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									Application For Credit Account

                                                                     Represented by International Shipping Services PTY LTD
Nature of Organisation

   Sole Trader      Partnership    Limited Company       Trust     Other

Trade Name:______________________________________________________________
Legal Name:______________________________________________________________
Delivery Address:__________________________________________________________
Postal Address:___________________________________________________________
Telephone: (     )_______________________ Fax: (       )_____________________
Mobile:    (   )_______________________ Email:_______________________________________
Registered Office:_______________________________ Type of Business_____________________
Previous Address Details (If less than 2 years)___________________________________________

Details of Partners ( if Partnership )                   Details of Directors ( If Limited Company )

1. Full Name:____________________________                1. Full Name:_________________________
Home Address:__________________________                  Home Address:_______________________
Home Phone:____________________________                  Home Phone:_________________________
1. Full Name:____________________________                1. Full Name:_________________________
Home Address:__________________________                  Home Address:_______________________
Home Phone:____________________________                  Home Phone:_________________________

Contact Person for Accounts:_________________________________________________________
Name and Branch Bank:_____________________________________________________________
Bank Account Number:______________________________________________________________
Solicitors Name and Address:_________________________________________________________
Accountants Name and Address:______________________________________________________

Trade Reference: excluding Credits Cards, Fuel Suppliers, Landlord, Power & Phone )

1.___________________________________                    Phone:______________________________
2.___________________________________                    Phone:______________________________
3.___________________________________                    Phone:______________________________

I certify that the above information is true and correct and that I am authorised to make this application for credit. In
accordance with the Privacy Act (1993) I authorise any person or company to give information as may be required in
response to credit Inquiries. I have read and understand the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT
of International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926 which form part of, and are intended to be read in
conjunction with this Credit Application and agree to be bound by these conditions.

Signed________________________________________                       Date:______________________
(Proprietor / Partner / Authorised Signatory ) Circle One

Full Name:____________________________________                       Position:_____________________________
Full Name:____________________________________                       Occupation:__________________________

                                               TERMS AND CONDITIONS
                             International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926

DEFINITIONS: ‘Company’ shall mean International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926 its servants,
agents and subcontractors. ‘Customer’ shall mean the shipper, consignee or the person for whom any other services are
performed by the Company.
1. The Customer hereby applies to open an account with the Company under the Terms and Trading Conditions
attached and has read and understood the same.
2. Disbursment invoices for Duty, GST and any other monies paid on customers behalf are payable strictly on a COD
basis and due on or before delivery. Final invoices of Freight, Local charges , Cartage and Professional Fees etc are
payable strictly within 7 days from month end statement.
3. The Company reserves the right to withdraw credit at any time if credit terms are granted. In these circumstances
all amounts owing shall immediately become due and payable on demand.
4. The Company relies upon the details and particulars contained in the attached business application for credit form
in determining whether to provide goods and services to the applicant.
5. The Customer warrants the truth and correctness of the particulars and details contained in the business
application for credit form.
6. All orders are subject to and conditional upon the Customer’s acceptance of the company’s Terms and Trading
Conditions and the Customer hereby warrants he/she has read and agreed to those conditions.
7. The person signing this form on behalf of the Customer warrants the correctness of the information contained
therein and if said person is director or principal of the applicant guarantees the performance of the Customer as
if he/she had signed the guarantee below.
8. The Customer shall notify the Company of any changes in the constitution or structure of the Customer or the sale
of the business operated by the Customer and agrees that it shall continue to be liable to the Company for any
sums outstanding on the account opened on behalf of the Customer until:
(a) Written notice is received from the Customer advising change to their structure.
(b) The account has been fully paid and closed.
9. The customer shall pay the account on due date and failing to do so shall incur interest at the rate of 5% per
month on daily balances on all overdue accounts.
10. The Customer shall pay any legal costs, stamp duties, collection agent fees, commission or any other expenses
incurred by the Company in seeking the recovery of amounts owed by the Customer or the receiver if the receiver
refuses to pay or if the Company is unable to collect payment for any reason.
This application is subject to the laws of New South Wales and legal proceedings arising, if any, shall be litigated in Sydney.

Name of person duly authorised to sign on behalf of the ‘Customer’………………………………………………….

Signature ………………………………………………………… Title…………..………………………………..

Company ‘Customer’ Name.…………………………………………………… Date …………………………….

                                                 DIRECTORS GUARANTEE

The grant of credit to the Customer is being provided by the Company at the specific instance and request of the
Director detailed hereunder. The Director acknowledges that the Director will benefit directly by the grant of credit
from the Company to the Customer. In consideration for the grant of credit from the Company to the Customer, the
Director unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees to the Company, as a continuing obligation, the payment on
demand of all amounts outstanding from time to time by the Customer to the Company. The Director acknowledges
having read and understood the nature and contents of this guarantee to the Company.

Dated this               day of                          2010 .

Signature of Director…………..…………………………..… Signature of Witness……………………………….

Full Name …………………………………………………… Full Name …………………………………………

Address ……………………………………………………… Address ……………………………………………

       ……………………………………………………….                                     ……………………………………………

                                         International Shipping Services PTY LTD
                                                   ABN 55 140 901 926

                                                   PRIVACY ACT 1988

                                           Please read the following carefully


Acknowledgement & Consent

To: International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926

Notice and Acknowledgement that Credit Information may be given to a Credit Reporting Agency
I/We understand that Section 18Ec of the Privacy Act allows you to give a credit reporting agency certain personal information
about me/us which I/we authorise you to do. The information that may be given is covered by Section 18E(1) of the Act.

Authority to Obtain Credit Information

I/We authorise you to obtain from a credit-reporting agency:
Ø A credit report containing personal credit information about me/us for the purpose of
assessing an application by me/us or my/our company/firm for commercial credit.
Ø Other information relating to my/our commercial credit activities.
Ø A credit report containing personal information about me/us for the purpose of the
collection of overdue payments in respect of commercial credit which you have provided
to me/us or my/our company/firm.
Ø A credit report containing personal credit information about me/us for the purpose of
assessing whether to accept me/us as a guarantor.
Authority to Exchange Information with Other Credit Providers
I/We authorise you to give to and obtain from:
Ø Credit providers named in my/our business facilities application. Any agent of
yours that is deemed to be a credit provider pursuant to Section 11B(5) of the Act.
Ø Any credit provider that may be named in a personal or commercial credit report issued
by a credit reporting agency or a commercial reporting agency respectively.
Ø Information about my/our personal or commercial credit arrangements which
can include information about my/our credit worthi ess, credit standing, credit
history or credit capacity that credit providers are allowed to give or receive from each
other under the Privacy Act, 1988 and the information may be given and used for
purposes that include the following;
  • to assess an application by me/us for personal or commercial credit,
  • to assist me/us avoid defaulting on my/our credit obligations,
  • to notify other credit providers of a default by me/us,
  • to assess my/our credit worthiness,
  • to assess my/our position if I/we fall into arrears.

Name and address of individuals giving his/her consent__________________________________________________


Signature of individual/s giving his/her consent__________________________________________________________

                                  SECTION IS SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT.
1. In these conditions:-                                                                                               10.a) The Customer hereby authorises the Company to arrange with a subcontractor or subcontractors for the
“Company” shall mean International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926 its servants, agents and              carriage of any goods or the performance of any services being the subject of the contract. Any such
subcontractors. “Customer” shall mean the shipper consignee or bailor of the goods or the person for whom any          arrangement shall be deemed to be ratified by the customer upon delivery of the said goods to such
other services are performed by the Company in connection with the goods. “Goods” shall mean the chattels,             subcontractor or subcontractors who shall thereupon be entitled to the full benefit of these terms and conditions
articles and things tendered for carriage or bailment or other services by the Customer and shall include the          to same extent as the Company. Insofar as it may necessary to ensure that such subcontractor or subcontractors
container or containers or other packaging containing the same and any pallet or pallets or goods or containers        shall be so entitled the Company shall be deemed to enter into this contract for its own benefit and also as agent
with the same to the company.                                                                                          and trustee for the subcontractor or subcontractors.
“Dangerous Goods” shall mean such of the goods as shall be in fact or at law or that may become                        b) Whenever the Company is instructed to undertake or arrange transport, storage or any other service, it shall
noxious, dangerous, hazardous, explosive, radioactive, inflammable or capable by their nature of                       be authorised to entrust the goods or arrangements to third parties subject to the latter’s contractual conditions.
causing damage or injury to other goods or to any persons or animals or to anything in which those                     The Customer shall be bound by such conditions and shall indemnify the Company against any claims arising
goods are carried or stored or likely to harbour or encourage vermin or other pests.                                   out of their acceptance.
2. The Company is not a common carrier and will accept no liability as such and it reserves the                        11) The Company shall be entitled, except in so far as has been otherwise agreed in writing, to enter into
right to accept or refuse the carriage of any goods or the performance of storage of the goods or any                  contracts on behalf of itself or the Customer and without notice to the Customer:
other service at its discretion. The goods are carried and all storage, lifting, packing and other                     a) For the carriage of goods by any route, means or person.
services are performed subject only to these terms and conditions (and when applicable the conditions                  b) For the carriage of goods of any description whether containerised or not on or under the deck of any
printed on an Air Waybill/Consignment Note/Ocean Bill of Lading or any other shipping documents                        vessel.
issued by the Company for itself or as an agent of a carrier). In the event of and to the extent of any                c) For storage, packing, trans-shipment, loading or handling of goods by any person at anyplace whether on
inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the conditions printed on or applicable to a                      shore or afloat or for any length of time,
House Air Waybill/Consignment Note/Ocean Bill of Lading or any other shipping documents issued by                      d) For the carriage or storage of goods in containers with other goods of whatever nature,
or on behalf of the Company, these Terms and Conditions shall be paramount in so far as such                           e) For the performance of its own obligations, and to do such acts as in the opinion of the Company may be
provisions are inconsistent with these conditions.                                                                     necessary or incidental to the performance of the Company’s obligations.
3. The Customer expressly warrants that it is either the owner or the authorised agent of the owner of the             12. Insurance will not be arranged by the Company except with the express instructions in writing of the
goods and enters into this contract on its own behalf and also as agent for the owner of the goods and hereby          Customer and then only at the Customer’s expense and on lodgement of a declaration as to value prior to receipt
expressly agrees to indemnify the Company against all claims by any other person, firm or corporation for any          of the goods by the Company. The Company may charge the Customer for any such service.
loss or damage or expense whatsoever arising from or incidental to or in connection with the carriage of the           13. The Company is not obliged to advise or assist the Customer or any other party in respect of claims or the
goods.                                                                                                                 preparation of claims against carriers. Whether or not it does provide such advice and/or assistance it may make
4. a) The Customer warrants that the description and particulars of the goods are complete and                         any additional charge for doing so.
correct. b) The Customer warrants that the goods are properly packed and labelled except where the                     14. Freight and storage charges shall be considered earned whether the goods are delivered by the company or
Company has accepted instructions in respect of such services. c) The Customer shall comply with                       not and whether damage or otherwise. The Company may charge freight or storage charges by weight,
the requirements of any applicable law relating to the nature, condition and packaging of the goods                    measurement or value, and may at any time re-weigh or re-value or re-measure or require the goods to be reweighed,
and the expenses and charges of the Company in complying with the provisions of any such law or                        re-valued or re-measured and charge proportional additional freight or storage charges accordingly.
with any order or requirement thereunder or with the requirement of any harbour, dock, airport, railway,               15. The Company shall have a particular and general lien on all goods or documents relating to goods in its
shipping, customs, warehouse or other authority or corporation shall be paid by the Customer and the                   possession for all sums due at any time from the Customer or owner and on giving twenty-eight days notice in
Customer shall provide to the Company all such assistance, information and documents as may be                         writing to the Customer, shall be entitled to sell or dispose of such goods or documents at the expense of the
necessary to enable the Company to comply with such laws, orders or requirements.                                      Customer and without any liability to the Customer and owner and apply the proceeds in or towards the payment
5. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company for all customs duty, excise duty,                   of such sums.
costs, expenses, fines or penalties that the Company becomes liable to pay for any reason whatsoever in respect        16. Every special instruction to the effect that charges shall be paid by a person other than the Customer shall be
of the goods and any documents relating to the goods pursuant to any law relating to customs or excise and             deemed to include a stipulation that if that person does not pay the said charges within seven (7) days of delivery
whether or not arising from or in connection with the negligence of the Company or otherwise.                          or tendered delivery of the goods, then the Customer shall pay the said charges to the Company.
6. a) Unless otherwise previously agreed in writing the Customer shall not deliver to the Company or cause the         17.A) If a container has not been packed or stuffed by the Company, the Company shall not be liable for loss of
Company to deal with or handle dangerous goods. b) If the Customer is in breach of sub-clause (a) above he             or damage to the contents if caused by:
shall be liable for all loss or damage whatsoever caused by or in connection with the goods howsoever arising          i) the manner in which the container has been packed or stuffed;
and shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company against all penalties, claims, damages, costs and           ii) the unsuitability of the contents for carriage in containers, unless the Company has approved the suitability;
expenses whatsoever arising in connection therewith and the goods may without notice be destroyed or                   iii) the unsuitability or defective condition of the container provided that where the container has been supplied by
otherwise dealt with at the sole discretion of the Company or any other person in whose custody they may be at         or on behalf of the Company, this paragraph iii) shall not apply if the unsuitability or defective condition
the relevant time. c) If the Company agreed to accept dangerous goods and then in the opinion of the Company           arose;
or any other person they constitute a risk to other goods, property, life or health, they may without notice be        a) without any negligence on the part of the Company, or
destroyed or otherwise dealt with at the expense of the Customer or owner.                                             b) would have been apparent upon reasonable inspection by the Customer or owner or person acting on
7. The Customer undertakes not to tender for transportation any goods which require temperature control                behalf of either of them;
without previously giving written notice of their nature and particular temperature range to be maintained and in      iv) if the container is not sealed at the commencement of the carriage except where the Company has agreed to
the case of a temperature-controlled container stuffed by or on behalf of the Customer further undertakes that the     seal the container.
container has been properly pre-cooled or pre-heated as appropriate, that the goods have been properly stuffed         B) The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company against all liability, loss, damage,
in the container and that its thermostatic controls have been properly set by the Customer. If the above               costs and expenses arising from one or more of the matters covered by (A) above except for (A)iii(a) above.
requirements are not complied with the Company shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the goods              C) Where the Company in instructed to provide a container, in the absence of a written request to the contrary,
caused by such non-compliance.                                                                                         the Company is not under an obligation to provide a container of any particular type or quality.
8.A) The Company shall not be liable for a loss or damage whatsoever arising from:                                     18. The Company shall not under any circumstances be liable in any way for loss, damage, cost or penalties
a) The act or omission of the Customer or owner or any person acting on their behalf.                                  sustained or incurred by the customer or any other person resulting from or attributable to or in connection with
b) Compliance with the instructions given to the Company by the Customer, owner or any other person                    any quotation, advice, statement, representation or information (whether negligent or otherwise and whether oral
entitled to give them.                                                                                                 or written and howsoever, wheresoever and to whomsoever made) given or made by or on behalf of the
c) Insufficiency of the packaging or labelling of the goods except where such service has been provided by             Company as to the classification of or any matter material to the valuation of or the liability for or the amount ,
the Company.                                                                                                           scale or rate of customs duty, excise duty or other impost or tax or rates charged by carriers applicable to any
d) Handling, loading, stowage or unloading of the goods by the Customer or owner of any person acting on               goods or property whatsoever. In giving or making any such quotation, advice, statement, representation or
their behalf.                                                                                                          information the Company relies solely on the information provided by the Customer who warrants that the
e) Inherent vice of the goods.                                                                                         information provided by it to the Company accurately and completely describes all aspects of the goods and the
f) Riots, civil commotions, strikes, lock-outs, stoppage or restraint of labour from, whatsoever cause.                transaction relating thereto.
g) Fire, flood or storm.                                                                                               19.(A) Except insofar as otherwise provided by these conditions, the liability of the Company, howsoever arising,
h) Any cause which the Company could not avoid and the consequences whereof it could not prevent by the                and not withstanding that the cause of loss damage be unexplained shall not exceed the following:
exercise of reasonable diligence.                                                                                      i) In respect of all claims other than subject to the provisions of sub-clause (ii) below, whichever is the least of;
B) The Company shall not be under any liability for any loss of or damage ( including concealed damage,                a) the value of, or
deterioration, contamination and evaporation) to or failure to forward, misforwarding and delay in forwarding or       b) US$1000.00 per per shipment of, the goods lost, damaged, misdirected, misdelivered, or in respect of
misdelivery, non-delivery or delay in delivery of any goods received by it or any consequential loss arising           which the claim arises;
therefrom howsoever such loss, damage or consequential loss is caused, whether arising through misconduct,             ii) In respect of claims for delay where not excluded by the provision of these conditions, the amount of the
negligence of the Company or otherwise (including but without limiting the generality of the foregoing any act of      Company’s charges in respect of the goods delayed.
the Company in respect of or in dealing with the goods including their carriage, packing or handling) and the          B) Compensation shall be calculated by reference to the invoice of the goods plus freight and insurance if paid.
Customer shall indemnify the Company from and against all liability in respect of any goods received by it to any      C) If there be no invoice value for the goods, the compensation shall be calculated by reference to the value of
person or persons, company or companies, having or claiming any interest in the said goods and further the             such goods at the place and time when they are delivered to the customer or owner or should have been so
Customer shall indemnify the Company from and against all liability for loss of life and or personal injury to any     delivered. The value of the goods shall be fixed according to the current market price, or, if there be no
person or persons whatsoever of loss or damage to any property whatsoever caused or contributed to by the              commodity exchange price or current market price, by reference to the normal value of goods of the same kind
said goods or any inherent vice thereof or caused or contributed by the storage, carriage, packing, handling or        and quality.
otherwise dealing with the said goods, even though such loss of life, personal injury, loss or damage results from     20. a) Any claim for loss or damage must be notified in writing to the Company within fourteen (14) days of
or is contributed to by the negligence of the carrier.                                                                 delivery of the goods or the date upon which the goods should have been delivered.
C) In addition to paragraph B) hereof the Company shall not be liable for loss of market, loss of use or               b) The Company shall be discharged from all liability howsoever arising unless suit is brought and notice thereof
consequential loss, concealed damage caused by inherent vice or nature of the goods or of the merchandise              given to the Company within nine months after delivery of the goods or the date when the goods should have
carried (including chilled, frozen, refrigerated or perishable goods) either in transit or in storage whether caused   been delivered.
or contributed to by the negligence, wrongful act or default of the Company or from any other cause whatsoever.        21. The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the company in respect of any claims of a general
9. In the event of the contract including any handling, installation, removal, assembly or erection of any kind        average nature that may be made on the Company and the customer shall provide such security as may be
whatsoever it is undertaken on the basis that the Company shall not be under any liability or responsibility for any   required by the Company in this connection.
loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever howsoever arising caused or incurred including without limiting the      22. Notwithstanding anything herein contained the Company shall continue to be subject to any implied warranty
foregoing the negligence or wilful act or default of the Company or others. The disclaimer extends to include loss     provided by the Trade Practices Act 1974 (as amended) or any other Commonwealth of State legislation if and to
damage or injury to any person, property or thing and any loss consequently or otherwise arising from any loss         the extent that the said Act is applicable to this contract and prevents the exclusion, restriction or modification of
damage or injury as aforesaid. The Customer shall indemnify the Company against all claims, loss, damage and           that warranty.
expense arising from or in connection with such handling, installation, removal, assembly or erection whether due      23. The Company shall not be bound by any agreement purporting to vary these terms and conditions unless
to the negligence or wilful act or default of the officers or employees of the Company or otherwise; provided that     such agreement shall be in writing and signed on behalf of the Company by its duly authorised officer.
this indemnity shall not apply for the benefit of any officers or employee of the Company where the claim, loss,       24. These conditions shall be governed and construed by the law of the State of New South Wales wheresoever
damage or expense arises from the negligence or wilful act or default of that officer or employee of the Company.      the contract was made and any proceedings in respect of any claim, matter or thing against the Company shall
                                                                                                                       be instituted in the State only.
                                                                                                                       25. The clauses and provisions in each clause of these conditions shall be severable from each other and if for
                                                                                                                       any reason any clause or provision is invalid or unenforceable such invalidity or unenforceability shall not
                                                                                                                       prejudice or in any way affect the invalidity of unenforceability of any clause or provision.

                                                                                                                       International Shipping Services PTY LTD, ABN 55 140 901 926
goods to be reweighed,

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