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									Is Your Lower Back Pain Holding You Back?
The human body has been described as a true engineering marvel. The manner in which the
bones interlock with each other and the way that the muscles hold it all together, is truly
amazing. Unfortunately however, most of us take our bodies completely for granted and choose
to take the easy and sedentary way out. Then we compound our problems by ignoring all the
niggling aches and pains which is actually our bodies telling us that we need to make some
changes. Lower back pain could be crippling and could easily have you bedridden.

The Human Backbone-

The human backbone consists of a series of vertebrae that interlock into each other to form the
spinal column. It is the single most important structure in our bodies as it keeps us upright and
contains the spinal chord. The backbone provides an anchor point for our ribs that enclose and
protect out heart and lungs. Our back bone restricts our bending to forward and backward
bending and allows us to carry weights.

The Importance of Posture-

Our posture is the single most important factor that determines the health of our backbone. Our
bodies are designed in such a way if that we carry ourselves upright, with out shoulders pushed
backward, our centre of gravity stays fairly low and we do not fall easily. Our posture is
important at all times. When we are standing, sitting, lying, especially if we are going to
maintain the posture for a couple of hours, we should be aware of our posture at all times.
Hunching our shoulders is not only ugly but also tends to prevent our lungs to expand to their
full capacity. When sitting, we should try to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground and our
thighs should be parallel to the floor

Simple Precautions-

The most important thing is to first maintain proper posture no matter what you are doing. Take
special care of posture when you are lifting something heavy. Divide the weight between you
arms, back and knees, by bending your knees to lower yourself and keeping your back straight.
Then slowly straighten your knees while holding the object that has to be carried. Bending
straight forward to lift something, puts tremendous strain on your back and could easily cause
you to strain your back and have you longing for back pain relief. Try and sleep on a firm
mattress and carry yourself straight when you are standing, walking or sitting.

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