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									Traffic noise Polluting
MD. Ahmed E. imran
The capital city of Dhaka houses a large population of
over 12 million. Around 500,000 motor vehicles run its
roads. This huge amount of traffic is causing noise
pollution in the, which poses to be serious problem for
residents. One of the main sources of noise pollution is
hydraulic horns used in the motor vehicles. With the
rising of the Dhaka its number of cars is increasing
rapidly on the capital’s streets. According to a journal,
almost 150-180 cars are getting registered every day
under BRTA. People are not using standard silencer
pipes in their cars; they are using powerful hydraulic
horns which are prohibited, According to the motor
vehicle ordinance 1983. Due to the lack of awareness
among the general people, several rules regarding the
decibel of noise are not properly followed on the roads-
Drivers in Dhaka get impatient very quickly and
honking their horns slightest hint of getting held up,
which in term causes the traffic noise pollution.
Noise pollution is hazardous to health. Millions of
people in Dhaka city are now exposed to traffic noise
pollution which might cause ailments ranging from
deafness to hard attacks. Noise pollution causes hearing
problems, high blood pressure, bad headache, sleeping
problems any many more maladies. WHO opines that
any sound over 60 Db can make a person deaf?
According to our environment conservation rules in
1997. The noise level of a residential should be below
40dB during at night and below 50 dB during the day.
However, the noise level in most of the areas in Dhaka is
above the legally acceptable. In some residential areas,
the noise levels are above 75dB. It is unfortunate that
this serious health hazard is growing at an alarming
rate with no respite in sight. People have started to
complain about the phenomenon. Many are suffering
from hearing problems headaches, hypertension, stress,
slipping problems, bad temper. The symptoms are the
same for all.

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