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					The chil factor
How to shield your child from winter
Tanzeela Amin Aureen
While the winter season is the time for merriment, the colder
weather brings a more unpleasant event-the cold and flu season!
Although coughs and sneezes are practically unavoidable during
the winter months, there are ways of boosting your child’s immune
system and keeping those away. Here are a few tips that may
protect your child from this weather.
1. The most effective way to keep your child safe is by making
them wash their hands on a regular basis. Ensure that they are
washing them before eating and after their trips to the bathroom.
The uses of hand sanitizers are equally effective. If your child is an
infant, please make sure you are keeping his/her hands clean as
they are more likely to touch things around them.
2. Teach your child to catch a sneeze. Encourage them on the use
of tissue papers and to guard their mouths while coughing or
sneezing. This prevents the spread of germs.
3. A healthy, balance diet is a fantastic way to help fight
infections. Winter is that time of the year when you will get plenty
of fresh produce. So use that to your advantage, try and give your
child the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. Food rich in
Vitamin-c can strengthen the immune system and speed recovery.
4. If your child does become ill, despite your best efforts, make
sure you allow them plenty of time to rest. Sleep is one of the
body’s ways fighting infections, so letting your child stay in bed
will aid their recovery, as well as reduce the chances of spreading
their illness.
5. Try and keep your child vaccinated. The influenza vaccine is
the one vaccine that can prevent flu in winter. Influenza
vaccination is the most effective way of for preventing influenza
virus infection and its potentially severe complications.

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