Birth Certificate Bangladesh by 6z7A81V

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									(English Translated Version of the Original in Bengali)                                                        Jamni form-3

                                People’s Republic of Bangladesh
                                  Office of the Registrar of Birth and Death

                                                    Birth Certificate
                                           (Copy from the Birth Registration Book)

Registration Book No: ..01..

Registration Date           : 28 / 04 / 2007                                  Certificate Issue Date: 20 / 05 / 2007
                              Day Month Year                                                           Day Month Year

Personal Identification No:           1     0      0      3   9   6   2   7   1    1    2   0     0    3   5     1

Date of Birth: in number (AD) : 28 – 12- 1986                                 Gender:       Female         Male
                    In word (AD)           : Twenty Eighth August Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Six
Place of Birth: Village- XXXXXX, 01 No. Ward, UP- XXXX
                Upazila- XXXX, District- XXXXX

Father’s Name: XX. XXXXX XXXXXXXX                                                       Nationality: BANGLADESHI

Mother’s Name: XXX. XXXXXX XXXXXXX                                                      Nationality: BANGLADESHI

Permanent Address:              Village- XXXXX, UP- XXXXX
                                Upazila- XXXXX, District- XXXXX

(Name and Seal of the person Prepared)                                    (Signature, Name and Seal of the Registrar)
                                                                                     (XX. XXXX XXXXX)
                         sd/-                                                 Registrar & Chairman (in charge)
                                                                           Registration of Birth & Death, XXXX UP
                                                                                       XXXXX, XXXXX

                                              Seal of the Office of the Registrar
                                            Office of the Registrar of Birth & Death
                                                    XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX

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