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Navigon 70 Easy


The new NAVIGON 70 Straightforward is the excellent 5''-degree type for these who want basically to get there calm. Thanks to maps EU20, smart route organizing with NAVIGON MyRoutes and TMC to accomplish your objectives in Central Europe, cost-free site visitors jams and design web sites. Anticipatory driving also makes it possible for the Lively Lane Direction, which will display you in time and plainly, when you must swap to that monitor. The new NAVIGON 70 Straightforward - plainly, basically, wonderful.

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									The new NAVIGON 70 Easy
The new NAVIGON 70 Easy is the ideal 5''-stage type for people who want just to get there comfortable.
Thanks to maps EU20, smart route arranging with NAVIGON MyRoutes and TMC to attain your targets in
Central Europe, totally free site visitors jams and design websites. Anticipatory driving also permits the
Energetic Lane Assistance, which will present you in time and evidently, when you really should swap to
that observe. The new NAVIGON 70 easy - evidently, just, excellent.

Product Features

Energetic Lane Assistance. Lanes are dynamically exhibited in a 3D animation. For a far better knowing
and increased driving basic safety.

NAVIGON MyBest POI. Insertion of personally desired POIs from a range of groups on the card. All
details of fascination alongside the route are seen at a look and can be activated.

Stay away from any unpredicted breaks: With TMC (Site visitors Communication Channel) site visitors
you obtain essential data from the radio. Hence, location, steering clear of site visitors jams and street
performs executed.

NAVIGON MyRoutes. You have a decision: NAVIGON MyRoutes indicates using into account your
behavior, time of day and day of the week just before up to three routes.

Delivery: PNA - NAVIGON 70 Easy Guidebook on the product, preloaded maps, swift reference manual,
mounting bracket, USB cable, automobile charger with built-in TMC antenna NAVIGON vouchers

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