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									                                       Santa Clara County Collaborative
                                     on Affordable Housing and Homeless

                                       Housing Committee Meeting Minutes
                                            United Way, room 102, 1922 The Alameda
                                                         March 28, 2007

Members Present: Bob Dolci, Timothy Hellmann, Kelly Hemphill (for Jennifer Loving),
Kristie Kesel, Arlette Musallam, Sandy Perry, Bonnie Reed-Zander, Cecilia Rios, Denise Scovel,
Phyllis Ward.

The meeting began at 9:05 a.m. with introductions. The minutes of the February 28, 2007
meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Review of Work on Outcomes
1. Bonnie presented the draft of the proposed Goals and Activities. She stressed the following:
   the importance that our goal statement and our work should emphasize what we are able to
   accomplish and not the number of ELI units that we have not been able to achieve; the key
   indicators should be determined by each subcommittee; and the real work will be done by the
   subcommittees according to the areas of work. After discussion, the following revised goal
   statement was approved: “The CHC acknowledges the need for increasing the number of ELI
   permanent housing units in Santa Clara County by 2,500 units, as stated in Keys to Housing:
   A 10-year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in Santa Clara County, and is committed to
   working with the community to accomplish this.” All agreed with the need for delineating
   this goal according to the three stated Activities and that they need to be defined in a way that
   will help guide the work of the subcommittee members.
2. After discussing proposed definitions of the Activities that will determine the subcommittee
   work, the members present approved the following:
   a) Advocacy: “Inspire the appropriate public officials to increase their political will to
       increase the development of ELI housing and housing for the homeless.”
   b) Monitoring: “Research the appropriate data related to affordable housing units needed for
       ELI, VLI and LI individuals, population shifts in Santa Clara County, and the affordable
       housing units in the pipeline--based upon an established baseline and updated annually.”
   c) Public Awareness: “Provide public education through supporting and working with the
       Blue Ribbon Commission’s Campaign Working Group as it relates to ending homeless-
3. The members present volunteered for the three subcommittees as follows:
   a) Advocacy: Bob (convener), Cecilia, Tim, Denise, Phyllis, Sandy
   b) Monitoring: Kristie (convener). She said she would ask Vanessa Cooper and Consuelo
       Collard to join her on the subcommittee.
   c) Public Awareness: Bonnie (convener), Arlette
   d) Bob said he would contact the other committee members to see if they would like to join
       one of these subcommittees.
   e) The first tasks of these subcommittees by our next meeting will be to convene and decide
       on their Indicators.
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   f) Bob encouraged the subcommittees to keep in mind the work of the Outreach Committee
      in order to ensure the flow of appropriate information to that group.

Other Business
1. Concerning the letter to the Sobrato Development Co. concerning designating as ELI units
   for the property near Race St. and Moorpark Ave.:
   a) Chris Block commented that it’s OK to send such a letter, but we need to set the larger
       context of playing to win the battle for ELI units throughout the County. Approaching
       developers one by one may be seen as asking them for a favor instead of approaching
       them from a position of strength/leveraging. We are making progress in this area in the
       Coyote Valley project and the City of San José is discussing the issue in the context of
       inclusionary zoning.
   b) Following the discussion of the issue—especially about the immediate need for more ELI
       units—it was agreed that Phyllis Ward would draft a letter, noting the larger context of
       this request, and relay it to Bob, who would bring it to the next Executive Committee.
   c) Bob also noted that this “requesting ELI units” approach could be an Indicator for the
       Advocacy sub committee.
2. Encouragement of funding for HousingSCC: Kristie and Bob presented the issue that if this
   project does not receive ongoing financial support, it will die—a valuable resource will
   disappear. After discussion, Bob said he would take this to the Executive Committee for
   discussion related to the Collaborative’s fundraising, dues’ structure, assignment of
   unexpended HUD funds, or inclusion in the SuperNOFA process.
3. Bob reported that during a recent conference call, about 5 agencies are interested in
   collaborating on a proposal about the Army property being made available for development
   by non-profit housing developers to help the homeless. A proposal will be going forward by
   the Collaborative to the Local Redevelopment Authority of the County.
4. Chris Block said that a letter was sent by the Executive Committee to Candy Capogrossi
   supporting NAHRO’s Housing America 2007 campaign.

1. Santa Clara Countywide Celebration of National CDBG Week, Wed., April 11th 8:30-10:30
   a.m., 100 S. Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale
2. Support of AB 760 (Coto)
3. Our next meeting will be April 25th at 9:00 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

                          Respectfully submitted by Robert A. Dolci

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