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If parents are married at the time of a child’s birth, the husband is generally legally recognized as the father of the child. In cases involving unmarried parents, however, paternity usually needs to be formally recognized in order to secure the father’s rights. This can be done by filing a paternity case or by recording a paternity affidavit with the appropriate government office. A paternity affidavit is a document that provides parents with a way of formally acknowledging the father of a child. A child can receive a number of legal benefits from establishing paternity, such as inheritance rights from the father as well as government, medical, and life insurance benefits.

The paternity affidavit itself is usually straightforward. Most include a sworn statement by the mother that the man is the child’s father as well as a sworn statement by the man indicating that he believes he is the father. If the mother is married to someone else, her husband is normally required to sign the form and agree with these statements. Forms often include information about the impact of signing the affidavit and child support enforcement services.

A time period, such as 60 days, exists in most jurisdictions for contesting a paternity affidavit that has been recorded. A person who is entitled to object to the affidavit can do so by filing a paternity case. After the case has been filed, a court generally orders genetic testing for the purpose of determining whether the man is the child’s biological father. A court ordinarily nullifies the affidavit if testing proves that the man is not the father.

If the child’s parents are unmarried, the mother usually retains custody of the child even if the father has signed a paternity affidavit. A court order is customarily required in order to change custody status. Once the affidavit has been signed, assuming it’s not contested, the father has a legal obligation to support his child. If he does not, a court can order him to pay child support

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									                   Affidavit of Paternity by Father of Child

State of __________________
County of ________________

       PERSONALLY appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for
said county and state, (Name of Father) who, having been being first duty sworn
by the undersigned Notary Public, deposes and says:

1.   I do hereby declare that I am the father of a (male or female) child, since
named (Name of Child), an infant born to (Name of Mother), on (date), at (e.g.,
name and address of hospital).

2.    At the time of the birth of (Name of Child), (Name of Mother) and I 
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