Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming

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					                 Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming

1. Formalizing adaptability aspects : M. Aksit and Tekinerdogan.

2. Quality of service - Aspects of distributed programs : C. Becker and K. Geihs

3. Interactions between objects: an aspects of object-oriented languages :
                                                                   L. Berger, A.M. Dery and M. Fornarino

4. Developing a tool to support the application of aspect-oriented programming principles to the design
phase : S. Clarke and J. Murphy

5. Injecting ilities : R. Filman

6. Mixin composition strategies for the modular implementation of aspect weaving: Y. Roudier and Y.

7. Extending aspect-oriented programming in order to flexibly support workflows : R. Schmidt and U.

8. Assessing aspect-oriented programming and design : R. Walker, E. Baniassad and G. Murphy

9. An abstract view of computational reflection : T. Watanabe
                  Aspects through the position Papers


                                           146 789
Implementation, Design
                                           123 578
OOP and Aspects

Examples of Aspects
     Distributed Programming
                              Tools : Implementation - Design
                   « programming environment » for AOP                 146 789

(1) a formalism suitable in expressing various aspects
                        aspect oriented analysis and design methods
(4) a design tool for specification of aspect language
                  and aspect program creation

(6) the extensible pre-processor kit EPP
                         an aspect oriented construct : system mixin
                         visualization and documentation issues

(7) fusion of AOP and component-oriented systems for workflow models

(8) understanding the usefulness and usability of AOP
                         experiments on Aspect program creation and debugging

(9) semantics/theoretical foundations of reflection : particular computational models
                                                      OOP and Aspects

                           OOP for Aspects                           123 578
                                 Aspects for OOP

(1) transforming aspect into the object-oriented models           loss of information
    aspect weaving and language transformation operations         ill-conditioned

(2) Quality of Service of distributed programs : QIDL - an extension of Corba IDL

(3) Interactions between objects are an aspect of object-oriented language

(5) Designing and implementing an architecture
                   to wrap around application components ility elements (injectors)

(7) AOP + component based technology ideas (JavaBeans - ActiveX/DCOM)

(8) 3 experiments : indications about AOP vs OOP
                                                 Examples of Aspects


              Modelization and languages for aspect applicants

(1) Formalization of the sorting and adaptability aspects

(3) An interaction language : an aspect language IL + Aspects on IL (synchronization and
global consistency)

(6) Guards in parallel object oriented language : Aspects or modules ?

(8) Experiments (debugging, synchronization separated of the rest of the core)
    with AspectJ : an aspect oriented variant of Java

                           Aspects and Distributed programming
                                        Distributed Programming

                                                                          2 5

              To simplify the development and evolution of
                 distributed object-oriented applications

(2) Quality of Service (real-time constraints, system availability, sound quality)
and Corba : an aspect language - IDL , an aspect weaver : the iDL compiler

(5) Object Infrastructure Project to inject illities (reliability, security, scalibility,
extensibility, manageability, interoperability…)

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