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					                                       Republic of the Philippines
                                      National Police Commission
                                    PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE
                              POLIICE REGIIONAL OFFIICE CALABARZON
                              POL CE REG ONAL OFF CE CALABARZON
                                   Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City

               FOR CY 2011
                           January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011


   A. Sustain Public Information and Dialogue

          1. Public Information and Advocacy on ITP

              1.a. Information and Advocacy Sorties (ITP lectures)

             For the period covered, PRO CALABARZON conducted a total of 1,245 ITP
lectures to the PNP personnel regionwide and external stakeholders from the Local
Government Units, NGOs, CVOs, academe, religious sectors, students, local practitioners,
and other sectors of the community.

                                                             Number of Lectures                     Number of
          ITP Lecture (in/for)
                                                                Conducted                          Participants

a. Regional Training Schools                                          2                                  650
b. NGOs, CVOs, Other Community
                                                                    877                                43,270
c. Criminology/Other Students                                       349                                28,724
d. PNP Applicants                                                    17                                 1,124

             PRO4A Police Trainees based at the ITG -PNTI           ATTY ROSAURO V ACIO, former PD, BPPO with
            while listening from the discussion of Guest lecturer   his Quad Staff conducted dialogue with the Muslim
             from RPCRD PRO4A held at PNTI Grandstand,                and Minority Affairs of Batangas and all Muslim
                      Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City                         leaders in Batangas province

                1.b. Distribution of Flyers

              153,230 pieces of “Balik-Eskwela” flyers and other crime prevention leaflets
were distributed to the students of different public/private school institutions region-wide to
help students be aware of their safety inside/outside school premises.
                                                                                     Number of Copies
                         Type of IEC Materials
  a. Flyers                                                                               141,864
  b. leaflets                                                                              5,180
  c. Sticker                                                                                562
  d. Others “Batayang Babasahin sa Pag-iwas sa Krimen                                      5,624
  at sa Wastong Pag-uugali”

          PNP personnel of Catanauan MPS conducted
       information dissemination regarding Anti-Crime tips   Personnel of Calaca MPS distributes leaflets about
        and Security Measures regarding Bomb Threat to        Bomb Threats Security Measures and Tips to all
            the students of Southern Luzon Academy,          business establishment/owners in Brgy. Poblacion
                       Catanauan, Quezon                                   4, Calaca, Batangas.

       “Sampung Paalala Para Iwas-Krimen”
flyers with contact number of Padre Garcia
Municipal Police Station, Padre Garcia,
Batangas were reproduced and distributed to
the constituents of said town.

        Stickers on “ABUSE: Awareness Because
Until it happens Suffering shall not End” were
distributed by Bauan Municipal Police Station to
different places in the municipality as part their
campaign on violence against women and children.

               1.c. Media Exposure and Releases

              The PRO4A had undertaken
series of media exposures and releases for
the period covered. A total of 3,643 TV
appearances, 4,256 radio interviews, and
16,332 stories/press releases were featured
in     print   ads.   These     undertaking
disseminates                   information,
accomplishments, plans, programs and
activities to the internal and external
stakeholders and sometimes elucidating
issues about the PNP organization
particularly in the CALABARZON

               1.d. Police Information and Continuing Education (PICE)

              A total of 1,570 ITP lectures were conducted by this Regional Headquarters
down to station level.
                                                                      Number of
                                                                                      Number of
                        Topics/Subject                                 Session
PNP Ethical Doctrine Manual                                              157            9,387
Police First Responders on Gender-Based Violence Cases; RA
9710 (Magna Carta for Women)                                                            9,356
Basic Procedures on the PNP Operational Procedures                       157            9,320
LOI 35/10 “SAKLOLO REVISED” (PNP Disaster Risk, Reduction
and Management Plan)                                                                    9,357
Criminal Investigation Manual                                            157            9,267
LOI 22/09 Bayanihan: Barangay Peacekeeping Operation                     157            9,567
LOI “Tamang Bihis”                                                       157            9,912
Special Procedures on the PNP Operational Procedures                     157            9,915
Document Security                                                        157            9,917
Crime Scene First Responders                                             157            9,917

           2. Citizen Empowerment

                    Community Dialogue/Pulong-Pulong

                 For the period covered, a total number of 23,497 dialogues/”pulong-
pulong” on anti-criminality and other crime prevention-related topics were conducted to
837,624 participants in the maintenance of peace and order in the region.
                                                     Number of Seminar/            Number of
                                                     Lecture Conducted            Participants
 Crime Prevention                                            7,116                  142,900
 Bomb Detection                                               7,172                 143,773
 Illegal Drug Prevention and Control                          7,303                 363,795
 Women and Children Related Matters                           1,906                 187,156
                  TOTAL                                      23,497                 837,624

   B. Sustain Partnership and collaboration
         1. Partnership and Collaboration with Stakeholders and Other Pillars of
the Criminal Justice System (CJS)

Acting Chief, WCPD-RIDMD and PO2 Janet V
Rañeses,     WCPD      PNCO,     represented    PRO
CALABARZON during the Joint Sectoral Committee
on      Macro-Economy        and       Development
Administration (SCMDA) and Sectoral Committee
on Social Development (SCSD) conducted on August
4, 2011 held at RSM Restaurant, Bacnotan Drive, Brgy
Real, Calamba City, Laguna.

              PO2 Janet Virrey Rañeses and PO2
Pauline P Fernando, WCPD PNCOs attended the
CALABARZON Child Labor Committee (CCLC)
Meeting conducted on September 8, 2011 at WODP
Training Center, DOLE RO IV-A, 4TH Floor, Andenson
Building II, Brgy Parian, Calamba City, Laguna. The
same was attended by Eighteen (18) other participants
from the different NGOs and Government Agencies of
PRO4A including the DOJ, DEP-Ed, NBI and DOLE.

            The Regional Sub-Committee for the
Welfare of Children (RSCWC) IV-A 3rd Quarter
Meeting sponsored by the DSWD was conducted on
September 5, 2011 held at #10 Apo Street, Sta Mesa
Heights, Quezon City. It was attended by sixteen (16)
persons from different Government Agencies including
the PNP - PRO4A represented by PCINSP
ESTRELLA A DIONGLAY, Acting Regional Chief,
WCPD with PO2 Janet V Rañeses, WCPD PNCO.

              On September 14, 2011 PSINSP GRACE
YERRO-NAPARATO, Regional Chief, WCPD attended
the Inter-Area Child Abuse Prevention and
Intervention Network (CAPIN) Meeting held at the
Function Hall, 3rd Floor City Annex Building, Brgy
Zapote, City of Biñan, Laguna

              A Specialized Course for WCPD
Officers was conducted on November 21-December 2,
2011 at the Multi-Purpose Center, Camp Vicente Lim,
Calamba City. Said training was attended by forty five
(45) participants from different PPOs of PRO
CALABARZON including the RIDMD. It aims to
enhance the investigative capability of WCPD Officers
in handling women and children cases; update their
knowledge on the special laws on women and children;
and to improve the enforcement and implementation of
such special laws relating to this concern.

          2. Participation in Faith-Based Organization

      Faith-Based Organization                Focus of Partnership/ Collaboration

                                          Strengthen the PNP Families
Bukas Loob sa Diyos                       Spiritual Enrichment of the PNP personnel
                                                and dependents

                                          Spiritual Enrichment of the PNP personnel
Rizal Pastorate Association
                                                and dependents

Prayer for the Police Movement Value      Spiritual Enrichment of the PNP personnel
and Spiritual Council, Inc                      and dependents

                                          Strengthening the relationship between the
Organization of Council of Emam
                                               PNP and Muslim community

                                          Provide continuous Program of voluntary
                                           service by conducting seminars, forums &
                                           training in values formation, peacekeeping,
Task Force “Tagaligtas”                    legal education to the personnel of PRO4A
                                          Provide necessary logistic & police
                                           protection gear namely but not limited to
                                           bullet-resistant vests as it become available

                                          Support the moral & spiritual enhancement
                                           & professional transformation programs for
                                           all uniformed personnel & employees of all
                                           units of PRO4A.
National Transformation & Revival
                                          Support the PRO4A official programs &
                                           policies against drug addiction, immorality
                                           graft & corruption, fraternalism & other
                                           related activities through lectures, seminars
                                           & workshops.

Christians Officers of the Philippine     Help the PNP in the dissemination of the
Police Service (COPPS) Association         Integrated Transformation program,
                                          Cooperate and coordinate in the
                                                       development of moral and spiritual
                                                       enhancement of the members of the
                                                       Philippine National Police in the spirit of the
                                                       intent and purpose.
                                                      Conducting LOI Patnubay and Pagpapala
                                                       workshops and seminars, prayer meetings,
                                                       cultural and religious activities and
                                                       fellowships which are non denominational
                                                       and non-sectarian in nature in the police

         3. Participation in Religious, Health/Physical Fitness, and Environmental
Protection Programs/Campaigns

                                               Number of                    Number of Environmental
     Number of Faith-based
                                         Health/Physical Fitness           Protection Related Activities
     Activities Participated
                                          Program Participated                     Participated
                  1,705                           556                                 1,301

             4. Family, Juvenile and Gender and Development Program

     Gender Awareness                                                               Women and Children
                                             Gender Sensitivity
         Training                                                                      Concerns
Nr of Trainings                        Nr of Trainings                          Nr of Trainings
                  Nr of Participants                      Nr of Participants                      Nr of Participants
 Conducted                              Conducted                                Conducted

     70                2,060                73                 1,460                 62                3,160

Elements of Pakil MPS D.A.R.E Officer         Elements of Baras MPS assisted the      Elements of Baras MPS distributed flyers
conducted lecture on “Understanding the       livelihood program on Cosmetology       regarding Anti-Criminality Campaign at
Effects of Mind-Altering Drugs” students of   among parents of students of Baras      Santiago Elementary School Baras, Rizal
Pakil Central Elementary School.                       Elementary School

              5. Anti-Corruption Initiative (PNP Citizen’s Charter)

                   a.        Implementation of PNP Citizen’s Charter by NHQ PNP Frontline

                        Accomplishments (Client Satisfaction Survey)
                   Number of Positive                         Number of
                   Feedback Received                      Negative Feedback

                               268                                                      0

                 Feedback received from the client: “The CRAIVC office is very easy to
locate and the personnel are very accommodating and professional in
receiving/entertaining complaints/reports and suggestions from the client and can take
immediate action for final disposition of such complaint”.

                   b.        Display of Service Standards/Flowcharts of Police Station

                   Unit                                                            Nr. of CPS/MPS with Service
                  (PPO)                               Number of
                                                                                      Standards/ Flowcharts

CAVITE                                                     23                                     23
LAGUNA                                                      30                                    30
BATANGAS                                                   34                                     34
RIZAL                                                      14                                     14
QUEZON                                                     41                                     41
CAVITE                                                     23                                     23
Total                                                     142                                    142

                   Display of tarpaulin regarding the Service Standard and
                           Flowchart at the entrance of said station

A. Attain Financial and Logistical Adequacy consistent with the law

        1. Management of Donations from LGUs and Other Agencies

            Donation of Equipments

             On February 14, 2011, Hon.
Sonia T Aquino, Tanauan City Mayor and Mr.
Feliciano L Torres, President, Yazaki-Torres
Manufacturing Inc., donated one (1) unit of
Toyota Coaster Mini-Bus to PRO CALABARZON.

            PRO         CALABARZON       also
received Twelve (12) units Toyota Hi-Lux Patrol
Jeep on June 23, 2011 from NHQ, PNP.

            Donation of Land

              The Municipal Government of Baras, Rizal donated two hundred (200)
square meters of lot located at Brgy. Pinugay, Baras intended for the proposed
construction of a COMPAC near the “Libingan ng mga Bayaning Pulis”.

            The Local Government of Tanay, Rizal has allocated six hundred (600)
square meters of lot intended for the proposed site of the Tanay Police Station.

            The following are other donations from LGU and other agencies:

                                OCCUPYING                               MODE OF                        DATE
          DONOR                                    LOCATION                               ESTATE                    REMARKS
                                   UNIT                                ACQUISITION                   ACQUIRED
Municipality of Calaca,
Batangas, represented by                         Brgy 4, Poblacion,    Absolute Deed of                           Newly Constructed
                                Calaca MPS                                                500 sq m    3-Jan-11
the Municipal Mayor Hon.                         Calaca                   Donation                                MPS Building
Municipality of Calatagan,
                                                                       Absolute Deed of
Batangas, represented by        Calatagan MPS
                                                 Brgy. Poblacion II,
                                                                          Donation/       788 sq m    7-Feb-11
                                                                                                                  Newly Constructed
the Municipal Mayor Hon.                         Calatagan                                                        MPS Building
Municipality of Laurel,
Batangas, represented by
                                                    Poblacion 2,       Absolute Deed of                           Proposed MPS
the Municipal Mayor Hon.        Laurel MPS
                                                      Laurel              Donation
                                                                                          400 sq m    28-Feb-11
Municipality of Padre Garcia,
Batangas, represented by                                               Absolute Deed of
                                Padre Garcia     San Miguel, Padre                                                Proposed MPS
the Municipal Mayor Hon.        MPS              Garcia
                                                                          Donation/       400 sq m    22-Sep-11
PRUDENCIO                                                                 Transfer
Municipality of Taal and
Health Center Taal,
                                                 Zone 7, Brgy,
Batangas, represented by        Taal MPS         Poblacion Taal,       Deed of Donation   286 sq m    19-Jul-11
                                                                                                                  On-going MPS
the Municipal Mayor Hon.                                                                                          Construction
Municipality of Buenavista,
                                                                                                                  Titled in the name
Quezon, represented by the                       Brgy. Poblacion,
                                Buenavista MPS                         Donated/Absolute   400 sq m    30-Jun-11   of PNP/ Proposed
Municipal Mayor Hon. MA.                         Buenavista
                                                                                                                  MPS Construction
Municipality of Perez,
Quezon, represented by the                       Brgy.
                                                                                                                  Proposed MPS
Municipal Mayor Hon. DR.        Perez MPS        Mapagmahal,           Deed of Donation   400 sq m    12-Jul-11
SANTIAGO T.                                      Perez
                                                                                                                  Provincial Housing
                                                                                                                  Board of QPPO is
                                                                                                                  securing the
                                                                                                                  application for the
                                                                                                                  conduct soil
                                                                                                                  analysis if it is
                                                                                                                  suitable for housing
                                                                                          14,356/                 project of the PNP,
                                                                       Deed of Donation   27,000                  needed in the
                                                                                           sq m                   application for
                                                                                                                  Certification at the
TAYABAS BAY                                                                                                       Bureau of Mines
COMMERCIAL                                                                                                        and Geo-science
                                                                                                                  as of November 07,
CORPORATION,                                      Brgy, Hinguiwin,                                                2011.
                                 Padre Burgos                                                         10-Mar-11
represented by its General                            Quezon
                                                                                                                  DAR and Gen.
Manager and Administrator                                                                                         Manager of
ROBERT T. VILLENA.                                                                                                Tayabas Bay
                                                                                                                  conducted the
                                                                                                                  ocular inspection
                                                                                                                  on the site dated
                                                                                                                  22 July 2011 and
                                                                            MOA           60,136
                                                                                                                  found out that lot is
                                                                                           sq m
                                                                                                                  purely "adobe" or
                                                                                                                  lime stone (still
                                                                                                                  waiting to the
                                                                                                                  recommendation of
                                                                                                                  the DAR as to
                                                                                                                  suitability for
                                                                                                                  housing project).

B. Optimize Utilization of Financial and Logistical Resources
          1. Financial Management Program

             1.a. Personal Services (PS)
                   A total of One Hundred Fifteen Million Nine Hundred Thirty Eight
Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Seven and Thirty Five Centavos (P 159,104,071.51)
representing the collateral allowances of PNP personnel assigned at Police Regional
Office CALABARZON broken as follows:

  Salary and Allowances                                                  445,432.56
  Salary and LP Differential                                             470,975.00
  Long Pay                                                                 47,185.00
  Commutation of Leave                                                18,901,359.15
  PNP Recruit
       ICA                                                            14,518,000.00
       Salary and Allowances                                          35,154,699.80
  RCA                                                                 34,650,000.00
  Combat Pay                                                          35,203,000.00
  RHE                                                                    900,000.00
  SFA                                                                    900,000.00
  TSA                                                                    444,420.00
  Clothing of NUP                                                        660,000.00
  PIB                                                                 16,809,000.00
  TOTAL                                                              159,104,071.51

             1.b. Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE
                PARTICULARS                             AMOUNT
  GMS                                                                   3,915,000.04
  HRDD                                                                  1,476,999.70
  HS                                                                    2,328,000.04
  LOG                                                                  76,116,999.78
  OPN                                                                  19,527,000.06
  INTEL                                                                 7,203,333.08
  PCR                                                                   1,410,000.06
  INVEST                                                               3,732,999.72
  TOTAL                                                              115,710,332.48

          2. Logistics Management Program

             2.a. Fixed Expenditure

                  For January to December 2011, Police Regional Office CALABARZON
has consumption on Fixed Expenditure amounting to P 22,907,557.64. After payment of
said consumption in the amount of P 21,298,020.23 PRO CALABARZON has a remaining
unpaid bill in the amount of P 1,609,537.31 excluding funds which has no Notice of Cash
Allocation amounting to P 1,852,594.86.

            Police Regional Office CALABARZON has a total of P4,098,384.81 from CY
2011 Fund, Police Regional Office CALABARZON has a total of P7,056,932.15 unpaid
prior account for prior year account as of December CY 2011.

              2.b. Firepower and Ammunition

              As of December 31, 2011, PRO CALABARZON received 4 units of rifle
caliber 5.56 Negev LMG; 2 units rifle caliber 5.56 (Refurbished); 19 units assorted type of
Grenade Launcher, 24 units assorted type of Pistol 9MM and 10 units of Pistol Cal 45.
from DL, NHQ, PNP thru Centrally Managed Items (CMI).

             This Office also received from DL, NHQ, PNP 2,220 rounds ctg ball cal 5.56
and 1,184 rounds ctg ball cal 9.9MM and 610 rds ctg ball cal .45.

                 PRO CALABARZON received from Armscor Philippines thru PRO
CALABARZON procurement program, 2,522 rds ctg ball cal 9MM, 1,000 rds ctg ball cal
.45, and 2,494 rds ctg ball cal 5.56 amounting P 138,750.00.

              2.b. Mobility
           As of 4th Quarter CY 2011, PRO CALABARZON has a total of 714 motor
vehicles. Out of this number, Non-Government Organization (NGO) and Countryside
Development Fund donated 55 while 344 of which were loaned from the Local
Government Units (LGUs). Serviceable rating is 89.92%.

  END              STATUS                             SOURCE               ON
                                    TOTAL                                        SVCBLTY
  USER       SVC     UNS      BER              ORG     DON     LOAN       HAND

  RHQ         10      1                11       8         2      1         11     90.91%
 RPSB 4A      13                       13       13                         13     100.00%
  BPPO       126      1        3      130       77        14    39        130     96.92%
  CPPO       193      17       4      214       40        3     171       214     90.19%
  LPPO        98      14              112       51        9     52        112     87.50%
  QPPO       134      9        4      147       92        10    45        147     91.16%
  RPPO        68      12       7       87       34        17    36         87     78.16%
 TOTAL       642     54       18      714      315        55    344       714     89.92%

             As of November 30, 2011, PRO CALABARZON has a total of 86 donated
motor vehicles. Out of these numbers, 73 are serviceable, 8 are unserviceable and 5 are
Beyond Economical Repair (BER).

           VEHICLE TYPE                                                          TOTAL
                                       SVC           UNS          BER
 PATROL CAR                             1             0               0            1
 PATROL JEEP                            5             4               1           10
 UTILITY VEHICLE                        9             2               0           11
 TRUCK/S                                8             1               2           11
 TACTICAL VEHICLE                       1             0               0            1
 MOTORCYCLE                             13            1               2           16

 VAN                                            4           0               0                4
 MINI-BUS                                       1           0               0                1
 EQUIPMENT                                   31             0               0                31
                TOTAL                        73             8               5                86

           PRO CALABARZON received the following from NHQ, PNP:

                               Four (4) units Toyota Innova Utility Patrol Vehicle
                               One (1) unit Toyota Hi-Lux Patrol Vehicle

                2.c. Communication
             At present, this Office has a total of 222 base radios, 670 handheld radios,
37 mobile radios and 5 repeater systems with a total of 292 on hand. Out of which, 210
base, 653 handheld, 35 mobile and 4 repeater systems are serviceable while 12 base, 4
mobile, 17 handheld radios and 1 repeater system are unserviceable.

                HANDHELD             MOBILE RADIO              BASE RADIO             REPEATER
           OH     SVC   UNS         OH     SVC      UNS   OH      SVC   UNS     OH      SVC       UNS

RHQ        65      63       2        5      2        3    28       26       2   4        3         1
RPSB 4A    19      19       -        3      3        -     1       1        -   -        -         -
BPPO       56      55       1        5      6        1    33       31       2   -        -         -
CPPO       204    202       2       17     17        -    44       44       -   1        1         -
LPPO       121    111      10        3      3        -    63       57       6   -        -         -
QPPO       92      91       1        -      -        -    26       25       1   -        -         -
RPPO       113    112       1        4      4        -    27       26       1   -        -         -
TOTAL     670     653   17          37     35       4     222     210    12     5        4         1

           3. Research and Development Program
            All personnel of this PRO are already using police field cap as headgear for
GOA “A” and “B” after the dissemination of the directive which represents 100%

   C. Attain transparency and accountability in all financial and
   logistical transactions

          1. Financial and Logistical Review and Evaluation Program

       On December 2-8, 2010, the Office of the Regional Comptrollership Division, PRO
CALABARZON conducted Seminar/Workshop on the Modified MOOE Fund
Distribution Scheme to all Provinces of PRO CALABARZON which was attended by the
Chiefs of Police with their respective sub-petty cash custodians.

      On July 5, 2011, this PRO conducted seminar/workshop with the theme:
“Developing Leaders Towards Attaining Fiscal Management” with the Chief
Management Division, DC NHQ, PSSUPT JONATHAN FG MIANO as guest lecturer. This
was participated in by all S6, Finance, PNCOs of CPS/MPS, PSAO and RPSB/PPSC
wherein the C, RCD took advantage of their presence and discussed lengthily the Petty
Cash Distribution Scheme which was implemented on August of this year.

      On July 26, 2011 to August 4, 2011, PSSUPT FERDINAND B DAWAY SR, Chief,
RCD together with the Disbursing Officers conducted Seminar/Workshop to all Provincial
Police Offices attended by the Chiefs of Police and Sub-PCCs of different City and
Municipal Police Stations of this PRO in preparation with the implementation of Petty Cash
Disbursement Scheme as required by the NHQ.


   A. Entice and recruit the most qualified applicants
          1. Recruitment Program

             Five hundred fifty two (552) best and
most qualified recruits (450 males and 102
females) took their Oath of Office on June 15,
2011 for the 1st Semester CY 2011 Attrition
Recruitment Program.

            During the 2nd Semester CY 2011,
209 (177 males and 32 females) for Attrition
Recruitment Quota and 277 (195 males and 82

females) for Regular Recruitment Quota also took their Oath of Office. A total of 1,038
(822 males and 221 females) took their Oath of Office for the whole year of 2011.

          2. Lateral Entry Program

             Forty Four (44) most qualified applicants (31 males and 13 females) were
selected and took their Oath of Office on November 4, 2011.

   B. Develop competent, motivated and values-oriented PNP personnel
          1. Individual Training Program

           A total of 1,742 personnel have undergone Individual Training Program such

          2. Specialized Training Program

          A total of 1,630 personnel have undergone the Specialized Training on PIC,
Ammo Management, Bomb Technician Course, SWAT, SCOUT, CRIDEC, CIC,
BUSRROC, CQB, SAR and other specialized courses.

          3. Unit Training Program

              One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Seven (1,527) Unit Trainings were
conducted which were benefited by 47,632 (3,044 PCOs, 32,503 PNCOs, 351 NUPs and
11,734 Civilian) PNP personnel.

   C. Uphold and Promote the principles of meritocracy and PNP core

          1. Promotion System (3rd Level and 2nd Level)

             For the CY 2011 2nd Level Regular Promotion Program (Phase I), 993
personnel (47 PCOs and 946 PNCOs) were promoted to higher ranks. Similarly, during
the CY 2011 2nd Level Regular Promotion (Phase II), 1,759 personnel (93 PCOs and 1,666
PNCOs) are applicants for the said promotion process. Of those applicants 80 PCOs and
983 PNCOs are promotable to the next higher rank effective December 31, 2011.

          2. Living the PNP Core Values
                                                          Nr of Activity      Nr of
                                                           Conducted       Participants
  15th Ethics Day Celebration                                  99             2,679
  Anti Graft and Corruption Practices                           1              51
  Character Aptitude Development Training                       1              89
  Gender Awareness and Development Seminar                     417           21,183
  Harmonious Family Relations and Responsible Parenting
                                                                1              53
  Human Rights Seminar                                          5              55
  Purpose Driven Life Seminar                                   1              268
  Moral Recovery Program                                       964           36,145
  Community Oriented Policing System                            1              50

   D. Institutionalize adequate package of benefits and remuneration
          1. Morale and Welfare Program

              1.a. Housing Program
            A total of 1,370 personnel of this PRO were already pre-qualified to the NHA
Housing Projects.

awarded 30 housing units and 20 pieces of
Certificate of Entitlement to Lot Allocation (CELA) to
Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine
National Police housing beneficiaries at Lake Breeze
Residences located at Bgy. Looc, Calamba City,

              The President assured that by the end
of this year, 21,000 units from 12 housing sites in
Luzon, eight of which are located in this region, will be awarded to soldiers and

             PDG RAUL M BACALZO, C, PNP
VELASQUEZ, PD, QPPO, conducted ocular
inspection on the proposed training and housing
project at Padre, Burgos, Quezon last March 1,

               On the same date the C, PNP and
party proceeded to Camp Guillermo Nakar, Lucena
City for the formal signing of the deed of donation of
the QPPO Proposed Training and Housing Project
of the lot, and the C, PNP, RD, PRO4A and PD,

              1.b. Educational Financial Assistance

             Thirteen (13) PNP personnel dependents have been the beneficiaries of PNP
Educational Assistance Program.

              1.c. Personnel Enhancement Program

                                                             Nr of Activity      Nr of
                                                              Conducted       Participants
  Bomb Identification and Detection Seminar                        1              89
  BUSRROC                                                          1              17
  City and Municipal Police Station Unit Training (Back to
                                                                   6              305
  Criminal Investigation Course                                    6              314

  Crisis Response Seminar                                          1              50

  Disaster Search and Rescue Operation Training                    1              52

  Explosive Ordinance Reconnaissance Agent Course               1          58
  First Responders Course                                       4          215
  Information and Technology Seminar                            3          202
  Close Quarter Battle                                          1          38
  Modified PNP Scout                                            1          169
  Standard Handgun Marksmanship Training Phase III and
                                                                22        3,688
  Phase I
  Police Investigators Refresher Course                         1          53
  Public Safety Enhancement Course                              1          257
  Sexual Harassment Awareness for Police Officers
                                                                1          50
  Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)                            2          75
  SWAT Refresher Training                                       1          40
  Tourist Police Training                                       1          54
  Orientation Seminar on Laws for the Advancement for
                                                                1          52
  Orientation/Refresher Training of Newly Graduate PO1s         1          338

          2. Reward and Punishment System

              3.a. Reward

            Twenty two thousand one hundred thirty six (24,658) awards were accorded
to deserving personnel (2,403 PCOs and 22,255 PNCOs) in recognition of their
remarkable accomplishment both in the field of administration and operations.

              3.b. Punishment

            All of the 122 cases received from December 2010 to August 2011 were
resolved implementing the Zero Backlog Policy wherein the 127 PRO 4A personnel
respondents were penalized imposing punishment of various degrees:

                                                          PCO           PNCO
Dismissed                                                  2             33
Demoted                                                    -              5
Suspended                                                  4             35
Dropped and Closed                                         -              7
Exonerated                                                 4             33
Terminated                                                 -              4
Total                                                     10             117

           On the other hand, of the 47 administrative cases received from October to
December 2011, 14 cases with 17 respondents were resolved with various penalties:

                                                          PCO           PNCO
Dismissed                                                  -               9
Demoted                                                    1               2
Dismissal Case                                                             3
Suspended                                                                  1
Terminated                                                 -               1
Total                                                      1              16
   E. Develop a responsive police organization
        Information and Communications Technology

            The Regional Information and Communications Technology Management
Division (RICTMD) conducted five (5) days ICT Literacy Program to PPOs and RPSB that
was attended by uniformed personnel from Cities and Municipal Police Stations of different
PPOs from August 8, 2011 to September 16, 2011. Participants learned the basics on MS
Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Cyber Crime Awareness and
Telecommunications and Networking System.


   A.   Improve community safety awareness through community-
   oriented and human rights based policing
          1. Model Police Station

                                 TUY MPS, BATANGAS PPO
                                   Completed: April 10, 2011

                               CALACA MPS, BATANGAS PPO
                                Completed: September 2, 2011

                                LUMBAN MPS, LAGUNA PPO
                                 Completed: October 12, 2011

                              CALATAGAN MPS, BATANGAS PPO
                                Completed: September 6, 2011

          2. Facilities Development Projects

             Landscaping and Renovations of the Regional Headquarters

          3. Human Rights Advocacy Program

              The Regional Human Rights Desk Officer (RHRDO) corrected few
discrepancies in designating Human Rights Desk Officers and conducted Human Rights
Seminars in the five (5) Provincial Police Offices which were facilitated by the PNP HRAO.

          4. Multi-Sectoral Cooperation on Human Rights

            - A total of seven (7) Seminars/Dialogues were conducted by Cavite, Laguna
and Rizal PPOs in their respective AORs.

            - Since October 17, 2011, the Regional Chief, HRAO PSUPT JONATHAN M
TANGONAN religiously reads articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(UDHR) during Monday Flag Raising Ceremonies.

             - The Regional Human Rights Desk
Office conducted a dialogue to 65 newly PNP recruits
of PRO CALABARZON at the Institute Training Group
(ITG) on December 7, 2011 in celebration with the
National Human Rights Consciousness Week in the
country from December 4-10, 2011).

   B. Improve crime prevention and control
      Results-oriented Operations

          1. Intelligence

             1.a. Administrative

               Submitted the names of 1,711 Personnel listed in the IEL Database, 865
names of Qualified Personnel assigned in the PIOS, 64 officers who took up Police Intel
Officers Course (PIOC), 132 PNCOs with Police Intelligence Course (PIC). A total of 459
policies/directives were disseminated and 134 conferences/seminars conducted.

             1.b. Operation

            On Intelligence Operation, 59 COPLANs on Organized Crime
Groups/Criminal Gangs (RIPP KAMAGONG) were launched and 57 on Wanted Persons
(RIPP NARRA). There are 184 BINs/CBSS established in the entire PRO CALABARZON.

             1.c. Foreign Liaison

               A total of 64 police security coverage/assistance on foreign diplomats and
officials of accredited international organizations; monitored 111 incidents/cases involving
foreign nationals; 12 information requests were acted upon; 35 intelex/info exchanges
conducted/attended; and 14 meetings with foreign counterparts with positive results. Such
activities ensure the safety of official visitors from other countries and consequently
establish cooperation and goodwill between our nation and the world. We rendered
assistance to our foreign security counterparts on matters of mutual concern.

             1.d. Intelligence Research

              For the period, 365 Daily Intelligence Briefs (DIBs); 44 reports on
Resurgence of CPP/NPA Tactical Offensives; 48 Weekly Intelligence Reports; 12 Regional
PACREP; 60 Provincial PACREP; prepared 58 Peace and Order Situations/Briefings;
Analyzed/exploited two (2) captured CT documents; submitted 271 TIRs both on
Criminality and ISO; 4 reports each on Periodic Status Report on CPP/NPA/NDF (PSR on
CNN), Quarterly Intel Assessment, Crime Prone Areas, List of Active Leaders/Members of
Sectoral Organizations, Target list, Wanted List, Watchlist, Top 20 MWP (Regionwide) and
Top 10 MWP (Provincewide).

             1.e. Counterintelligence

             As part of intelligence effort towards the preservation of peace, order and
security, PRO CALABARZON’s Counterintelligence and Security Offices have conducted,
among other activities, a total of 1,144 security surveys and Security Inspections among
12 City Police Stations, 130 Municipal Stations and 11 RPSB. 282,774 clearances were
processed and issued; 1,649 Background Investigation/Record Check; and 384 Security
Orientation Seminars were conducted; 67 CI Information were validated/acted upon; and
67 CI Operations were launched.

          2. Investigation

             2.a. Crime Statistics

             Crime Volume

              From January 01 – December 31,
2011, a total of 23,331 crime incidents were
reported in CALABARZON, or these are 63 crimes
happening within a 24-hour period. This crime
volume is 5,295 or 18.50% less than the crime
incidents recorded during the same period last year
which is 28,626.

             Monthly Crime Rate

             The crime volume of 23,331 incidents
registered an average monthly crime rate of
15.86 which is 20.86% lower than the 20.04
recorded in 2010.

            The 15.86 AMCR is based on PRO
CALABARZON’s population of 12,256,517
provided to all Regional Offices by the National
Headquarters, PNP.

            Of the crime volume, 14,182 or
60.79% are index crimes while 9,149 or 39.21%
are non-index crimes.

             Index Crime Volume

            Of the 14,182 index crimes, 6,038 or
42.58% are crimes against persons while 8,144 or
57.42% are crimes against property.

             Distribution of Index Crimes

              The breakdown of index crimes is as
follows: theft – 3,968 or 28%, physical injury –
3,592 or 25%, robbery – 2,930 or 21%, murder –
1,271 or 9%, carnapping – 1,221 or 8%, rape –
820 or 6%, homicide – 355 or 2%, and cattle
rustling – 25 or 1%.

             The 14,182 index crimes reported
during the period is 4,520 or 24.17% lower than the
18,702 index crimes during the previous period.

             The total crimes against persons which is 6,038 is 2,568 or 29.84% lower
than the 8,606 recorded during the previous period, while the crimes against property
which totaled 8,144 is 1,952 or 19.33% lower than the 10,096 registered during the
previous period.

             Crime Clearance Efficiency

             Of the 23,331 crime incidents this
year, 10,121 were cleared thereby attaining a
43.38% Crime Clearance Efficiency. A total of
13,210 incidents or 56.62% are uncleared.

             Provincial Distribution of Crime

             The provincial distribution of crime
volume is as follows: Cavite with 6,377 or 27.33%,
Laguna with 5,820 or 24.95%, Rizal with 4,545 or
19.48%, Quezon with 3,620 or 15.52% and
Batangas with 2,969 or 12.72%.

             Provincial Distribution of Index

            Of the 14,182 index crimes, 4,131 or
29.13% took place in Cavite, 3,253 or 22.94% in
Laguna, 2,881 or 20.31% in Rizal, 2,111 or
14.89% in Quezon and 1,805 or 12.73% in

             Provincial Monthly Crime Rate

             Laguna recorded the highest AMCR
with 19.44, followed by Cavite with 17.44, Rizal
with 16.50, Quezon with 14.83 and Batangas with

             Provincial Crime Clearance

              Laguna recorded the highest crime
clearance efficiency with 49.16%, Batangas with
47.63%, Rizal with 45.92%, Quezon with 45.72%
and Cavite with 32.99%.

              2.b.   Women and Children Protection Desk

             The Women and Children Protection Desk of PRO CALABARZON
established a total of One hundred forty-eight (147) desks manned by Two Hundred
Ninety-Two (315) policewomen.

                                 No. of Police                                   No. of WCPD
      Office/Province                                  No. of Established Desk
                                   Stations                                       Personnel

                                      1                          1                    6

 CAVITE                               24                         24                  45

 LAGUNA                               32                         32                  69

 BATANGAS                             34                         34                  62

 RIZAL                                15                         15                  49

 QUEZON                               41                         41                  84

 TOTAL                               147                        147                 315

                                  Cases Handled, Filed and Solved

                           CICL                  CAC                  CAW            TOTAL

Nr of Incidents            326                   1,930                1,473          3,729

Case Filed                 215                   1,677                1,207          3,099

Case Solved/
                            30                   105                   133            268

Referred to Brgy            2                     9                    27                 38

Referred to
                            59                    9                     6                 74

                            20                   130                   100            250

              2.c.   Committee on Legal Action

               PRO CALABARZON recorded a total of 32 incidents involving CTs/Atrocities.
Of the 29 incidents, 2 was solved, 13 were cleared and 17 uncleared or under

     PROVINCE             SOLVED             CLEARED              UNCLEARED          TOTAL
 CAVITE                      -                     -                     -                -
 LAGUNA                      -                     -                     2                2
 BATANGAS                    -                     1                     4                5

 RIZAL                               -                                            2                                 2                                          4
 QUEZON                             2                                             8                                11                                       21
 TOTAL                              2                                         11                                   19                                       32

                     Statistics on Legal Offensive were broken down as follows:






            CAVITE                 -                   -                  -             -            -                   -                -             -
            LAGUNA                2                    -                  -             -            -                   -                -            2
           BATANGAS               3                    -                 1              -            -                   -               1             5
             RIZAL                1                   1                   -             -           1                    -               1             4

            QUEZON                8                   2                  5             1            2                   1                2             21

            TOTAL                14                   3                  6             1            3                   1                4             32

             2.d.    Task Force USIG

               Regional Task Force Usig recorded a total of 1 incident on the killing of
militant/party list member and 13 Death of Foreign National cases:

             Partylist/Union                                       Death of Foreign
                                             Sub                                                    Sub                                 TOTAL                      Grand
PROVINCE         Leaders                                           Nationals (DFN)
                                             Total                                                  Total                                                          Total
            Solved Unsolved                                       Solved Unsolved                                        Solved                Unsolved
CAVITE         -         1                    1                     2          4                               6           2                      5                  7
LAGUNA         -          -                   -                     2          -                               2           2                      -                  2
BATANGAS        -        -                     -                    -                 2                        2                    -              2                 2
RIZAL           -        -                     -                    -                 2                        2                    -              2                 2
QUEZON          -        -                     -                    1                 -                        1                    1              -                 1
TOTAL           -        1                    1                     5                 7                  12                         5              9                14

             2.E.    Task Force EGO

             Regional Task Force Ego recorded a total of 79 cases within CALABARZON,
18 of them were solved, 15 were cleared and 46 uncleared/under investigation:

     PROVINCE            SOLVED                                    CLEARED                          UNCLEARED                                          TOTAL

CAVITE                       -                                           2                                         7                                           9
LAGUNA                       4                                           3                                         7                                        14
BATANGAS                     6                                           8                                         15                                       29

 RIZAL                      -                  -                     3                    3
 QUEZON                     8                  2                     14                   24
 TOTAL                      18                 15                    46                   79

           3. Operations

             3.a. Campaign Against Illegal Drugs

               On the campaign against Illegal Drugs (Violation of RA 6425/RA 9165), a
total of 1,758 operations were conducted which resulted in the arrest of 2,942 persons and
the confiscation of accumulated 949 grams and 1,715 sachets of shabu; and 4,966.28
grams and 370 teabags of marijuana with DDB value of Php 11,656,722.50. One
thousand seven hundred sixty three (1,763) cases were filed in court.
               Nr of        Nr of        Illegal Drugs Confiscated                             Nr of
    PPO      Opns/Raid     Persons                                                             Cases
                                                                          DDB Value
             Conducted     Arrested       Shabu             MJ                                 Filed
Cavite          412          626       201.45 gms     3,191.94 gms         2,552,666.70         410
                                       411.37 gms;     696.66 gms;
Laguna          657         1,325                                          5,003,638.30
                                       942 sachets     206 teabags                              681
                                       43.77 gms;        66.2 gms;
Batangas        273          434                                            594,349.00
                                       629 sachets     157 tea bags                             203
                                                       967.70 gms;
Rizal           296          415                                            532,303.50
                                         40.6 gms        4 teabags                              345
                                                        44.78 gms;
Quezon          120          142                                           2,973,765.00
                                       251.81 gms        3 teabags                              124
                                        949 gms;      4,967.28 gms;
   TOTAL        1,758       2,942                                         11,656,722.50
                                      1,571 sachets    370 teabags                             1,763

                         On February 25, 2011 at about 3:00 P.M., joint elements of
PNP-AIDSOTF, PDEA-4A and Lipa CPS conducted search and seizure operation at the
premises of one @ “BENJIE ANG” Chinese (OPDU) located at #1834 Yokohama Street,
Sakura Executive Village, Brgy Maraouy, Lipa City, by virtue of Search Warrant Nr 11-
17304. Said operation resulted in the recovery of controlled precursors and essential
chemicals (CPECs) and laboratory equipment used in the manufacture of
Methamphetamine Hydrochloride commonly known as “Shabu”.

                         On June 10, 2011 at about 9:00 A.M., at Pulong Kendi, Brgy
Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna, joint elements of San Pedro MPS, Laguna Police Task Group
(STG) and Laguna PPSC conducted simultaneous raid search on seven (7) drug
dens/houses (identified shabu tiange) by virtue of seven (7) search warrants issued by
Hon Judge Jison D Julian, 2nd Municipal Circuit Trial Court, 4th Judicial Region,
Magdalena, Liliw and Majayjay, Laguna. Said operations resulted in the arrest of forty
eight (48) suspects and confiscation of the following:

                           a.       several sachet containing shabu;
                           b.       dried leaves of marijuana;
                           c.       several used of aluminum foil with shabu residue; and
                           d.       other illegal drug paraphernalias.

                           Drug dens discovered also being used as sex dens wherein
user can have a free sex after buying shabu worth Php 500.00 locally known as sex swap.

                          Anti-illegal drug operations conducted by Cavite PPO in Tanza,
Cavite and Dasmariñas City, Cavite on August 24, 2011 resulted in the arrest of three (3)
suspects identified as Alex Mingoy, Arnold Toledo y Llanos and Bobby Yape y Boco and
the confiscation of more or less one (1) kilo of suspected cocaine with an estimated
street value of Php 5,000,000.00.
                 3.b. Campaign Against Carnapping

             Anti-carnapping operations, boosted with the coordination of other law
enforcement agencies and private establishments, resulted in the recovery of 41 motor
vehicles and 121 motorcycles in the region, the arrest of 143 persons and filing of 112
cases in court.
                 3.c. Campaign Against Illegal Gambling

              On the campaign against Illegal Gambling (PD 1602/RA 8297), a total of
2,828 operations were conducted which resulted in the arrest of 1,784 persons and
confiscation of cash money amounting to Php 347,762.01. A total of 627 cases were filed
in court.
                 Nr of Opns/Raid        Nr of Persons      Worth of Confiscated         Nr of Cases
                   Conducted              Arrested                Cash                     Filed
                                                  Other                   Other                  Other
                Positive    Negative   Jueteng             Jueteng                    Jueteng
                                                  Forms                   Forms                  Forms
 Cavite           46           -         11        153        3,307.00     8,984.00      2            37
 Laguna           359         106         8        949         523.00    149,077.25      1           282
 Batangas         202        1,869        -        369               -   113,620.26      -           196
 Rizal            85           -         62        115     17,415.25      11,217.50     31            44
 Quezon           56          105         -        117               -    43,617.75      -            34

                  748        2,080       81        1,703   21,245.25     326,516.76     34           593

                 3.d. Implementation of Kontra BOGA

                 Five hundred forty five (545) operations were conducted which resulted in
the arrest of 645 persons and the confiscation of 905 assorted firearms (288 HP and 617
                                                                    NR OF FAs
                             OPNS             NR OF PERSONS        CONFISCATED
         PPOs                                                                                TOTAL FAs
                           CONDUCTED            ARRESTED
                                                                   HP          LP
 CAVITE                       69                   99              42          85               127

 LAGUNA                       128                  135             27          156              183

 BATANGAS                     143                  162            109          126              235

 RIZAL                        62                   53              19          66               85

 QUEZON                       89                   139             57          114              171
 Support Unit                 54                   57              34          70               104
     TOTAL                    545                  645            288          617              905

                 3.e Campaign Against Illegal Logging/Illegal Fishing

               One Hundred Ninety (190) police operations were conducted by this Office
resulting in the arrest of 159 persons, confiscation of 811 pcs round logs, 73,515 bd ft
coco lumber, 22,287,162 bd ft good lumber and the filing of 35 cases in court.

              One hundred fifty five (155) police operations were conducted resulting in the
arrest of 820 local fishermen, confiscation of fish, fishing paraphernalia and bancas/fishing
boat amounting to Php 6,809,810.00 and the filing of 142 cases in court.

                    3.f Campaign Against Prostitution/Vagrancy and Child Abuse

                   Anti-prostitution/vagrancy operations resulted in the arrest of 373 persons in
     the 75 police operations conducted and the filing of 197 cases in court.

                  The anti-child abuse/pedophilia campaign resulted in the arrest of 964
     persons and the filing of 1,671 cases in court.

                    3.g. Campaign Against Cattle Rustling

                     Fifteen (15) operations were conducted for the period which resulted in the
     arrest of fifteen (15) persons, recovery of nine (9) cattle and the filing of thirteen (13) cases
     in court.

                    3.h Campaign Against Wanted Persons

                 Eight (8) Most Wanted Persons with head prize were arrested with a total
     monetary reward of Php 940,000.00:

Nr      Name of Wanted Person             Reward           Date/Place Neutralized            Remarks

           Orlando SILLA y                                 February 6, 2011/Passi       Nr 1 Provincewide
1                                     Php 140,000.00
               Esguerra                                          City, Iloilo                (Laguna)
        Michael BISCOCHO y                                March 11, 2011/Sariaya,       Nr 1 Provincewide
2                                     Php 150,000.00
                Rubia                                            Quezon                     (Quezon)
          Mario BISCOCHO y                                March 11, 2011/Sariaya,       Nr 1 Provincewide
3                                     Php 150,000.00
                 Rubia                                           Quezon                     (Quezon)
         Ronilo MALIGAYA y                                  March 29, 2011/Sta
4                                     Php 90,000.00                                     Regionwide MWP
               Grande                                        Maria, Ilocos Sur
        Cornelio CAMACHO y                                June 11, 2011/ Calamba        Nr 1 Provincewide
5                                     Php 90,000.00
                Roxas                                               City                    (Quezon)
          Joseph MAIQUEZ y                                 July 7, 2011/Calamba            Number 12
6                                     Php 90,000.00
               Degala                                           City, Laguna               Regionwide
                                                                                             Number 1
        Marciano TOÑACAO y                                July 16, 2011/Nasugbu,
7                                     Php 90,000.00                                         (Cawayan,
               Jumaca                                            Batangas
                                                            July 29, 2011/Padre           Padre Garcia,
8       Primo LOPEZ y Javier          Php 90,000.00
                                                             Garcia, Batangas               Batangas

                  Apart from the arrested/neutralized wanted persons with head prize,
     manhunt operations also resulted in the arrest/neutralization of a total of 128 most wanted
     persons without head prize composed of 19 most wanted persons in the provincial level
     and 109 in the city/municipal level.

                                   Nr of MWP                       Arrested
         Province         City/Mpl                         City/Mpl                         Total
                                         Prov’l Level                    Prov’l Level
                           Level                            Level
      Cavite                 179               10             21               2             23

      Laguna                 287               10             39               3             42

      Batangas               318               10             16               5             21

 Rizal                  135             10             17              2            19

 Quezon                 363             10             12              6            18
                                                                       1            1
      Total            1,282            50             109             19          128

                    A total of 3,874 other wanted persons were arrested region wide.
Laguna recorded the most number of arrested wanted persons with 1,168, followed by
Rizal with 865, Quezon with 758, Cavite with 601 and Batangas with 482.

               3.l. Campaign Against Criminal Gangs

             There are ten (10) CGs included in PRO4A’s Target List i.e. three (3) in
Batangas, three (3) in Quezon, three (3) in Rizal and one (1) in Laguna. These groups are
as follows: PEREZ Group, BANAHAW/BATANGAS Group and NUÑEZ Group in
Batangas; JONATHAN SANTOS Gang, BUDOK Gang and PAÑA Group in Quezon;
TRUE BROWN STYLE (TBS), VIC-VIC Group and MIO Group in Rizal; and MARUDO
Group in Laguna. These groups have a total of 92 leaders/members, armed with about 25

               Two (2) personalities, both leaders listed in the Target List have also been

               Other significant accomplishments on criminality are as follows:

                      Arrest of Robbery/Hold-up Suspects

                            On January 20, 2011, policemen who
responded to a report of a robbery/hold-up of a minimart in
Bacoor, Cavite were able to arrest one (1) suspect and
recovered one (1) 9mm handgun. Follow-up operation resulted
in the arrest of three (3) other suspects and recovery of one (1)
shotgun and two (2) motorcycles.

                         On May 27, 2011 in Dasmariñas City,
Cavite, four (4) armed suspects who barged into the LMQ
Finance Corp, Imus, tied all employees, seized some personal
belongings and cash money worth Php 500,000.00 and fled on
board a car, were flagged down and arrested by policemen.
Confiscated from their possession were three (3) Cal .45 pistols
with live ammunition, cellular phones and Php 316,143.00 in

    VASQUEZ @ IAN              y AYADE @ MAX      PASAYLO @ GAMAY       PONIENTE @ EL

                           On July 2, 2011 at about 2:45 A.M. at the vicinity of Angono-
Taytay boundary, Baytown Coastal Road, Brgy Muzon, Taytay, Rizal, joint elements of
Taytay MPS and PIB, Rizal PPO encountered a group of four (4) armed robbery/hold-up
suspects on board a Tamaraw FX color white bearing plate number PBA-741. Said
incident resulted in the neutralization
of the suspects, one of whom was
later identified as Danilo V Arsellas
of Blk 3, Obadio St., Brgy Sta Ana,
Taytay, Rizal. Recovered from the
crime scene were 1 caliber .45 pistol
and three (3) caliber .38 revolvers.

                     Neutralization
of members of Ozamis Robbery Hold-
up Group identified as Rogelio Tajos y
Dañola and Jeriel Ibañez y Lipardo by
elements of Cainta MPS on August 5,
2011 at about 2:30 a.m. of August 5,
2011 at Youngstown Subdivision,
Brgy. San Juan, Cainta, Rizal.

                         A police search and seizure operation on the hideout of Noah
MACABASCO @ Kosa, a notorious hold-upper/carnapper, in Brgy Gonzales, Pakil,
Laguna on December 2, 2011 which resulted in the arrest of MACABASCO and three (3)
of other suspects, and confiscation of one (1) Cal .38 revolver, 50 rounds of ammunition,
two (2) motorcycles, 17 bladed weapons, four (4) plastic sachets with Shabu and Shabu
paraphernalia, among other items.

                         Joint elements of RSOG4A, RPSB4A, RID 4A, Calamba CPS
and Cabuyao MPS encountered two (2) suspects involved in robbery/hold-up incident
while on board a carnapped vehicle and a motorcycle in Brgy Turbina, Calamba City,
Laguna on December 31, 2011. The encounter resulted in the death of both suspects and
the recovery of two (2) handguns, leather bag containing Php 201,510.00, Honda Civic
sedan car, and a motorcycle, among other items.

                     Arrest of the Principal Suspect in the
Killing of BIR District Officer

                          On April 22, 2011 in Brgy Dela
Paz, Antipolo City, joint elements of Rizal CIDT and Rizal
PPO arrested Armando CARIÑO y Obias, the principal
suspect and gunman who shot and killed BIR District Officer
Marcelito YAP y Lintas of Antipolo City on February 17,
2011. A Cal .45 pistol and a hand grenade were recovered
from CARIÑO.

                     Arrest/Neutralization of Carjacking/Hijacking Group

                        On January 21, 2011, Reynaldo SANTIAGO @ Onad,
suspected leader of a notorious carnapping/hijacking/robbery/hold-up gang operating in
the NCR, PRO4A and PRO3, and seven (7) other suspects were apprehended by
elements Dasmariñas CPS by virtue of a Warrants of Arrest. Confiscated from their
possession were two (2) Cal .38 revolvers, several rounds of ammunition and alleged
hijacked items.

                          Neutralization of two (2) suspected carnappers on September
6, 2011 at 1:00 A.M. during the checkpoint operation conducted by elements of Biñan CPS
along the National Highway, Brgy San Vicente, Biñan City. Recovered from the suspects
were two (2) low powered firearms, several rounds of ammunition, one (1) fan knife, one
(1) cellphone, five (5) pcs heat-sealed sachet of suspected Shabu and two (2)

                           On October 8, 2011 at about 1:00 A.M., an encounter between
joint elements of Cavite PPSC and Mobile Patrol Group against alleged hijackers
transpired at Brgy Pasong Buaya 1, Imus. The two (2) unidentified suspects sustained
gunshot wounds on the body causing their instantaneous death. Recovered pieces of
evidence were one (1) white Mitsubishi Lancer with Plate Number WRE 826; one (1) Colt
MAK IV Cal .45 pistol with SN: 116421 loaded with two (2) live ammunition; five (5) fired
cartridges for Cal .45, one (1) deformed fired bullet of Cal .45; four (4) fired cartridges for
Cal M16; and one (1) Cal. 38 revolver without serial number loaded with ammution.

                          On October 14, 2011, combined elements of PIB Cavite PPO
and members of Gen Trias MPS conducted follow-up and hot pursuit operations against
hijackers of a delivery truck from PUREBEV Int’l Corp located at Hugo Perez, Trece
Martirez City, loaded with Nestle Chocolate Drinks worth more or less Php2.5 Million.
Three (3) unidentified suspects were killed in the shoot-out while three (3) other
unidentified suspects managed to evade arrest on board a gray car. The hijacked truck
was likewise recovered in the said area. SOCO team led by PSINSP ROSE MERINA
conducted crime scene investigation and recovered one (1) Cal .45 pistol and two (2) Cal
.38 revolvers. Cadavers of the suspects were brought to Sepacio Valdez for autopsy

                          On October 26, 2011 at about 12:10 A.M., while conducting
intensified anti-carnapping operation in Cavite area, joint elements of Dasmariñas CPS
and TF Limbas encountered suspected carjackers/robbery hold-up group on board a
Toyota Vios with Plate Number ZBX-561 and two (2) motorcycles near TUP at Brgy
Salitran, Dasmariñas City.      Two (2) suspects on board the Toyota Vios died
instantaneously while the other one on board a motorcycle was rushed to the nearest
hospital where he was declared DOA. Unidentified suspects from the Toyota Vios and
another on board the second motorcycle were able to escape and eluded arrest.

Recovered from the crime scene were the following: three (3) Cal .45 pistols; one (1)
motorcycle with Plate Number 5992 PT; and one (1) Toyota Vios colored gray, with
attached Plate Number ZBX-561 which was originally intended to a Ford Focus Sedan.
Found inside the car were one (1) Nokia cellular phone, vehicle plate ZPK-767,
documents, medical kits, and clothing to include a police blue camouflage shirt.

                        On November 8, 2011 at about 11:30 PM, elements of Bacoor
MPS neutralized the Sociro-Manlapaz Hijacking Group in Green Valley, San Nicolas 3,
Bacoor, Cavite.

                            Accordingly, said group hijacked a six wheeler closed wing van
somewhere in Libis, Quezon City heading towards Molino, Bacoor, Cavite, hence the
follow-up operation which resulted in the arrest of the following suspects while unloading
the cargo at the aforesaid place:

                           a.   Bornio Sociro y Apondar Jr;
                           b.   Rogelio Manlapaz y Abelar;
                           c.   Marcelo Labay Cabanyan, Jr;
                           d.   Rosebilly Sociro y Manlapaz; and
                           e.   Ramel y Delima.

                         The arrested suspects and recovered hijacked truck and items
more or less P5M were brought to Cavite PPO.

                        On November 9, 2011 at about 3:30 A.M., operatives of San
CIDT led by PCINSP REY MAGDALUYO, encountered a group of armed hijackers at
Victoria Road, Brgy San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna which resulted in the death of four
(4) hijackers.

                           Recovered from the possession of the suspects are the
                           a)      One (1) hijacked truck with Plate Number RJ 787
                                   loaded with 192 pieces of assorted flat LCD TV sets
                                   worth more or less Php 2Million;
                           b)      One (1) Isuzu Crosswind with Plate Number XFI 165;
                           c)      One (1) M16 rifle;
                           d)      One (1) Carbine;
                           e)      One (1) Ingram; and
                           f)      One (1) Cal .45 pistol.

                    Arrest of Bank Robbers in Bacoor, Cavite

                          On October 13, 2011 at about 12:00 NN, a robbery/hold-up
incident transpired at Masuerte Rural Bank, located in Brgy Zapote Junction, Bacoor,
perpetrated by four (4) malefactors. The four (4) suspects were identified as follows: Edwin
FRANCISCO y Tumbada, 48 years old, a native of Masbate and presently residing in
Manggahan, Parañaque City; Johnny LIPATA y Garay, 33 years old, a native of Samar
and presently residing in Sun Valley, Parañaque City; Libron LIM y Escollas, 27 years old,
a resident of Parañaque City; Renato ROSARIO y Miranda, 35 years old, a native of San
Carlos City and presently residing in Merville Subdivision, Parañaque City. Said suspects
were armed with one (1) shotgun and one (1) 9mm pistol.

                    The Four (4) armed malefactors also held hostage eight (8)
employees of the said bank. However, a crisis management committee operation was
launched leading to the release of the hostages and peaceful surrender of the suspects.
                    SOCO team recovered inside the bank the following firearms left by
the suspects:

                           a)   One (1) shotgun marked Armscor with SN 1132671;
                           b)   One (1) 9mm pistol, Armscor, with SN 11870224;
                           c)   One (1) Cal .45 pistol, Armscor, with SN 987405; and
                           d)   One (1) Cal .38 revolver, Armscor, with SN 63672.

                    Recovery of Hijacked Vehicles

                          On May 26, 2011, a cargo-
hijacking was reported in which the subject was a
Fuso Wing van loaded with 15 tons of compressed
carton at CPIP Batino, Calamba City, Laguna. The
truck driver and helper were dumped by the suspects
somewhere in Tagaytay City, Cavite. Follow-up
operation resulted in the recovery of the vehicle
together with four (4) other vehicles in Taguig City on
May 27, 2011.

                           On      September 24, 2011 at about 2:30 AM, a truck loaded
with empty ice crates while traversing along the highway of Brgy Darasa, Tanauan City,
Batangas heading for the Goldstar Iceplant was blocked by a closed van wherein three (3)
unidentified malefactors alighted and subsequently boarded the truck. At gunpoint,
suspects blindfolded and hogtied the truck driver and his two (2) helpers then were
dumped at the grassy area of Brgy Malaking Pulo, Tanauan City, Batangas where they
(victims) sought the help of the residents thereat.

                     Follow-up investigations and operations resulted in the apprehension
of the eight (8) suspects at a junkshop located in Brgy Masili, Calamba City on September
24, 2011 at 11:00 PM.

                    Confiscated pieces of evidence are as follows:

                    a) One (1) cannibalized Isuzu forward truck with Plate
                       Number. TLL-179;
                    b) Several pieces/parts of dismantled body of Isuzu forward
                    c) Six (6) truck tires with rim;
                    d) One (1) Colt Cal .45 pistol with SN p842654 with six (6)
                       live ammunition;
                    e) One (1) Colt Cal .45 pistol with SN c492884 with six (6)
                       live ammunition;
                    f) One (1) Colt Cal. .45 pistol with SN m845288 with six (6)
                        live ammunition;
                    g) Four (4) sachets of suspected dried marijuana leaves;
                    h) Twelve (12) pieces black plastic palettes
                    i) Two Hundred Nineteen (219) pieces of red plastic ice
                    j) Four (4) Acetylene tanks with gauge and hose assembly
                    k) One (1) LPG tank;
                    l) Six (6) pails of Nippon paint;
                    m) Three (3) motorcycles with following descriptions:

                           1) Rusi, colored orange with PN WR 5002;
                           2) Rusi, colored yellow with Plate Number DE8954; and
                           3) TMX Honda100, colored black with improvised Plate
                              Number PD3619.

                    Encounter with Criminal Gangs and other Criminal Elements

                         Two (2) of the three (3) suspects were killed while one (1)
managed to escape in an encounter with elements of Taytay MPS after an attempted
robbery/hold-up on a gasoline station in Taytay, Rizal on March 9, 2011. One (1) Cal .45
pistol and one (1) Cal .38 revolver, cartridges and a sketch of the gas station were
recovered by the lawmen.

                        On June 30, 2011, elements of Angono MPS neutralized Juan
Saporco y Montoya and Romulo Casaol y Ceneta, members of BBQ Robbery Hold Up
Group along Manila East Road, Barangay San Isidro, Angono, Rizal.

                           On September 7, 2011, combined operatives of Taytay MPS
and PIB, Rizal PPO conducted a surveillance operation at the vicinity of Sitio Barila, Brgy
Del Remedios, Cardona in coordination with Cardona MPS against armed men who
frequently pretended as PNP members of Taytay MPS. When the two (2) suspects
sensed the presence of the lawmen at their adjacent safe house, they fired at them
prompting the latter to retaliate. Suspects are remnants of JOSEPH AQUINO
Robbery/Hold-up Group involved in the series of armed robbery and “bukas-kotse”
incidents mostly in Taytay, Cainta and Angono. One of the suspects died on the spot
while the other one was arrested. The operation resulted in the recovery of one (1) caliber
38 revolver, 2 firearms license, 2 units of big bikes, assorted parts of motorcycle, several
bearings of motorcycles, assorted OR/CR of motorcycle; and 2 license plates for
motorcycle with Plate Number.

                          On October 10, 2011 at about 4:45 A.M., in Brgy San Roque,
Sto Tomas, elements of Sto Tomas MPS while conducting routine patrol saw two (2)
suspicious malefactors in front of a computer shop. When they were about to check them
suspects hurriedly boarded one owner-type jeep driven by a third suspect and fired at the
policemen. At this juncture, an armed encounter ensued between them which resulted in
the instantaneous death of the three (3) suspects. One (1) bolt cutter was recovered inside
the computer shop.

                    Encounter With Riding-In-Tandem (RIT) Suspects

                           On March 9, 2011 Antipolo CPS arrested Armando “Mandy”
Javoc and Eriberto C Mandin (MC Riding in Tandem suspects) who were involved in the
series of robbery/hold-ups in Rizal Province.

                        On May 2, 2011 in Brgy Sta Clara Norte, Pila, Laguna elements
of Laguna PPO encountered two (2) RIT suspects which resulted in the death of one while
the other managed to escape. Recovered from the scene of incident was one (1) Cal .38

                          On May 7, 2011, two (2) PO1s of Tanauan CPS, Batangas
PPO encountered three (3) armed motorcycle-riding criminals in Tanauan City. One (1) of
the suspects was killed and the two (2) others were captured. One (1) Cal .38 revolver with
five (5) rounds of ammunition, a sachet with Shabu and a lighter were recovered by the

                          On July 1, 2011 at about 3:05 A.M., joint elements of Calamba
CPS, Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG4A) and STG/PIB encountered a group
of four (4) unidentified robbery/hold-up suspects at Brgy Maunong, Calamba City.
Operation resulted in the killing of the suspects and the recovery of assorted firearms and
two (2) motorcycles.

                           On September 14, 2011 at about 3:00 A.M., a shootout
between elements of Imus MPS and motorcycle riding-in-tandem suspects happened at
Ilang-Ilang St., Plaridel Subd., Brgy Bayan Luma 7, Imus which resulted in the death of
one of the suspects later identified as one Arnel De Vera BUENO. Recovered from the
scene of encounter were (1) 9mm pistol without serial number; 1 Suzuki motorcycle with
Plate Number ZL 4799; 1 helmet; and 1 wallet of the slain suspect containing his SSS ID.

                          Joint elements of RSOG and Calamba CPS encountered two
(2) suspects involved in a series of robbery/hold-up incidents while on board a carnapped
motorcycle in Brgy Paciano Rizal, Calamba City, Laguna on December 12, 2011. The
encounter resulted in the death of both suspects and the recovery of two (2) handguns and
a motorcycle, among other items.

                    Arrest of KFR Suspects

                           Anti-kidnapping operation conducted by elements of Laguna
CIDT on May 9, 2011 at about 3:00 P.M. at Brgy. Lecheria, Calamba City, Laguna resulted
in the rescue of the victim identified as Rolando MONTANO y Incomio and the arrest of
four (4) suspects, identified as Renel Palinlagui y Olivar; PO2 Jonathan Ricamonte y
Andaya of Los Banos MPS; PO2 Albert Mamalayan of Luisiana MPS; and Marco
Moncayo y Sarno @ Toto.

                          On June 9, 2011 at NEOGEN Farm, Brgy Cabatang, Tiaong,
Quezon, joint elements of NCRCIDU-CIDG, RSOG4A, Tiaong MPS and Quezon-CIDT
arrested two (2) Korean nationals and a Filipino citizen for their involvement in the KFR
and Serious Illegal Detention of another Korean national/businessman that took place in
Kawit, Cavite on May 4-10, 2011. Three (3) other suspects, all Korean nationals, remain at

                          On August 22, 2011 at about 10:20 AM at
Signal Corps near Q-Plaza, Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal elements of
Cainta MPS arrested remnants of Sibuyas KFR Group identified as
Alvin Rumbawa y Dela Torre, Charlie Pascual y Ginolos and Lorenzon
Cruz y Diaz. Confiscated from the suspects’ possession and control
were one (1) caliber 9mm pistol marked Berretta with defaced serial
number loaded with sixteen (16) ammunition and one (1) chamber, one
(1) caliber 45 pistol government model M1911A1 US Army bearing
serial number 765241 loaded with eight (8) ammunition, three (3) hand
grenades, red Honda wave with plate no. WA-5243, and three (3)
cellular phones.

                         On October 16, 2011 in Gen Trias, Cavite, joint elements of
PACER, Cavite PPO and other police and AFP units neutralized two (2) KFR suspects and
were able to rescue the three (3) victims (including 2 Indian nationals) who were earlier
kidnapped in Bulacan.

                        On November 27, 2011 in Brgy Lagalag, Tiaong, suspects tried
to abduct one Gurnek SINGH y Kaur, Indian national but the victim resisted and
although injured when he was repeatedly struck on the head with the butt of firearms,
managed to escape and reported the incident to Quezon PPSMC however suspects fled

with the victim’s motorcycle bearing Plate Number 7374. Immediately, elements of
Quezon PPSMC together with Tiaong and Candelaria MPSs, QPPO and San Juan MPS,
Batangas PPO conducted a joint operation in Brgy Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas that
resulted in the apprehension of the following suspects: Nilo TADUA, Philip MIRANDA,
Jayson TINA and Jake CALYAG. The other suspect managed to escape on board the
motorcycle of the victim. SINGH is now under medical treatment while the suspects are
under the custody of Quezon PPSMC. Pieces of evidence recovered were as follows:

                    a. One (1) maroon Mitsubishi Lancer with Plate Number
                       TEV 376 used by the suspects;
                    b. Two (2) Cal 45 pistols;
                    c. One (1) Cal 38 revolver;
                    d. One (1) rope;
                    e. One (1) packing tape; and
                    f. Two (2) pieces black bonnets.

                    Encounter with KFR Threat/Extortion Group

                           On October 8, 2011 at about 3:00 A.M., an encounter
transpired between joint elements of PACER, intelligence operatives of Rizal PPO, HPG
Task Force Limbas, SWAT team from Rizal PPO and Binangonan MPS and a
KFR/Extortion group. Said encounter resulted in the instantaneous death of one Virgilio B
RAYGA and Efren OMEGA y Bermudez while one (1) Sonny D BATIS sustained multiple
gunshot wounds and was brought to Binangonan Municipal Hospital but pronounced DOA
by the attending physician.
                            Recovered pieces of evidence were as follows:

                          a. One (1) Cal .45 Para Ordinance pistol;
                          b. One (1) Cal .38 revolver;
                          c. One (1) pistol of unknown caliber;
                          d. Empty shells of different caliber;
                          e. Four (4) bundles of “Budol Money” of ten (10) pcs alleged
                             one thousand peso bills;
                          f. One (1) cellular phone; and
                          g. One (1) packaging tape

                    Foiled Robbery/Hold-up Incident

                          On March 18, 2011, a robbery/hold-up attempt to a 60-year-old
woman Day Care worker and her son (PO2 Joel A PINEDA of Mataas na Kahoy MPS,
Batangas PPO) in Tanauan City was foiled.           The two (2) had just withdrawn
Php830,000.00 from a bank and were on board a car when three (3) suspects fired at
them hitting the woman and the lawman. PO2 PINEDA was able to return fire hitting two
(2) of the suspects while the other managed to escape. The victims survived but the
suspects died while being treated in the hospital.

                    Arrest of PDEA Agents for Robbery/Hold-up and Violation of RA
8294 and RA 9165

                          On January 25, 2011 in Lipa City, Batangas, three (3) agents of
PDEA and two (2) other persons were arrested by responding policemen after they forcibly
entered the residence of a businesswoman and demanded money from her.

                     Violation of Section 6, RA 8485 (Criminal Welfare Act of 1998)

                           Elements of PIB, Cavite PPO with a representative of the
Animal Kingdom Foundation conducted an operation against on-line dog fighting in Brgy
Mahabang Kahoy, Indang, Cavite on December 2, 2011. The operation resulted in the
arrest of six (6) Korean nationals and recovery of on-line gambling paraphernalia and 252
live pit bulls.

                     Arrest of Brgy Councilor, et al., for Illegal Quarrying

                           On December 9, 2011 in Brgy Kamaligan, Calamba City,
combined elements of RSOG, Calamba CPS and representatives from DENR-PENRO,
Laguna together with a segment producer from TV5, conducted an entrapment operation
against illegal quarrying. It resulted in the arrest of Brgy Councilor Joel ESTRADA y
Saniano of Brgy Maunong, same city, and two (2) other persons.

              3.m. Community Safety and Protection

             Police Visibility – PRO CALABARZON personnel spent 9,372,028 man-
hours in conducting foot patrols while 8,967,735 man-hours in mobile patrols, especially in
crime-prone areas regionwide.

           Civil Disturbance Management – There were 171 civil disturbance
management activities/operations conducted with 54,209 man-hours spent.

             Special Events Operations – A total of 1,642 operations were conducted on
special events wherein 106,912 man-hours were spent.

             Search and Rescue Operations – Seventy nine (79) search and rescue
operations were conducted with 6,529 man-hours spent.

           Traffic Management – A total of 23,073,897 man-hours were spent on traffic

             Airport/Seaport Security Operations – A total of 10,893 security operations
on Airports/Seaports were conducted with 387,468 man-hours spent.

            Strengthening of Linkages with Other Law Enforcement Agencies – The
Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee 4A (RLECC 4A) chaired by the
Regional Director, PRO 4A with 35 member-agencies has conducted two (2) Regular

             VIP Security Operations – There were 1,696 VIP security operations
conducted with 236,948 man-hours spent.

              3.n. Internal Security Operations

                PRO CALABARZON is continuing its implementation of the PNP’s active role
in the ISO based on Executive Order No.546 Series of 2006 in the effort to dismantle the
politico-military structure of the CPP/NPA/NDF in the region and also to protect not only
the community but to include investors and their investments regionwide.

             Our efforts in cooperation with the AFP and other agencies of the
government have resulted in the decrease of the capability of the Communist Terrorists
(CTs). Consequently, only three (3) guerilla fronts of the CTs operate in the region. These


              During the period under review (January 2011 to date), nineteen (19) CT-
related violent incidents were reported in CALABARZON broken down as follows: 13
encounters, four (4) harassments and two (2) robberies/disarming. These incidents
resulted in the KIA of two (2) PNP and one (1) AFP personnel, WIA of eight (8) AFP
troopers, wounding of two (2) civilians, and killing of one (1) CT. Sixteen (16) firearms and
other items were recovered by the government troopers while 25 were lost to the enemies.
Thirteen (13) CTs were likewise captured and six (6) voluntarily surrendered.

             Apart from the result of encounters which proved favorable to the
government side, following are among the other most significant accomplishments on the
ISO drive:

                         Arrest/capture     of      Tirso
member and OIC of National Military Staff, CPP and
Execom member, Head of Regional Military Staff and
Spokesman of STRPC, CPP/NPA/NDF together with
Apolonio Del Carmen CUARTO @ POLLY in Brgy
Ibabang Iyam, Lucena City on January 4, 2011.
Confiscated from ALCANTARA and his security were: a
Cal .45 pistol with two (2) magazines and 14 rounds of
ammunition, two (2) hand grenades, nine (9) blasting caps,
more or less eight (8) meters of detonating cord and a

                         Arrest of Joseph Rodrigo ISON y Delos Reyes @ PETER, a
suspected CT member with a warrant of arrest for rebellion, while in possession of one (1)
Cal .38 revolver, 10 rounds of ammunition, one (1) shotgun and one (1) hand grenade in
Brgy Bubukal, Sta Maria, Laguna on January 16, 2011;

                         Death of Rosemarie DOMANAIS
and Party wife of CTL Gregorio ROSAL AKA ROGER, in an
encounter between her group and PA elements in Mauban,
Quezon on February 7, 2011. This was confirmed by the
STRPC, CNN itself in a party publication;

                          On June 22, 2011, joint police and
military operatives arrested/captured in Brgy Kalilayan Ibaba,
Unisan, Quezon, one Ambrosio Mendoza REY AKA
VERANO/DANIW/DAROY,            head     of   RBKU      Fin/Tax
Implementing Group TIG/Finance), KOMPROB QUEZON.
Confiscated from his possession were: one (1) Cal .45 Armscor
pistol with magazine and seven (7) rounds of ammunition, and
one (1) hand grenade;

                       Arrest of Alberto MACASINAG y
Manalo AKA JY/JOEY, listed in the PSR on CNN as Squad
Quezon on August 10, 2011, and recovery of two (2) IEDs from
his possession;

                        Surrender of Rey FLORES y
Cantajos, CT member, on August 6, 2011 in San Andres,
Quezon along with his S & W Cal .357 handgun with two (2)
rounds of ammunition;

                        Surrender of Flarydel R SOLLESTRE AKA RYAN, a CT
member operating in the PRIN area of Quezon, to joint elements of RIU4A and RID4A on
August 24, 2011.

                          Arrest of three (3) suspected CTs in Tanay, Rizal on October
26, 2011, namely: Marissa ESPIDIDO @ MALAYA/MARLEX, Jared MORALES @
MAGNUM and Hermogenes REYES JR @ TONIO. Recovered from the suspects were
two (2) M16 rifles, one (1) shotgun, one (1) grenade launcher, 12 magazines, 12 M203
ammunition, 126 other ammunition and backpacks/personal belongings.

                  Arrest of Edwin VILLARIN y Ygot @
BATANGAS on November 7, 2011 by joint elements of

                       Apprehension of Philip ENTERIA @ JEROME, Platoon Leader
of Sangay sa Platoon (SPN) and Vice-CO of Guerilla Unit (GU), South Quezon Bondoc
Peninsula (SQBP) and Jerson SAMBOLA y Carabot @ DONDON, member of SPN EDEL.
The two (2) were apprehended by joint elements of 201st Bde, 74IB, 85 IB, PA and PNP
members of Quezon PPO and Catanauan MPS on December 9, 2011 in Brgy Matandang
Sabang Canluran, Catanauan, Quezon.

                    Surrender of Emmanuel QUIOYO y Tupaz @ KA ICHE/DILAN,
CT member, NAAC, KOMPROB RIZAL to elements of PNP SAF in Antipolo City on
December 25, 2011.

            4. Community Relations

               Institutionalization of Barangay Peacekeeping Operation (BPO)

                         Number of                           Members
             Number of
   PPO                   Brgy with       Law       United   Disaster   Case     Environmental
                          BPATs      Enforcement   Front     Relief  Tracking     Protection
  Cavite       23          713           360        264       107       84           190
  Laguna       30          674          5,214      3,040     1,938      0           1,871
 Batangas      34         1,025         3,217      1,634     1,155    1,134         1,212
   Rizal       14          188           545        117       580       36           104
  Quezon       41         1,212         4,372      1,280      818      420           511
  Total        142        3,812        13,708      6,335     4,598    1,674         3,888

           Mobilization of BPATs during the observance of Summer Vacation/”Padyak Para
sa Kapayapaan”, Balik Eskwela, All Saints and Souls Day and other activities were
maximized to ensure the peace and order situation, assist in the traffic management and
control, and establish security assistance centers for the benefit of the community.

   Mobilization of BPAT members
during the conduct of Padyak Para
sa Kapayapaan

      BPAT      members        and      PNP
Personnel while distributing safety flyers in
connection with Oplan Sumvac and
Lakbay Alalay.

            c. Success stories in the operationalization of BPO/BPAT

       BPATs together with PNP personnel were able to arrest criminal elements.

   C. Reduce/eliminate incidence of human rights violations (HRV) in
   police operations

         1. Prevention and Control of Human Rights Violations

              - Pursuant to ORPHRDD-PARMS Special Orders Number 1282 dated
September 2, 2011, PO2 Mario Aala Natividad and PO1 Antenor Mamburao Mariquit,
both of Rizal PPO, were dismissed from the PNP service effective August 1, 2011 for two
(2) Counts of Grave Misconduct (Frustrated Murder, Abduction and Unintentional


   A. Safer place to live, work and do business
      Police-Community Partnership

         1. Community Assistance and Development Programs

         .Community Assistance &
                                             Conducted by the   Supported by the
           Development Activities
                                                  PNP                 PNP
  Medical & Dental Outreach Programs
                                                     9                   431
  Relief Operations                                 5                     58
  Feeding Program                                  164                  1,575
  Bloodletting                                     20                     88
  Support to community projects                    157                   643
  Livelihood & skills development projects         16                    233

      Relief Operations

             RPCRD under the supervision of its Chief, PSSUPT ROLANDO B OPEÑA
transported the relief goods provided voluntarily by the officers and men of PRO
CALABARZON to the Officers Ladies Club Office at Camp Crame Quezon City on October
6, 2011 and November 06, 2011.

      Feeding Program
              Feeding Program conducted by Batangas PPO in coordination with Taal-
Lemery Rotary Club and Medical SOCIETY held at Brgy Wawa Ibaba, Lemery, Batangas
on July 28, 2011.

              On August 12, 2011, Police Community Relations Branch of Batangas Police
Provincial Office led by PSUPT ANTONIO MALABANAN conducted Feeding activity with
a theme “Kalusugan Mo, Kayamanan Ko” at Brgy Tibig, Lipa City.

               This Regional Headquarters led by Chief, FJGAD, PCINSP CATHERINE D
RAMOS, under the supervision of PSSUPT ROLANDO B OPEÑA, Chief, RPCRD
conducted Gift Giving and feeding activity on October 27, 2011 to the abandoned and
neglected children under the care of Children’s Joy Foundation located at #7 Camantigue
St., Ceris II Subd., Canlubang, Calamba City Laguna.

      Bloodletting Activities

              PRO4A under PCSUPT GIL C MENESES, Regional Director in collaboration
with the Department of Health Las Pinas headed by Dra. Marlene S. Ontog conducted
bloodletting on September 16, 2011 held at PRO4A Multi Purpose Center, Camp Vicente
Lim, Calamba City. Blood donors were the PRO 4A personnel, Security guards and police
trainees wherein the extracted blood was donated to the Department of Health to support
the blood demand of the dengue victims.

              PCINSP MAGNOLIA BERMUDEZ, Chief Operation, Regional Health Service
4A, representatives from PNRC Laguna Chapter headed by Ms. Zyrie C. Tinaypan and
Red Cross Volunteers from the municipality of Los Baños while conducting check-ups,
screening and the actual extraction of blood to the RPSB personnel held at Camp
Eldridge, Los Baños, Laguna on August 23, 2011. Ttwenty-two thousand fifty cc (22,050 cc
blood) were extracted and donated to the PNRC Laguna Chapter.

      Support to community project

                                    PCSUPT SILVESTRE PRIMERO, RD, RIAS 4A,
                                    PRO4A personnel headed by PSSUPT ROLANDO
                                    B OPEÑA, C, RPCRD, Hon. Mayor Rodolfo H.
                                    Manalo, Municipal Mayor of San Juan, Batangas
                                    together with the LGUs and Batangas State
                                    University Faculty members, and high school
                                    students during the actual Mangrove planting held in
                                    the coastline area of Brgy. Pinagbayanan, San
                                    Juan, Batangas on November 19, 2011.

On August 19, 2011 at about 5:30 in the morning, PRO 4-A (CALABARZON) joins the
conduct of Mangrove Planting held at the Coastline Areas of Brgy Wakas, Kawit, Cavite.
This project was spearheaded by the DILG Region 4A and participated in by the PNP
Personnel from different Units/Stations of Cavite PPO, Manila Bay Control Office, DILG,
Philippine Air Force, Philippine Coast Guard, DENR, BJMP, BFP, and Philippine Army in
response to the Supreme Court’s continuing mandamus to clean and rehabilitate the
Manila Bay.

                                        Members from Lobo MPS rendered security
                                        assistance during the “LIBRENG BUNOT
                                        NGIPIN” initiated by LGUs from Lobo in
                                        coordination with the Batangas City Dental
                                        Chapter headed by Dra. Jocelyn Beloso- Delos
                                        Reyes and Batangas Province Dental Chapter
                                        headed by Dra. Wendy Acosta. This event was
                                        in relation with the celebration of Lobo 140th
                                        Foundation Day.

Livelihood & skills development projects

The Batangas Police Provincial Office spearheaded by PSSUPT ROSAURO V ACIO,
conducted Tree Planting Activity (Isang Pulis, Isang Puno) and launched the “Mamang
Pulis, Aleng Pulis” Livelihood Program on May 16, 2011 and June 2, 2011, respectively, in
support to the advocacy of the command on the conservation of the environment intends
to protect the ozone layer.

         2. Disaster Preparedness and Management

                                                               Number of Activities
Coordination with LGUs                                                  232
Training/ Seminar on Disaster Preparedness                               96
Clean-Up Drive (de-clogging of esteros/waterways)                       800
Information Drive                                                       787
Inter-Unit Disaster Response Drill Competition                           11
Simulation Drills and Exercises                                          32
TOTAL                                                                  1,958

        Personnel of Noveleta MPS under the direct supervision of PSINSP MATIAS B
MONTEFALCON, COP, together with Municipal Disaster and Coordinating Council joined
together in conducting seminar/workshop that will educate, train, and develop the basic
skills of the PNP and MDCC personnel, and encourage the pro-active participation in the
call for disaster/calamity preparedness on May 4, 2011.

       PCR team of 3rd Maneuver Company led by
conducted Seminar on Basic first Aid and Basic Life
Support held at Monte Vista Resort on August 09,
2011. Said activity started with lectures followed by a
practical exercises participated in by forty (40)
members, staff and crew of the said resort in
coordination with Mrs. Janet T. Usi, Resort Manager.
Below are the pictorials of the activity.


      Anti-Criminality Initiatives

      Launching Of Private Security Guards’ Deputation

        On February 1, 2011 at about 9:00 A.M., this PRO conducted the “Launching of
the Private Security Guards’ Deputation” headed by PCSUPT SAMUEL D PAGDILAO,
JR, then Regional Director PRO 4A together with the Command Group, Regional Quad
Staff and Operators of different Security Agencies in the region with the end in view of
helping and or augmenting our PNP personnel in the conduct of police operation such as:
checkpoint/chokepoint, implementation of Warrant of Arrest and visibility (foot/mobile)

        During the activity, this PRO represented by the Regional Director and PADPAO
represented by Mr. Ramon Bergado, President of Protective Philippine Association of
Detective and Protective Agency Operators (PADPAO) entered into an agreement and
signed the “TERMS OF REFERENCE” which would serve as guidelines of both parties in
utilizing Private Security Guards as stakeholders in the maintenance of peace and order in

       It was attended by seventy one (71) Security Guards from different Security
Agencies and three hundred four (304) Barangay Peace Action Teams (BPATs) from
different PPOs.

      SWAT Olympics

      PRO CALABARZON conducted SWAT Olympics among SWAT units and personnel
of PRO 4A in order to measure their individual and unit capability especially with respect to
endurance, speed, strength, teamwork, accuracy and skills.

                             ENDURANCE CHALLENGE




       This OPLAN sets forth the guidelines on the conduct of mobile and or foot patrol
(police visibility) by all administrative personnel of the Regional and Provincial
Headquarters in crime prone areas within the city or municipality where the headquarters
are located.

       From November 2, 2011 to
December 31, 2011, PRO4A deployed a
total of 4,067 PNP personnel performing
administrative functions in the Regional
and Provincial Offices. All of these
manpower resources were dispatched in
crime prone areas based on the crime
maps and crime clocks of each CPS/MPS
where the RHQ and PPOs are co-located.

        Accomplishments on the deployment/augmentation of personnel from the RHQ and
PPOs resulted in the very notable decline in the volume of crime incidents of the region.
Statistics of crime incidents for the month of November and December of 2011 showed a
decrease of 790 or 21.08 % as compared to the previous months or September and
October of the same year.

       Likewise, as compared to the same period of 2010 there is a very remarkable
decline in the number of crimes in 2011 where a decrease of 1,455 incidents or 32.98%
were noted.

      PRO 4A OPLAN 07/2011 Checkmate

       On the second quarter of 2011, it was noted that the number of street crimes and
crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals contributed significantly to the statistics
of the region. Thus, this gave birth to PRO4A OPLAN 07/2011 “Checkmate” which was
simultaneously launched regionwide last November 8, 2011. This OPLAN targeted the
confiscation of undocumented or stolen motorcycles which where most frequently used by
criminals in their nefarious activities. Clean or properly documented motorcycles were
issued stickers and emergency vehicle cards for free, as proof that their motorcycles
already passed the rigid check of the PNP operatives. As a result, this office had checked
a total of 37,404 and impounded 1,387 motorcycles, issued 16,322 violation tickets,
arrested/killed 12 suspects and confiscated 5 firearms.

        With the more than two (2) months of continuous strict implementation of OPLAN
“Checkmate”, PRO4A had already accounted 98 stolen motorcycle units returned to their
rightful owners. Likewise, crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals declined from
40 incidents in October 2011 to 23 incidents in December 2011.

        OPLAN Checkmate also gained positive feedbacks from the stakeholders as posted
in its Facebook Account:

   Community Safety and Protection Program

      Launching of Tourist Police

                                       In coordination with the LGU, the Tagaytay
                                       Tourism Council, and the Department of Tourism
                                       (DOT); the Tagaytay City Tourist Police was re-
                                       launched on February 11, 2011 with Ms. Louella
                                       C. Jurilla, Regional Director-DOT Region 4-A as
                                       Guest of Honor and Speaker.

                                        Launching of Tourist Police in Hidden Valley
                                        Resort Spring and the signing of MOA for
                                        cooperation & support on protection & security of
                                        tourists in Hidden Valley Resort, Laguna province
                                        on April 9, 2011.

   Police Community Relations Program

      “Pulis Ko, Titser Ko Program”

       On January 10, 2011, the “Pulis Ko, Titser Ko Program” was simultaneously
launched from regional down to station level under PRO CALABARZON which also the
beginning of handling one section under Grade IV students as pilot class of the project
region-wide. Per MOA entered into between PRO 4-A and Dep-Ed 4-A on November 15,
2011, the class will be handled and taught by selected Teacher’s COP at least 30 minutes
to one hour per week. It is one of the best practices of the PRO4A that intends to sustain
its implementation as a support project to the PNP’s School Based protection program.
Five Thousand Five Hundred (5,500) copies of textbook entitled “Batayang Babasahin sa
Pag-iwas sa Krimen at sa Wastong Pag-uugali” was produced by the PRO4A and serves
as guide of Titser’s COPS in teaching pupils.

PSSUPT ROLANDO B OPEÑA, Chief, RPCRD discussed the overview of the “Pulis Ko,
Titser Ko” Program.

ATTY SAMUEL D PAGDILAO. JR, then the Regional Director gives his response message
and talk to the students on what benefits they would gain on the said program.

ATTY SAMUEL D PAGDILAO personally handover the textbook to the class adviser of the
adopted section (Grade IV-D Purity) and to the two (2) RPSBn personnel detailed as
Teacher’s Cops.

PO1 Myra B Domingo and POI Eric A Labis, the Titser Cops while teaching Grade IV
pupils right after the launching of Pulis ko, Titser Ko Program in Post Elem. School.

Prior the graduation, fifty (50) school bags with school supplies were distributed to
the pilot students of “Pulis Ko, Titser Ko” program in this Regional Headquarters.

The then Regional Director assisted by PSSUPT ROLANDO B OPEÑA, C, RPCRD
distributed the bags with Pulis Ko, Titser Ko, logo with school supplies as a simple gift from
the Regional Office CALABARZON.

Class picture of Grade IV-D Purity from Post Elementary School, Camp Vicente Lim with
their new Pulis Ko, Titser Ko Bag together with the then Regional Director and PSSUPT

      Launching and Signing of MOA On Drug Abuse Resistance Education

        On May 30, 2011, PRO4A (CALABARZON) conducted the launching and signing of
Memorandum of Agreement on Drug Abuse Resistance Education program coincides with
Traditional Monday Flag Raising Ceremony. This program aims to help students to
recognize and resist the influence of getting into addiction of tobacco, alcohol, and other
drugs. Memorandum of Agreement was made and entered into between PRO 4
CALABARZON represented by the Regional Director PCSUPT GIL C MENESES and
Dangerous Drugs Board represented by its Executive Director, USEC EDGAR C
GALVANTE. The said agreement intends to sustain the implementation of Drug Abuse
Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program, an innovative school based project to resist
illegal drugs and violence targeting Grade 5 & 6 students region wide.

(DARE) AUGUST 01-12, 2011

       The Ten-Day Trainors’ Training on Drug Abuse Resistance Education
(D.A.R.E) conducted by this Regional Office from August 01-12, 2011 held at PRO4A Multi
Purpose Center, as contained with the signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between
the PRO 4-A and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB). This training aims to train Police
Officers on practical skills and knowledge in the area of enhancing personal and social
competence related to preventing drug abuse before they go full blast in molding the

pupils/students to recognize and resist the influence of getting into addiction of tobacco,
alcohol and other drugs through classroom instruction.

Opening ceremony:

PSSUPT ROLANDO BACARON OPEÑA, Chief, Regional Police Community Relations
Division, as he delivered his welcomes remarks.

USEC EDGAR C GALVANTE, Acting Executive Director, Dangerous Drugs Board as he
declares the opening of the Course and delivered his message by encouraging all the
participants to devote their selves after the training.

USEC. EDGAR C GALVANTE, Acting Executive Director, dangerous Drugs Board on the
actual discussion about the Government Strategies to Address the Drug Problem.


      On September 5, 2011, the forty two (42) DARE Officers started to teach the
Seventeen (17) weeks lessons in Grade 5 & 6 students of selected schools region wide.

UGNAYAN          NG        PULISYA       AT
dubbed      as   “PADYAK       PARA      SA
KAPAYAPAAN”. This activity aims to
strengthen police-community goodwill and
create an environment supportive of the
resumption of peace talks between the
Government and the CPP/NPA/NDF. The
events undertaken were the “Bikathon”
participated by the different Bikers Club in
CALABARZON region followed by the
Dialogue, Public Forum, and Advocacy
which supported by the Local Chiefs Executives, LGUs, Barangay Officials, Religious
Groups, NGOs, and other sectors of the community.

The activity launched in Laguna province on December 27, 2010, replicated in Quezon
province on December 30, 2010, in Batangas province on January 8, 2011, in Rizal
province on January 15, 2011 and finally in Cavite province on January 28, 2011.
Culminating activity was held on February 12, 2011 at PRO CALABARZON Headquarters
with Hon. Jejomar C. Binay, Vice-President – Republic of the Philippines as Guest of
Honor and Speaker.


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