The Kennedy Assassination by ewghwehws


									JFK Assassination

    Chapter 20
This well-known Polaroid picture was being taken at the moment of the
assassination by Mary Moorman who stood on the south side of Elm Street. Blow-
ups show two figures behind the fence next to the Grassy Knoll resembling a man
with a rifle (The Black Dog Man) and a police officer (The Badge Man). The two
men never have been found.
The mysterious path of the bullet according to the Warren Commission.
Beveling. When a bullet penetrates the skull bone, it will leave a small
hole on the side from which it enters, and a larger dished-out crater on
the side that it exits.
The Magic Bullet is the bullet
that is claimed to have caused
seven wounds on Kennedy and
Conally. Initially this bullet had
not been found. But
mysteriously, it appeared later in
the Parkland Memorial Hospital -
you can see - in an almost
pristine condition.
The image at right is one of the
X-rays of John Kennedy taken at
the Bethesda autopsy. It’s the
"AP" (anterior-posterior) image
of the head.
House Select Committee
Medical illustrator Ida Dox,
working for the House Select
Committee's Forensic Pathology
Panel in the late 1970s,
produced the drawing at right. It
faithfully reflects what the
autopsy photos and x-rays
show, although it is simplified a
bit and the fragments aren't
drawn to scale. You may click on
the image to see a larger
Ida Dox produced a drawing for the HSCA diagramming
their interpretation of the head wounds seen in the
photographs and the X-rays.
The Harper Fragment
was a piece of bone
from John Kennedy's
skull that was
discovered in Dealey
Plaza on the day after
Kennedy was shot
and killed. the
anatomical evidence
that shows the Harper
fragment to be
parietal bone, the
witness testimony that
places the fragment
forward and to the left
of the limo, and the
evidence of the
Zapruder film are
6.5mm Italian-made Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action rifle with a 4 power Japanese-made
telescopic sight--While the FBI examination of the rifle showed no fingerprints, the DPD
allegedly found a palm print belonging to Oswald.

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