Recent Trends in Home Renovations and Remodels

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					Recent Trends in Home Renovations and Remodels

With the state of the current economy, many homeowners are opting to upgrade their existing
homes and land rather than shelling out the case to entirely upgrade to a brand new house.
Because each house has unique characteristics and circumstances, it is up to each homeowner
to determine whether or not this season’s trends and styles will match his or her personal
preferences as well as the overall look and feel of the house.

Like many trends, trends involving the aesthetics of houses are short-lived and in a constant
cycle of change. Therefore, for fixtures in your house that are more permanent, it is
recommended that these fixtures are remodeled using a look at is more “timeless” rather than
“current”, since changing the look of a permanent fixture is not quite as easy as altering the
appearance of a non-permanent fixture. In order to be cost-effective, you should express your
personal style through items that can easily be redecorated according to each coming trend,
such as countertops, the color of the paint on your walls, and accessories like lighting and

An interesting trend that has been becoming more and more commonplace is to make your
home a more “green”, energy-saving environment. One popular method of “going green” has
been to replace carpet with bare flooring such as cork, tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring. By
replacing carpeting with recycled and environmentally conscious hard materials, energy costs
to heat and cool the home can potentially be lowered since these kinds of flooring naturally do
not absorb and hold onto heat as fervently as carpeting.

Another “green” trend that has been recently becoming more and more popular is to install a
solar energy generation system on the house. Solar energy generation systems are considered
“green” because they are able to directly convert sunlight into a type of electricity ready for
human consumption. The federal government has even enacted a 30% credit on the overall
cost of a renewable solar energy system in order to encourage more homeowners to install
solar energy generation systems on their houses.
Recent trends have been encouraging homeowners to not only turn their houses “green”, but
to also turn their houses into a comfortable, modern living environment. Modern homeowners
have been using color therapy to their advantage, creating spaces with colored lighting and
surroundings to create a desired mood. Multi-colored LED lights as well as developing a lack on
inhibition when it comes to using color on things such as your kitchen countertop or your
bathroom sink have allowed homeowners to develop environments that have been designed to
induce a state of relaxation and calm or a mood of activity and excitement.