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The development process


The development of a country depend on its thinkings and talking measures method

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									Development of land infrastructure and
National security
In order to lessen our dependence on India, which surrounds us
on three sides, Bangladesh proposes to have a new rail link
connecting Chittagong-Dohajari-cox’s-gundum- Myanmer. Once
Bangladesh completes its part of Cox’s Bazaar-Myanmer link,
Myanmer, and UN-ESCAP can be approached for making this
route a part of the trans Asian Railway. Recently Bangladesh govt.
has reached and understanding with the govt. of the people’s
republic of China to link Chittagong port with south China by road
and rail through the Myanmer territory . This is a historic step,
which will significantly alter the geo-political situation in this part
of the world. Our continued efforts to reach out to Myanmer will
bear fruit through this project. This will bring about the required of
power between regional forces, inspire confidence in small of the
region and hopefully bring about stability for all concern. The
Military significance of this arrangement is not lost on the security
experts and the practitioner’s of Military strategy. However, in
order to maintain regional peace and harmony, stability, all the
countries of the region should be persuaded to get involved in this
project. This is likely to improve the quality of in the entire region
which consists of all most on third of the population of the world.

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