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Walmart by ewghwehws


• Explores America’s obsession with
  discount stores despite massive job loss
• 3400 Wal-Mart stores
• 100 million people shop at Wal-Mart stores
  each week
• Sales in 2003 topped $256 billion
     Global Procurement
• Based in Shenzhen, China
• Third busiest port in the world
• Employs several hundred
• 80% of Wal-Mart’s 6000 global suppliers
  are located in China
• Wal-Mart & China are a joint venture
Wal-Mart is a Discount Store
• Cheap labor because the jobs are in China
• China employees make 50 cents a hour, $100 a
• Manufacturers a wide array of consumer goods
• These goods, from clothing to electronics, can
  be bought at low prices
         Global Center: China
• Wal-Mart imports $15 to $30 billion a year
  of China’s goods
• Alteration in United States’ Economy
• Coercing the eruption of information
  technology & global economy
• Operates the largest satellite system in the
• Powerful retailers manipulate production of
  goods to offshore
• Wal-Mart has mastered the process of
  production, movement of goods,
  warehousing of goods, ensuring goods
  arrives on time at the right place, and for a
  cheap price
• Developed in-house brands
• Gain of supply-chain efficiencies by
  working directly with factories
• More profit for Wal-Mart
  How does Wal-Mart know what
       consumers want?
• Barcodes: Reveals everything about a
• Information about how often the barcodes
  are purchased are relayed to the
  manufactures from Wal-Mart
• Hence, the manufacturers are dependent
  on Wal-Mart for demand information
       What does this mean?
• The manufacturer becomes dependent
  and subservient to the retailer, Wal-Mart
 Wal-Mart has created a Monopsy
• Major buyers for groceries & toys
• Controls 38% of the market for several
• Manufacturers are forced to sell to them at
  low prices
• Wal-Mart wants to provide
  consumers with quality
  products & low prices
               Why Not?
• Americans are consumers and workers
• Americans may receive discounts for
  quality goods but loose jobs in the process
• Not only effects U.S. but other countries
  as well
       Wal-Mart Model of
•   Low-wages
•   Low benefits
•   Low skill
•   Rapid job turnover
 Interview With CEO H. Lee Scott
• Employee discussion
• Exploitation vs. opportunities
    Opinions of those who are
proponents of opening a Wal-Mart
         in Ashland, VA
Those who disagree with opening a
      Wal-Mart in Ashland
Sprawl Busters: Helping Average
 Citizens Discourage Unwanted

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