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Under the Freedom of Information Act, please may I request the following information:

1. The number of compensation claims relating to a) personal injury and b) health and safety brought
   against your police authority by members of staff for each of the last three years.

2. Of each of these claims please provide details about:
   • The nature of the claim
   • How much was claimed for initially
   • Who has brought the claim (i.e. an individual, or by a legal firm/company on behalf of an
   • The name of the legal representatives
   • The outcome of the claim - whether the case was settled out of court, dropped, damages awarded
       to the claimant, or case still open.
   • Details of any costs and/or damages paid to the claimant/legal representatives.

3. The total amount paid out by the your police authority in compensation awards and legal costs in the
   last three years, broken down by year.


Please supply information for the past three financial years and the request is referring to Dyfed Powys
Police, rather than the police authority.

In relation to question 3, please provide the total paid out just for personal injury and health and safety
claims, as detailed in question 1.

Response 1(a-b):

          Financial Year                  Personal Injury Claims              Health and Safety Claims
2007-08                                              8                                   0
2008-09                                              4                                   0
2009-10                                              5                                   0

Response 2:

                                               Nature of claim
Sustained injury to arm x 1
Sustained injury to back x 1
Sustained injury to knee x 1
Whiplash injury during training x 1
Sustained a whiplash injury in a road traffic collision x 5
Whiplash injury in a slip/ trip x 1
Death of a police officer x 1
Occupational Deafness x 1
Sustained a limb laceration whilst on operational duty x 1
Sustained injury to back x 2
Sustained a limb laceration x 2

                                How much was initially claimed initially
Not specified x 17

                                         Who brought the claim
Claimant’s Solicitor x 17

                                     Name of Legal Representative
St. Helens Law x 1
Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors x 9
Thompsons Solicitors x 2
Information not held x 1
Bartletts Solicitors x 1
Walter Williams x 1
Pattison & Brewer Solicitors x 1
Hayward Baker Solicitors x 1

                                        The outcome of the claim
Live x 6
Repudiated x 1
Agreed Settlement out of court x 6
Claimant did not pursue claim x 4

                                           Damages Awarded

                                            Solicitors Costs

Response 3:

Please find detailed below the total amount paid out by Dyfed Powys Police in compensation awards and
legal costs:

2007/08:       £64,297.22
2008/09:       £24,000.00
2009/10:       £6,123.91

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