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									        World War II

Rise of the Third Reich (Germany)
             Hitler Gains Power
• 1923 Hitler attempts to
  overthrow the gov’t with
  about 3,000 Nazi
• Sent to prison for 5 years
  (serves 9 months). While
  in prison writes Mein
  Kampf in which he lays
  out his plan for Germany
• By 1933 Hitler was voted
  Prime Minister
   – Changed office into
   – Restricted rights of Jews
• Great Britain and
  France feared
  another war and did
  not stand against
  Hitler when he—
  – Rebuilt Army
  – signs alliances with
    Italy and Russia
  – Annexed (added)
    Austria and
         War in Europe Begins
• Hitler invades Poland on
  Sept. 1, 1939
• May 10, 1940 invades
  Belgium, Netherlands,
  and France
• German Bliztkrieg (rapid
  movement of tanks,
  planes, artillery, and
  soldiers) overwhelms
  European forces
• June 1941 Germany
  invades Russia (mistake!)
Europe 1933
Nazi Europe 1945
        What is America doing?
• At first (1930s)Congress
  passes laws throughout
  1930s to keep America
• By 1940 America began a
  peacetime draft
• Lend-Lease Act- March
  1941, America agrees to
  give war supplies to any
  nation vital to our defense
  (ie Britain)
           December 7, 1941
• Japan launches
  surprise attack on
  American Pacific
  Fleet at Pearl Harbor,
• U.S. declares war on
  Japan and Germany
  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Pearl
    Harbor Address to the Nation
• Yesterday, December 7th,
  1941 -- a date which will live in
  infamy -- the United States of
  America was suddenly and
  deliberately attacked by naval
  and air forces of the Empire of
  Japan…I ask that the
  Congress declare that since
  the unprovoked and dastardly
  attack by Japan on Sunday,
  December 7th, 1941, a state of
  war has existed between the
  United States and the
  Japanese empire
World War II

War in Europe
 North African/Italian Campaign
• 1942-43 American and
  British forces came
  together to force German
  General “Desert Fox”
  Rommel out of Africa
• July 1943 American
  forces led by General
  Patton attacked Sicily
  and then mainland Italy
• Quick victory led to
  overthrow and execution
  of Italian Dictator Benito
         D-Day - June 6th, 1944
• Combined force of
  150,000 American and
  British forces landed on
  the German controlled
  beaches in Normandy,
   – “Band of Brothers”
     paratroopers dropped into
     France the night before
• Heavy casualties for
             Battle of the Bulge
• Hitler launches last
  desperate counterattack
  in December 1944
  breaking through
  American lines
   – Germany drafts men as
     young as 15
• Largest battle ever fought
  by American army
• Counterattack fails and
  German leaders realize
  war is lost
   – attempts to assassinate
     Hitler unsuccessful
           Victory in Europe
• American forces from
  West and Soviet
  forces from East
  close in on Berlin in
• Hitler commits suicide
  on April 30th, 1945-
  Germany surrenders
  days later
• VE Day May 8th,
World War II

War in the Pacific
         Bataan Death March
• Hours after Pearl Harbor
  Japan attacks Philippines
• General MacArthur
  forced to Bataan
• 11,000
  captured on May 6, 1942
• Prisoners forced on 6-12
  day march where 10,000
          Battle of Midway
• June 4, 1942
  fought on small
  island over defense
  of Hawaii
• Americans
  destroyed 4
  Japanese aircraft
  last Japanese
  offensive battle
Island Hopping
       • America began strategy
         of attacking specific
         islands (or bypassing) in
         attempt to draw near
         mainland Japan
       • Battle of Philippines saw
         1st use of kamikazes
         (suicide planes) by
       • Iwo Jima- bloody battle
         in which 25,000
         Japanese held off
         110,000 Americans for
Pacific Campaign Map
         Manhattan Project
• Top scientists helped
  organize in 1939 with
  goal of creating
  atomic bomb
• July, 1945 1st atomic
  bomb detonated in
  New Mexico desert
• U.S. gives Japan
  ultimatum in July
  1945 at Potsdam
                  V-J Day!
• Japan surrenders on
  August 15th, 1945
  after the U.S. dropped
  A-Bombs on
  Hiroshima and
            Impact of War
• Estimated death toll in World War II of
  roughly 72 million—(1/3 military)
• Approximately 400,000 Americans killed
                Helpful Terms
• incendiary bomb --The incendiary bomb that burned
  targets and was used after 1943. Sometimes
  incorporating napalm, these bombs were responsible for
  burning over 41.5 square miles of Tokyo by the United
  States in March 1945.
• providence --divine guidance or care
• ultimatum --the final propositions, conditions, or terms
  offered by either of the parties during a diplomatic

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