Madrasah Mu’allimaat Muhammadiyah
                        Notoprajan NG II/ 653 Ngampilan Yogyakarta

                        TAHUN PELAJARAN 2009/2010

                           Mata Pelajaran        :   Bahasa Inggris
                           Kelas                 :   VIII (Delapan)
                           Hari/Tanggal          :   Rabu, 14 Juli 2010
                           Jam                   :   07.30 WIB – 09.30 WIB

I.   Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat di antara pilihan jawaban yang tersedia dengan cara
     menghitamkan (blok) pada lembar jawab yang tersedia


     What does the notice mean?
     We must ….
     a. be cautious of the slippery floor
     b. mop the dirty floor
     c. walk carelessly
     d. sorry

2. STOP SMOKING                The notice asks people ....
                               a. to smoke
                               b. not to smoke
                               c. to tell children to smoke
                               d. to tell children not to smoke

3.                             “Queue” is the notice means ....
         Queue here for        a. parking
             Boats to          b. getting on
           Seal Island         c. standing in line
               and             d. having a look
         Kittiwake Cove

   Text for No 4 – 6

             Last week, Ayu and Siska did a science project at school. They did this project
     to show that hot air always rises.
             Before they started, they prepared a balloon, a bottle and a bucket full of hot
     water. First they blew up the balloon. Then, they let the air out from the balloon. After
     that, they put the balloon to cover the top of the bottle. Finally they put the bottle in the
     bucket that was full of hot water.
             As a result, the air in the bottle got hotter and rose into the balloon.

4. What did they prepare for the project?
   a. Ayu and Siska’s school                             c. last week
   b. a balloon, bottle and hot water                    d. hot air

5. Paragraph 2 present .... of the text
   a. describtion                                        c. list of events
   b. orientation                                        d. reorientation

6. The use of the words “First, After that, and Finally”
   Is to indicate ….
   a. the purpose of the activity                     c. thr time the activities occurred
   b. the outcome of the activity                     d. the sequence of the events

   Text for No 7 – 10!

       Bandrio is a football player.
       He joined a club called PERKABER FC
       He was a talented striker on his team.

       Last Saturday, he played in the regent competition, his club against AGAM FC. In the
       first half, his team lost. The score was 0 – 2 for AGAM FC. The coach got angry with
       him. He had more than 5 chances to make goals, but he did not score even once. In the
       second half, when the referee blew his wistle, he started trying to use his height, so he
       asked to his group to feed him many headers. After not more than 10 minutes, he had
       made a goal for his club with a header. The spectators apploaded him, it really added to
       his spirit to make more goals.

       At last, him team beat AGAM FC 3 – 2. He felt very satisfied.

7. What part of the text we can field the character of the text?
   a. Orientation                                     c. Complication
   b. Evaluation                                      d. Reorientation

8. Why did the coach get angry with Bandrio?
   a. He played for AGAM FC
   b. He had more than 5 chances to make goal
   c. He felt satisfied
   d. His team was lost in the first half

9. “The coach” is best replaced as ….
   a. Player                                              c. Trainer
   b. Team                                                d. Captain

10. What is the mine idea of the last paragraph?
    a. How Bandrio made a goal
    b. What spectators do to give the spirit
    c. How Bandrio felt
    d. What strategies Bandrio used

   Text for No 11 – 15!

               One fine Sunday morning, after breakfast the Hasan’s family left their house
       to visit the Ragunan zoo. Mr. Hasan drove his car carefully. He sat in front of with
       his wife, while their children, Wati and Budi sat in the back/ there were all very
       happy. When they arrived at the Ragunan, Mr. Hasan paid the entrance fee and drove
       his car to the car park inside the zoo. First they went to see the lion and tiger. There
       were some tigers. Oh, how dangerous they are. Wati exclaimed to her mother as they
       were passing the tigers. No, they aren’t dangerous for us, because they are in the pen.
       Answered her mother. Her mother looked at the tigers and then at Wati. She felt
       haapy too, seeing how happy Wati was.

11. Where did the Hasan’s family leave on Sunday morning? They visited ….
    a. The Gembiro Loka zoo                       c. The Ragunan zoo
    b. The Wonokromo zoo                          d. The Jurug zoo

12. How many persons does the Hasan’s consist of?
    a. one persons                                c. three persons
    b. two persons                                d. four persons

13. How do the Hasan go to the Ragunan zoo?
    a. by bus                                             c. very far
    b. very happy                                         d. by car

14. “Oh, how dangerous they are.” (paragraph 2). What does the word “they” refer to?
    They refers to ….
    a. the Hasan                                   c. lions
    b. tigers                                      d. lions and tigers

15. Why the aren’t the tigers and lions dangerous? Because ….
    a. they are wild animals                         c. they are tame animals
    b. they are in the pen                           d. they are Sumatran lions and tigers

                                     RIDING ON ROLLER COASTER
         Last Sunday. I went to Dunia Fantasi. I went with my best friend, Ryan and his big brother
asked me to ride on a roller coaster with them. I hesitated because I was afraid. But they convinced me
that it was going to be OK and it would be so much fun. I said yes, finally.
         I was really scared when I first sat on the roller coaster. There was safety belt that I had to wear.
It made me feel better. Safer; I mean. The roller coaster moved faster and faster very second. At the
highest point of the railway, I closed my eyes. I couldn’t stand to look down. I felt like I was going to
fall down.

       A few seconds after that, we were already back to where we started. I felt really glad. I must
admit that he was scary too. But it was fun. In fact, we rode on roller coaster three times that day.

16. When did the writer go to Dunia Fantasi? On ….
    a. Sunday                                      c. Tuesday
    b. Monday                                      d. Wednesday

17. Who asked the writer to ride on roller coaster? .... Did.
    a. Ryan’s mother                                    c. Ryan’s father
    b. Ryan’s big brother                               d. Ryan’s little brother

18. Why did the writer hesitate?
    a. because the writer was happy                      c. because the writer was tired
    b. because the writer was surprised                  d. because the writer was afraid

   Read the invitation letter and answer question 19 – 20!

             You are invited to Birthday Party
                 BRIAN HARTAWAN
                    In turning thirteen
                 Saturday, September 8th
              Four o’clock in the afternoon
                   In Lezat Restaurant
                   Jl. Pahlawan No. 2

19. What time will the party be held?
    It will be held at ….
    a. 2 pm                                              c. 4 pm
    b. 3 pm                                              d. 5 pm

20. What is the purpose of the text above?
    a. To inform the readers about the Brian’s house location.
    b. To ask the readers joining the Brian’s party.
    c. To persuade the readers gathering in the Brian’s house.
    d. To suggest the readers leaving the Brian’s party.

   Text for no 21 – 25!

        Read the text and answer questions

        It was a cold winter’s night when I went to Tumble Wood. My heart beat like a drum
        and my knees shook like jelly, but I couldn’t turn back. I had to find the gold ring I lost
        at the picnic, the ring my grandma gave before she died.

        All around me the trees were like giants. The branches waved in the wind like bony
        fingers. Snapping branches sounded like a thousand gunshots.

        I ran to the clearing I got down and began to search for the ring. Then the full moon
        disappeared behind the trees. The night was dark. I dug deeper into the frosty earth with
        my bare hands. Suddenly I felt something soft but cold. I shone my torch at the muddy
        earth. Then I screamed and jumped up, my face as white as a ghost. I looked down at
        the frightening sight. It was a hand … a human hand!

21. What did the writer look for?
    a. a torch                                          c. giant tree
    b. a gold ring                                      d. a human hand

22. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
    a. The writer went to Tumble Wood at night.
    b. The writer used a spade to dig the earth.
    c. There were giants in Tumble Wood.
    d. The ghost had a white face.

23. Paragraph 3 tells us that ….
    a. The story happened in Tumble Wood
    b. The writer had a picnic a few days ago
    c. The writer saw a frightening
    d. The writer was afraid of ghost

24. “It was a hand … a human hand!” Paragraph 3, the word It refers to ….
    a. The gold ring                               c. The white face ghost
    b. Tumble Wood                                 d. The frightening sight

25. The type of the text is a ….
    a. a description                                    c. a narrative
    b. an anecdote                                      d. a recount

    Text for no 26 – 28!

       Once there …(26) a little boy who was going for a
       walk along the bush track near a creek. He …(27) by
       a rock to watch some tadpoles in the creek. As he
       leant over he fell in with splash. Luckily …(28)
       older sister had followed him. She heard the splash
       and ran to the edge and was able to rescue him.

26. a. is                              c. was
    b. are                             d. were

27. a. stop                            c. stopped
    b. stops                           d. has stopped

28. a. he                              c. him
    b. his                             d. himself

    Text for No 29 – 31!

                                    The Hounds of the Underworld

              One night a thief was returning home from a robbery. It was a …(29) night
       because it was very late. Nothing could be heard but the sound of small creatures.
       He met …(30) along the road. All the people had a deep sleep.
              Suddenly he heard the low bark of a dog coming from the sky. He heard
       another and another, louder and nearer. He felt very scared …(31) he saw some
       dogs and a huntsman with a black face and horn behind them coming nearer.

29. a. crowded                       c. very busy
    b. busy                          d. very quiet

30. a. everybody                     c. nobody
    b. some people                   d. somebody

31. a. when                          c. but
    b. although                      d. however

32. Dodi      : Do you agree the health is … than money?
    Budi      : Of Course.
    a. as important as                             c. more important
    b. most important                              d. important

33. I like to dance. I don’t like singing.
    It means that I prefer dancing … singing.
    a. than                                              c. better than
    b. to                                                d. than to

   Text for No 34 – 37!

              Miko was walking to school one day. He heard a loud noise. He looked
      around and saw a motorcycle crashing into the car. The rider fell off the
      motorcycle and laid on the ground. Miko ran to the fallen rider.
              “Can I help you?” he asked. The man said. “My leg is broken. Call an
      ambulance, please”. Miko ran to the nearest house and asked a lady to phone
      for an ambulance.
      The ambulance arrived and the paramedics put the rider on a stretcher and took
      him to the hospital in the ambulance.
              Miko was late for school. The teacher asked him why he was late. Miko
      explained about phoning for the ambulance. The teacher said Mike was a good

34. Who is the rider?
       a. The rider of the car                            c. Miko
       b. A man                                           d. The policemen

35. What was wrong with the rider?
       a. his leg was broken                              c. He laid on the ground
       b. His motorcycle was broken                       d. He crashed

36. Where did Miko find a telephone?
       a. At the near by house                            c. He had a mobile telephone
       b. At school                                       d. On the street

37. Miko was late for school.
    The teacher was … that Miko helped the injured man.
     a. angry                                       c. annoyed
     b. please                                      d. worried

       Text for no 38 – 40!

                One day while a mouse deer was walking in the forest, he saw a big, black snake
         sleeping under the tree. When he saw the snake, the mouse deer was frightened. When he
         wanted to run away from the snake, he suddenly fell on top ofa tiger woke up and took
         hold of the mouse deer. He told the mouse deer that he was going to eat him for lunch.
         “Please don’t eat me now,” said the mouse deer. I have something important to do.”

                 “Look,” said the mouse deer. “That is the king’s belt. He asked me to stay here and
         watch it while he was away in the forest”. The tiger looked at the snake and said, “That is
         a beautiful belt. I need a belt like that. Can I wear it?” he asked the mouse deer.

                 “Oh all right,” said the mouse deer. So he picked up the snake and winded it
         around the tiger. Then the snake woke up and saw the tiger. The snake twisted it self
         tighter ang tighter, until the tiger couldn’t breathe. The tiger asked the mouse deer to help
         him. But the mouse deer turned and run away into the forest.

38. Where was the tiger sleeping?
      a. In the middle of the forest
      b. Next to the mouse deer’s house
      c. Near the black snake sleeping under the tree
      d. Far away from the place where the mouse deer fell

39. Why did the mouse deer trick the tiger by saying that the snake was a king’s belt?
      a. The mouse deer liked to trick other animals.
      b. The mouse deer was a clever animals
      c. The tiger wanted to eat him
      d. The tiger wanted to wear it.

40. After reading this story, we can learn that ….
       a. we have to behave like the mouse deer
       b. we have to find a way to save ourselves danger
       c. sleeping black snake was a dangerous animal
       d. we have to be careful with the mouse deer

II. Kerjakan soal uraian di bawah ini dengan jelas, singkt dan benar!

41. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct one.

                                  NOTHING TO EAT FOR DINNER
                Joan (get) home later from work today, and she was very hangry. When she opened the
   refrigator, she was upset . There was nothing to cat for dinner. Joan sat down and (make) a
   shopping list.She needed a head of lettuce, a bunch of carrots, a quart of milk, a dozen eggs , two
   pounds of tomatoes, a half pound of chicken, and a loaf of bread. Joan (rush) out of the house and
   drove to the supermarket. When she got there, there wasn’t any lettuce. There wheren’t any carrots.
   There wasn’t any milk. There weren’t anu eggs. There wheren’t tomatoes. There wasn’t any

   chicken, and there wasn’t any bread. Joan was tired and upset. In fact, she she was so tirwd and
   upset that she (lose) her appetite, drove home, (not have) dinner, and went to bed.

42. A. Complete the memo with suitable word!

           I’am really…Afte doing homework.I need to sleep.Don’t forget to …Me up at
           4.00 p.m.
           I have an English course at 5.00 p.m. at LIA
           Thanks !

   B. Comlete the dialogue with suitable question word!
         Doctor     : Oh dear!...Did this happen?
         Mother     : He fell when he was playing tennis
         Doktor     : I think he has broken his arm
         Mother     : …Are you going to do?
         Doctor     : I must take an X-ray photograqph of his arm.

43. Arrange the following into good sentences.
    a. littering – or – at – school – in – your – environment – class room – our
    b. accept – Please – sympathy – our – heartfelt – on – of – the passing away – father – your
    c. congratulation – you – we – the best – on – score – final – your – in math – exam – getting - in

44. Arrange the following sentences into a good procedure text.
    a. Cut the oranges into halves and squeeze out the juce.
    b. Prepare 2 oranges, 400 ml of boiled water, 25 sugar, and some ice cubes.
    c. Stir in for a moment.
    d. Pour orange juice into glasses and edd some ice-cubes
    e. Then Pour the orange juice in it
    f. Decorate them with orange slices
    g. Pour the boiled water and sugar into a jug, stir in and allow it to cool

45. Write an announcement (a school announcement)

46. Translete into English!
    a. Pak Cipto telah membeli sebuah sepeda motor
    b. Semalam ketika kamu sedang tidur, saya datang

47. What do you think about smoking?

48. Mr A’la    : Do you agree if our class has AC? Why?

   You         :…………………


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