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terms in bali


funny terms in bali

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									Bali is one of the excellent international tourist destination. Bali's natural beauty with a unique culture,
making Bali dubbed many titles, such as Island Paradise or even Wonder Land. Many foreign tourists
also fell in love with Bali, so many are deciding to live and die in Bali. Bali in the international fame was
not in doubt. Various events are held the world on this small island. However, did you? Apparently a lot
of foreign tourists who do not understand Bali well, it makes a lot of mistaken views about Bali, so there
is some unique terms of Bali, namely:

A. Bali Country
Many tourist who thinks Bali is an independent state. They did not know that Bali is part of the country
of Indonesia. Even worse, many do not know about the state of Indonesia. Some of my friends who work
abroad prefer Bali to introduce the origin of the name of the area to friends other foreign residents. This
is not because of the nature of the viscous kadaerahan, but rather because they frequently experience a
feeling. As they get acquainted with foreigners, many do not know about Indonesia. This is what
ultimately led to the term "Bali Country" or the State of Bali. Um ... if so, roughly, how the value of their
geography lessons ya?

2. Bali Money
Money Bali is a term used to name the applicable local currency in Bali. Many times when foreign
nationals who want to exchange money at the money changer, they use the term Bali Money for local
money. Do they not know the rupiah? Or because they are hard to pronounce the word dollars? I do not
know ... What is clear a lot of money changer in Bali who install the signpost "Bali Money Changer".

3. Bali Cowboys
Did you ever find out the documentary "Cowboys in Paradise" which was a controversy a few years ago?
The film is directed by people in Singapore is about the local Balinese men who worked in the tourism
sector can be invited to "date" (sorry) with Caucasians, Caucasians. Effect of Film "Cowboys in Paradise"
eventually led to a new term in the international tourist, the "Bali Cowboys" means bali gigolo (sorry). Is
it "Cowboys Bali" Bali is a local person? Or is it true that there is a profession? Em ..... I do not know!

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