Ielts by MonaRaftari


									These days, country develops by technology has become one of the controversial issues in modern countries. Due to
modern technology, some people have been forgetting traditional in their countries. In contact, some people give
propriety to custom traditional in their modern society. Actually, traditional skills is the most part in the life of human
beings. It has been a long way for human to pursue modern technology.

Traditional custom is the main rule in other countries. Because, in the past, there are many different custom in the
world and people used up all in their lives. In my opinion, technology and traditional skills are keys factor in modern
society. For instance, Malaysia is one of the traditional countries who people using with traditional custom. While, it has
been succeeding countries in the world. As the saying goes , traditional skills is the root of evils , but some people
prefer live with technology society. For example in comprise to the past, people have changes to visit together
however, because of technology people prefer contact via the internet, telephone, and mobile phone.

 In Conclusion, to great extant, I am a favor of countries develops by technology and traditional custom are ways
grand –up in the world. I personality think life without custom and technology is unbearable .because some custom
improve problems in the world.

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