Accelerated Corrosion Testing in AS tatic Marine Environment

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Title:       Accelerated Corrosion Testing in A Static Marine Environment
Authors:     Carl Handsy, J. Peter Ault
Citation:    Tri-service Corrosion Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, Nov 15-19 1999
Keywords:    Accelerated Corrosion Testing

Abstract:    The objective of the tests described in this paper is to compare the effectiveness of
             various substrates, coatings, and designs that are being used in the commercial
             sector and that have demonstrated a high degree of usage and success. Corrosion
             was observed on actual vehicle body components with CARC paints, E-coating
             primers, pre-painted or coil coated steel, galvanized steel, structural adhesive and
             the elimination or reduction of weldments. The marine exposure environment
             was believed to be similar to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Panama–aggressive
             environments, which promote high corrosion rates. A secondary objective was to
             establish a correlation between the testing at Cape Canaveral and the “rust belt” in
             the continental US, Camp Jejune NC, and the GM9540 Cyclic corrosion test.
             This paper describes testing of M151 jeep bodies, and production five-ton truck
             doors. The long history and service life of these vehicles allowed them to serve as
             ideal candidates for accelerated testing.

Pros/Cons:   The study has resulted in a wealth of data that can be used to compare the
             corrosion performance of various materials in various environments. The use of
             this marine exposure testing coupled with on-going accelerated corrosion testing
             will generate data to improve design, production, maintenance, and result in
             reduced lifecycle costs of fielded material.

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