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									       The three branches of
 The three branches of government are the
 Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch.
They all can make sure that one doesn't get
 to powerful with a system called Checks and
    What are checks and balances

   Checks and balances is a system that
    lets the branches check each other to
    make sure the other two don’t get to
    much power
           Legislative Branch
   When congress makes a law the
    president can veto it but congress can
    override the veto if two thirds of
    representatives from both the houses
    agree to the law
   Then they can pass the law as long as
    supreme court says its constitutional
   The most Extreme method congress uses is to
    remove the president or supreme court justices
    from office in a process called Impeachment
   To do this congress has to the charge the
    president or justices for a serious crime
   The senate then makes a trial if two thirds of
    them say to convict the president or justice
    is removed from office
   Finally the legislative branch decides who the
    president’s cabinet members are
   And approves who the supreme court justices
              Judicial branch
   The Judicial branch is made out of the
    supreme court and the lower courts
   Most cases are dealt with the lower courts
   The main job of the supreme court is to
    be the final court of appeals
   The supreme has the right to check
    congress and the president by declaring
    laws unconstitutional
   They also have the right to declare the
    president acts unconstitutional and try him
    for impeachment
           Executive branch
   The executive branch includes the
    president the vice president and the
    president’s cabinet members
   When congress makes the law the
    president has the right to veto the
   The president also chooses who the
    supreme court justices are
   The vice president and the cabinet
    members can vote the president out
    if he has done his duties
             The end

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 three branches of government and
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