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Leslie Costumes Costume Rental


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! Costume Design

	 T + 1 212 995 1244
	 C + 1 917 295 4411


  PROFLE               25 years experience in costume and set design for theater, film and television. Responsible for the designs for con-
                       temporary Prime Time television, Off-Broadway theatre, Italian Opera and epic Roman productions filmed on loca-
                       tion in Italy. Committed to providing future theatre and film artists with the tools to research, invent and create origi-
                       nal, inspiring work with integrity for successful careers in design for stage and screen.

  EDUCATION            M.F.A.	            	                                                                                              1993
                       Dual Masters in Costume & Set Design	
  1982 - 1993
                       New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (N.Y.U.)

                       B.A. 	               	                                                                                            1987
                       Theatre Arts 	
                       University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.)

                       Certificate Moyen 		                                                                                               1982
                       French Language & Culture	
                       Sorbonne, University of Paris, France

ACADEMIC              Assistant Professor 
                                                                  8/2010 – present
                      Department of Theatre and Dance
APPOINTMENTS          Salisbury University, State University of Maryland. Salisbury, Maryland.
 9/2007 – 6/2009
                      Theater Conservatory, Design-Tech Department
                      Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, New York

                      Professor of Costume Design                                                            	 9/2004 - 5/2006
                      Accademia Italiana di Design, Rome, Italy
                      International Design School for Theatre & Film

                      Adjunct Assistant Professor                                                            
 9/1993 – 5/1995
                      Department of Speech and Theatre, CUNY Kingsborough
                      Manhattan Beach, New York, NY

                      THEA 399 - International Studies in Theatre: A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome *	                 1/2012
nternational interdisciplinary program in Rome, Italy fusing archeology and period 

ASSIGNMENTS              production taught in collaboration with Rome’s Superintendent of Art and Culture.

(* = new curriculum   THEA 410 - Evolution of Style*	                                                                  6/2012
developed.)              	 urveys the visual world of influential cultures and societies through history.
                         Applies styles and aesthetics to interpreting period theatre scripts

                      THEA 320/TDT 4300/TDT 4310/THA 06000 - Costume Design	                                     1/94 - present
                         Techniques in costume design using text and character analysis, concept, 	
                         period and character research, budgeting, continuity and rendering for
                         theatre and film to BA, BFA and MFA students
                      THEA 126 - Costuming and Theatre Crafts 	                                              9/2010 - present
                      	 Introduction to technical costuming skills including basic sewing, costume 	
                      	 construction, 	 rafts, problem solving, text analysis, wardrobe skills and the 	
                      	 collaborative process.

                      THEA 126 - Theatre Practicum	                                                          9/2011 - Present	
                      	 Supervised experience in costume production/costume construction.

                      THEA 492 - Independent Study in Theatre	                                               9/2011 - present
                      	 Development of new classes (trip last Winter to Italy)

                      TDT 3120/TDT3130/TDT4130 - Production	                                                 10/2008 - 5/2009
                      	 Student designed production.

                      TDT 2550 - Sources in Stage Design - History of Fashion 	                               1/2008 - 5/2009
                        	 Lecture course to provide all design tech majors students with broad
                          knowledge of period style in architecture for theatrical productions.
                          Required course for all BFA and MFA students

                      TDT 1200 & TDT 1210 - Design Fundamentals 	                                             9/2007 - 5/2009
                        	 Required for all entering freshmen of Design-Tech department. Methods in
                          visual and stylistic interpretation of text. Emphasis on techniques in rendering
                          and presenting creative concepts and skills in collaboration process.

                      TDT 2540 - Sources in Stage Design - History of Architecture & Décor 
                 9/2007 - 12/2008
                        	 Lecture course to provide all design tech majors students with broad
                          knowledge of period style in architecture for theatrical productions.
                          Required course for all BFA and MFA students

                      THA 05000 -- INTRODUCTION to THEATRE ARTS                                               9/1993 - 5/1995	
                      	   Theatre History and overview of theatrical process


             Grants    SUCIE, Salisbury University International Programs Exploratory Grant 	                       12/2010
 ravel grant to develop International program in Rome, Italy in 1/2010 to de-
                          velop program and collaboration with Rome’s Superintendent of Art 

                          and Culture for winter program in Rome to begin 1/2012

     Presentations     A Jewish Romeo?                    	                                                          6/2012
                       	    Tenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
                            How dress codes of quattrocento Verona could change the significance of a 	
                            staged classic
                       	 he Costume Designer - professional status for women	                                        3/2012
 alisbury Univeristy Women’s History Month
                            	 how of personal design work and presentation discussing the evolution of 	
                            	 ostume design as an opportunity for women to work as professionals	

             Design    Costume and Set Design for numerous University productions	                            1993 - present
                       	   *see design credits.


    Costume Shop       Supervision of costume shop: scheduling staff, supervising construction, in charge of
                       all purchasing and budgeting of costumes for productions and costume shop, includ-
     Management        ing materials, equipment and costume rentals for university productions.

                       Productions meetings: Participation in weekly and bi-weekly production meetings for
                       university productions.

     Guest Artists     Guest speaker: Arianne Phillips - Academy Award nominee for costume design and
                       stylist for Madonna (scheduled for 2/2012) on latest film W.E.

                       Guest Artist: Adrienne Wells - Pattern maker for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen,
                       Broadway to runway works with students and provides seminars each semester for
                       THEA 126

     Mentorship &      Internship mentorship: successfully finding internships for students on TV series and
                       film productions in New York City.
                       Academic advising for all costume design majors at Purchase College, advising of 	
                       	 heatre and un-declared majors at Salisbury University.

          Student      Interviewing and port-folio assessment prospective students for Purchase College
      Assessment       Judging: Bobbi Byron theatre scholarship auditions and dance competitions

                       By-Annual Portfolio Review of Theatre Design-Tech Department.

          Recruiting   Recruiting prospective students

                       Faculty hiring consulting for the Academia Italiana di Design

    Costume Design       LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIM’S UNIT (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)

                         NBC Television and Studios USA Television
           1984 - 2009   Designed pilot and 72 episodes
                         EXILED - “LAW & ORDER” Movie of the Week

                         NBC Television

Assistant & Wardrobe     ROME -Television Series, filmed in Rome, Italy (Consultant)	
                         HBO Television
           1984 - 2010
                         LOST TREASURE OF DOS SANTOS (Wardrobe Supervisor)	
                         Columbia/Tristar Productions, Movie of the Week	

                         HOME INVASION
                         Columbia/Tristar Productions, Movie of the Week

                         SUDDEN TERROR (Wardrobe Supervisor)	
                         Columbia/Tristar Productions, Movie of the Week

                         FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES (Wardrobe)

                         New Line Television Series

        Art Direction    NEXT - Commercial for UK Fashion line (Art Director)	
           2004 - 2009   BaM Productions, Inc.
                         Filmed on location in NYC
                         Production designer: Philip Robinson

                         EMPIRE – (Mini-series based in Ancient Rome - Assistant Art Direction)

                         NBC Television and FilmMaster
                         Filmed on location in Rome, Italy
                         Production Designer: Gianni Quaranta

    Costume Design       EYE OF THE DOLPHIN 	
                         Paradise Productions
           1999 - 2010
                         HOME - Short Subject	
                         Secret Planet Productions Inc.	

                         HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT (Local designer )	
                         Shaftsbury Films Inc.
                         RICOCHET RIVER 	
                         Dee Gee Entertainment

                         HUDSON RIVER BLUES 	
                         The Shooting Gallery

                         A COUCH IN NEW YORK (Local designer) 	
                         Les Films Balenciaga

                         Greydon Scott Productions	


           Assistant     RED RIDING HOOD	
                         Warner Bros. Pictures
     Costume Design
                         CADILLAC RECORDS 	
           1964 - 2010
                         Tri-Stare Pictures

                         BABY MAMA 	
                         Universal Cities Studios, LLLP
                         I AM LEGEND 	
                         Warner Bros. Pictures	

                         LA LEGGENDA DI AL, JOHN & JACK 	
                         Medusa Pictures	

                         THE OUT OF TOWNERS 	
                         Paramount Pictures

                         Palisades Pictures LLC

                         THE RAGE - CARRIE 2 	
                         United Artists

                         THE SIEGE 	
                         20th Century Fox

                         ICE STORM 	                        	
                         Good Machine Productions

                         A MID-WIFE’S TALE - Docu-Drama

                         Blueberry Hill Productions

                         NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, THE DREAM MASTER 	
                         New Line Cinema

                         FRANKENSTEIN GENERAL HOSPITAL 	
                         New Star Entertainment	


    Costume Design      ROMEO & JULIET - in development for Spring 2012
                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre
          1986 - 2010
                        SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS
                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre

                        CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF
                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre

                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre

                        CLEAN HOUSE
                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre

                        DARK OF THE MOON
                        Salisbury University, Bobby Biron Blackbox Theatre

                        SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER 	
                        Abingdon Theater, NYC

                        Piccolo Eliseo, Rome, Italy

                        GLADIATOR, the musical 	
                        7art , Paris France

                        AT SEA BETWEEN THE WARS 	
                        Primary Stages, Off-Braodway, NYC

                        BLITHE SPIRIT 	
                        Pearl Theatre, Off-Braodway, NYC

                        Pearl Theatre, Off-Braodway, NYC

                        LA TRAGEDIE DE CARMEN - Opera	
                        Mannes Concert Hall, NYC

                        THE PREGNANT PAUSE	
                        Kingsborough Community College Playhouse, Brooklyn

                        THE BEAUX’ STRATAGEM 

                        Pearl Theatre, Off-Braodway, NYC

                        THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH 	
                        Kingsborough Community College Playhouse, Brooklyn

                        BUCK SIMPLE 	
                        La MaMa E.T.C. NYC

                        OTHELLO, THE MOOR OF VENICE 	
                        The Hanger Theatre, Ithica, NY

                        THE DOUBLE INCONSTANCY 	
                        Rogue Theatre Co., NYC

                        Abe Burrows Theatre, New York, NY


     Costume Design       DRACULA - Opera	
                          American Opera Projects, NYC
           1986 - 2010    SCARING THE FISH 	
                          Intar Theatre, Off-Broadway, NYC

                          TWO NOBLE KINSMEN 	
                          Theatre Row Theatre, Off-Broadway, NYC

                          THE BROOKLYN TROJAN WOMEN 	
                          47th Street Theatre, Off-Broadway, NYC

                          IL CURIOSO INDISCRETO - Opera	
                          Mannes Concert Hall, NYC

                          THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA 	
                          Abe Burrows Theatre, NYC

                          STUFFED CHILDREN 	
                          The Joseph Papp Public Theatre, NYC

                          FISHING AROUND - Dance	
                          The Atlas Theater, NYC

                          San Francisco Playhouse, San Francisco, CA

                          LA STORIA DEL SOLDATO 	
                          Il Teatro dei Cocci, Rome, Italy

                          GONDOLIERS - Opera	
                          The Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena, CA

                          THROUGH THE GATE OF ADEN - Dance	
                          Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

                          SONG OF SONGS - Dance	
                          Public Access Television Network

                          HOW MUCH WOULD CHUCK? 	
                          McCadden Place Theatre, Hollywood, CA

                          ST. JOAN 	
                          The Theatre Exchange, Studio City, CA

                          INQUIRE WITHIN 	
                          Off-Ramp Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

                          RAIN FROM HEAVEN 	
                          Room for Theatre, Studio City, CA

                          Rose Theatre, Venice, CA.


           Assistant      BOYS FROM SYRACUSE - Musical

                          City Center’s Encores, NYC
     Costume Design
            1985 – 1997   KATYA KABONOVA - Opera

                          Teatro Dell’Opera, Florence, Italy

                          TWO GENTLEMEN FROM VERONA 	
                          Romano, Verona, Italy

                          LA BOTTEGA DEL CAFFE’ 

                          Teatro Manzoni, Milan, Italy

                          THE BEST MAN 	
                          The Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

                          A MID-SUMMER’S DREAM 

                          The Actor’s Gang, Los Angeles, CA

                          IL FU MATTIA PASCAL 	
                           Teatro Argentina, Rome, Italy

                          Teatro Argentina, Rome, Italy

                          LA VENEXIANA	
                          Teatro Argentina, Rome, Italy

          Set Design      CLITENESTRA 	                   		
           1992 - 2009    Piccolo Eliseo, Rome, Italy

                          BUCK SIMPLE 	
                          La MaMa E.T.C. NYC

                          DRACULA – Opera

                          American Opera Projects, NYC

                          THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH 	
                          Kingsborough Community College Playhouse, Brooklyn

                          IL CURIOSO INDISCRETO – Opera 

                          Mannes Concert Hall, NYC

                          LA TRAGEDIE DE CARMEN – Opera

                          Mannes Concert Hall, NYC

                          THE BIRTHDAY PARTY
                          New York University’s Atlas Room, NYC

2003 - 2006   Costume Tour of the Sacred and Profane in the Eternal City
              From Ecclesiastic wear in Rome to the Costumes of Ancient Roman Prostitutes seen in the
              Secret Rooms of the Archeological Museum of Naples, to gladiator armor and the Roman Op-
              era collections
              Event Development & Coordination

              POPE JOHN PAUL II’S FUNERAL – Televised News coverage

              CBS Television

              Documentary Film Research
              I LAGER IN ITALIA, TORRE GEMELLI	                        	
              MINIMUM FAX, Rome, Italy


RECOGNITION   L.A. Weekly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design:
1987 - 2002
              	 	 HOW MUCH WOULD CHUCK
              	 	 ST. JOAN

              Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Awards for Outstanding 	
              	 	 MISANTHROPE 	               Costume Design
              	   THE RIMERS OF ELDRITCH 	 Set and Costume Design
              	   YERMA 	                     Costume & Mask Design
              	   GEMINI 	                    Costume Design

              People Magazine
              Listed as one of the top Costumes Designers of the 2002 television season for
              “LAW & ORDER: SVU”


              UNITED SCENIC ARTISTS, IATSI Local 829 – member since 1993

LANGUAGES     	   English 	 Native tongue                      	
              	   Italian 	 Fluent
 Good “pour une américaine”

Elementary proficiency

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