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					Impact on India-China relationship
President Hu Jiao’s visit to Washington DC was more ceremonial
than substantive, however, this was a necessary visit The Obama
administration laid out scintillating reception at the white house,
topped with a grand banquet, with all the known celebrities in
attendance. The visit was symbolic and both the leaders intent on
making it a success. $45 billion worth of business deals were
signed; the Chinese will now buy American goods and
commodities, in the process thereof, creating over 300,000 new
jobs in America. President Obama took up soft issues like human
rights, whereas, the congress took up the contentious issue of the
Chinese currency, visa-a-vis the dollar, which ipso facto makes the
export of America goods and commodities to China cheaper than it
should senate leaders to raise other controversial issues with the
Chinese leader, and Hu Jintao assured the congress that they would
take close look at them. Another important promise the Us
president extracted from the Chinese leader was that American
companies will participate in any business deal or contract on a
level playing field with their Chinese counterparts.

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