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Please fill in the blank (This is a very important part of the interview – to know why you are interested):
List 2-3 reason why you are interested in this industry?

List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in Schindler Elevator?

List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in this position?

General Company Overview
Schindler Elevator Corporation designs, manufactures, installs, and services elevators, escalators,
and moving walkways. The company's products can be found in office buildings, airports,
shopping centers, retail establishments, and other buildings. Schindler's services include
preventive maintenance and modernization of existing equipment.

Other brands of Schindler Elevator
Schindler Elevator Corporation operates from about 250 locations. It is the North American
operating company of Switzerland's Schindler Holding, the second-largest manufacturer of
elevators in the world (after Otis Elevator).

Top Competitors
       KONE- The Finnish company is one of the largest elevator manufacturers in the world.
        KONE manufactures elevators (passenger and freight), escalators, autowalks, and
        automatic building doors; it also provides maintenance and repair services. Customers
        include companies in the building, developing, designing, and architecture industries.
       Mitsubishi Electric- The company, part of the Mitsubishi network of businesses that dates
        back to a shipping firm founded in 1870, has five primary sectors: energy and electric
        systems (power generation plants, monitoring systems, and escalators); appliances (air
        conditioning systems, projection TVs, and monitors); information and communication
        systems (mobile phones, satellites, and networking equipment); industrial automation
        systems (logic controllers, circuit breakers, and robotics); and electronic devices
        (semiconductors and interposers).
       Otis Elevator- The United Technologies' (UTC) subsidiary (it accounts for nearly a
        quarter of UTC's sales) is the world's #1 maker of elevators, with more than 1.4 million
        elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks in service worldwide. It makes gearless
        elevators for high-rises, geared elevators for mid-rise buildings, and heavy-duty elevators
        for moving freight. Other products include Otis Shuttle short-haul transport systems for
        airports and hospitals. Otis products can be found in such attractions as Rio's Christ the
        Redeemer monument, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, and the Duomo.
        Nearly four-fifths of its sales come from outside the US.

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Key Numbers
Company Type                                                                  Private

Fiscal Year-End                                                               December

2007 Sales (mil.)                                                             $491.7 (est.)

2007 Employees                                                                5,900
Employees At This Location                                                    325

In the news

Schindler-Owned Slade Industries, Inc. Acquires Dynamic Elevator Corp, Inc.
Morristown, NJ – May 10, 2007 – Slade Industries, Inc. has completed the purchase of Dynamic
Elevator Corporation, Inc., a privately held business based in New York, New York. Slade Industries, Inc.
is owned by Schindler Enterprises, Inc., the U.S. holding company of the Schindler Group, one of the
world’s leading elevator and escalator manufacturers. "Dynamic Elevator has a long standing history of
providing quality maintenance, repair and modernization work. We welcome the Dynamic customers and
employees to Slade,” said Michael Todd, president of Slade Elevator.

Schindler Acquires Van-Tech Elevator Service in Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario – April 2, 2007 – Schindler Elevator Corporation, one of the world’s leading elevator
and escalator manufacturers, completed the purchase of the Toronto-based Van-Tech Elevator Service,
Inc. The acquisition enables Schindler to expand its portfolio in the Toronto market. The financial terms
of the acquisition were not disclosed. The former Van Tech Elevator Service, Inc., focused predominantly
on elevator service, repairs and modernization within Toronto and the surrounding region. “This
acquisition is part of Schindler’s ongoing growth strategy throughout North America,” said John
Impellizzeri, Schindler’s Vice President of Business Development.

11/15/2005, New York Law Journal, Decision of Interest
McCLURE v. SCHINDLER ELEVATOR CORP.—After a jury verdict in favor of defendant Schindler
Elevator Corporation, plaintiff James McClure moves that the verdict be set aside, and that judgment be
entered in his favor on liability, or, in the alternative, that there be a new trial. Because, as will appear, the
Court erred in its instructions to the jury and in a related question on the verdict sheet, the motion is
granted and a new trial is ordered.

10/13/2005, US Fed News, Schindler Elevator Wins $336,312 ContractThe U.S. General Services
Administration has awarded a contract valued at up to $336,312 to Schindler Elevator Corp., Livonia,
Mich., for elevator maintenance services. The contract was awarded by GSA's Public Buildings Service,
Michigan Service Center, Detroit.

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