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									Virata Gamany Featured on Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad

Kuala Lumpur, MY, July 13, 2012 – Virata Gamany, a local businessman and real
estate investment expert, was recently featured on Sistem Televisyen Malaysia
Berhad (STMB). Gamany was asked to appear during a segment of the local news
discussing the state of the industry and outlook for real estate investments in
Canada, where his company is leveraging a strong market to achieve equally strong
returns for investors.

Gamany, who has worked in the industry for a number of years, began by examining
what has happened over just the past decade. “Property growth in Canada over the
past 10 years in general has been phenomenal,” says Gamany. “Then, in 2007, the
global economy crisis began taking its toll. Yet, in Canada, we are seeing that
property prices have corrected. Now, it’s 2012 and the market is prime for

Gamany continued by encouraging buyers to see the Canadian real estate market as
a buyer’s market with plenty of available opportunity. He also addressed rental
rates, which have been steadily rising in recent months. Gamany said this was
evidence of a healthy market with great potential for future earnings.

Off camera, Gamany further addresses investor concern over the rumor bubble-
burst that some financial analysts fear is around the corner. “The market may slow,
but a burst is not likely,” says Gamany. “And, when this occurs, housing starts will
slow and prices will rise in response to lower supply. What this means is fewer
people who are able to afford to purchase, who will then in turn be looking to rent.
Voila! Higher rental rates and more profits for investors.”

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About Virata Gamany
Virata Gamany is a real estate financial specialist and philanthropist with a deep
appreciation for entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Gamany has worked around the
globe and studied an array of cultures and people. Having graduated from the University
of Toronto and the University of London School of Law, Gamany considers himself a
serial entrepreneur who will never truly retire.

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