Importance of Preschool for Your Child

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					Importance of Preschool for Your Child

Most parents realize the importance of a preschool in the educational development of a
child. They all know children are receptive to new things and can quickly grasp
whatever is thrown at them. Though preschools can differ based on which part of the
world you are located in, the objective is the same and that is to impart education in a
fun way at an early age.

Though there are several things that are taught, it's the development of motor skills that
is important in a child. Kids who did not attend preschool not only had poor motor skills
could but also had trouble reading and writing. The impact of that is that when it is time
to go mainstream, these kids have trouble keeping pace with those who attended

Some parents argue that preschool should be fun and should not put undue pressure
on the kids. Though it could be true in certain countries, especial in the far-east the
school hours are quite long for preschoolers compared to that in the west. The
advantage of that is that these kids find it much easier to cope with homework and
higher studies later on. Lot of parents send their kids for extra classes outside of school
hours and that is more to ensure they are always on top. You might call this as part of
the culture.

Whether the hours for preschoolers should be more is debatable but there is no debate
on the advantages of sending your kids to a preschool. All parents agree with their
importance and it really plays a major role in early childhood education.
Most preschools nowadays believe in nurturing the natural skills of a child. So you can
expect the teacher to be more serving and guiding rather than placing too many
restrictions and obstacles in the learning process.

They place a lot of importance on the basics of child development. They realize that
each child carries a certain uniqueness that can only be recognized with close
observations. Therefore the teacher to student ratio is small in these schools so that the
teacher can observe each child closely.

Though schools for children can be expensive, they do play an important role in giving
your child the head start they need in life. Better reading, writing, motor and speaking
skills are just some of the skills that your child can expect to improve by attending a

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