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									 The NCAA Football landscape is changing
 and knowledgeable College Football picks
can make an experienced sports bettor a lot
of money throughout the season and here's
  why. Over the past 5 years most College
  Football teams have gone to a pro style
 offense which is very appealing to talented
  recruits coming out of high school which
    means the most talented players are
choosing to play on the offensive side of the

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How can you turn this into money? If you take a look at the top 25
teams in the country you will see that the majority of these teams
have the best players on offense which means the defenses are
overmatch week after week which means a sport bettor can cash in
by betting totals NCAA Football is unlike the NFL where every team
has talented players and can win on any giving week
 Due to the fact that talent is so spread out in College Football with
so many teams, an experienced sports bettor can spot a teams
strengths and weakness in which you can ride all the way to the
bank throughout the season especially when they are playing inferior
talent These teams that are deficient on defense won't win National
Championships but these College Football picks will put money in
your pocket through the 2010 College Football season
 There are stats to back up this tend although you must be able to
identify these teams and right situations in order to cash in with your
College football Picks and here are just a few teams to be aware of:
Florida State who is the #20th ranked team in the country has one of
the best quarterbacks in all of College Football with Christian Ponder
 Ponder completed an amazing 68 percent of his passes and threw
for 2,717 yards although he was injured in the ninth game of the
season while the Seminoles return 10 players on an offensive that
scored over 40 points in five games last season and over 30 points
in four games
 This team will be even better this year on offense as it returns all
five players on their offensive line while the defense was one of the
worst in the country ranked 110th in overall total defense last season
 You can count on this high powered offense to put points on the
board all season while they will give up a ton of points to teams that
can score which will give you plenty opportunity to cash in betting the
over in the right spot this year
 Another team to watch is the #19 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks who
are led by one of the nation's best coaches and offensive minds in
Football with Bobby Petrino This offense is just loaded at every skill
position as Petrino calls the plays running a fast break type of
offenses that fills the scoreboard Expert Free Football Picks of with
 The Razorbacks quarterback Ryan Mallet set school records by
throwing for 3,624 yards and 30 touchdowns and is a legitimate
Heisman trophy winner while he has a plethora of skill players
around him and an offensive that returns four players from last
season The Razorbacks scored over 40 points seven times scoring
less than 30 points only one time last season and they will be much
better in 2010
 The defense on the other hand was atrocious as they ranked last in
the SEC giving up 248 yards a game against the pass
 With the Razorbacks playing in the SEC conference where they
have teams that can score at will with top notch quarterbacks, you
can make plenty of money all season betting the over in the right
spot with your NCAAF Picks
Expert Free Football Picks

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