Kirkus-CoverLetter by bethkracklauer


									Dear Perry Crowe,

I’m writing to throw my hat into the ring as a potential reviewer for Kirkus. I review
books regularly as part of my job as deputy editor at Saveur, a culinary magazine
based in Manhattan, and I’ve done so for well over a decade, for various
publications, on topics ranging from parenting to fine art to popular media. I’m a
voracious reader, and I keep myself very up to date on the book world, via
publications such as the London Review of Books, The Believer, McSweeney’s, The
Millions, Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Review of Books, The Paris Review, and

Per the listing you posted on, I am indeed a fast reader, critical
thinker, and concise writer, and I feel comfortable weighing in on a wide range of
topics. As an editor myself, I have a profound respect for deadlines! I have two
master’s degrees—one in English criticism and theory, another in media
studies/cultural history—and therefore a significant amount of teaching experience.
That, combined with the fact that I work with writers every day to help them shape
their stories for the magazine, has allowed me to develop my ability to deliver
criticism constructively and diplomatically. I’ve also worked as a freelance book
editor, and I think that experience would be very relevant to this kind of reviewing.

What excites me most about this opportunity is the chance it presents to really wrap
my head around the world of independent publishing, and even be a small but vital
part of it. Your embrace of this new frontier at Kirkus is impressive and just plain
smart, in my opinion.

Attached you’ll find a copy of my resume and a PDF of one example of a review (of
multiple titles), published in Saveur.

You can find a range of other clips here:

It might also be helpful for you to have a look at some of the website review
roundups I’ve done for Forbes over the years:

On a personal note, my relationship with Kirkus dates back to my teenage years,
which I spent working at my local public library. Kirkus offered an early glimpse into
a wider world populated by others like me—people who defined themselves as
readers. I’ve been delighted and heartened to see the way in which Kirkus has made
the leap to the online world, proving that print and digital needn’t be antithetical—
that, in fact, it’s all about reading, in whatever format.
I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you and thank you for
having a look at my resume and clips.

Beth Kracklauer

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