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					Bangladesh and his developments
While many would say that our country has done remarkably
well over the last few years with its average six per cent annual
GDP growth rate, it is also true that it has the potential to do
much more. However, while the private sector has made large
investments for expansion of difference business sectors, their
growth has suffered due to the lack of infrastructural support.
We do not have enough electricity, the ports are jammed and
the impregnable congestions and skyrocketing costs in the
economic hub, Dhaka, is slowly eating away our potentials.
However, there are many projects that have been in the works
for a while which can change all that. From that list, we
decided to take a look at the five largest projects that begin
work soon and are bound to change the face of our country

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Description: Bangladesh is a cricket favourable country.The development of cricket some methods should take