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					                                                                                       JANUARY 2011

    For Employees of New York State Agencies Affected by Layoff:
                                           Health Insurance Coverage and Related Benefits

           This flyer explains how to continue health insurance and other benefits if you are laid off.
           Requirements and benefits may change. See your agency Health Benefits Administrator (HBA)
           and read plan materials for a complete description of your rights and responsibilities.

           Health                Coverage under Preferred List Provisions Following Layoff
                                 If your name is placed on a New York State Department of
           Insurance             Civil Service Preferred List for reemployment, you may continue
                                 your health insurance coverage under Preferred List provisions.
                                 You may continue coverage for up to one year from the date your
                                 health insurance in active employee status ends or until you are
                                 reemployed in a benefits-eligible position by a public or private
                                 employer, whichever occurs first.
                                 If you are not eligible to have your name placed on a Preferred List
                                 for reemployment, you may continue health insurance coverage
                                 under Preferred List provisions if:
                                    • You are in the noncompetitive class with tenure under
                                      Section 75 of the Civil Service Law
    Health Insurance                                        or
    Benefit Changes,                • Your appointment was permanent. (You are not eligible if your
    Your Identification Card,         appointment was a provisional or temporary appointment or
    Temporary Employment,             you are an exempt class employee separated from State service.)

    page 2                       If you do not continue health insurance coverage under Preferred
                                 List or other provisions, your New York State Health Insurance
    Coverage as                  Program (NYSHIP) coverage will end 28 days following the last

    a Retiree, as a Vestee,      day of the payroll period in which you received your last payroll
    under COBRA, or              deduction for health insurance. Ask your agency Health Benefits
    Direct-Pay Contract
                                 Administrator for further information.

    page 3
                                 Your Share of the Cost and How You Pay
    Benefits Chart
    page 4                       You continue to pay only the employee share of the premium for

                                 health insurance coverage under Preferred List provisions.
    Your Other Benefits
    Dental, Vision, COBRA,         If you are in The Empire Plan, the State pays 90 percent of

    Income Protection Plan,        the cost for Individual coverage. If you have Family coverage,
    Accident and Sickness          the State also pays 75 percent of the additional cost for
    Insurance                      dependent coverage.

    page 5
                                   If you are enrolled in an HMO, the State’s contribution will
    Life Insurance, Long           not exceed 100 percent of its dollar contribution toward the
    Term Care Insurance

                                   hospital/medical/mental health and substance abuse
    page 6                         components of The Empire Plan premium.
    Questions and

    Answers                                                             Health Insurance continued on page 2
    page 7

    More Information
    page 8
                                  State of New York Department of Civil Service, Employee Benefits Division
                        While you are in Preferred List status, your        job ends if the end date of your one year
                        health insurance premium will be billed             of eligibility has not passed. Temporary
                        on a monthly basis instead of the biweekly          employment does not extend your eligibility
                        premium that was deducted from your                 beyond the one year from the date your
                        paycheck. Ask your agency Health Benefits           coverage as an employee ended. You must
                        Administrator for Preferred List health             notify the Employee Benefits Division Preferred
                        insurance monthly premium rates.                    List Unit (see page 8) when you begin and end
                        The New York State Department of Civil              temporary employment to protect your health
                        Service Employee Benefits Division will             insurance coverage.
                        automatically bill you each month for your          If Medicare Eligible, Medicare Is Primary
                        share of the premium. The first bill will be        While you have NYSHIP coverage under
                        sent four to six weeks after your last day on the   Preferred List provisions, Medicare does not
                        payroll and will include retroactive premiums.      consider you an active employee. Therefore,
                        Be prepared for this expense.                       Medicare becomes primary for you and your
                        Benefit Changes                                     covered dependents eligible for Medicare
                        Under Preferred List provisions, you receive        because of age (65 or over) or disability.
                        the same benefits as Retirees.                      A health insurance plan provides “primary”
                        Empire Plan enrollees: Some benefits may            coverage when it is responsible for paying
                        differ from your coverage as an active              health benefits before any other group health
                        employee, as shown in the chart on page 4.          insurance. Different rules apply for Medicare
                                                                            primacy when your diagnosis is end-stage renal
                        HMO enrollees: If neither you nor any covered       disease. Please see your agency Health Benefits
                        dependents are eligible for Medicare, there         Administrator for additional information.
                        should be no changes in benefits.
                                                                            NYSHIP will no longer be primary beginning
                        If you or your covered dependents are Medicare      the first day of the month following a “runout”
                        eligible and enrolled in an HMO that offers         of 28 days after the last day of the last payroll
                        a Medicare Advantage plan, there may be             period for which you were paid. NYSHIP
                        significant changes in coverage.                    automatically becomes secondary to Medicare
                        Your Identification Card                            at that time, even if you or a dependent fail to
                        Empire Plan enrollees: If benefit changes           enroll in Medicare.
                        require a new card, you will receive a new          If you or a dependent are eligible for Medicare,
                        NYSHIP Empire Plan Benefit Card. Otherwise,         you must have Medicare Parts A and B in
                        continue to use your current NYSHIP Empire          effect when first eligible for primary Medicare
                        Plan Benefit Card. Your agency Health Benefits      coverage, or there will be a drastic reduction in
                        Administrator will update your enrollment to        your health insurance coverage. The New York
                        reflect any changes in your health insurance        State Health Insurance Program will not provide
                        benefits and give you publications to explain       any benefits for coverage available under
                        any changes.                                        Medicare. If you or a dependent is eligible
                        HMO enrollees: Check with your HMO if you           for primary Medicare coverage because of age,
                        are Medicare eligible.                              disability, end-stage renal disease or amyotrophic
                                                                            lateral sclerosis (ALS), but do not enroll, you
                        Temporary Employment                                will be responsible for the full cost of medical
                        If you are temporarily employed by the State        services that Medicare would have covered.
                        or another employer and are eligible for
                                                                            When you are eligible for primary coverage
                        health insurance, your Preferred List health
                                                                            from Medicare for you and/or your dependent,
                        insurance coverage ends. You may reinstate
                                                                            the State will reimburse you for the standard
                        Preferred List coverage when your temporary
                                                                            Medicare Part B premium. Reimbursement is

2   Layoff Flyer 1-11
made as a credit that reduces your monthly          Continuing Health Insurance Coverage
NYSHIP bill. Please follow the instructions         as a Retiree
that the Employee Benefits Division mails           If you will be laid off, but meet the requirements
to you on an annual basis regarding the             for continuing health insurance in retirement,
Medicare Part B Income-Related Monthly              you may continue NYSHIP coverage under
Adjustment Amount (IRMAA).                          retiree provisions rather than Preferred List
You are not required to enroll in Medicare          provisions, even if you do not draw your pension.
Part D for prescription drug coverage unless you    If you have sick leave credits, continuing your
are enrolled in a NYSHIP Medicare Advantage         health insurance under retiree provisions will
plan. If you choose to enroll in a Medicare         reduce your premium cost.
Part D plan outside of NYSHIP, the State will       If you meet the requirements, you may choose
not reimburse you for the Part D premium.           health insurance coverage as a retiree at the
If You Are Not Eligible Under                       time you are laid off or during the one-year
Preferred List Provisions or                        period that you have health insurance under
When Preferred List Coverage Ends                   Preferred List provisions or at the time your
If you are not eligible for Preferred List health   Preferred List health insurance ends. However,
insurance coverage or if your year of coverage      time on a Preferred List does not count toward
under Preferred List provisions ends, you may       the service time required for continuing health
be eligible to continue coverage:                   insurance in retirement.
   • as a retiree                                   As a retiree, you will pay an amount equal to
   • as a vestee                                    the employee share of the premium. However,
   • temporarily under COBRA and State              retirees may convert the value of unused sick
     continuation of coverage laws or               leave, up to 200 days (165 days for PBA and
   • under a direct-pay conversion contract         PIA), into a monthly credit. This credit is
                                                    applied toward your health insurance premium.
See your NYSHIP General Information Book for
information on continuing health insurance          There are three eligibility requirements to
in any of these categories. There are deadlines     continue health insurance as a retiree:
and other requirements.                                • completion of a minimum service period
Be sure to talk with your agency Health                • eligibility for a pension from a New York
Benefits Administrator about continuing                  State publicly administered retirement system
your health insurance.                                 • enrollment in NYSHIP
If you still have questions, call the Employee      If your coverage is canceled for any reason
Benefits Division at 518-457-5754 (Albany area),    while you are on a Preferred List, in most
or 1-800-833-4344 (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico,       cases, you will be subject to a three-month
Virgin Islands).                                    waiting period before your coverage becomes
                                                    effective. Note: Your coverage must be in effect
                                                    at the time of your retirement to be eligible to
  If you will be leaving the payroll, plan for      continue health insurance coverage as a retiree.
  your health insurance payments.
                                                    For more details on these three requirements,
  If you leave the payroll, the Employee Benefits   you can request a copy of the Planning for
  Division will bill you each month for your        Retirement booklet from your agency Health
  health insurance. Your first bill will cover a    Benefits Administrator, or visit the NYSHIP
  retroactive payment (beginning with the           Online web site at
  period your employment status changed)            From the home page, click on Benefit Programs
  and an advance payment for the next month.        and follow the prompts to access NYSHIP
  Please be prepared for this larger than           Online. Then click on Planning to Retire?
  usual bill.

                                                                                                         Layoff Flyer 1-11   3
                                                             Empire Plan Benefits Under Preferred List Provisions – January 1, 2011                                                                       (Amounts may change yearly.)

                                                                                   ALESU              CSEA               C-82             DC-37               M/C           NYSCOPBA             PBA               PBA                 PEF                PIA              UUP1
                                                                                                                                                                                                SUPER.          TROOPERS

                                                                 Active             $388              $250               $388              $300              $388              $388               $388              $388              $388              $388               $388
                      Basic Medical

Layoff Flyer 1-11
                      Annual Deductible*
                                                                 Pref List          $388              $388               $388              $388              $388              $388               $388              $388              $388              $388               $388

                                                                 Active            $1,438          $515*,**              $828            $642**             $1,069             $828               $855              $855            $1,069              $855             $1,069
                      Basic Medical
                      Coinsurance Maximum*
                                                                 Pref List         $1,069            $1,069            $1,069             $1,069            $1,069            $1,069            $1,069             $1,069           $1,069             $1,069            $1,069

                                                                 Active              yes                yes               yes               yes               yes                yes               yes               yes               yes                yes               yes
                      Basic Medical
                      Routine Health Exams
                                                                 Pref List            no                no                 no                no                no                no                no                 no                no                no                no

                                                                 Active              $15               $15                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20
                      Participating Provider
                                                                 Pref List           $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20

                                                                 Active              $15               $15                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20
                      Managed Physical Network
                                                                 Pref List           $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20

                      Hospital Outpatient Copayment/ Active                        $35/50            $30/60            $35/60            $40/70             $40/70            $35/60            $40/70            $40/70            $40/70             $40/70            $40/70
                      Emergency Room Copayment
                                                     Pref List                     $40/70            $40/70            $40/70            $40/70             $40/70            $40/70            $40/70            $40/70            $40/70             $40/70            $40/70

                      Mental Health/                             Active              $15               $15                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20
                      Substance Abuse
                      Treatment Copayment                        Pref List           $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20                $20               $20               $20               $20               $20

                                                                 Active              ***               ***                ***               ***               ***               ***               ***                ***               ***               ***               ***
                      Prescription Drug Copayment
                                                                 Pref List           ***               ***                ***               ***               ***               ***               ***                ***               ***               ***               ***
                                                                   * Each program’s deductible, coinsurance and maximum coinsurance amount is separate and not combined with any other deductible, coinsurance or maximum coinsurance amount.
                                                                  ** The coinsurance maximum expense is reduced to $300 for DC-37 and $309 for CSEA for calendar year 2011 for employees in (or equated to) salary grade 6 or below on January 1, 2011. Newly eligible
                                                                     employees who meet these requirements become eligible for the reduced coinsurance maximum on the later of January 1, 2011 or the date their coverage begins.
                                                                 ***Prescription Drug Copayment is based on whether the drug is Level 1, 2 or 3, the supply dispensed, and whether the prescription is filled at a retail mail service, or specialty pharmacy. See your Empire Plan
                                                                     Report and Empire Plan Certificate. Mandatory generic substitution. For a brand-name drug with a generic equivalent, you pay the copayment plus the difference in cost between the brand and generic drug.
                                                                     Prior authorization is required for certain drugs.

                    1 Except employees in lifeguard titles

                    This chart highlights some benefit differences. There are other differences. For a complete description of benefits and an explanation of terms used in this flyer, read your Empire Plan Certificate and Empire Plan Reports or ask
                    your agency Health Benefits Administrator. If you are enrolled in an HMO, ask your HMO about changes in your coverage when you leave the payroll.
         Your Other Benefits

Dental, Vision and COBRA Coverage                  If you do not continue coverage under COBRA,
To continue dental and vision coverage:            your dental and vision coverage will end 28 days
  • CSEA, UUP and DC-37: If you receive these      after the last day of the payroll period in which
    benefits through a union Employee Benefit      your last day on the payroll occurs.
    Fund, you may be eligible to continue          You are no longer eligible for COBRA coverage
    dental and vision coverage temporarily         if you become entitled to Medicare benefits
    under COBRA. Contact your union                during the COBRA continuation period.
    Employee Benefit Fund for information.         To Continue Dental Coverage If You Retire
  • M/C, PEF, Council 82, ALESU,                   Regardless of your negotiating unit, if you retire,
    NYSCOPBA, PBA and PIA: If you are              you may choose retiree dental coverage through
    enrolled in NYSHIP, you will automatically     the Group Health Inc. (GHI) Preferred Dental
    receive information on continuing State        Plan. Within 15 days after your coverage ends,
    dental and vision coverage temporarily         you should receive written notice of conversion
    under COBRA. If you are not enrolled in        rights from GHI. You must apply for conversion
    NYSHIP, but you receive dental and vision      coverage within 45 days of this notice. If you
    benefits through the State and want to         do not receive notice of your conversion rights,
    continue coverage, you must write to the       contact GHI. You will have 90 days from
    Employee Benefits Division for a COBRA         the date your coverage ends to apply for
    application. Send your name, your              conversion coverage.
    identification number, address, telephone
    number with area code and reason for           Income Protection Plan
    requesting the application to:                 (M/C, DC-37 and Legislature)
    COBRA Unit                                     Your coverage under the Income Protection
    Employee Benefits Division                     Plan ends when you are laid off, retire or vest.
    State of New York                              Coverage ends on your last day on the payroll
    Department of Civil Service                    as an active employee.
    Albany, NY 12239                               Group Life Insurance and
    In 2011, the COBRA monthly premium             Accident and Sickness Insurance
    rate for State dental coverage is $29.68 for   If your position is assigned to a negotiating
    Individual coverage or $77.60 for Family       unit that provides Life/Accident and Sickness
    coverage. The COBRA monthly rate for           Insurance through a union Employee Benefit
    State vision care coverage is $4.03 for        Fund and you have coverage under that
    Individual coverage or $11.07 for Family       program, contact your union Employee
    coverage. The COBRA monthly vision rates       Benefit Fund for information about your
    for Council 82, ALESU and NYSCOPBA are         rights to continue that insurance after you
    $47.81 for Individual coverage or $54.85 for   are separated from State service.
    Family coverage. Rates may change yearly.      If you are a Management/Confidential employee
COBRA deadlines: You must request                  with Accident and Sickness Insurance, there are
continuation coverage under COBRA no               no conversion privileges for this coverage, and
later than 60 days after your coverage would       you may not continue it when you retire, vest or
otherwise end or within 60 days from the           are covered under Preferred List provisions.
date you are notified of your eligibility for                      Your Other Benefits continued on page 6
continuation of coverage, whichever is later.

                                                                                                             Layoff Flyer 1-11   5
                        Continuing M/C Life Insurance Coverage                   Administrator for a PS-932, Transition to
                        If you are enrolled in the M/C Life Insurance            Retirement Form, and indicate on the form
                        Program, you may continue Program coverage               whether you want to continue your benefits,
                        under the following provisions:                          convert to an individual policy or cancel
                           • If you transfer, either temporarily or              your life insurance benefits. You will pay
                             permanently, to a position not designated           your premium directly to the Employee
                             Management/Confidential, you will be                Benefits Division or through pension
                             permitted to continue life insurance                deductions if you choose to continue
                             coverage under the M/C Program for up               your coverage under this Plan.
                             to six months to provide time to obtain             If you choose to convert to an individual
                             other coverage.                                     policy, you must obtain a Conversion of
                             To continue your M/C Life Insurance for             Group Life Benefits to an Individual Policy
                             up to 13 biweekly payroll periods after the         form from your agency Health Benefits
                             date of transfer, you must make your request        Administrator. You must call the insurance
                             in writing to the Employee Benefits Division.       carrier at the telephone number on the
                             Premiums will be deducted from your                 form to discuss conversion. If you convert
                             payroll check.                                      to an individual policy, payments would
                                                                                 be made directly to the insurance carrier.
                           • If you retire, or if you are eligible to
                             retire as a member of a New York State          When coverage ends: If you are no longer
                             retirement system, and are an enrollee          eligible to continue participation in the M/C
                             in the group life insurance program for         Life Insurance Program, your life insurance
                             Management/Confidential employees,              will terminate on the last day of the coverage
                             you may choose to continue in the program       period for which a contribution was made.
                             or convert to a direct-pay policy. If you       At that time, you may be eligible to convert to
                             choose to remain in the program, you may        a standard direct-pay policy with the carrier.
                             continue both personal and dependent life       See your agency Health Benefits Administrator
                             insurance in retirement subject to the age-     for conversion information.
                             related life insurance reductions or you may    Long Term Care Insurance
                             choose to convert to a standard direct-pay      If you purchased long term care insurance
                             policy with the carrier.                        through NYPERL, the New York State
                           • If you are not a member of a retirement         Public Employee and Retiree Long Term
                             system administered by New York State, but      Care Insurance Plan, your long term care
                             you meet the age and service requirements       insurance will continue without interruption
                             of the Employees’ Retirement System             and without any change in benefits as long
                             tier in effect at the time you would have       as you pay your premium and have not
                             joined when you were first employed,            exhausted your lifetime benefit amount.
                             you can be considered a retiree for life        If you pay your long term care premium
                             insurance purposes.                             through payroll deduction, you will need
                             If you meet the requirements to continue        to change your method of payment. If you
                             M/C Life Insurance as a retiree, your           have questions, contact the NYPERL insurer
                             benefits will automatically continue unless     toll free at 1-866-474-5824.
                             you request in writing that your benefits be
                             canceled. Ask your agency Health Benefits

6   Layoff Flyer 1-11
          Questions and Answers

Q: My job is being abolished. It is not a job         Q: I may retire during the year that I have
   that falls under the Civil Service Law or             health insurance under Preferred List
   negotiated agreements related to layoffs              provisions. May I use the value of my
   and Preferred List rights. Am I eligible              unused sick leave to reduce the cost of
   to continue my health insurance?                      my retiree health insurance?
A: If your appointment to your position was a         A: Yes, if you retire from Preferred List status,
   permanent appointment, you are eligible to            you may use the value of your sick leave
   continue health insurance under Preferred             credit to reduce The Empire Plan or
   List provisions. If your appointment was a            NYSHIP HMO premium.
   temporary appointment, you are not eligible
   to continue under Preferred List provisions.          You may use the value of your sick leave
   Be sure to discuss your eligibility with your         credit whether you retire at the time you are
   agency Health Benefits Administrator.                 laid off, during the year of your Preferred
                                                         List coverage or at the end of your coverage
Q: I am in a job that falls under Civil Service          under Preferred List provisions. When
   Law and negotiated agreements related to              you leave the payroll, ask your agency to
   layoffs and Preferred List. I’m provisional           complete form PS-410 listing your sick leave
   in the job and will not be eligible to be on          accruals, negotiating unit and salary. Keep
   a Civil Service Preferred List. Am I eligible         this form in a safe place. When you are ready
   for health insurance under Preferred List             to retire, you will need the PS-410.
   provisions?                                           You may not use the value of your sick
A: You are not eligible for health insurance             leave credit to reduce the cost of your
   under Preferred List provisions. Ask your             health insurance while you are covered
   agency Health Benefits Administrator if you           under Preferred List provisions or under
   are eligible under retiree or vestee provisions.      vestee provisions or in COBRA status.
   If not, ask about COBRA provisions and
   direct-pay conversion contracts.                   Q: I am eligible for health insurance under
                                                         Preferred List provisions. May I change
Q: When will my health insurance coverage                coverage during this period? May I
   as an active employee end? Will there be              change options?
   a gap in coverage before my coverage               A: You may change coverage. You may add or
   under Preferred List provisions begins?               remove dependents from your coverage or
A: If you are laid off, you will not have a gap in       change to Individual or Family coverage in
   your health insurance coverage. Your health           accordance with NYSHIP rules. You may
   insurance in active employee status ends              change options (plans) once at any time
   28 days after the last day of the payroll period      during a 12-month period. In general, you
   in which your last day on the payroll occurs.         may change options more than once in a
   Your coverage under Preferred List provisions         12-month period only if you move, and then
   will begin on the 29th day.                           only under certain circumstances described
                                                         in your NYSHIP General Information Book
                                                         (for example, if you no longer live or work
                                                         in your HMO’s NYSHIP service area).

                                                                                                          Layoff Flyer 1-11   7
                                          More Information
                                          for Employees of New York State Agencies Affected by Layoff

                                    Talk with Your Agency HBA                                                             For Group-Specific Questions
                                      • Ask if you are eligible to continue health                                        CSEA
                                        insurance in one of the following five ways:                                        Employee Benefit Fund (dental, vision)
                                        – under Preferred List provisions                                           
                                        – as a retiree                                                                        518-782-1500....................................Albany area
                                        – as a vestee                                                               
                                        – under COBRA (federal continuation                                                 Pearl Carroll & Associates
                                          of coverage law) or                                                               (Accident and sickness, home, auto and
                                        – by converting to a direct-pay policy                                              renters insurance)
                                        Also, ask about continuing related                                                    1-800-366-7315
                                        benefits, such as dental and vision care.                                           Group Life Insurance
                                      • If you are changing to another negotiating                                  
                                        unit because of layoffs, ask if your health                                           518-257-1000....................................Albany area
                                        insurance and other benefits will change.                                         Council 82, NYSCOPBA, PEF, PBA and PIA
                                        Ask for a copy of the NYSHIP General                                                GHI Dental......................................1-800-947-0101
                                        Information Book for your new negotiating                                           EyeMed Vision Care
                                        unit. If you are enrolled in The Empire Plan,                               
                                        be sure to ask for an Empire Plan Certificate of                                  DC-37
                                        Insurance for your new negotiating unit.                                            Health and Security Plan (dental, vision)
                                        Also ask for all materials updating those                                             212-815-1234
                                        publications for your new negotiating unit.                                 
                                        Read these materials carefully.                                                   M/C
                                      • Get answers to any questions you still have                                         Pearl Carroll & Associates (home, auto, renters)
                                        after reading this flyer.                                                   
                                    More Questions?                                                                         GHI Dental......................................1-800-947-0101
                                    Please call the Employee Benefits Division                                              EyeMed Vision Care
                                    Preferred List Unit at 518-457-5754 (Albany area)                               
                                    or 1-800-833-4344 (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico,                                         PEF
                                    Virgin Islands) between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.                                               Group Life Insurance
                                    Eastern time weekdays. Once you have health                                               518-785-1900, Extension 243
                                    insurance coverage under Preferred List                                               UUP
                                    provisions, or as a retiree, vestee or COBRA                                            Benefit Trust Fund
                                    enrollee, the Employee Benefits Division serves                                 
                                    as your personnel office.                                                       
                                    Visit our web site at                                       Delta Dental........................................1-800-471-7093
                                    The Department of Civil Service web site has                                    
                                    NYSHIP publications and information on your                                             EyeMed Vision Care
                                    health insurance and other benefits.                                            

It is the policy of the State of New York Department of Civil Service to provide reasonable accommodation to ensure effective communication of information in benefits publications to individuals with
disabilities. These publications are also available on the Department of Civil Service web site ( Check the web site for timely information that meets universal accessibility
standards adopted by New York State for NYS agency web sites. If you need an auxiliary aid or service to make benefits information available to you, please contact your agency Health Benefits
Administrator. Preferred List and COBRA enrollees may call the Employee Benefits Division at (518) 457-5754 (Albany area) or 1-800-833-4344 (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.)

     This flyer was printed using recycled paper and environmentally sensitive inks.                                                                  Layoff Flyer 1-11          AL1042
State of New York Department of Civil Service, Employee Benefits Division, Albany, New York 12239                                                               

8      Layoff Flyer 1-11

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