NX Body Scanner by jennyyingdi


									                        NX-16 3D Body Scanner
                         For Apparel, Health/Fitness/Medical,
                    Entertainment/Gaming, and Virtual Worlds

                              White-light scanning technology
                              Extremely small footprint—fits anywhere
                              Safe, private self-scanning mode
                              Data acquisition in seconds
                              Hundreds of automatic measurements
                              Automatic Avatar generation
                                      - Face-color from photo

                                  Uses of 3D scanning technology include:

                                          Health/medical and fitness management
                                          Body shape analysis
                                          Sizing surveys
                                          3D product development for apparel and
                                          Virtual fashion
                                          Made-to-measure clothing
                                          Entertainment and gaming
                                          Clothing size and style recommendation

Specifications                              Operational Parameters
                                            Point Accuracy:              <1 mm
Dimensions:           4’x5’                 Circumferential Accuracy:    <3 mm
Area:                 20 sq. ft.            Data Point Grid Density:     2x2 <mm
Power:                15 amp (one outlet)   Scan Duration:               8 seconds
Technology:           White-light, non-     Data Density:                600,000—800,000 points
                       moving scan heads    Scan Volume:                 2 m h x 1.2 m w x 0.7 m d
Operation System:      Windows 7            Scan Views:                  4 angles, 4 heights

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                             5651 Dillard Drive - Cary, NC 27518 USA
                    Phone: 919.380.2177 Fax: 919.380.2181 Email: kdavis@tc2.com
NX-16 3D Body Scanner
 Measurement Tracking and Predictive
           Weight Loss

 Custom Clothing and Virtual Fashion

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