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									                                     Work Study

Work Study is the systematic study of an operation or process to ensure the best possible use
of the human and material resources available. The prime aim is to improve productivity. The
application of Work Study to a department or company is made to improve the existing
method of operation, as a result change will occur which will affect all personnel -
irrespective of status.

The creation of Work Study depends on the relationship between Method Study and Time

Work study objectives:

The object of applying Work Study is to obtain the optimum use of the human and material
resources, which are available to it. The benefits may stem from improvements in one or
more of the following:

     Increased production and productivity
     Reduced costs - labor, material, overheads
     Improvement of conditions, which involve an element of excessive fatigue or danger
     Improved quality
     Better control of costs
     Raises efficiency by re-organization of the work
Basic steps in conducting Work Study can be summarized as follows:

    Select the job or process to be studied.
    Observe and record everything by using the appropriate recording technique.
    Examine the recorded facts critically with respect to the purpose of the activity, where
       it is performed, sequence in which it is done, the person or machine which is doing it,
       the means by which it is done.
    Develop the most economical method by considering every thing.
    Measure the output of the method and calculate a standard time for it.
    Define the new method and related standard time to identify it.
    Implement the new method as standard practice.
    Maintain the new standard practice by appropriate control procedures.

Managing people within operations involves actual design decisions about jobs, methods,
relationships between jobs and machines and systems of control and communication. Work
design involves complex “people relationships” between operative staff, supervisors and
specialists e.g. engineering managers and staff who commission new machines and maintain
them. Other specialists may co-ordinate health and safety systems or monitor performance
and plan maintenance.

A worker's performance may be better than a machine’s capability - yet a machine may
outstrip the human being for many tasks. People can be hurt/injured physically by operating
environments or trapped socially and psychologically in them/by them. How operational
systems are designed and the jobs and performance relationships within them are of great
operational, economic and social importance.
                          Sample Flow Process Chart

    Task: Pizza Processing Outlet        Present Method-Material Type

No Activity Description                                     Time Distance
                                                           (Min.) (Meter.)

1   Inquire customer needs                                  0.03        -
2   Receive customer order                                  0.15        -
3   Key order into EPOS                                     0.10        -
4   Put tray into counter                                   0.05        -
5   Go to the produced Pizza                                0.25        4
6   Pick up Pizza                                           0.15        -
7   Bring Pizza to counter                                  0.25        4
8   Put Pizza onto tray                                     0.03        -
9   Go to drinks machine                                    0.15        2
10 Fill cups with drink                                     0.10        -
11 Bring drinks to counter                                  0.15        2
12 Put drinks onto tray                                     0.02        -
13 Check pizza order                                        0.10        -
14 Advice customer of cost                                  0.05        -
15 Collect cash from                                        0.10        -
16 Give change to customer                                  0.06        -
17 Thanks the Customer                                      0.03        -
           Total               12   01   04    00     00   1.77     12

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