letter to parents by ENz4Pd


									Monday, December 12th, 2011

Dear Parents and Guardians,

         I am pleased to introduce myself to you as your student’s new English teacher. I would like to
acknowledge that changing teachers the 15th week of school is not always the most ideal situation, but I can
assure you that I will make this transition as easy as possible for each of the students. It is important for me
to maintain open communication with students and parents so I encourage you to email me
(mjl0246@lausd.net) anytime you have a question or concern. Since you did not get the opportunity to meet
at Back to School Night, I would be happy to set up an appointment with you to meet in person and discuss
individual needs. I am available Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30 am, and after school most days. Please feel
free to email to schedule a conference.

        There are several things you can do to help me support your student through a successful year:

         -Review the syllabus that was given to each student on the first day to familiarize yourself with the
class policies and expectations. I will be sticking to these policies relentlessly to ensure consistency in the

       -Regularly visit my website www.socesenglish.weebly.com for class agendas and assignments. This
way you will know exactly what is due and when.

         -Make certain that your student has computer access. If you do not have a computer, internet, or
printer at home, help your student gain access by taking them to a friend or family member’s house who does,
the library, or arranging for them to stay late at school.

        -Talk to your student about school. Ask them what they learned that day, what they did in class, and
what their assignments are. They should have a lot to share with you and if they don’t, something is not right.

        -Make certain to see all progress reports and contact teacher’s if you are not pleased with any grades.

       -Reading is crucial to enhancing a student’s education. Please provide your student with books,
magazine’s and newspapers that interest them.

          -Most importantly, make certain that your student is at school on time everyday unless they are ill or
there is an emergency. Attendance has the biggest impact on student’s grades and overall academic success,
so it is imperative that they are at school regularly.

I look forward to getting to know each of m students and sharing an exciting and rewarding year with them.
Again, please contact me with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a meeting.

Ms. Berman (formerly Ms. Lewinson in case there is any confusion in the office)

Please fill out and sign the tear off to be returned to me by Friday, December 16th

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