clubhouse and most players
have copies of the entry form as well. The closing date for entries in September 1st.
On August 10th 2012 there will be a Race Night in the Clubhouse. The first race is at
8 p.m. On August 25th 2012 there will be a Quiz Night in the Clubhouse. This begins
at 8.30 p.m. This promises to be a special quiz because the questions will be set by
none other than by the Club Chairman John Osborne. Be there! Everyone is of
course very welcome to attend these functions.
The regular Monday Night Bingo will continue and all are welcome to attend that.
The Club would very much appreciate the support for the Team on match days. Our
new Manager Chris Hurley and his Team have been making big efforts to get the
players really fit and to bring in new players to supplement those who did so well in
the previous two Seasons and he deserves every support.

          Where have the village signs gone?!
You may have noticed that the village signs at the entrances to Clanfield have
‘disappeared’. No, not taken by metal thieves!!; the Parish Council has arranged for
them to be refurbished and they will be back very soon in pristine condition.
                                                                           Lynda Scott
                                                                           Parish Clerk
The Clanfield Pumpkin Show will be held at the Carter Institute on the afternoon
of Saturday 27th October. This year there will be the following:-
       Carved pumpkin competitions.
       Largest pumpkin competitions.
       Fancy dress competition.
       Various activities and stalls.

 The Christmas Shopping evening will be held at the Carter Institute on Saturday
 24th November. This year the evening will have a Christmas market theme to it,
  with stands both indoors and outdoors. There will be the following at the event
             Gift stalls.
             Santa’s Grotto.
             Chocolate Tombola
             Chestnut stall
            To book a table please contact Melanie on 01367 810114.

 Look out for more information for both events in the October edition of the

                              APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
           A PHONE CALL
               AWAY           ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                              CLANFIELD               01367 810512
                              MOBILE                  07711 427497

                     WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                         Monday Drop-in Lunches
For children in the age range 2–5 at the      Drop in at the Carter Institute every
Methodist Church Hall. Open every             Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
Monday to Friday from 8.45am - 2.45pm         Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
during term-time. Call Jane Brown on          of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
01367 860848 (home) or 01367 810365           and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
(pre-school) for details                      Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Clanfield Baby & Toddlers                    Historical Society
Every Wednesday at the Carter Institute       Monthly meetings between October and
from 10.00am until 11.30am. Contact           May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
Sharon 07776 252314 or Simone 07914           Details from Alan Smith on 01367
539613                                        810245
     Women’s Institute                            Carter Institute
Meetings are held every second                For bookings contact Mrs.            Kate
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the      O’Donnell on 01367 810440
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
the meeting will be on display in the Post        Art Classes
Office and village notice boards. All         Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
welcome. Contact Heather Clarke, 12           details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on
Manor Lane, Clanfield 01367 810655.           810553
     Mobile Library Service
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield             A C Smart Tiling
every other Thursdays; by the Church            Reliable and Professional Service
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
                                                    from 18 years experience.

     Bell Ringing                                   For the fixing of Ceramic,
                                                  Porcelain, Mosaic, Terracotta,
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.            Slate, Marble, Natural Stone
New ringers always welcome. Contact                       and Glass Tiles.
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367                    All work guaranteed.
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
01367 810587                                        Free quotes, tile quantity
      Snooker Club                              calculations and advice available
                                                       with no obligation.
7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in                    01993 851694
the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
Rawlinson on 01367 810265                                    Adrian Smart
Email             1 Primrose Cottage, Weald, Bampton

                                     Advertising Rates
                                       (as from April 2006)
                         Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
                         ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)    £12.00
                         ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
   For straight                      (60 x 85 mm)
                         Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)
 forward advice              Adverts can be sent by email in either
                             MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.

   on buying,              Email letters and articles to:
selling or letting
                          Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
  property, call          Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
                           Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
                         (all handwritten articles must have a contact
                                 name and telephone number)
01993 771077                             Treasurer:                  Jan Smith,
                               12 High House Close, Clanfield
                                     For general queries
                                       please contact:
                               Liz Gaertner    01367 810465
                               Caroline Hudson 01367 810452
                               Charles Willmer 01367 810206
                         The WHAT? would like to remind
                         readers that it does not accept
                         responsibility for the content of
                         any article printed. Views printed
                         are solely those of the contributor.
                         The WHAT? will publish all
                         contributors’ names unless
                         anonymity is specifically
                         requested. Anonymous articles
                         and or letters will not be printed.
                         The WHAT? reserves the right to
                         edit any article, where
                         appropriate, according to the
                         available space.
     Spring into Summer and visit
              The Plough
                    Gin Pantry
     22 different Gins (and growing) with lots of
                  interesting tonics.

         Why not try them all (not at once of course)

         Bar and Restaurant menu available
        From casual dining to private dining
              Children’s menu available
        Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

             The Plough Hotel and Restaurant
                 Bourton Road, Clanfield
                     01367 810222


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